Escort Ch. 02

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Story Code: M/F, MM/FF, M/FF, Incest, Father/Daughter

On Saturday I slept in late, there was no shouting, no arguing, no door slamming, it was turning out to be a remarkable day and I hadn’t even stepped out of bed. I couldn’t remember the last frictionless Saturday morning; if it happened at all it was more than a year ago.

I slobbed down to the kitchen in my nighty, I took my mother’s expected comment that it only took a minute to pull on my dressing gown before I wandered around the house. I also took the comment, ‘You’re too big and too old to walk around without a bra on.’ on the chin but didn’t respond. I did toast for myself and observed the interaction between my father and mother…well, there wasn’t any great love there but at least they were being considerate towards each other.

My dad even smiled at me when he saw me spreading butter on my hot toast so that the butter melted in, deep into the surface of the toast. I smiled back, at least he’d taken my advice about not letting the fact that I’d fucked him the night before weird him out. It was the weekend and officially my father was off work but he got a call and ended up going in to sort a problem out.

Kelly wanted the low-down on what had happened at the party, I had to go through it all minute by minute…well, everything that happened while I was on the book, I left out the time spent in my father’s car.

Kelly was really interested in my discovery about escorts and she wanted to be in on any easy money making opportunities going in Cambridge.

When my dad got home he took me to one side, “You remember last night?”

‘okay, here it comes, the guilt, the embarrassment, the, this must never happen again kind of talk but I was wrong.’

“Were you being serious about working your way through university by being an escort?”

“Yes, Kelly wants in on the deal too.”

“That’s good then, actually that’s great…My CEO and MD are looking for a girl to escort them to dinner tonight, if Kelly is willing, she can be the second girl and I won’t have to talk to Anna Danvers to see if she wants to work a second party so soon.”

So, Kelly and I would do a double date with two of my father’s biggest bosses and Kelly could see if she really wanted to sign up with an escort agency when we moved over to student accommodation.

My father gave me the full rundown on what his bosses wanted, they could have gone through the agency easily to get two girls but they wanted girls that weren’t covered by the escort agency’s rule book, that included no physical contact while they were being paid as escorts and the men didn’t want to wait until midnight to get their jollies, they wanted to go out for an early meal and then back to a hotel room to get down to the sex as early as possible.

I had to look at my father in a new light, I’d always counted him as a straight character, boringly conservative but here he was describing in great detail what his boss wanted to do to me and my friend sexually and far from him being embarrassed about it as I’d expected him to be, he was getting a massive kick out of it.

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“Blouse, cream silk from ‘Where the Girls Are’, Short navy skirt from ‘Satin and Silk,’ patterned holdups and black high heel shoes. The skirt and blouse will cost forty pounds and they’ve allowed another forty for the shoes and stockings.”

“What about underwear?”

My dad smiled and he shook his head.

“They want us naked apart from blouse and skirt?”

“Don’t forget the stockings and shoes!”

“I’ll talk to Kelly, see what she says.”

“Well, make it quick, if Kelly isn’t interested I’ll have to find another girl.”

“Why are they making you find the girls?”

“Initative test, there’s a big promotion coming up and if I make my bosses happy tonight, I’ll get to the next level.”

“You only just had a promotion.”

“Yes and now that I know what’s on this side of the fence I want more!”

“How much…I mean, what’s the fee for tonight?”

“The deal is, you let them do whatever they want with no mention of money and I’ll sort out what you think it was worth to you but it’ll be at least four hundred pounds, that’s the usual starting point for an evening.”

“Why do we have to dress in a certain way…i mean that exact blouse and skirt?”

“I think they plan to rip the clothes off of you, both that blouse and skirt have a terrible reputation for poor quality of manufacture.”

“So they’ll be playing rough?”

“They want too, if you say ‘Animal Crackers’ at any point in the evening they’ll stop, it’s up to you.”

It was a rush to get everything ready before we had to leave for the hotel, we would have dinner early in the hotel’s restaurant before going up to a bedroom that Tom and Ben had paid for. My dad ran us around, he took us into town to buy the clothes that had been specified and home again to get showered and do our hair and makeup before driving us to the hotel.

I’d expected him to drop us off and bugger off home but he took us right into the bar. We mecidiyeköy escort were at the Railway Hotel this time, it was one step down from the Grand Hotel but it was still one of ‘The’ places to go in our town.

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The meal was rushed, Tom, my father’s CEO had mentioned over the main course that his wife was becoming suspicious about the number of times he stopped out late so he wanted to be home by ten-thirty. Ben, the companies CEO even joked that their wives suspected that the two men were having a gay love affair with each other.

Once in the room Kelly was told to kiss me. We knelt facing each other, fully dressed, on the super king sized bed. As we kissed the men ripped our clothes off of our bodies, we were naked in just a few minutes and our kissing continued as we were pushed onto our sides on the bed, still facing each other. We were subjected to synchronised sodomy as Kelly and I kissed each other. Fortunately both men used condoms as they buggered us and while they got their breath back Kelly and I had to perform a sixty-nine on each other.

Both men rewrapped their cocks in latex and took us in a more conventional way as we lay next to each other.

There was a bottle of Champagne on ice in the room and after our second bite of the sexual cherry we had a glass of cold and sparkling and then there was the finale. Kelly and I were pulled to the left hand side of the bed, manhandled until our shoulders were right on the edge of the mattress and our heads pulled backwards. This wouldn’t be my first taste of oral sex, it wasn’t even my first taste of deep throat but it would be the first time that the man came to me for oral pleasure after already climaxing twice…and then there was the force, both men were getting off on treating us as roughly as they could and their oral action was no different. It took over an hour for Ben and Tom to finish off in our throats, they took us in turn, they used us both for ten minutes and then swapped over giving us just a few seconds to swallow a mouth full of champagne before our throats were filled again.

It was actually closer to eleven o’clock when Tom and Ben left the room, they left us naked and bruised on the huge bed but more than that, they left the bedroom door open wide so anyone walking past would be able to see us.

Before we moved from where we’d been left the door closed and I looked over to see my father standing there with a carrier bag, After Kelly and I had changed into our ‘Hookers uniform’ my father had collected the clothes we’d taken off and left in my bedroom and had brought them to the hotel so we’d have something to wear to go home in.

My dad just stood there looking down at my naked body and grinning at me, Kelly looked from me to my father just as he grinned down at me. I wasn’t looking at his face, I was looking at the front of his trousers and the lump that had grown in them.


“Last night you said anytime…anytime at all…this is anytime!”

I saw Kelly’s jaw drop as she looked from my father and back to me…

“Sarah…was there something about last night’s party that you missed out when you were telling me ‘All about it’ earlier today?”

“There was just this one thing. I stopped talking at that point as my father had taken hold of my ankles and pulled me across the bed…”Wait dad, condom up first please!”

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He wrapped his cock in its mackintosh and bounced on top of me while Kelly watched, she was complaining about feeling left out and my dad hopped from me to her and shoved the condom that had been up my cunt up hers as well.

“You can’t believe how often I’ve dreamed of doing this to you Kelly, I love your body shape…I love Sarah’s as well…hell, so long as there’s no dick hanging down in front I love all women but it’s more of a turn on with you because I’ve watched you grow over the last eighteen years. Running around the house in your skimpies when you had sleepovers with Sarah.”

My dad had an hour’s worth of fun, dipping Kelly and then me over and over again. he didn’t want to finish off in a condom for the second night on the trot so I finished him off in my mouth. It was one in the morning when he finally drove us home, Kelly slept in my bed with me so that she didn’t have a problem with her parents getting in late and waking them.

We lay in bed together in the nude and Kelly said, “Well, if that’s how we’re going to make our living for the next three years I’m going to need a spray to stop my throat hurting too much.”

I made breakfast for Kelly and my mother, my father had left the house early, the football team that he trained were playing away, a ten o’clock kick off fifty miles away from home. Mother took a telephone call and I saw her blush for the first time in my life. Mum left the house at ten o’clock and two minutes later I walked with Kelly to her house, even though we only lived a quarter of a mile apart there were eight different routes we could take. At that time on a Sunday morning it was usually merter escort a no-brainer, the preferred route between our houses would have been the footpath through to the football pitch, walk around the pitch, checking the lads out as they ran up and down the pitch in their tight shorts and T-shirts.

It must have been force of habit or something because, even though we knew that the game was taking place fifty miles away we found ourselves taking the football pitch path. On a normal away match day there would usually be a few of the lads practicing on the pitch but because of the great distance this match was away from home they’d laid on a fifty seat coach to take players and supporters away so no one was even larking about on the pitch…no one except one car parked behind the changing rooms.

I recognised the car, of course I did, it was a fifty year old Vauxhall, it was a VX-four-ninety, a sport engine but in an estate car body, they didn’t make many, less than one hundred and the one parked behind the changing rooms was one I recognised because it was driven by one of my father’s friends, the man I called Uncle John.

“What’s John’s car doing parked here?”

I took a second look at the car, “He probably drove down here to catch the bus to the match…silly old sod’s left his quarter lights open, by the time the bus get’s back from the match his car’ll be gone or worse, it’ll be vandalised.”

“We could close them over so that they don’t look like they’re unlocked.”

“Good idea Kelly.”

We walked over to the car but didn’t close the little windows in the front door over. The rear seats of the car had been laid flat, the front seats pushed forward and my mother was in the back, her dress front up under her chin and her knickers around her right ankle. My father’s best friend had his trousers around his knees and he was doing push-ups on top of my mother.

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We backed away as quietly as we could, I actually had to hold my hand over Kelly’s mouth to stop her laughing disturbing my mother’s fun.

“Sarah…your family are really dark horses, I’ve known you all for all of my life and never suspected that you were all banging away like rabbits all the time!”

‘Neither did I Kelly…neither did I!’

On Monday morning I got a lie in, that was unusual, it had been three days now and there hadn’t been a single bad word between my mother and father. My father was being totally normal…okay, not normal for him, he was being normal for a normal man. I put the sudden amnesty down to the fact that they were both getting sex after two years without, my dad had fucked me on Friday evening and me and my friend Kelly on Saturday evening so he was as happy as a sand-boy. Mum had fucked my father’s best friend in the car park at the football club, Kelly and I had stumbled on them quite by accident and we’d managed to get away clean without my mother or John seeing us.

Mum was still out on Monday afternoon when my dad got home from work so we had a chance to talk and my dad started out with, “You know you said anytime?”

I nodded my head.

“Well, I had a bit of good news this afternoon and I was hoping that you might let me celibrate in your bedroom.”

‘Three fucks in four days, it’s a good thing that I’ll be moving out in a few day’s time or my dad could become a problem.’ ran through my head as I walked up the stairs ahead of my father.

“So what was the good news from this afternoon dad?”

“I had a meeting with the Benson brothers at work…”

“Who are the Benson brothers?”

“You know…Tom and Ben from Friday night, My MD and CEO at work.”

In my bedroom my dad just stood there looking at me, I waited for some kind of move, some instruction but he just stood there looking at me. I stripped off, not a sexy striptease but my dad watched every little move I made. I wasn’t used to this really, all my sex so far…well, all my sex until Saturday night had been in the dark, the boys always undressed me and then they undressed themselves…if they bothered to undress that is. More often than not I’d be naked and all they did was unzip their fly and flop their cock out.

So, I was naked but my father was still fully dressed, he looked from between my legs and then down at his own trousers…okay…I got the message, I had to do him, I had to undress him. I knelt in front of him and unfastened his suit trousers, I pulled them down with his underpants and I lifted his cock to my mouth and I sucked him to get him fully hard. He hadn’t bothered to lift his foot out of his trousers as they lay around his ankles, he just waited until I got him fully hard and he did his best lumberjack impersonation as he felled me, ‘TIMBER!’ onto my single bed. He almost swam up my body like a merman as his ankles were tied together.

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Being knocked to my bed disorientated me a little and before I got back onto an even keel he was in me and he was fucking me hard. I started beating my fists on his chest and I was kicking at his legs, “Dad…dad…condom, pendik escort you forgot your condom!”

I eventually kicked him off and took a condom from my bedside drawer to sheath his cock. I have to say he looked very pissed off that I’d stopped him riding me bareback but he soon got over it as he rammed his cock in me ever harder.

It was little more than a quickie really, we had no idea what time my mother would get home so we didn’t really know how long we had to fuck.

I was still panting from my orgasm when I remembered my father was celebrating something.

“So, what was this good news at work?”

“I’m moving down the road to the heavy engineering factory, and because of what you and Kelly allowed Tom and Ben to do to you on Saturday evening, I’m the new Production Manager for the whole factory, just one step down from a directorship and a five thousand pound a year pay rise.”

“Well, that’s great news dad, what about me and Kelly, what do we get out of your promotion…we did all the hard work after all?”

“I told them that you wanted six hundred pounds for the evening…”

I let out a low whistle, most eighteen year old girls would work two weeks full time to get close to that amount of money.

“…they were very happy; they would usually have to pay at least five hundred pounds to the escort agency for the dinner date and the same again to do to the girl what they did to you and Kelly…actually, they said that most escorts wouldn’t allow them to play rough, no matter how much they paid them.”

“Oh, you talked about what happened to them a lot then?”

“Yes, it was all part of the test, all part of the interview. Apparently they’ve asked a few of the team leaders at my pay grade to arrange a date for them with their daughters and they have all turned them down. Tom and Ben never linked the requests for a date with the daughters to either sex or promotion. Because you had told me that you were going to do escort work already, when Tom asked me if I could arrange a date between you and him, I asked him straight out if he was going to fuck you, he was a little evasive and then I told him that you were going to work as an escort when you got to university and that if they wanted to have sex with you it was just a question of the money.”

I smiled at what my dad had said. “So, you just told them that they could fuck me for money then?”

“Well, when I was promoted to team leader earlier in the year, my boss told me that I’d have to watch out for Tom and Ben and that he thought that they were sniffing around newly promoted workers and that it was strange that the only people getting promotions were those with teenage daughters who were getting close to their eighteenth birthday. So I already had a good idea what they were up to.”

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We were just cuddling on my bed, an occasional kiss passed between us but we’d run out of things to say and I hate silences so I jumped in with , “Dad, what’s going on with you and mum, you said on Friday night that you two hadn’t had sex for two years!”

“Your mother has just gone off sex, when you move to Cambridge your mother’s going to move into this room and anything that you leave behind will be moved over into the box bedroom.”

That was a shock to me, losing the bedroom that I’d considered my property for eighteen years and being relegated to a room that I wouldn’t be able to swing a mouse in never mind a whole cat. ‘wait a minute, she hasn’t gone off sex, she was fucking like a rabbit on Sunday out by the football pitch…she hadn’t gone off sex…just gone off sex with my father!’

“Dad, have you talked to mum about sex…I mean really talked to her about what she wants?”

“Well, I guess I haven’t really, we don’t really talk about sex.”

“Why the hell not, you’re perfectly happy to talk to me about sex…perfectly happy to pimp me out to your bosses for a promotion…why not talk to mum about sex?”

“It’s just not something that we’ve ever talked about in our lives, we’re from a different generation to you, your mother would never feel comfortable talking about sex with me.”

“Dad, would you say that you were the jealous type?”

“I don’t think so…why?”

“What if you had a serious talk to mum about what she wanted and she said that she wanted someone else? How would you react?”

My dad looked down at my body and he smiled, “Well, I’d be a bit hypercritical if I objected wouldn’t I?”

“Right dad, so for God’s sake talk to her…talk to her tonight, ask her what she wants and don’t tell her about you and me, not even a hint. I’ll go over to Kelly’s house and give her the good news about her pay from Saturday and keep out of your way.”

“You can take her the money as well, I’ve got it all in my briefcase.”

While my father took a shower and changed into his casual clothes I knocked up a really fast pasta bake and converted a French baguette into warm garlic bread. I waited until my dad was back in the kitchen and gave him instructions, things like, “Just two serving spoons full on mum’s plate, you can have as much on your plate as you want, when mum’s finished, if her plate is empty, ask her if she’d like a little more and if she says yes, just put one spoonful on her plate. Two slices of the bread and again, if she’s eaten it all offer her another slice.”

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