Hot and Sweet Ch. 05

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As the three of us lay naked on the couch recovering from the exertions of the past hour, Kriszta shared with us the story of her first lesbian experience.

“When I first met my husband, I was a virgin and relatively naïve. As our relationship got more serious, he told me that he was worried that since I’d only ever been with him he knew I’d eventually start to wonder what being with other men was like. He didn’t want infidelity to come between us, and he didn’t want me to wake up in ten years and decide that I’d made a mistake. So he convinced me to join a swingers club with him.

“After the first few experiences I realized that, at heart, I’m a slut. I love to fuck and be fucked, the dirtier the better. Istvan realized that he loved watching me fuck other guys. At about that time, we were invited to participate in the fulfillment of a club member’s fantasy. This guy wanted his wife and another woman to get on a train and suck off multiple guys before coming into his compartment and servicing him and the other woman’s partner. It sounded exciting to me, so we decided to do it.

“Istvan and I met András at the train station. We were the last to arrive, so he hurried us onto the train and into his compartment. Kyla had long, curly brown hair and breasts larger than mine. We were both wearing the outfit that András had requested – a short white skirt and red tube top with no bra and a white g-string. As the train got underway, Kyla led me down the hall to the compartment where our first set of guys waited.

“She knocked on the door, we were invited in by a strong voice. I closed the door behind us. Two men were in the compartment, one on each side. They were both blond, young, and well built. Kyla took the lead and made them pick which of us would service them. I knelt before the guy who’d picked me, undid his pants and started sucking him off. Kyla did the same with the other guy. As I sucked him, my guy played with my tits and also leaned over and finger fucked Kyla. Kyla brought her guy to orgasm first, but mine wasn’t far behind. We swallowed their cum and then left, without ever exchanging names and barely a good bye.”

By this point in the story I was erect again. Jana and Kriszta were taking turns stroking my cock and I had a couple of fingers in each of their pussies.

“We went into the next compartment,” Kriszta continued. “It had two men, sitting on one side and two women on the other. The women were in the middle of a 69, the men were masturbating while watching. One of the women looked up at us and said, ‘Each of you suck one of them off, let them cum on your face, your tits and in your mouth but don’t swallow. We want lick you clean when you’re done.’ Then she dropped her head back to the other woman’s pussy and started eating her out again.

“Kyla and I did as we were told. We pulled our tube tops down and I replaced my guy’s hand with my own. I started licking and sucking his cock. Pretty soon I could tell he was ready to cum. He pushed my head away from his cock, stood up and began jerking off over me. I stayed on my knees in front of him, head tilted back, eyes and mouth wide open waiting for it. He came in long ropy strings, some landed in my hair, some in my mouth, and some on my tits. When he was done, I reached out milked the last of his cum into my mouth.

“The sight must have set off Kyla’s guy because as I pulled my guy dry, he let out a loud grunt and began spurting into her mouth. She took as much as she could, then lifted her head and kept stroking him, letting the cum run down his cock to lubricate her hand as it moved back and forth on her shaft.

“The two women who were already in the compartment stopped licking each other and sat up on the bench. Each of them grabbed one of us and pulled us up to straddle them. Kyla’s woman pulled her head down, thrust her tongue into Kyla’s mouth, and then began swallowing the semen as Kyla casino oyna let it dribble out of her mouth.

“My woman began licking the cum off of my tits, then moved up to clean my face the same way. She was squeezing my ass as she did this, and I found myself turned on in a way that I hadn’t expected. Finally she opened her mouth to receive the cum that I’d caught in mine. After I’d let it dribble into her mouth, I couldn’t resist kissing her deeply, swirling my tongue around and around hers. She slipped a few fingers around my g-string and into my pussy. I came almost immediately. To this day, I’ve never met another woman with hands as good as Mónika’s.

“After I’d recovered myself, Kyla and I got ourselves decent enough to dash into the next compartment down where Istvan and András were waiting. As we left, Mónika and her friend were climbing onto the guys’ laps, getting ready to ride their renewed cocks.

“We walked into the compartment without knocking. András and Istvan were both reading the newspaper. I closed the door behind me and turned to see Kyla on her knees in front of Istvan. I moved over and undid András’ pants. In almost no time I heard Istvan groan that he was going to cum. Kyla didn’t miss a beat, she just kept on slurping and let him cum in her mouth and all over her face and tits. The sight of his wife covered in another man’s cum was enough to send András through the roof. He held my head against his cock as he spurted a long stream of cum into my mouth. I did my best to swallow it all, but couldn’t manage it. Some dribbled down my chin and back onto his cock.

“Finally, András was done. Kyla and I looked at each other, we each had a mouthful of cum, Istvan’s white seed was all over her chin and down her tits. I leaned over and we began kissing, swapping the sperm back and forth between us and pressing our tits against each other’s. I squeezed her ass with one hand and held her head still with the other so that I could lick Istvan’s cum from her face. Once I’d licked her face clean, I moved down to her tits. I licked all the cum off of them and then began sucking on her small, firm nipples. She moaned and leaned back between Istvan’s legs. I kept working her tits with my tongue and then slipped a finger down and into her g-string to run along her pussy. It was the first time I’d ever touched another woman’s cunt. She was far wetter than I’d ever been so, almost accidentally, my finger slipped up inside of her. I finger fucked her and sucked her tits until she came in a torrent of screams, urging me on the entire time.

“Once she’d cum, I leaned back and couldn’t resist bringing my pussy-juice soaked fingers up to my lips. Kyla’s pussy tasted sweet. She stayed on the floor, leaning against my boyfriend’s legs. I glanced up and saw that both of the guys were aroused again. I leaned in and, pulling her g-string to the side, began running my tongue along her pussy lips, licking up the juices that were flowing freely. She started moaning again, as she got aroused she opened her eyes and saw Istvan’s erect cock. She arched her back and began licking it again. András, hesitantly at first but then with growing confidence began fingering my pussy. After a little bit of this, Kyla looked down at me and said, ‘I want to lick your pussy.’

“Eager for the experience I sat down next to András, pulled the g-string off, and spread my legs wide. Kyla moved between them and began running her pointy tongue up and down my slit. András kissed me, and then began sucking on my tits. It didn’t take long for me to have the first orgasm. After the first one, Istvan began fucking Kyla from behind while she continued to lick my pussy. I must have come four more times before Kyla moved over and began sucking András’ cock while still getting fucked by Istvan. Soon after, both men shot their loads into her sending Kyla herself over the edge into a final orgasm. We managed to clean canlı casino ourselves up just before the train arrived at our station. I’ve considered myself a bi-sexual slut ever since.”

“That’s quite a story,” I said, giving each of their clits a good rub.

Jana agreed. She leaned across me and began kissing Kriszta deeply. Jana’s hand left my cock and caressed one of Kriszta’s large breasts before sliding across her belly and down to her pussy. As her fingers joined mine in penetrating Kriszta, Jana broke the kiss and said, “I don’t know why, but with you two I don’t seem to have any inhibitions. I want to eat you out, Kriszta.”

Kriszta gave my cock a squeeze as she said, “Yes! But let’s go into the bedroom.” We got up from the couch and Kriszta took Jana’s hand and lead her into my bedroom. I followed, admiring the delicious sight of their asses in motion. Kriszta turned on the light as she entered the room then sprawled full length on my bed, her legs open and inviting. Jana climbed onto the bed between Kriszta’s legs and began kissing her again.

I watched as these two beautiful women began to make love. They kissed and caressed each other for a few minutes, then Jana began to slide down Kriszta’s firm body. She sucked each of Kriszta’s nipples in passing before planting a line of kisses across her taut belly down to her pubic hair. As Jana began flicking her tongue across Kriszta’s pussy lips, I knelt by the bed and began sucking on Kriszta’s tits.

Jana clearly knew what she was doing, it didn’t take long before Kriszta was thrashing beneath us in orgasm. After her bout of screaming had fallen to quite moans, I stopped working her tits and moved around behind Jana. She had continued to suck gently on Kriszta’s pussy lips throughout.

I flicked my tongue across Jana’s pussy and ass. She jumped and then returned to her work on Kirszta. I drove my tongue into her pussy and ass alternately. After a few repetitions she interrupted her cunt-lapping to say, “Fuck me, Jim. Fill me up with that hard cock of yours.” I rose up behind her and slowly slid myself into her. I fucked her slowly watching as she continued to suck Kriszta’s pussy. I delighted in the feel of Jana’s firm ass against my belly, her tight cunt around my cock, the way her pussy lips clung to my cock as I drew it back and the way each of my forward thrusts drove her tongue a little bit deeper into Kriszta’s pussy.

As I fucked Jana from behind, I looked out the window. Our voyeur was back, and she had someone else with her. In the pale light from the walkway, I saw the other girl’s dark hair. Both appeared to be wearing pajama shorts and short white half-shirts. I did my best to conceal the fact that I’d seen them and focused on what was going on in my bedroom. Kriszta was bucking beneath the ministrations of Jana’s talented tongue, she was holding Jana’s head against her pussy as she moaned and lifting her hips up to grind her pussy in Jana’s face. I began fucking Jana harder, matching my thrusts to Kriszta’s to maximize the friction between Jana’s mouth and Kriszta’s cunt.

“Smack her ass,” Kriszta ordered me. “Spank her like the little slut she is!” My first light slap brought a small moan from Jana. “Harder!” Kriszta urged. I complied, drawing another moan from Jana. “HARDER!!” Kriszta shouted, “Beat her ass!” I drew back and laid a resounding smack on Jana’s round ass, followed by a steady series of the same in time with my stroking cock.

Jana was lost in lust. Her face was buried in Kriszta’s pussy, eyes closed, mouth gaping open and tongue flickering. She jumped forward with each smack/thrust combination. Soon she stopped licking because she was lost in a screaming orgasm. Her hands twisted the sheets by Kriszta’s hips; her legs convulsed and squeezed together tightening the lips of her pussy around my cock; her face was ground against Kriszta’s pussy both by my thrusting and by kaçak casino Kriszta’s. When she was done cumming she collapsed onto the bed, pulling my cock free of her cunt.

I knelt back and glanced out the window. Our audience appeared to be on their tip-toes and leaning against their window in an effort to see onto the bed. They’d had a good view of me fucking Jana so I figured they should get a better view of some lesbian action, maybe it would even give them a few ideas.

Jana was still lying with her face on Kriszta’s pussy and her legs spread before me. Kriszta was stroking her dark hair. Jana seemed to have caught her breath by now. She gave Kriszta’s clit a kiss then slid up her body to kiss her lips and rub their pussies and tits against each other. After a bit of necking Jana said, “You haven’t fucked Jim yet. You should.”

Kriszta laughed and agreed. “Lay down, Jim. I’m gonna fuck you now.” No fool, I, I did as directed and laid down on my back. Jana slid off Kriszta, Kriszta kissed me then slid down and took my cock in her mouth. She gave it a few sucks and said, “I love the taste of another woman on a man’s cock.”

Jana moved around her and began kissing me and rubbing her perky little tits in my face. I caressed her ass and pussy as Kriszta stopped sucking me and rose up to straddle my lap. She guided my cock into her sopping wet pussy, slowly lowering herself down a little at a time. Once Kriszta was well seated with my cock inside of her, I told Jana that I wanted to eat her out. She promptly threw a leg over me and began pressing her giant clit into my face. I began licking her and wrapped one hand around her waist to keep her from lifting too far away from me.

I reached down with my other hand and caught one of Kriszta’s. I pulled her hand over and began rubbing it against Jana’s flank. She quickly understood what I was suggesting. Soon Kriszta was riding my cock and squeezing Jana’s tits, I was licking Jana’s pussy and clit, and Jana was arched back and around to kiss Kriszta. I could look up Jana’s tight belly and watch Kriszta’s nimble fingers squeeze and roll Jana’s small nipples while their tongues flicked across each other’s lips and slid past each other into their mouths.

It wasn’t long before I was cumming, firing what little remained of my seed deep into Kriszta’s belly. My orgasm set off Kriszta’s last orgasm of the evening (with us anyway) and her convulsive twisting of Jana’s nipples combined with my diligent tongue was enough to draw one more orgasm from Jana. The women collapsed onto the bed, one on either side of me. Fluids were leaking from all of us as we caught our breath and recovered.

Eventually, Kriszta said that she needed to get home. She got up, dressed, kissed us both goodbye and showed herself out. I watched her as she passed the voyeur’s window and paused to look in through the curtains. She continued looking through the curtains for a few moments, then went on her way smiling to herself.

Jana and I cuddled and talked a bit more. She seemed excited when I told her about our voyeurs. Eventually, we slept. She woke me up at dawn with kisses on lips and cock. Once I was awake and aroused, she pulled me on top of her and guided my cock into her hot wet cunt. As we fucked, her hands wrapped around the small of my back and her hips thrust up against me, pulling and pushing me deeper into her at the same time. We kissed and she continued to control the pace of our fucking. When we came, it was simultaneous and intense enough that I saw colors behind my closed eyes. Her fingernails dug into my back deeply enough to draw blood.

We rested a while longer then got up and showered together. I made breakfast as she got dressed. We ate and then she left. As we kissed goodbye, she shyly asked if we could see each other again.

“I’ve only spent one magnificent night with you,” I replied. “You don’t really think that I’d let you get away that quickly do you?” She laughed. “Will you meet me here after work? I’ll take you to dinner.”

She agreed and then I watched her as she moved along the walkway and around into the elevator.

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