Day in the Woods

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It was kind of strange because it was winter and we were beside the creek where I grew up at. We were just sitting there talking and holding hands, enjoying being outside more than anything.

We started laughing about something when you used our linked hands to pull me to where you were sitting on a stump. Once I was standing beside you, you tugged on my hand again until I was sitting on the ground beside you. When I got comfortable you reached out with your left hand, put it on the back of my head and gently pulled on my hair until my head was slightly tiled back and I was looking at you.

You asked me if I have ever made love in the woods. I tell you no. You smile and tell me that it is a good thing YOU came prepared then since I didn’t.

Using your hand in my hair, you pull my head up to yours until our lips meet and you kiss me long and hard. When you let me go, you tell me to go look in the wooden crates on the four wheeler and bring you everything in them.

I walk over to the four wheeler and pull what appears to be two sleeping bags zipped together.

You tell me to bring them to you first so you can put them where you want them while I am getting everything else out of the crates.

I take you the sleeping bags and stand back to watch as you use your hands to rake leaves into a pile in the same shape and size as the sleeping bags. You catch me watching you and tell me that I need to hurry up and get the other stuff.

As I walk by you, you reach out and playfully slap me on the butt. I keep walking but I am smiling now.

I get to the four wheeler and start to take the stuff out of the crate on the front. There are several packages, a couple of small bags and a small ice chest. I gather all of this in my arms and make my way to where you are still raking the leaves together on the ground. You tell me to lay the stuff down near the leaves.

When I have done this, you suggest I have a seat and relax while you finish what you are doing. I sit down on the ground then reach into the ice chest and pull out a drink. I twist off the lid and take a big drink. I gasp and put my hand over my mouth as the rum and coke burns its way from my mouth to my stomach.

Without turning around, you laugh and ask if I had forgotten what I had fixed and put in the ice chest the same morning. I tell you that I hadn’t forgotten but that I know I hadn’t put that much run in the bottles. You reply that it was a good thing you added some more then so I would stay warm.

You spread the sleeping bags on the leaves as you say it. Then you turn to face me and say that, when I get through with my drink the fun can begin!

You walk behind me and massage my shoulders through my coat as I slowly consume my drink. Soon, between the alcohol and the massage I get too warm and tell you I need to take my coat off.

You help me get my arms out of the sleeves then you toss it onto the sleeping bags. I am almost through with my drink when you brush my hair from my neck with your hand, kiss my neck until you get to my ear then tell me to hurry up because you don’t think that you can wait much longer to start. With that, your hands make their way around my chest until they are caressing my breasts. I take the last swallow of my drink, put the bottle back in the ice chest and close it.

I put my hands over yours and press them harder into my breasts. My eyes close and I moan as I lean back into your body. The muscles in my legs relax, letting my knees spread. I use one of my hands to lower one of yours between my legs. I feel you moan into my ear as you rub my breast and my jean clad cunt.

You lean back and tell me to turn around and face you. I turn and you immediately bury your face in my breasts. You use your hands to squeeze and bite them. I put my hands on the back of your head to encourage you closer to my nipples.

Finally, you take a nipple in your mouth and roll it between your teeth. I move my hands to your shoulders, under your jacket and move them up and down your chest. You continue playing with my breasts as I pull your tee shirt from the waistband of your pants and slip my hands underneath so I almanbahis can feel your bare skin.

I run my hands around your waist, lightly trailing my fingertips along the waistband of your jeans. You lean back and unbutton my shirt, slowly from the top to the bottom.

When you finish, you start undoing the hooks on the front of my bra. My fingers start dipping into the waistband of your jeans, under your shorts. You get the front of my bra open and begin to caress my bare breasts.

I start to release the button on the front of your jeans, but your reach down, cover my hand with yours and tell me to stop. You keep your hold on my hand and stand up. Then you pull me up beside you and lead me to the sleeping bags on the ground.

Once there, you urge me to settle onto the sleeping bags. When I have, you lower yourself beside me as you pull off your jacket and shirt then you help me remove mine. Once these are removed you pull me against your body and rub our chests together. I feel you moan at the sensation of my bare breasts against your chest.

I rub my hands all over your back and down to your butt. Then I trail them around the waistband of your jeans until you meet in the front above your fly. Once again I start to undo the button on your pants.

This time, you don’t stop me. After I release the button, I slowly lover the zipper, making sure to rub my hands against you as I go. Once the zipper is down, I tug your pants slowly down your legs, stopping at your feet to remove your shoes. I pull your pants off your legs and slowly kiss and lick my way back up.

When I reach your shorts, I tug them down with my fingers until your hard dick spring free. I let go of your shorts and caress your dick slowly sliding my hands up and down pausing only when my fingers reach its head. I softly rub my thumb around and around until I lean down and lick the very tip of the head. I begin to slid my mouth up and down your dick as I use my hands to finish removing your shorts. As I slowly lick, suck and nibble your rock hard dick, I run my hand up the back of your legs until they reach your butt.

When I get them there I start to rub your butt cheeks. Then I take my mouth off your dick and stand up, running my hands up your back as I go. I put my hands on the back of your head and pull it down until I can kiss you. I close my eyes as we kiss and just let myself go.

When we finally draw back from the kiss you ask when I am going to pull off my jeans. I tell you that that is your job. You tell me that you wish I had said something sooner.

You reach out and undo the button at my waist with one hand as you use the other hand to lower the zipper on my jeans. As the zipper reaches the bottom you can tell I don’t have any panties on because your fingers are brushing against my pubic hairs. I hear you moan as you dip you fingers past my clit and feel how wet I am for you. You tug my pants down with one hand, and a little help from me, as you continue to use the other hand on my clit, spreading my juices.

First you rub it into my clit, they you dip your fingers into my wet pussy and begin to stroke them in and out. Finally we got my pants to my ankles and I step out of them. You toss them to the side and bury your head between my legs. I put my hands on your shoulders, spread my legs a little more, and try to get closer to your face, your tongue. You are using both of your hands to hold my pussy open as you nibble my clit then use it to lap up my juices as they continue to flow. You do this for four or five minutes, until my legs begin to shake and I moan as I come into your mouth.

When I finish shaking, you lay me down on the sleeping bags and hold me for a few minutes. I finally come back to myself slowly and I can feel your dick against my thigh, still hard and hot. I reach down and wrap my fingers around it.

As I do this you reach into one of the bags I got off the four wheeler, rummage around for a few seconds then pull something out. I look up from watching my hand on your dick when I hear the sound of metal on metal.

When I see the handcuffs dangling from your fingers my eyes fly to your face and lock almanbahis yeni giriş with yours. I say that you can’t be serious but you just smile as you take, first one of my wrist then the other and apply the handcuffs. Only as you squeeze the second cuff tight and I hear it click tight do I realize you are very serious about this.

You lean over me and stretch my arms above my head using one hand. With the other hand you reach down and begin to play with my tits. For some reason you are not satisfied so you reach under the sleeping bags again, into the leaves.

When you pull a short piece of cord out, I was very surprised. You stretch my arms a little more above my head and tie the cord, first to the handcuffs then to a tree, about two feet off the ground.

Then you raise the rope on the tree until I am almost straining to keep the tension out of it. You look at my chest and see that my breasts are almost in your face because my back is arched so much. You reach down, take a breast in either hand and tweak the nipples until they are erect.

Then you lower your head and lick them, lightly grazing them with your teeth. When you hear me moan, you know that I am enjoying myself as much as you are. With one hand you reach into the bag still lying next to us on the ground and remove something.

Within seconds, I feel something cold and hard probing my soaking pussy. Then you slowly slide it in and let it rest there for a minute so I can get used to it.

After a few seconds, I begin to hunch against whatever it is you have place inside me.

I feel your fingers brush against my pussy then the object inside me begins to vibrate, slowly at first, then more quickly as you turn it up higher. I whimper because this feels so good but how was I to know that it was only going to get better?

You move your body up until you are lying on top of me but you keep your hand between my legs and gently flick my clit back and forth.

I tell you that I want my hands loose so I can touch you but you tell me no. Then you kiss me, gently at first then harder as I push myself against you more and more quickly.

Suddenly I gasp as I begin to come. I grind myself against you as the waves of my orgasm wash over me. Finally, I begin to calm down. I expect you to remove the toy, but you don’t instead, you turn it down as low as it will go but leave it where it is at. You kiss me gently a couple of time.

Then you slowly move your legs up the outside of my body until you are straddling my chest. You reach down with both hands and squeeze my 36 DDD tits together until your extremely hard dick is trapped between them.

You begin to rock back and forth, tweaking my nipples harder and harder with your thumbs as you begin to move more and more quickly. I can feel your beginning come rubbing into my breasts as you continue to rock. My hips begin to thrust forward, in rhythm with your thrusts until you lean forward, squeeze my whole breasts with your hands and shoot your come.

After a few seconds, you begin to calm down and you slide back down my body. As you catch your breath, you use one of your hands to rub your come into my tits. Then you kiss me, slow and lingering. Then harder.

After four or five kisses. You tell me that you just don’t think you are up for much more play. Between some more kisses, I tell you that, if you would just untie me I am sure that I can get you ready for some more play.

You say that you aren’t sure it will do any good but you might untie my hands under one condition.

I tell you that I will do whatever you want if you will just untie me from the tree. You laugh and tell me that I should have asked the condition first, but you untie the handcuffs from the tree.

The first thing I do is run my still cuffed hands down your chest then up the outside of your arms. Across your shoulders until they reach your neck. Once they get to your neck I wrap my fingers around it and pull your head down for a couple of those great kisses which you do so well.

Then I tilt your head up and kiss and lick my way down your neck until I reach your chest.

When I get almanbahis giriş there, I find your nipples and lave them with my tongue and gently nibble them, one at a time. I lean my head back just far enough to see your dick and I tell you that that is next.

Before I can bend and take it in my mouth, you put your fingers under my chin and tell me that, before I do that, there is something you need to do. With that you reach between my legs and turn the toy up as high as it will go. You have to push it back in because it has slipped about half way out. when you are done, you tell me that, no matter what, I am not to let it slip out again.

I squeeze my thighs and knees together so it won’t slip out again because I want what you are going to give me very badly by now. By now my hands are between my legs with one on your balls gently squeezing and the other gently circling your semi hard dick. I lower my head and gently slide my tongue across the very head of your dick. First one way then another I lick as I feel your dick getting harder and harder beneath my hands. Finally I lower my head, taking your dick in my mouth as I go. After a few strokes up and down I feel your fingers as they curl into my hair, making me move faster. After a minute or so of this, I taste your beginning come on my tongue and I know that, if I don’t stop soon, you won’t be able too.

As I slip your now rock hard dick out of my mouth you tell me that it is time I heard what the condition of letting me go was.

I tell you that I don’t want to hear it, I just want to feel you inside me.

You tell me ok but first I have to stand up, without losing the toy, and put my hands on the tree, level with my face.

I stand and turn to place my hands on the tree when I feel you hands on my butt squeezing and kneading.

Suddenly you pull one hand back and slap my butt, hard, telling me that I need to get my hands on the tree if I want your dick in me.

I put my hands onto he tree and you put your hands on my shoulders pushing gently until I am bending with my butt sticking out slightly at you. I feel your hands trail down my back then your breath on my butt as you lick, then bit first one cheek then the other one.

After a few minutes of this I feel your hands come up my back until they are resting on my shoulders. I can feel your dick in the crack of my ass as you lean forward and nibble on he back of my neck. I feel one of your hands leave my shoulder only to feel your fingers as you begin to slide our toy in and out of my sopping wet pussy alternating between slow and fast strokes.

I am almost too involved with this to notice when your other hand leaves my shoulder until I feel the head of your dick probing against my butt hole. I pull my hips forward because I know it is going to hurt.

You spank me one good hard lick across my butt then reach around me and use the same hand to push my butt back towards you.

The whole time, you never miss a single stroke of the toy with your right hand. With your left hand you reach forward, between my legs, collecting some of my pussy juice on your hand then moving it back and rubbing the juice on your dick. Then you put your left hand back on my shoulder and remove your right hand from the toy. I feel you move forward again and I tense up.

You use your left hand to hold me as you lean forward and being to nibble page five the back of my neck. I begin to relax when I feel you ram your dick into my butt up to your balls.

You are still for a minute getting used to the feel, then you reach around me with your right hand, still using your left hand to hold me in place, and push the dildo back into my pussy so you can feel it vibrating against your dick from inside me.

The pain is gone now and I am so excited by what you are doing that I start pushing back against you trying to get your dick (or maybe the toy?) further inside me.

At this encouragement from me, you begin to pump your dick and the toy in and out of me.

With each stroke, I get increasingly excited until I can’t stand it anymore and I push back against you as hard as I can and I tell you that I am about to come. You say my name and tell me that you are too.

Within seconds I feel your mouth latch onto my back and begin sucking as you pump your come into my butt. It’s about time too, because I am squeezing the toy as I come myself!!!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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