D’Orgasmic Chronicles Ch. 09

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Authors Notes:

Disclaimer: Celebrity appearances in this series are in no any way to be considered realistic. They are included for the entertainment of open-minded adults only. Their thoughts, words, and deeds are in no way indicative of the real celebrity. They exist here only to build a story around.


Gary took Carmen into the house and gave her the grand tour. Jill walked out of the living room and joined them. Together they showed her the house. She was mesmerized with everything she saw. “If Steve Wynn sees this, he’ll hire Red and Nancy in a heartbeat.”

“We’re looking forward to seeing him when we open Las Vegas. He told Mark he’d be there,” Jill said. “Honey, if you think this is something, you should see what they did for me. Come on, I’ll show you.” She took Carmen and walked her into their wing.

Carmen walked though Jill’s apartment and she was in awe. “Okay, this is without a doubt the sexiest part of the house. I have never seen anything like this in my life. Jill, if I were you, I’d never leave here.”

“Carmen, get real, you’ve seen all that luscious cock roaming the grounds, I do have to go hunting from time to time,” she smirked.

“The definition of time to time means all the time,” Gary laughed.

“You are so bad. Is he like this all the time?” Carmen asked.

“He wasn’t this way until he hit puberty. After that, all bets were off. Don’t you just love it?” Jill smiled as she walked up to him and kissed him deeply. “This man is my first and last love. Mark, Jeremy, and Gary keep, and have made me, the happiest woman on earth.

I may just as well tell you now as you’ll hear it anyway. The four of us have been lovers since we were thirteen years old. I fell in love with them and I am still in love with them. I made up my mind that there was no use looking for a man when I had three of the finest lovers on earth. I love them, they love me, and their women love me as well. It doesn’t get better than this.”

“You can say that again,” Carmen said. “This is definitely something that I wish I was a part of.”

“Darling, you are a part of this. Don’t you ever think you aren’t,” Jill told her. “From this point forward, you are a part of this family and trust me when I say this; we want you as part of this family.”

“But I haven’t met Cherry or Gary’s girls yet. How would they feel about that?”

“Speaking for all of us,” Wendy said as her image came on the big screen, “We want you as part of our family. Every one of us thinks you are spectacular. You’re young, hot, sexy, and wild. Why wouldn’t we want you to be a part of this fantastic family? Now you take care of our man tonight and we’ll take very good care of you tomorrow. For God’s sake, don’t let anyone tell Cherry you are there. Ohmigod, I want to see that in person.”

“Don’t worry baby, we’re filming it. We’re gonna drop this on her at the bar in the playhouse,” Gary told her. “I know that I’ll cherish the look on my face when I first saw Carmen face to face. Cherry is going to freak right out. Carmen is her hero. Honestly, I can’t wait.”

“I can’t wait to meet the three of you. If a tenth of what I’ve been told is true, I am just going to love you to death,” Carmen beamed. “I want to meet the women who stole this man’s heart.”

“That feeling is mutual but we need to have you teach us a few things,” Debbie grinned.

“I’ll be glad to teach you anything you want hon,” she said. “What would you like me to teach you?”

“Since you are in the middle of the grand tour, you are in our wing of the house. You’re in the best suite of all. Jill’s place is sweet. I know what is going to happen next, you’ll see the second floor and finally, you’ll be in our suite. I’m not going to tell you, you’ll know the minute you walk into our bedroom,” Debbie grinned. “You have a wonderful night and we’ll see you tomorrow.”

Gary looked at Jill and they both laughed. True to Debbie’s words, they showed her the working area and the exercise area and then they went to Gary’s suite. She loved the living room and simply marveled at the luxury.

“This is absolutely fantastic. I love this. This is exactly how a man like you should live. I’ve been in some great homes in my life but Gary; this one far exceeds anything I’ve ever seen. I am very serious about that. She saw the kitchen and when she walked into Gary’s bedroom, she burst out laughing.

“Three stripper poles? That is too funny. Personally, I think everyone should have one in their house but holy shit, three of them. Now I know what Debbie wants me to teach them. Holy shit, look at the size of that bed. Now that is really something. “I bet you could get really busy on that bed,” she said as Jill hit the tablet that she was holding. Cherry’s music list came on and Baditude started to play.

Carmen laughed, “Let me guess, that is Cherry’s music. Great song,” she said as she started to dance. “Didn’t someone tell me that house rules were in effect? If that’s the case, we’re definitely overdressed.” cihangir escort She looked at the center pole and she floated onto that stage as the music came up louder.

Gary poured drinks and handed one to Jill. She wrapped her arm around him and whispered in his ear, “Is your fantasy as hot as you thought it would be?”

“It’s even better. She is so fucking hot! Almost as hot as you are darling.”

Jill looked at him, leaned in, and kissed him, “I love it when you lie to me like that darling.”

Carmen was losing clothes and her body moved with a grace that was difficult to describe. The more she danced the less she wore.

“My God,” Jill exclaimed, “Her legs are exactly the same as Wendy’s. In fact, her body is the same. Gary, can we handle two of them?”

He kissed her again, “Oh fuck, yes we can darling!”

Jill laughed loudly and snickered, “You bet’cha baby. Bring it on.”

Carmen was amazing and she held their gaze as the clothes came off. She held nothing back her dance became more erotic by the minute.

She came off the pole and she pulled Jill to her feet. She began to undress her and it was amazing to watch. She held her, caressed her, kissed her face and her neck while she loosened her blouse, and exposed her gorgeous body.

She removed Jill’s blouse and it fell to the floor. Their eyes danced, their lips brushed and their tongues played teasingly. Carmen lifted her head and she kissed her neck deliciously.

Jill grabbed her head and kissed her hard and lovingly. Their lips collided massively with a desire that was immeasurable. Lips nibbled, tongues danced and hearts raced. Jill’s long body blushed as red as her hair and she was positively lost in the lust of the moment. Gary knew Carmen turned her on as much as she did him.

Carmen pushed her back onto the Tantra Chair and her lips closed over Jill’s hard pointed nipple. Jill inhaled sharply and Carmen drove her wild with desire. Her lips moved from one breast to the other bringing a joy Jill had lived to experience. Her heart raced as Carmen kissed her stomach and back up to her breasts.

Jill moaned deeply as she sank her fingers into the sofa. Carmen went to town and she drove Jill wild. Carmen’s gorgeous body drove Gary wild watching her make love to his fiery, wonderful, redheaded goddess. Carmen’s hands stroked her stomach, breasts, and thighs. Jill moaned and whimpered as her hot tongue drove her wild.

When her face dropped between Jill’s sweet thighs, the shrieks of joy were music to Gary’s ears. He sat and watched as two women he loved were making wonderful, sweet love. Carmen made love to Jill with a skill and honesty that no one could fathom.

Jill writhed in pure ecstasy as she felt the tongue of this amazing vamp bringing her to the peak repeatedly. Carmen drank her sweetness and Jill’s tap never ran dry. Each massive orgasm was longer and louder than the last. Jill was drenched with the passion Carmen brought to her.

Carmen kissed her, their breasts crushed together and she licked her lips deliciously. “That was just an appetizer darling. You and I are going to become fabulous friends.” She kissed her again and she stood and looked hungrily at Gary who was smiling from the chair across the room.

“Well, look at that spectacular hard cock pointing up into the air,” she cooed. “Is that for me darling? You deserve a world class Carmen Electra lap dance,” she laughed.

“I’ll know I died and went to heaven,” Gary grinned.

No one gives a better lap dance than she does and she held nothing back. Jill watched as she tried to come back to earth. What she saw was the hottest thing she had ever seen. Carmen’s dance on Gary’s thighs was so hot that she found herself finger deep in her own hot, sweet pussy.

Mark and Beyonce slipped into the room and stayed in the shadows as Carmen danced the sexiest, hottest lap dance of her life. Her body was all over his. Her hands did things she knew would drive him wild and he loved every minute of it. She straddled him one last time, he grabbed her hips, and she fell onto his hard cock. He stood and carried her to the bed.

“Are you going to fuck me now Gary? I really want to feel the force of the man I want to fuck my brains out,” she said as her glorious legs wrapped around his waist and showed no interest in letting go.

Mark and Beyonce walked over to the Tantra Chair and Jill smiled at them.

“Thank God you’re here; I am just catching my breath. God, she is fantastic,” Jill purred. “I can’t believe Carmen Electra did me like that. Ohmigod, that was wild.”

“I’ll tell you what is even wilder,” Beyonce giggled.

“What’s that baby?” Jill asked.

“Having Beyonce do you too,” she smiled as she spread her legs wide and began kissing the inside of Jill’s thighs.

Jill looked into Mark’s eyes and didn’t need to say a word. He knew exactly what she wanted. He stood beside her and she opened her mouth and raised his esenyurt escort long cock to her lips.

Gary and Carmen were flailing on the bed in a dance or pure unbridled passion. Carmen was moaning and screaming in delight and Gary was fucking her wonderfully. Carmen’s body was tight, trim, and delightful. As Gary stroked into her, her body responded in many different ways. From her tender moans to her shrieks of bliss, she rose and fell onto him lovingly and lustfully.

Jill moaned around Mark’s cock as Beyonce brought her to heaven constantly. Jill loved the tenderness of her tongue but the intensity of her passion was the trigger that shot her off repeatedly.

“Fuck, oh this is motherfucking good,” Carmen, yelled. “Fuck me Gary, drill me, fuck my tight pussy, and make me cum baby. Your cock feels so damned good. Fuck I want you to slamfuck me. Harder darling, Oh God, I want you to fuck the woman you’ve always wanted. I’m here for you darling. Fuck my brains out. I want you everywhere. Fuck my pussy, fuck my mouth, and definitely fuck my ass. Oh God, you feel so wonderful.”

Gary’s hips slammed into her and his balls banged off her ass repeatedly. He bottomed out repeatedly and she dug her fingers into his hips as she pulled him to her.

She flipped him over and she rode him like a bucking bronco. His eyes watched her perfect body rise and fell on his long cock. The hips he fantasized over were straddling his body as her tight, hot pussy was clamping down on his hard cock.

His hands cupped her breasts and he held them as she rode him hard and long. Her rock hard nipples teased his palms and the curve of her breasts filled his hands. He looked in her eyes and she fell to his lips. Their caress was almost as amazing as the kiss they shared.

Jill exploded on Beyonce’s lovely face and this temptress drank her lovingly. Mark always loved it when Jill sucked him and tonight, she was better than he could ever remember.

Gary turned Carmen around and he took her from behind.

“Fuck, oh this is so good. Fuck me hard darling, I love this. Oh, yes! Fuck yes! Oh, this is simply the best! Yes! Yes! Yes! Ohhhh yes! Motherfucker yes baby, oh yes!”

Gary felt her clamping hard on his cock and she screamed as she came. He fucked her through that orgasm, the next, and the next. His cock pistoned in and out of her tightness and she heaved breathlessly as he brought her to orgasmic heaven repeatedly. This angel, sent from heaven above, was so special to him and her enjoyment mattered more than anything he could think of.

His fingers played with her perfect ass as his cock drove deep into her unquenchable loins. He drove deep and spread her with each thrust. He reached for the headboard and a tray slid out. He took the mirror and handed it to her. She turned, smiled, and drew two, long substantial lines in and handed him the mirror. He did the same and placed it on the sideboard. He reached for the lube and grabbed his wristband.

“Baby, oh baby, Fuck my tight ass with your massive cock. God, I want your hard cock in my ass, Fuck yes!”

Gary lubed her fully and he opened the bottle from his wrist strap. He offered it to her and she took three long pulls. He took several and capped the bottle. His cock pressed against her tight ass, she moaned, and pushed back. He allowed her to adjust and when she did, he slid right in.

“I’m in heaven. Oh, yes! Fuck my ass Gary! Don’t stop baby. I love this. Oh, yes! Yes! Darling, I love you. Fuck me forever. Yes! Yes! Yes!” she moaned.

Gary’s strength drove into her sweetly and steadily. He loved having his cock in her ass and he was not going to disappoint her in any way at all. Her body was screaming in bliss and his cock was giving her as much pleasure as she could handle.

Jill was gobbling Mark’s cock getting him ready for phase two. Gary watched her and smiled. Beyonce had become addicted to Jill’s pussy and she was not going to stop drinking from her sweet fountain.

Carmen was relentless and demanding of as much cock as Gary could give her. He slammed into her and she crashed back against him wonderfully. He turned and lay flat on the bed. Carmen straddled him. He offered her the bottle again and she took three long hits.

“Oh Gary, this is the most wonderful experience I’ve ever had,” she purred. “A girl could get used to this.”

“Turn around darling,” Gary told her, “Turn around and you are going to go to Saturn and when you get back, you can tell me what the rings are like.”

She turned around and his cock drilled her sweetly. She rode his cock relentlessly and her climaxes were non-stop.

Mark looked at Jill and he leaned down and kissed her sweetly. He tapped Beyoncé and kissed her too. She slid up and kissed Jill. “This is when it gets real good,” Jill said.

“Oh yes it does, they did me last night. I want to watch this,” Beyoncé purred and kissed Jill one more time.

Gary saw Mark walk into view. He pulled etiler escort Carmen back onto his chest. His hands caressed her fine body and his hands slipped into her deep, delicious velvet trench. He played with her clit as Mark stepped between her legs. She didn’t see him as she had her eyes closed and she was lost in the moment.

Mark slipped his cock into her and she moaned. “Oh Mark, Gary, are you two going to fuck me together? I’ve been waiting for this all day. Oh, yes! Fuck this is good. Oh, yes! Oh! Oh! Oh! Yes fuck me you two Ohmigod, yes!”

Gary and Mark began their signature movements and Carmen went off the chart. Her pussy and her ass were loved, unlike anything she had ever experienced. The sensations that coursed through her body were exquisite and exotic to say the least. Her body screamed as wave after wave of orgasmic bliss overtook her in ways she had not known before. Her toes curled, her stomach flattened and she clamped hard on both cocks relentlessly.

That only made them fuck her harder and her orgasms built exponentially. The woman was soaked, her body craved more, and they gave her much more. Gary slid her onto and off his cock and Mark drilled her precious pussy with abandon. Her pussy streamed her slick, sweet dew and they gave her everything they had.

Gary slid out and cleaned himself off. He moved to her head and she grabbed his cock and swallowed him instantly. Mark kept fucking her and she was sucking Gary as deep as she could. His cock sank in as Mark pulled out and vice versa. They had perfected this many years ago and it simply drove their women wild.

Gary’s hands teased her breasts and Mark’s hands stroked her clit as his cock seesawed into this delicious creature.

Carmen was writhing and her body was caving in to the pleasure she had received. Her throat was milking Gary constantly and her pussy desperately tried to get a grip on Mark’s massive organ. He giggled and no matter how hard she tried, he fucked her through her wildest and most wanton orgasms.

They saw she was near collapse and the slowed and gently pulled away. Carmen lay flat on the massive bed staring at something millions of miles away.

Beyoncé and Jill climbed onto the bed and they stroked her soothingly. Gary had a smile that was wilder than anything he had ever shown before. Mark looked at him and laughed. “Okay, last night and tonight go into the record book. Holy fuck man, are we blessed or what?”

“Shut up and pour the drinks,” Gary laughed. “Blessed is an understatement my friend. Ohmigod, that was amazing.”

They looked at the bed and Carmen was still somewhere near Mars and re-entry. She wouldn’t be coherent for at least ten minutes. Mark handed Jill and Beyoncé their drinks. Beyoncé looked up at him and asked, “Was I this far out into space last night? There seems to be a period of time I can’t account for.”

“The average is twenty minutes baby,” Jill told her. “It still happens to me and I’ve done them more than anyone alive. I don’t know exactly what they do but I love it when they do it to me. You two are coming to Thailand the next time we go. Then, you will know the whole truth about pure unbridled joy.”

“We came in here to get Carmen; Brenda wanted to talk to us about some changes she wants to make to the opening numbers of The Glove. Boy is she going to be pissed,” Beyoncé said.

Gary Mark and Jill burst out into uproarious laughter. “She won’t say a thing,” Jill laughed. “Who do you think taught them how to do what they just did? When we were experimenting with sex, we didn’t have a clue. Brenda caught us and she took us under her wing. She taught us every damned thing we know about sex. We love her with all our heart. She is the single most precious person in our lives.”

Beyoncé looked around the bedroom and she started to laugh. “Why do you have three stripper poles in your bedroom? Oh never mind, I know. One is for Wendy, Rose, and Debbie, I understand.”

“Oh no darling,” Jill giggled. “One is for Gary, one for Mark and the other is for Jim.”

“I told you the first time, that isn’t going to happen,” Mark laughed.

They heard uncontrollable laughter coming from the delicious woman who was lying on the bed, “I’ll pay good money to see that. I don’t know who Jim is but I know he has to be as sweet the other two,” Carmen giggled. “Can someone please tell me what the fuck just happened to me?”

Jill leaned over to her and kissed her lightly. “Sweetheart, you just experienced two-thirds of pure heaven on earth. You won’t get the full treatment until next summer when we go to Thailand.”

“I don’t think I can take that. What I just had was fantastic. I’m officially in love.”

“I know that feeling,” Beyoncé told her. “When you can walk, Brenda wants to see us.”

“Oh damn, I forgot she wanted to meet with us,” Carmen said.

“Come on, we’ll bring your note to the teacher,” Gary said as he handed Carmen her drink.

“Thank you, you delicious, wonderful man.” She kissed him and then she kissed Mark. “I’ll never forget tonight if I live to be a million.”

They walked to the Tiki Bar and found Brenda sitting with Tammy. Brenda took one look and she cracked up. “You definitely were right Tammy. I know that look. Carmen, dear, your eyes will come into focus in about an hour.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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