Happy Daughter’s Day Ch. 04

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Happy Daughter’s Day — 4


Shashidhar takes a decision to marry his own daughter.

Hi! Friends this is to tell you what happened after Shriti losing her virginity to her Dad.


“Bye Nannaa..” Shrtii hugged her father and gave a warm peck on his cheek.

“Shriti, be careful while boating and climbing the hills” Shashidhar, her father cautioned her and patted her shoulder.

“OK Nannaa. Bye…” she said and moved.

“Bye Sweety..” he said and slightly squeezed her ample bust.

“Nannaa.. you are very naughty…” she said smilingly and boarded the bus. Bus moved. Shashidhar returned to home.

It is 10 in the night. Shriti his daughter is going on a picnic to Nagarjuna Sagar Dam and Sri Sailam Project along with her college. He came to drop her at her college. He is a healthy and virile man of 43 and owns his own company.

By the time he reached home it is 10.30. His wife Kriti is waiting for him. She is a beautiful woman of 41 and mother of Shriti. She is only two years younger to her husband. Shriti, their daughter is also a beautiful girl of 20 years and is in BBA II year.

Kriti put her hands on her husband’s neck and kissing him asked whether bus has gone. He gave answers ‘in yes’ moved in. Kriti went to the kitchen and brought two hot mugs of milk. The both had and Shashi reclined on the back rest of the cot.

Kriti standing in front of the dressing mirror humming something lightly adjusting her hair. Then she one by one discarded her dress and wore a see through nighty. Shashi, looked at Kriti with love and affection. Through her nighty every beautiful curve of her body is seen. She wore bra and panty inside. Shashi always wonders that how his wife is so beautiful.

She has a proportionate body, fair complexion, ever smiling lips, bust C+ cup size. Anyone who sees her never believes that she is the mother of a 20 year old girl. Whenever both Mom and daughter go out people think that they are sisters. She with 5′ 7″ appears like an angel to Shashi. He couldn’t control his emotions anymore and went and stood behind her keeping his hands on her shoulders. Kriti seeing her husband in the mirror gave an alluring smile at him.

Shashi coming still close to her poked her fleshy ass with his boner. Kriti smiled herself by seeing her husband’s desperation. She knows that her husband wants to have a full session tonight. Of course she too wanted.

Though they generally involve in love game minimum 4 times a week, but because of their daughter’s bedroom is adjacent to theirs’, they cannot enjoy freely.

They have to speak with muffled sounds, can’t moan loudly and freely, take care that their cot mustn’t creak etc.

Kriti pushing her fleshy Butt back and enjoying his hardness there asked “Kya raja.. irade kuch aur dikh rahe hai.. kya bat hai..?” and bit her lower lip seductively.

By the time Sahshi pulled the waist band of her nighty, with which it split into two making her front total naked. Shashi fingering her navel said “Dear good opportunity Shriti is not at home. We will do Night out… it had been since ages we didn’t do open sex..”

“So… you want us to roam naked in the house…?”

“What is the wrong dear…” now he held her firm boob in one and playing with it said “we will be the only two in the house. Let us enjoy a day like jungle men.” And he pinched her long nipple. Her nipples are as long as one inch with sufficient thickness. He loves to suckle them hours together.

“Be ashamed my dear husband” she enjoying her husband and teasing him said “Bees (20) saal ki jawan beti hai aur tumpe sex ka bhoot sawar hai…thoda to sharm karo…”

“Kyon..? sharm kyon karoon…?? Am I doing anything wrong… are you not my wife…?” he inserted his hand between her shapely thighs and grabbed her swollen mound over the panty.

“Offfoooo… tumse baton mei koi jeetega kya bhala.. jo marji aye karo…” she said as if she is defeated. But he knows that she too is enjoying the conversation and his actions.

“That is my good girl…” he lifted her in his arms. She wrapped her hands around his neck and wrapped her legs around his waist. With this her thick cunt lips opened and his love stick is poking in between her cunt lips over the panty. She felt his hardness and warmness on her WOMANHOOD and her whole body shuddered with desire.

He took her to the cot and made her lie on her back. She lay, her one leg stretched straight and her other is folded at the knee and raised. He lies at her side bent over her and stamping warm kisses all over her face.

She too is encouraging him by kissing all over his face and pressing her boobs to his chest. This created tingles in his body.

While kissing her face he took one Tit in his hand and pressing and pinching her long thick nipple.

“Mmmmm..darling..uf… sss..” she said and pulled his face to her choochi. Seeing her eagerness he took her nipple in his mouth and gave a long, deep suckling. “ssshhhhaaa…” a sweet moan escaped 1xbet yeni giriş her mouth.

“What happened dear…?”

She still pressing his head to her said “kuch nahin raja tum apna kam karo…”

“Kya kam karoon… jara bolo to…” he teased her.

“Deekho to kitna nadan ban raha hai mere raja.. muhn me ungli do to katne bhi nahi ata…” Kriti teasing her husband put her hands around his waist and pressed it to her. Automatically her thighs widened. Shashi came between her thighs and pressing his centre on her swollen mound.

“Darling please.. come.. ab saha nahi jata…” she raising her waist up said.

“To kya karoon…” he said. This type of chedh chadh is common between them they both enjoy such teasing.

“Ab bas bhi karo darling.. fuck me.. fuck me hard.. you know that I am horny.. please quench my thirst…” she pleaded.

“Ok sweet heart.. here it comes.. saying so he pulled her panty aside and shoved his shaft forcefully.”

“Aaaahhhhhhhh aaaaiighaaa” Kriti screamed with pain

“Dear what happened….? Why yours is so tight today… aha.. my god so tight… did it hurt?” he asked her tried to pull his LUND out. Kriti immediately putting her hands on his waist stopped him. She smiling at her husband said… dear why are you pulling out just push in, don’t stop”.

“What games are you playing dear.. your’s is so tight. It will hurt you sweet heart” Shashi said and kissed her cheeks. There is a concern in his eyes.

“Don’t bother about my pain just do what you are doing. I want that lovely tool of yours inside me all the way immediately” She said in a hoarse voice. She was on fire and needed her husband’s dick in her hungry PUSSY.

“Ok here you go” Shashi said.

He pushed his fuck pole inside her. Still he felt her resistance. Shashi felt that Kriti is not lubricated well enough. He could not understand what tactics she is playing with him. This type of resistance or rather tightness he experiences now and then. He knew that she is doing something to tighten her snatch but don’t know what she is doing.

And whenever her pussy is tight she encourages him to fuck her hard; and he fears that his force may hurt her.

“Fuck me dear.. fuck hard… Rip my CHOOT apart. Just rip it apart. Tear it like a paper… you bastard.. sala chodne nahi ata.. itna lamba lund hai tere pas.. chod apni RANDI ko.. phad de..” Kriti encouraging him grabbed his strong buttocks, pressing them to her body raised her pussy towards Shashi’s Rod and pulled him with all her might. “Aaaahhhhh…” shashi said as his LUND gone all the way inside her hungry pussy.

“Aaaaahhhhhhhh aaaaaiiiiiighhhhaaaaaa sssssshhh aaaahhhh ssssshhhh aaahhhh”

Shashi understood that she is in real pain. She had closed her eyes and clenched her lips under her teeth trying to overcome her pain. Her husband pulled his penis out a little and slid it back again. He did this for a few times until his dick is coated with her love juices and it became slippery. He continued to do this gently. Now the pain from her face was gone instead she is now moaning with pleasure.

His shaft is clasped tightly by her slippery pussy. He could feel her tightness near her entrance. Her pussy lips were getting dragged in and out as he moved in and out.

“Ohhh my god Shashi.. my dear… now it’s feeling so good ummmmm ahhhhh”

“You are so tight dear…ssssssshhh aaaahhh.. what are you doing to make it tight.?” He asked.

She didn’t give any answer rather gave mysterious smile. She opened her eyes, lifted her head to have a look at her husband’s dick, which is half embedded in her. Shashi started fucking her with rhythm.

Kriti gazing his dick move in and out of her pussy with excitement.

“Wow Shashi.. ummm.. it is so gooooooood… I have never felt so faaantaaassstic…” said and watching her husband with excitement.

“Dear.. I am lucky to have you as my husband…” she showered kisses on her husband. Still watching him move in and out of her luscious pussy.

“I love watching this, my god you are so amorous and good at giving pleasures…” she said her eyes still glued to his dick.

“Kriti…I won’t be able to hold on for long.” Shashi said.

“Hold on for me for some more time dear… I am also on the verge of reaching my climax.” She said and lowered her head on the pillow and closed her eyes.

Shashi’s rhythmic movements started gain. He increased his tempo at the same time controlling himself holding his breath.

“Faster Sahsi.. dear.. faster increase the speed… tear me apart” Kriti spread her legs wide apart.

Shashi began to move frantically between her legs. Her pussy is overflowing with their combined love juices and was slippery but still it had clasped his dick firmly. ‘thap, thap, thap’ sound is echoing in the room because of their love game.

Her breasts were swaying up and down and she was moaning “sshh aahh sshh aahh” with his every thrust. His dick is like a steel rod. Blood from all parts of his body accumulated at it 1xbet giriş and it was now paining. He is ramming and slamming his Lund inside her Love hole. Kriti, his wife then started to arch her back and raise her pussy. He felt her cunt folds are holding his dick tightly as if in a vice.

“Aaaaah Shasheeeeee….ummm….this is so gooood sssshhhh aaaahhhh.”

“Aaaaiighhh I can’t hold now sweeetteeee….”Shashi groaned.

“Don’t hold I am also coming dear… my Love my sweet husband.. mere raja…. My gayeee… mere rajaaaa…ssssshhhh aaaaahhhh” and she pulled her husband towards her and buried her nails on his back, arched her back and raised her pussy forcing it with all her strength towards his dick.

“Ssssssshhhhhh Aghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh” he too screamed as he shot his hot semen inside her pussy.

“Aaaaaiiiiiighhhaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh” she too came violently as she sensed his warm semen strike over her cervix. He shot jet after jets of semen inside her, filling her pussy.

Waves of ecstasy ran through their bodies. All the tension and excitement is released. Shahsi’s shaft and Krti’s pussy were pulsating, and after some time they calmed down.

They lay inertly like that for a long. He saw the satisfaction in his wife. Kriti’s eyes are closed with satisfaction and there is a glow in her face. Whereas Shahsi’s face is tired. Slowly Kriti’s grip loosened over him. Shashi slowly rolled over from her and lay at her side. His dick is coated with their juices. Their Love juices are overflowing from her cunt to her butt cheeks..

Kriti still lying on her back and her eyes closed. She looked relaxed and calm. Her breathing had returned to normal. She did not move an inch any of her body part. She looked very; very satisfied.

He watched her beauty with mesmerized. He knew, she is a very good wife and mother. He bending forward kissed her juice coated PUSSY with love and affection. He lied beside her with satisfaction and they both fell asleep.


“Kritee…” he called his wife.

“Voon…” she turned her head towards her husband and said. Both husband and wife were lying naked on the bed side by side. An hour back they had a satisfying session. Both were appearing happy and satisfied.

“May I ask you something…” he asked her.

“Yes.. dear.. why is that hesitation…?” she gave a kiss on his cheek.

“What techniques are you using to tighten your pussy.. are you doing some jadoo…?”

She gave a smile and slowly said.. “Nothing dear.. my grandmother told me that washing the pussy with alum solution tightens the pussy muscles.. now and then I use it to give you the feeling of tight CUNT.. thats all..”

“Oh how thoughtful of you dear…” he hugged her tightly. After being calm for some time he called her again.. “Kriteee….”

“Now what…?” she asked.

“This year… this year I want Shriti, our daughter to get married….” He said with hesitation.

The moment she heard this she got flared up. Her face turned red with anger. Her big and firm boobs were heaving heavily.

“Shashi.. tell me one thing.. don’t you like Shritee…?” she asked looking straight in her husband’s eyes.

He could not meet his eyes with his wife’s. Stammering he said “what question is this…?”

“Are you feeling Shriti as burden to you…?” she shot another question. He looked at her in shock. He never expected that Kriti will ask him like this.

“Kritee.. what is this nonsense… are you asking these questions in sense…?”

“Then what I have to say… this is the fourth time you said this to me in this 10 days. Arey.. what is her age. She is only 20 now.. in another four months she will be celebrating her 20th birthday. Not even completed her graduation.. why are you in such a hurry to get her married.

“But dear… what I said….”

“I know what you have said.. you said that you have seen her in a park with a boy in an awkward situation… and because of that you want to get her married. Arey baba this is the age… to enjoy.. let her enjoy..I have confidence on my daughter.. this is her sex hormones.. which played a role… can’t we overlook it…”

“Darling I am not finding fault with her.. I know it is her age… but my doubt is we don’t know what type of person he is.. now-a-days.. these boys are so unpredictable. Don’t know at what time what they do.. if the girl is not listening them.. are you not seeing the news..? Recently a 23 year old girl was raped and murdered by four miscreants. Acid attacks or slitting the throats had become common in the city.. do you want our child’s fate to be like that…” he asked.

Listening this her body shuddered violently..

“Oh… Shashi you are terrorizing me…” she said, her body shuddered gain.

“Dear…” he slowly said to her…”You know how I like our daughter…. she is our life…

I don’t want our daughter’s fate must be like other girls. Apart from that god has given her the most beautiful face and body. There 1xbet güvenilirmi may be many who wants to have her at least once at any cost.

As you said; her hormones are playing an effect on her. That is why I am suggesting her marriage. So that her sexual desires are quenched.” He concluded.

“…But dear what about her life… once married her life is finished.. family responsibilities, husband and in-laws’ responsibilities… and why would her husband allow her to complete the studies.. She’ll be losing all her freedom. No, no I don’t want my daughter’s life to be spoiled. I have to think some other alternative…” she said to her husband.

“Ok then.. think.. and get a solution.. if solution is good why should I propose for her marriage..” then they both drifted in thinking.

“Dear…” after half-an-hour or forty minutes Kriti said… “I have an idea. I think that solves our problem… and also Shriti’s…”

“Really.. then it is good.. comeon tell what that solution is…?” he asked in excitement.

Kriti was silent for a while and slowly said “why… why don’t…. why don’t you only marry her….”

“What….?” screamed Shashi. “Kriti do you know what you are talking about… she is our daughter.. my daughter…”

“Yes; I know.. I had given a good thought about it. Then came to this conclusion.. if you only marry her she’ll lead a happy life… love and affection of a father and also her husband. For that matter if you ask me.. a girl’s father is the best suited husband to her. Can you imagine a better husband than yourself to Shriti? She is your daughter OK… so what.. is she not a woman…? First she is a woman then she is someone’s daughter or sister… and she is cute.. sexy…is it not…?” she smilingly seeing her husband said…

“…But darling.. how….”

“No ifs and buts dear… that’s what I thought.. Ok if you get a better husband it is ok with me. Can you guarantee that the husband is not after her property.. I mean your company.

Shashi was silent for a while as if he is giving a thought on this. Kriti is looking at him intently…

“Darling…” kriti said.. many times you said that Shriti is my replica… she is like me.. Isn’t it…?”

“Yes.. she is your replica.. You used to look like her when you were of her age…”

“Then what is the problem with you? You can have two, two kritis… at your disposal. A younger Kriti that is Shriti and a middle aged Kriti.. that is me…”

“But sweet heart..how can I marry her.. What society and relatives… think…?”

“It is not necessary for us tell the society what we are doing.. a city like Hyderabad where population is one crore who bothers about whom. Who are the relatives we have.. You know that my parents died when I was very young. I was raised by some distant relatives that too that they are getting Dad’s 5 acre land. And about your relatives; your parents have deserted you when you married me against their will. Your Dad had expired and your mom left to US to stay with her elder daughter; your elder sister. In these 22 years of our marriage did they contacted us… no.. so who is there to bother about us..

“Yes Kriti what you say is correct. In such a big city.. no one bothers about others. But….” Shashi stopped.

“Again but…” she directly staring in her husband’s eyes she said “I know you have an eye for Shriti…” and she gave a naughty wink at her husband. Shashi looked at her in gape.

“Shocked isn’t it…? I observed you many times ogling at Shriti’s bouncing balls and the sway of her sexy waist. Is it not true…?”

He could not say anything.. whatever he did he thought his wife Kriti doesn’t know.. but now…

Meekly smiling he said “but dear.. how to get married..? In the temple…?

“So you are agreeing to marry her…”

He simply nodded his head.

“You will marry our daughter legally…”

“Legally…? How can it be possible…?? I already have a legal wife.. you…”

“You will divorce me…” she said coolly.

“Divorce..? to you.. no.. there is no way…”

“My dear don’t get excited.. listen first… you will divorce me. But I am not leaving you. I’ll be with you and with our daughter. This sacrifice we’ll do for or daughter’s sake.”

“But dear.. divorce.. what reason I’ll say for it…”

“You will not ask for divorce.. I’ll ask..”

“..But on what grounds…?”

“My husband is incapable to satisfy me in the bed…”

‘What…..?” Shashi screamed again.

“Darling doesn’t get excited….” She said and climbed over him. They were still lying naked on the bed. Climbing over him she gave her breasts to her husband and started telling what actually her plan is.

Unmindfully playing with her teats he heard her. When she finished he said… “My God Kritee.. what a brain you have.. Marvelous… he said and pulling her over him started kissing all over her face.

“Oh. Enough; enough Keep something for our lovely daughter….” pulling his nose she teased her husband.

“But.. darling.. will Shriti accepts for it..?” innocently he expressed his doubt. Though he took her virginity a month back.

“Don’t you worry about it darling. I am sure I can convince her for this. But I think she too likes you very much.

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