I Wonder

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Edited by Angel Love

We meet, of course at Fanny’s, local night club.

My friends notice you watching me first as we dance and laugh. They dare me to go up to you, which of course I can’t do, after all you’re older than me and I’m way too shy to be so upfront (well back then I was). So I decide to go up to the bar for another drink. Hmmm, funny how I just happen to stand next to you while waiting to be served.

I can tell you want to talk but are nervous, so I turn and smile and say, “Hi.” The music is so loud we have to move close to be able to hear each other.

You shout, “Would you like to dance?”

I reply loudly, “Yes, I would.”

We move onto the dance floor. Still shy, I spend more time watching the floor or looking around than looking at you. But I do glance at you checking you out. Of course making sure you’re not a daggy dancer and to my surprise you are doing quite well. The music stops and we stand nervously looking at each other.

I lean forward and tell you my name, things are getting a teeny bit more comfortable and so we stay and have a few more dances. After that we go our separate ways, you back to your mates at the bar, me over to my friends.

About five minutes later I feel you beside me. I turn and see a drink in your hand; you smile and hand it to me. You had been watching me closely you knew what I was drinking. We stand listening to the music as you lean in and ask me where I come from and enjoy chatting, just small talk, but learning a little about each other.

You ask me to dance and we move onto the dance floor again. This time the second song is a slow dance. We look at each other nervously, is the attraction strong enough. You move in closer to me and put you arms around me holding me closely. I instantly melt against you. We sway to the music, every now and then separating long enough to look at each other and smile.

When the music stops we part, this time you come with me to the table where my friends are and happily I see your friends have joined us. No need to worry about you escaping back to the bar. I excuse myself and go off to the ladies with a girlfriend (of course), and while there I excitedly tell her how fantastic I think you are.

When I return to the table, I thank God you’re still there. You hand me my drink and we chat easily, about nothing in particular, which groups we like, how often we go there, just idle chatter. One time as you lean in close to talk to me I feel your arm go round me, and that’s where it stays for the rest of the night.

As 3 am nears, I’m a little disappointed that you haven’t asked me for my phone number and even more disappointed when you ask me if I need a lift home, now wishing casino oyna I hadn’t driven my car that night. I see you’re disappointed too and suggest you walk me to my car.

We walk silently hand in hand. When we get there I turn to you and its then you lean close to me and we share our first kiss. My god, the feeling that goes through me, I kiss you back, but shyly not wanting you to know the affect your having on me.

As we part our smiles tell the whole story, you felt the same, an explosion of emotion, from shyness to innocent wanting in one kiss. You ask me if I will be coming again tomorrow night, I have no idea but of course I say yes. There is no way I won’t be there, and of course this time I won’t be driving.

We meet again the next night, still a little nervous, wondering if the attraction was real or just an end of night thing that brought us together, with a little help from what we had both drunk and of course the pushes and urging from our friends.

At the end of the night after dancing and chatting you ask me if I brought my car, this time I’m happy to say, “No I came with a girlfriend.”

Being the gentleman that you are, you ask if she would mind if you gave me a lift. Not wanting you to know that of course that was the plan all along I go and ask my girlfriend. A knowing wink between us and an ‘of course not’ settles all.

You drive me home and amazingly you know exactly which neighbourhood to drive to except I have to direct you from there to my house. We pull up to the front of the house and you turn off the motor. Again we chat easily; this time interrupted when you lean over and kiss me. We share a few small kisses. You pull me into your arms, our kisses still sweet and quite innocent, neither of us wanting to go too far.

After what seems an eternity I say I better go inside, it’s then you finally ask me for my phone number and strangely enough I have it written neatly on a piece of paper in my jeans pocket.

You tell me you’ll ring me tomorrow and I lean over and give you another small kiss to say good night. I then get out of the car and walk up my drive. As I turn the corner at the back of my house I’m glad to see you’re still there, waiting and watching to see that I get inside safely. I wave and watch you drive away……..

I’m relieved the next day when the phone rings and I answer to find you on the other end. We chat for about 15-20 minutes again not about anything in particular. We say our goodbye’s and you tell me you’ll call again during the week. Later that week you call and ask me what my plans are, I tell you I will be at Fanny’s again that weekend and so we arrange to meet. This goes on for a few weeks, sometimes I drive with you canlı casino walking me to my car at the end of the night, other times you give me a lift home. We become closer and the obligatory asking of me to go with you happens.

After a month or so you come to pick me up and of course it’s the meeting of the parent’s time. I can see you’re nervous, I’m not, I know my dad trusts my judgement and would approve of you instantly, but this seems no help to you.

You easily chat with my parents, no interrogation, as we leave dad says, “Enjoy yourselves and don’t be too late home.”

The look of relief on your face is obvious as we walk down the driveway to the car. That night things seem a little different, finally we are boyfriend and girlfriend. When you bring me home that night our kisses seem longer, our feelings growing, but still innocent. Our time together increases, we go to movies, drives and start to go and watch each other play at which ever sport is happening that weekend.

After a few months, our kisses are more intense, I feel excited as you kiss me and I want you to touch me more. Not wanting to get too serious but I feel myself aroused at even the thought of your kisses, I wonder if you’re feeling the same. Then one night, our innocent kisses turn more passionate. Your hands start to wander over me, I lean into you and my hands wander over you as well. This time we pull away from each other breathless, knowing we want to take the next step, but of course those were more innocent times.

The next step meant petting, fully clothed, but me allowing you to slip your hand inside my shirt and feeling my arousal build as your fingers tenderly and shyly fondle my breast, my nipples hard and standing erect. A few weeks of this and things are ready to go further; I am elated when you tell me you love me. My feelings are reciprocated but hadn’t been spoken before this point.

Of course the place to be is the drive in. We plan our first night of being absolutely alone together, of knowing we would probably not see the whole movie. It’s a Saturday night, when a not so popular movie is showing. We purposely find a secluded spot near the back and over to the side, wanting to be alone in case things do take that next step.

I wonder if you are as nervous as me, even though we are totally comfortable with each other, we are about to proceed into new territory. We sit closely and watch the movie, your arm draped around me, my head on your shoulder.

I sense your eyes on me and I turn my head to you. You lean down and kiss me, harder than usual, my lips part as I feel my arousal build. Our tongues tentatively play, our hands now wandering over each other. For the first time I move kaçak casino my hand down and lightly rest it on your cock as you fondle me. This time you lean down and kiss my breasts, your lips seeking out my erect nipples. A moan escapes me which seems to be a signal to you that I want more. Your tongue now explores me further, you suck and gently bite at my nipples, you guide my hand down to your cock again and I rub you feeling you grow harder under my touch. Then it happens, the lights grow bright and sounds of movement, car doors slamming, people talking and laughing brings us back to reality. It’s intermission.

We untangle ourselves and look into each other’s eyes, knowing this is our chance to move to the back seat. We hope we will be more comfortable and it will be less obvious to any of those around us what our intentions are. Nervously we sit there, kissing and playing while waiting for the lights to dim again.

Once the lights go out our petting becomes more ardent again. This time we know what we both want. You help me, nervously undo my shirt and remove my jeans. I sit there excited and a little scared as you do the same. Again you pull me close, this time your fingers not only explore my breasts but they move slowly down to my mound. You rub me gently at first and I open my legs to your touch. Your fingers part my lips, slowly entering me, exploring me. Amazingly I move on them, wanting your fingers in me deeply; loving your tender touch.

I slowly sink back allowing you to lie on top of me. I feel your hardness against me; a feeling flows through me, new and unbelievable. Now lying on the back seat, and thank god I’m only five feet tall. I fit quite comfortably; you, however, are finding it hard to gain the best position, but somehow we manage it.

I feel your cock rubbing against my pussy. I push myself against you and your knob enters me. I gasp as you delve in me; you pull away, concern on your face that you are hurting me. You look in my eyes and see no hurt there; only longing. As gently as you can you push further with each pump. Did you realise you were claiming my virginity.

We lose ourselves together as we find our motion our rhythm involuntarily becoming one, I feel your cock in me, a gentle and slow exploration, in and out, your cock filling me, my tight pussy surrounding you, raising me higher. This new sensation is overwhelming.

I moan as I feel myself explode, not experienced, not able to prolong our love making. Somehow your sensibilities come back and you pull out before you explode. I take your cock in my hand and help you cum, your warm sticky juices flooding my stomach. The look of wonder between us, knowing we have just shared something, a memory that will stay with us forever. We clean ourselves up, get dressed and stay together in the back holding each other tightly. Was it then that we realised there would be no others that we were now destined to be together always.

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