Filthy Man with a Pure Heart Pt. 02

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After we made love for the second time, Matt and I continued to cuddle. We moved from bed to his couch, I sat close next to him and leaned on his shoulder as he put his arm around me.

“I’m happy we are a couple now,” I said to him.

“You know we will have to hide it,” he replied. I nodded, agreeing with him.

“You really don’t mind being with a boy? Do you think you are gay or bi now?”

“I don’t know. I never thought of being with a man. But it never really worked when I was with women either,” he admitted.

“I’m just glad and thankful you accepted me,” I said and gave him a peck on his lips.

At the time I still didn’t know why he actually did accept me and allowed me to get so close to him. I was just thinking about how happy I am to have him. Being with him gave me this certain feeling of being safe and being loved. I finally had someone who I could open up to completely and he won’t judge or laugh at me. I was also quite pleasantly surprised with the way he treated me, compared to the way he treated everyone else around him.

Matt opened another beer for us and we cuddled in silence. I enjoyed his slow, deep breathing and explored his body with my fingers, trying to find which places bring him the most pleasure when I touch him. Quiet moans would leave his mouth when I would softly pinch his nipples or run my fingers on his inner thighs.

He turned on the TV with a football match on and he expressed the wish that I pleasure him while he watches the game. I got down on the floor between his legs, stroking him slowly all the way from his chest to his semi-erect cock. His eyes were focused on the screen, but he has let me know that he isn’t ignoring me by softly stroking my hair and face. I started by kissing his fat hairy belly and licking his bellybutton, after which I had to take out couple of fluffy pieces out of my mouth. As I was doing that I softly touched his cock with one hand and his nipple with the other. The casino oyna team he was cheering for has scored a goal, so he moaned and shouted an ecstatic “Yes!” as he reflexively pushed my head in his soft belly.

His cock was dripping precum, making my hand sticky. I was spreading it all over the length of it and wiping my fingers through the smelly bush of his pubic hair. I licked my way down from his belly to the beginning of his shaft, taking deep sniffs of his manstink. He moaned as I pulled his foreskin back and rubbed the down part of his cockhead with my slippery thumb. I cupped and softly massaged his balls as I replaced my thumb with my tongue. Soft but fast movements of my tongue on his cock were making Matt moan and snort in pleasure. I finally closed my lips over his cockhead and started to slowly but intensively lick it all over, couple of time closing his foreskin over my tongue. Still holding a beer in one hand, Matt pushed my head further on his cock with the other. He was a bit aggressive so I gagged, but as soon as I got back my air I started rubbing my nose in his pubic bush and rubbing my chin with his hairy balls. He held my head firmly in place and started moving his pelvis and fucking my throat. My gagging joined his moans and snorts. Since my hands were free now, I started pinching his nipples again and he loudly came in my mouth, mere seconds after I started touching them. I swallowed everything. He took couple of seconds to get his breath back.

“Come here!” he commanded, pulling me up on his lap.

I sad on his lap putting my legs around him. He held me close to him, massaging my asshole and shoving his fat fingers in it in a rough way. I jerked my cock as he was talking into my ear with his strict voice:

“My stink is on you, you are mine now. I marked you!” He pulled me away just enough so he could spit in my face and said: “Look, I marked you again!” which made me cum almost instantly on his stomach.

We hugged canlı casino as I was still on his lap and I gave him a kiss on a cheek. I wanted to leave him to enjoy the game until the end so I just held myself on him and rested, enjoying the closure we had. Matt was stroking my back and breathing deeply next to my ear. It helped to pass the time, as I was never a sports fan and watching them is kind of boring for me. In the end, the team Matt was rooting for has lost:

“Shit. I made some bets on them,” he muttered. “How about a consolation prize from my little faggot?”

I started to kiss him deeply while I still sat on his lap. He was a bit aggressively grabbing my butt with his rough hands while I held myself on him and stroked his bald head and hairy face. He already came twice in the morning and twice in the evening, but his cock was growing and dripping precum again.

He carried me to bed again, although this time he was on his back and I was on top of him. I gave his cock few wet licks to lube it up, mixing my spit with his precum.

“Let me make your hole wet while you suck me,” he said.

Still licking his cock, I started to turn my behind towards him, and as soon as it was in his reach, he pushed his face in it. He licked me greedily, stimulating me with his beard and fucking me with his tongue.

“Oh yes, sir…” I moaned as my head dropped between his legs.

“Mmm, yes, you like it, boy?” He said and spanked me.

“Please sir, I want it inside.”

“Come boy, ride on it.”

I turned around and kissed him, mixing up the taste of my ass and his cock in our mouths. He aimed his cock at my hole and started to push me on it. It got in quite easily and we moaned in each others faces, almost in unison. I slowly started to go up and down on him, while I put my forehead on his and he put his hands on my hips. I was enjoying his beer breath and would occasionally kiss him or lick his face. His moans were telling me that kaçak casino he enjoys the soft game we played, but soon the greedy brute in him woke up:

“Ride me harder, come on you little fag!” he said, grabbing my hips firmly and impaling me on his hard cock.

I liked the sudden change of pace. He was in charge again and he was being hard and rough like usual. I stared at his angry eyes looking back at me. I found it to be quite a turn on, especially combined with moans and grunts he was making. I was moaning too, out of sweet pain he was causing me. I could feel his beer gut moving in the beat as he was pounding me. Couple of times he even spanked my ass too.

Cock in the ass and my cock rubbing on his belly were enough for me to cum. Most of the pleasure from being fucked roughly turned in pain, but I still wanted for Matt to have his pleasure and cum inside me. My hands clenched harder, my head dropped next to his. I tried not to scream too much in his ear. Still, he noticed that I got uncomfortable and popped his cock out of my asshole. Just few strokes of his hand later and I felt his cum splashing on my still opened hole. He pressed my shaking body on top of himself.

“I’m sorry you were in pain at the end,” he said.

“It’s fine. I wanted to please you,” I whispered on his hear.

He tapped my back few times and offered me to lick the cum off his fat fingers. I eagerly accepted. We lay down on our sides, facing each other. I cleaned every finger almost without breaking eye contact with him. After I was done with first round, he also picked remaining cum on his cock and my ass and I licked that up too.

It was getting late, and since I haven’t slept at home the night before, I couldn’t spend another night with Matt. He noticed I was sad about it. As we still we’re in bed, he stroked my face with his thumb and told me to come any time I want and he hugged me. I took a shower in his bathroom, again he didn’t join me, he was just watching me. When I was done showering he was drying me up with his towel. As I was leaving, he gave me another hug and a passionate kiss.

“I love you, sir,” I whispered.

“I love you too, boy,” he replied.

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