Davin’s Teasing Sister Ch. 03

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Public Sex

Having just been eaten out and having experienced a tremendous orgasm, Jessica went over to her room, where she lay exhausted on her bed. Soon she drifted off to sleep. Meanwhile, Davin, enjoyed the taste her pussy had left on his tongue. Licking his lips he closed his eyes, and soon he was dozing as well, where he was visited by vivid dreams of him and Jessica.

In the middle of the night he was vaguely aware of the door opening, and someone slipping in. Seconds later he felt a warm, soft body slide under the covers next to him, moving over to press itself against him. By the smell he instantly recognized his sister as she wriggled herself into a spoon position next to him. As usual, he was wearing only boxers, and she seemed to be wearing nothing but a thin silk negligee. He felt how her ass pressed itself against his crotch, making him stir already. Still half asleep, he draped his arm around her waist and hugged her from behind, enjoying her closeness.

He was almost asleep again, when he realized that she was not lying still anymore. She had started pushing her ass back and forth, rubbing over his cock as she did. He was instantly hard again, his boxers pressing against the crack of her ass. Her movement made her ass-cheeks massage his raging hardon, getting him to groan softly. Slowly, his hand crept upwards, cupping her full breasts through the silk garment, feeling how her nipples were stiff.

Jessica moaned, turned her head to him, whispering, “I want to be your first, bro. Will you take me?”

Davin was way too aroused to even consider denying her, his groping hand got more eager and he pushed his hip forward to press his cock firmly between her cheeks. He let his hand slide down and then slide up again underneath the negligee. As expected she was wearing nothing underneath, and his hand crept up over her soft skin, from her legs upwards. He stopped briefly in the wet mound between her legs, feeling her react to his touch. Then he moved further up, over her flat belly, feeling the lower side of her tits, cupping them eagerly. He loved the feeling of her tits in his hands, how he could softly squish them, how her nipples stood up. Fondling her tits turned him even more on, and his cock pressed against her ass harder and harder, slowly he began dry humping her, loving the feel of it.

“Turn the light on, bro, I wanna see you as I do it!” Jessica suddenly whispered.

Davin turned on his back, reaching for the lamp, and while he turned it on, he already felt her hand pulling on his boxers. As soon as the rubber band was past his cock it sprang up, clashing on his belly with a thump. Jessica smiled and bent down to let her lips slide over his cock. He groaned as he felt her warm mouth engulf him. He felt her slowly slip over his head, pausing slightly to lick the underside, which sent shivers down his spine. Groaning he let his hand wander through her beautiful hair, tussling her. His hip started to move with her rhythm, slowly fucking her mouth.

“Shit, you’re gonna make me cum soon, if you keep this up, Sis!” panted Davin

“Well, that’s not what I had in mind, maybe you can pay some attention to me first?” she answered with her wicked smile.

That said, she rolled off him, her negligee slipping up, revealing her nakedness underneath.

“Oh, I’ve been looking forward to doing this again,” grinned Davin, as he positioned himself between her legs.

As he probed with his antalya escort finger, he noticed that she already was pretty wet. Desperate to taste her again, he went down, his tongue slipping out, parting her slit as he licked upwards towards her clit. She shuddered under his touch as he started to circle her clit with his tongue. Eagerly he applied all that he had learned pleased when he got moans from her as a result. His tongue explored her mound, eagerly tasting her juices as she got wetter and wetter. She started squirming under his touch, pushing her hip to his face, moaning loudly now. Her hands had wandered up, pushing her negligee up, cupping her breasts. Jessica started to groan and moan, the pleasure clearly showing on her face. Suddenly she pushed him away.

“No wait, I want to come the first time while you’re in me!” she panted, totally out of breath

“Are you sure?” Davin asked hesitantly.

She giggled, “Well, you’ve already eaten me out, and I’ve sucked you off, don’t you think it’s a bit late for moral qualms?”

Grinning he answered, “Can’t argue with that logic, you always were the smart one of us.”

Slowly and more than a bit nervous he positioned himself between her legs, moving upwards, spreading her.

“Don’t worry, I’ll be gentle,” she grinned up from under him.

Her teasing made his nervousness melt away like butter, grinning he replied, “Isn’t that supposed to be the guy’s line?”

Without answering she reached down, gently grabbed his cock and guided him towards her pussy. Carefully, she guided him inside her, just a little bit at first. He felt her pussy envelop his cock. The sensation of her warm, hot lips wrapping themselves around his head, then his shaft was almost too much for him. He groaned, he never expected it to feel so good. He pushed deeper, filling her pussy with his cock, enjoying every sensation. Jessica looked up at him, delight shining from her eyes; she pushed her hip forward to allow him better access. Ever so slowly he started pumping back and forth, loving the feel of his cock sliding in and out of her pussy.

“Ahhh, this feels so great, I can’t last long like that!” he managed to croak, as he started to step up the pace.

“Mhhh, Don’t worry, hon, you’re doing great….just let yourself go.” came the hoarse reply, Jessica had her eyes closed by now, her face a mask of ecstasy, her hip moved fast, making circling motions. With one hand she had reached down to caress her clit as he fucked her.

Faster and faster he moved, pushing deep in, his cock throbbing deep in her. Slowly, he bent down, wanting to kiss her, but not daring. As he was halfway down, her free arm reached out and pulled him to her. Her mouth was half open and her tongue instantly reached out to touch his, pulling him into a hot, passionate kiss.

The kiss was too much for Davin, he felt the point of no return fly past. His balls tightened as he pushed his cock deep in one last time. As he was all the way in, he felt himself climaxing, his semen shooting out deep inside her pussy. He felt how her pussy convulsed as she came almost at the same time, shouting his name out as she did.

He felt himself shoot another gush of cum inside her, pushing back and forth slowly as the orgasm receded. He bent down to give her another deep kiss, feeling her soft wet lips on his. She smelt so good; he couldn’t remember how he ever went without craving for her every kemer escort second. His hands tenderly moved all over her body as he started kissing her neck. All she said was a quiet, satisfied, “Mhhhh….,” After a while he let his semi-erect cock slip out of her, and snuggled himself against her, embracing her with one arm. He wanted to never let go of her, it just felt perfect right now.

She turned her face to him, and her smile sent his heart beating hard all over again. “Thank you, Sis,” was all he could say before he just had to kiss her again.

After an eternity, when they broke their kiss of, she answered, “Nothing to thank for, honey, it was my pleasure. I really enjoyed myself, and if you don’t mind, we really should do this again…”

“Whenever you want, Sis, whenever you want,” he murmured as he drifted off to sleep.

He woke up about an hour later, still hugging her tightly, both of them naked. He let his eye wander over her body, taking in every detail. Her curves were just perfect to him, how her hip stood up when she lay on the side, how her full breasts sagged ever so slightly, a faint smile still on her face. Watching her sleep naked, he felt himself stir again, he just couldn’t help it. This sensation was only heightened was his cocks slowly rose and pressed against her upper thigh. He bent down to kiss her neck, smelling her sweet perfume. His hands started wandering over her soft skin, thighs, ass, her side, up to her breasts. Almost instantly her nipples reacted to his touch, the smile on her face growing wider.

Opening her eyes, she beamed at him, “Want another go?”

Nodding eagerly, he kissed her again, feeling so good in her embrace. She reached down, gripping his cock, massaging it softly. Already it had reached its full size again. He pressed himself to her, feeling her skin on his, her breasts pushed against his chest. As he broke off the kiss, he started kissing her neck again, then her shoulders and finally her tits. He kept moving downwards, kissing her belly, his tongue playing with her belly button for an instant before moving further down. Her pussy still smelled faintly of her juices and his cum from before, strangely enough making it even more appealing to him. With a vengeance he set himself to eat her out again, getting pleasured gasps from her as a reward.

He was really getting addicted to her pussy, forgetting time and place I caressed her pussy, enjoying the taste of her, the feel of her clit against the tip of his tongue. He switched from clit to pussy and back, his hands caressing every part of her body. Delighted every time he heard a moan or gasp from her, he licked her like there was no tomorrow. He didn’t even stop when she shouted that she was going to cum, lifting her hip up, pressing her pussy against his mouth. He kept licking her throughout her orgasm, feeling her thrash in his arms. As she started to quiet down, he moved up, kissing her body yet again, until he arrived at her head, where they once more kissed passionately. His mouth smeared with her juices she got a good dose of her own taste, which she seemed to enjoy immensely. Slowly she pushed herself up, and pushed him on his back, like he had with her, she started with kissing all over his body, until she arrived at his still erect cock.

Her soft hand moved over his shaft, started to stroke him softly. She grinned, as he twitched as she touched konyaaltı escort him. Slowly she lowered her lips over it, letting then slide over his head, then ever so slowly down his shaft. Her hands fondling his balls she started sucking him. Davin closed his eyes, enjoying the blowjob, feeling her mouth move up and down.

“I want to ride you, this time!” she murmured after some time, starting to climb on top of him.

Before he knew, she was squatting over him, lowering herself on him, guiding his cock inside. Once again, he was overwhelmed by the hot feel of her pussy around his cock, moaning loudly as she slid over him. He grabbed her by the waist, holding her as she started moving her hip back and forth, intensifying the feel as her pussy caressed his cock. As she started to get faster, her tits started to sway with the motion, he lifted his head slightly to lick her nipples. As her movements got more urgent, her breath coming raggedly, his hand slid downwards, gripping her ass firmly as she pushed back and forth. Kneading her ass cheeks got him another one of those nice moans. The soft flesh of her ass felt wonderfully against his hands. Giving her a quick slap on the ass got another gasp as well as a muffled giggle. Faster and faster she went, both moaning louder and louder. The bed was rocking with their motions when he pulled her to him asking urgently:

“I want to try doggy style…would you?”

“Ohh, quite the connoisseur are we?” she teased as she slowly got off him, and let his cock slide out with a sigh. Without hesitating she positioned herself on all fours, looking back over her shoulder at him.

“Well? What are you waiting for? Take it, hon!”

Not waiting for a second invitation, he moved behind her, enjoying the view of her well-rounded ass as she wiggled it at him. Holding his cock, he easily found the wet opening to her pussy, instantly feeling how her pussy massages him cock like that. Pushing it all the way in, he reached for her tits as he started to pump back and forth. Her tits started to shake in as he cupped them. From time to time he moved his hands back over her back to her ass, kneading her cheeks again, spreading them a bit. Their movements started to get faster, more urgent as they fucked each other into frenzy, shouting out each other’s name. Their bodies making a ‘slap-slap’ sound every time they banged together, the bed creaking from their movement.

“Fuck, I’m going to cum again, yes, honey, fill me up!” she screamed as she felt another orgasm approaching, which made him intensify his banging even more.

Shortly afterwards he felt the cum rise in himself as well, and started to pump his juice into her to the screams of joy from both of them. With a few last pushes he emptied himself into her, feeling her shudder under her orgasm, before they both collapsed on the bed, totally spent.

They huddled to each other, as close as possible, each trying to catch his breath as they heard a car pull up the driveway.

“Oh shit, it’s Mom!” exclaimed Jessica, “I’d better be getting back to my room, if she found us like this it would be kinda awkward to explain, wouldn’t it?”

Davin grinned “Yeah, it would, though I’d say it would almost be worth it if I would feel you next to me for a bit longer.”

“Oh, you’re so sweet, but don’t worry, I don’t think this was some one-time thing; at least not for me,” With that she gave him a quick final kiss before gathering her negligee and hurry out of his room.

Davin turned on his back, happier than he could remember himself ever being, the aftertaste of her still in his mouth, remembering the feeling of her kisses and her soft skin as he went into a deep, relaxing sleep.

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