Inconvenient Coincidence Ch. 09

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Chapter 9: End of evening.

As James finished with Faith’s last feet, he tumbled from exhaustion. He had licked both of them, entirely. The taste of sweat and dirt didn’t vanish from his tortured mouth, even though he was not licking anymore. He shivered. Worst places were obviously the spaces between the toes, where sock lint and foot waste accumulated to create the worst possible smell and savor. What did he do to deserve such misery? He cried. For how long would he have to endure it?

His thoughts were interrupted by his sister.

“Wow,” she said, looking at both her feet, “You’ve done an incredible job!” she laughed cutely. “And… You’ve even eaten all the filth that was stuck there! Damn, you must really love it, that’s so disgusting!” she giggled. “But I’m not here to judge, bro! I’m glad you had a good meal, yummy!” she smiled cutely. “Be sure this won’t be your last feast at my feet, I liked it soooo much too… I’ll do my best for it to be even nastier next time!” she reassured him, letting him know she wasn’t forcing herself to make his fantasy real.

“Hey, don’t forget me,” said an impatient Yuna. “It’s my turn, give me the place!” She smirked, “I want our slave to lick my whole feet too, he’ll enjoy it to no end!”

James shared neither of their point of view, but was too weak to even try to answer. He remained still, lying down on the sofa, panting.

“Awhh,” pouted Faith with pity. “But he looks so tired, and he’s done such a good job with my feet! I know it sounds selfish, but maybe he should rest first? We’ve put him through difficult situations already!”

“Oh no, I won’t let him have any rest!” Yuna said with determination. “You know it’s part of his fantasies, to be pushed beyond his limits! You’ve read the stories!” she exclaimed. “He’s just being a lazy slave, and that would deserve punishment more than rest…” kocaeli escort she said, aroused. The thought of punishing him again, forcing him to obey her wills… She loved it.

“Yeah, you’re maybe right… I was just imagining myself in his situation, but that’s not how I should think, I know.” she sighed. “Alright Jay-jay! Time for Yuna’s feet, I hope you’re prepared, you do know from experience they’re worse than mine…” she smiled, and stood up to let Yuna the place.

At last! She was so excited. James was going to lick her feet, like the dog she wanted him to be! They were turning him into an obedient pet, a foot-licking slave! She shivered. Her dreams were becoming reality.

She sat down excitedly, got one boot and sock off, and looked down at her ravaged, powerless slave.

“Do you really think you should be sleeping before your mistress?” she asked sternly. “I’ll be nice and let you a chance: I’ll count to three. At three, if you are not licking my foot, you’ll get punished.” she threw her sweaty bare foot to James’s side, filling his world back with ungodly stink.


James didn’t want to be punished. He knew he would die. Or worse: survive. He tried to find force within himself to stand up. He had to. He moved his legs and arms weakly, attempting to get to his knees.

“Two,” continued an overexcited Yuna, seeing her slave was obeying.

Tears ran down James’s cheeks, as he thought of what was going on. He was forcing himself to stand up, exhausted, in order to lick the sweat and eat the waste off the smelliest, dirtiest feet he had ever seen. Never, he thought, never should he have been friend with Yuna. Against all odds, he managed to stand up. His whole body was in agony, his lungs were burning because of the poisonous smell, and his mind had been broken by the events of the day. Nevertheless, kolej escort he approached his head to Yuna’s repugnant, stained, smelly sole, and licked.

“Three,” finished James’s Mistress, victorious, as she felt his tiny tongue begin to please her sole. “Good boy.”

It was like licking Faith’s feet. The same sensations, but intensified to the worst. Her sweat tasted like cheesy vinegar, and each lick crushed what was left of his lucidity. They had to be right. He was a slave. A normal being would never, ever act in such a gross way, nor let himself be treated that poorly.

He licked and licked again, swallowing every piece of dirt, ingurgitating every last drop of disgusting sweat. His stomach seemed to be able to handle anything he ate. After a while, he got to the toes. He couldn’t believe how worst it got. Under Yuna’s nails were stuck bits of solidified sweat, and the amount of toe jam and grime that had oozed in the crevices of her toes was crazy. The smell almost made him faint, but he resisted. He didn’t want to think of the punishment his Mistress would come up with, would he fail to his task. So he kept going.

Meanwhile, Yuna had never felt that aroused in her entire life. She had to go back home. She had to have James to herself. She felt so good, so incredibly good! James’s licks were divine, and she squeezed her legs in rhythm with every one of them. He was being such a good slave! And it had only been a day! What would they be able to make him do, after a month?! The thoughts turned her on more and more, and the licks only served to intensify her horniness.

As the movie went on, James finished the first feet, and Yuna delightedly gave him the second to lick and worship. As she had kept it in its footwear, it was as disgustingly smelly as the first one. James, despite being full of foot-waste, konak escort kept licking with devotion, aiming to please his Mistress. At last, he finished, and collapsed on the sofa, wanting to puke everything he got to eat in the past few hours. But his stomach wouldn’t allow it.

“Oh my god…” Yuna looked at Faith. “You’re right, it was… heavenly,” she moaned. “It felt… So good, so right!” she smiled.

“I told you!” Faith giggled, knowing perfectly Yuna was not only pleased by James’s services, but horny as hell too. “That little guy will have a lot of work to do from now on!” she grinned.

“Oh he sure will!” she laughed. “But you’re right, now he definitely needs a good night sleep, I don’t think he’s faking anymore.”

“Doesn’t look like he is indeed!” she chuckled, seeing her brother was hardly moving anymore. “Seems like he already fell asleep, your feet must have required quite the work!”

“Well, you know it did,” she teased. She really liked Faith. She knew they would become really good friends with time. “Hey… Would you mind if I got James’s to sleep with me tonight?” she asked, even though she would not accept no for an answer.

Faith smiled, “Of course you can! This has all been for you two in the first place. I want both of you to spend some time together!”

“Thanks, you really are a great friend,” Yuna said, genuinely. And, as she watched James, she added: “And a good sister too. A really good one.” she smiled.

“Oh come on, you’re being too nice!” she blushed. “You know what; let’s say you have the entire day of tomorrow alone with Jay as well. That will get you time to catch-up what you’ve both been missing for the last few years, right?” she winked.

At the thought, Yuna almost had an orgasm. An entire day with James! The possibilities…

“Well, I won’t say no!” she grinned. “I can’t guarantee I’ll give him back in one piece though!” she joked.

“Do whatever you want, he has to learn his place, doesn’t he?” she smiled.

“Oh, he sure does…” Yuna finished, before kissing Faith goodbye, and opening the door; James secured in her hand.

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