Ember’s Dreams Ch. 01

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I looked into the mirror and I liked what I saw. I was ready for a night on the town, wearing a black corset with lacing up my cleavage, a white denim jacket, and a short white denim skirt. I finished my lipstick, a dark red against my pale skin, and my dark lashes stood out against my face, all framed by my long dark hair.

I was 20, and life was good. I had a waitressing job, I made a killing in tips, and shared a house with two friends. They were calling now, so I went downstairs.

“Ready!” I said, strapping on my heels in the hall. Jackie was jingling her car keys; a tall chunky redhead with a potty mouth, she was the instigator, spilling out of a brown party dress. Sephora, also taller than me, was a quiet blonde, and dressed in jeans and a blouse. She was the only one of us three with a boyfriend and she could care less what she looked like.

The drive to the club was boisterous. We had the tunes pumping and chattered about clothes and boys, enjoying the early spring warmth and beginning of the longer days.

At the club, we were waved right in, and headed for the bar. We did some pornstar shots, then found a table next to the dance floor. Jackie and I danced, while Sephora watched our purses – her boyfriend was meeting her, but as the alcohol sung in our veins, Jackie and I were on the prowl. There weren’t an awful lot of options tonight; a group of clearly voracious players at one table, rating all the ladies. A few frat boys already too drunk, a couple older blue collar divorced guys, a table of overly well groomed types who weren’t here for women, and the usual loners at the bar.

Soon, Sephora’s boyfriend, Calvin, turned up with a friend. He was average height and weight, glasses, dark hair, and a calculated amount of stubble. He was attractive enough, nothing casino oyna special, and clearly out of his comfort zone in the club.

“Hello” he said to me, as we took a break from dancing and sat down for another drink.

“I’m Tom.” We shook hands awkwardly across the table.

“I’m Ember” I replied. We sat in silence, the beats flowing around us. Sephora was sitting on Calvin’s lap, and they were making out. Jackie was grinding with one of the frat boys on the dance floor.

“Would you like to dance?” asked Tom. I didn’t, but I was bored and my head was buzzing, so I nodded and we got up. We danced clumsily together for a couple songs, and then I noticed Calvin and Sephora had disappeared. Jackie was doing shots with the frat boys and another girl, and then she left with the group, loudly talking about going to the strippers.

“Great” I thought, “they ditched me.” Tom brought me another drink, and I drank it, annoyed.

“Let’s go” I said to Tom. He looked delighted, and led me out to his car, a red Miata. I groaned inwardly – it is a midlife crisis car and this guy wasn’t even 25. We drove to his apartment, a typical guy’s place, but pretty big. Sitting on the couch, we made out for awhile, and then went to the bedroom. We got naked, he put on a condom, and we had uneventful sex, and he fell asleep.

My night had gone to shit. I laid there for awhile, thinking about how I was going to get home. The alcohol was wearing off and I was thirsty. I got up, put my booty short panties on, and looked around. I couldn’t be bothered to put the corset back on to get a drink, so I grabbed a silk shirt from a hanger on the back of the door and walked out into the kitchen in my bare feet.

I found a glass and filled it with tap water. As I was drinking slot oyna it and planning my escape, there was a key in the lock and the door burst open. Two guys came in, clearly having had a good night out, and without seeing me, threw themselves on the couch. One picked up the remote and began flicking through channels on the TV, while the other checked his phone. I froze, standing in the kitchen, blocked from Tom’s bedroom by the livingroom. Then one of them looked up and spotted me.

“Hey there” he said. The other one looked up too. They were both gorgeous, tall, muscular, and clean cut types, one blonde, one brunette.

“Hello” I responded, hiding behind the island, trying to pull the shirt closed. They couldnt see my near naked lower half, but my D cups didn’t fully fit into Tom’s shirt and commanded their view.

“I, uh, was just having a drink. I am Tom’s, uh… I’m Ember.”

“That’s a good idea, I think I will make some coffee,” said the brunette. I panicked.

“I can make it” I offered, as he stood up.

“Where is your coffee?”

“In the cupboard above and to the left of the stove,” he replied.

“Do you want some too, Jake?” He asked the blonde. Jake nodded, looking up from his phone.

I turned to the cupboard and opened it, and reached for the coffee tin. I could feel two sets of eyes behind me. When I turned they were both standing, now clearly able to see my bottom in the black panties.

“See something you like?” I blurted. They continued to stare, brazenly. I realized the shirt was open and my perky pink nipples were clearly on view. I thumped the coffee can down on the counter and that broke the spell. They sat down again, bemused. I awkwardly buttoned the man’s shirt and considered making a run for the bedroom but I had committed canlı casino siteleri to make the coffee and I really needed a cup too.

I was also excited. I would have gladly gone home with either of them last night instead of settling for Tom. I busied myself with the coffee maker, figuring out the settings, mindful of their gaze. I felt bold and sexy, and felt like teasing them a little. I unbuttoned the top two buttons of the shirt, almost allowing my milky breasts to spill out completely. Tom was slim, and his shirt stretched tightly across my bust, my nipples clearly outlined against the silk. They watched, fascinated, as I turned. I had a crazy idea.

“I am going to play genie, and I will offer you each one wish. You each get one touch, either my boobs or my butt. What is your name?” I asked the brunette. He grinned at me, like a kid at Christmas.

“Allan. I am Tom’s roommate. This is my buddy Jake. We were out partying but there’s nothing going on.”

“Me too” I said “I mean, I was out tonight at the club.” Allan approached, slowly.

“So, my wish…I’d like to grab that fine tush.” Allan said, slowly and his voice made me tingle all over. I giggled nervously. Was I still drunk? He reached out and hands slid over my hips, down my thighs, and his large hands grabbed my ass, pulling me in.

Then Jake’s voice whispered in my ear, suddenly behind me.

“I’m a titty man myself” and his hands lifted the shirt, reaching under and around to cup my breasts. I arched my back, my butt leaning against Allan’s hands, and my head on Jake’s chest.

I was wet and excited and relished the moment until the coffee pot started beeping. I reached for it, stabbing the buttons, but it wouldn’t stop. Then everything dissolved away. I was in my bed, one hand searching for the alarm clock, the other on my breast.

The alarm clock stopped, and I reached across the bed for Jonah. There was no-one there. Crap! He already left for work. Frustrated and excited, I reached for the nightstand drawer.

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