Jenny Plays Away – Aftermath Pt. 02

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“Are you still angry with me?” Jenny asked the next morning.

“I certainly am.” I replied.

“So what does that mean for us?” she asked.

“It means that you had your fun without me while you were away, and so I want to have some fun to even things up.”

“You want to have sex with another woman?”

“I didn’t say that. I said I wanted to have some fun. In the past my fun has been in exposing you and sharing you with others, but it’s also been your choice, and your decision. What I want now is three nights of fun for me. That will mean sharing you with others, but on my terms, my way, ok?”

“If that’s what you want.”

So there it was, agreed. I was to have three nights of fun, at my wife’s expense, in retribution for her shagging the three men while she was away in Scotland. Now all I had to do was decide what, when, and who with.

Jenny asked every day whether I had decided anything, and I kept telling her no, although it wasn’t quite true. I had been thinking about things a lot, and decided on the what, but not the when and the who.

I had decided that I was going to use Jenny for my pleasure in three ways. I was going to take her dogging, and have her used by whoever was there on the night. I was going to take her to an adult club I’d heard of for a greedy girls night, and finally I was going to arrange for some of my work colleagues to have the chance to see her naked, shag her, and finish my punishment of her.

The following Friday I told Jenny that we were going out for a meal, and that she should dress to impress, but also to allow easy access for flashing and sharing her body should I decide that I wanted to play. Jenny certainly did dress to impress. She chose a very flirty outfit for the evening, a wrap over style blouse that tied with a bow at one side, and was quite low cut and opaque, but sheer enough so she couldn’t wear a bra with it. She was also wearing a short skirt that had five buttons down the front, hold up stockings, and a lovely little white lace thong.

When she sat down and leaned forward the blouse would open just enough for a glimpse of the curve of her breasts if you were standing, and the length of her skirt meant that a glimpse of stocking top was never too far away.

I left Jenny finishing her makeup and went to get the car out. While I was there I put the other items I’d need later that night into the car – a pair of handcuffs, ankle cuffs, spreader bar, and a blindfold.

Jenny joined me in the car, and as she sat down I got my first flash of her stocking tops. I was going to enjoy tonight, and had no doubt that Jenny would get some pleasure along the way too.

I drove us to a small town about twenty miles from our home, and we went to a little Italian restaurant for dinner, where I knew all the waiting staff were men. Jenny certainly caught the eye of the waiters when we entered as the outline of her braless boobs was visible through the opaque top, and her skirt barely covered her stocking tops.

When we sat down at our table her stocking tops were clearly showing, and after the waiter left us casino oyna with the menu’s I told her to pull her skirt up a little so that she was showing a flash of thigh above the stocking tops for when the waiter came back.

When our waiter returned to take our order he stood alongside Jenny, and had a good look at her legs. While we were waiting for our starter to arrive four men sat down at the table nearest to us, and they soon noticed Jenny’s stockings and we could hear them commenting on the view.

Next I had Jenny loosen her blouse a little, and told her that when the waiter brought our meal she was to lean forward a little and make sure that he had the opportunity to peek down her top and to view her beautiful breasts.

When the waiter returned Jenny leant forward towards the table as he was placing her meal down, and I could see her blouse gape, and knew that he had a great view of her breasts, and probably even her nipples. It also occurred to me that the guys on the next table would be able to tell that she was flashing her boobs at the waiter, which pleased me no end.

During the meal we were well attended by our waiter, and every time he came to the table Jenny flashed her breasts. When we were ready to leave I told her to unfasten her blouse a little more so she could flash the guys at the other table as she got up.

When we got back to the car I told Jenny that tonight was going to be the first of my three nights of fun, and as we drove through the town I had her take off her blouse, skirt and knickers so she was sitting naked in the car. The roads were very quiet, and I don’t think that anyone would really have seen her body in the dark, but it was fun having my wife naked beside me as we drove out of the town and into the country side.

A few miles out of town I pulled over into a lay-by, and told Jenny to move into the back seat, and once she had done that I handcuffed and blindfolded her, put the ankle cuffs on, and attached them to the end of the spreader bar. Then I laid her across the back seat, and fastened the handcuffs to the door handle above her head. I took out a vibrator, and began to run it over her pussy lips and clit, and when she started to respond I slipped it inside her pussy.

I got back into the driver’s seat, and continued the journey as my wife lay naked in the back seat with a buzzing vibrator in her pussy.

Over the last couple of days I’d been researching dogging sites in the neighbourhood, and I was heading towards a little picnic area that had a reputation for late night dogging sessions. Jenny didn’t know that, all I’d told her was that the night would end with some alfresco sex. I’d also posted some pictures of Jenny on the site saying that we’d be there tonight and that Jenny would be ready for some fun.

I pulled into the carpark of the picnic area, and noticed that there were quite a few cars already parked there. So I parked, turned on the interior lights and then climbed into the back with Jenny. I knelt in the footwell and picked up the vibrator again and began to massage her pussy lips with it while sucking one of her canlı casino nipples into my mouth.

Jenny was quite worked up already, and so I plunged the vibrator into her wet pussy and began to fuck her with it. I was keeping an eye on the windows, waiting for people to start to peer through, and it wasn’t long before we had our first watchers.

I told Jenny we were in a picnic area, and we were being watched, and that as tonight was the first of my three fun nights I wanted her to just lay back and enjoy whatever happened. Then I opened the doors on both sides so the guys that were there could see better.

There were about half a dozen guys stood around the car at that point, and I motioned for them to come closer and to join in. Soon Jenny had six pairs of hands roaming over her body, squeezing her boobs, and exploring her wet pussy.

But I wasn’t happy. The guys didn’t have great access to Jenny, and certainly wouldn’t be able to move things up a gear, so I asked for some help to get my wife out of the car and over to a nearby picnic table. We unfastened her arms and legs from the door handles, and we pulled her out of the car and carried her across to the table. Once there we laid her sideways across the table, much like her work colleagues had laid her sideways across the bed, and then tied her hands and feet to the seat of the table so she was spread and fully accessible.

While we were moving Jenny two more cars drove into the car park, and we were soon joined by another three men.

They were all either playing with Jenny’s breasts or pussy, and Jenny was bucking away on the table with all the attention. I stepped up to her head, dropped my trousers, and fed my cock into her mouth.

“It’s time to get the party started guys,” I said “Jenny is here to be fucked, so please take your time and enjoy. You can fuck her mouth bareback, but any cock in her pussy must be in condom, and when you’re ready, I want all the spunk on her body and face.”

I began to face fuck my wife as the guys around the table began to drop their trousers and get ready to fill Jenny’s pussy. Soon she had a cock in each hand, a mouth on each tit, and another cock burying itself in her pussy.

This wasn’t going to be a gentle sex session, this was going to be a fucklest, and Jenny was getting rammed real hard by the stud between her legs. This was the first time that Jenny had been fucked by a stranger since we’d started playing the game of exposing her, and I was loving every second of fucking her face as a complete stranger banged her pussy as hard as he could.

It wasn’t long before I felt the tension in my balls rise, and I knew I wouldn’t be long before I shot my load, so I beckoned another of the men over to be ready to take my place in her mouth, pulled my throbbing cock out of her mouth and unloaded my hot white spunk into her mouth, over her face, and onto her chest.

When I finished shooting my spunk over my tied up naked wife, I stepped to the side and let another stranger slide his hard cock into her mouth and begin fucking her face hard.

The man between her legs kaçak casino was ploughing into her pussy deep and fast, and then he pulled his cock out, ripped the condom off, and shot his load over her stomach and pussy hair.

Two steaming loads of come were spread across Jenny’s body, and two more cocks were already inside her. Bareback in the mouth, and condom clad in her pussy, but both were being used to fuck her hard and fast.

It wasn’t long before Jenny had another load of cum shot all over her face, and as yet another stranger stepped up and fed his cock in her mouth, the second guy fucking her pussy pulled out, ripped off his condom, and added a second load of cum in her pussy hair, and over her belly.

My lovely wife was now a sexual plaything for the men that had gathered around the picnic table. Four had already given her their loads of spunk, but there were plenty more waiting to take their places.

Two more men filled her holes and pounded away at her. I watched intently as they both slammed into her hard and fast. I don’t know if you’ve ever had the chance to watch your wife’s throat when her head is hanging backwards off a table and a cock is fucking her face, it was quite something to see. Every time the man thrust his cock down her throat his balls would mash into her nose and I could see his cock head bulging in her throat. When he shot his spunk into her throat I could see her trying to swallow and gagging on his cock, with semen seeping out of the side of her mouth, running down her cheeks and into her hair.

I know he was supposed to pull out and unload his cum over her face, but I also knew that not all of the guys would follow that request.

Watching his fellow fucking partner cum down Jenny’s throat must have triggered something in the guy pounding her pussy as he quickly pulled out of her wet cunt and sprayed her pubes, pussy, and belly with another load of sticky white man cream.

Six loads of spunk, and looking around I could see there were another eight men watching and waiting for their turns to fuck Jenny’s pussy or face.

Another two men stepped forward and slipped their cocks in her mouth and pussy, and began to fuck her for their pleasure. I watched Jenny cum all over yet another mans cock, as she was fucked again, and two more loads of spunk were sprayed over her body and face.

And so it went on, until all the guys there that night had had the pleasure of either her pussy or her mouth. Jenny’s pubic hair was matted with cum, as was her face and hair. There was spunk all over her stomach and breasts too.

Jenny was exhausted – I had lost count of the times she had come during the fucking, and the guys helped me lift Jenny back to the car and pour her naked, cum covered body into the back seat before I drove her home.

When we got home I shook her awake and made her walk naked from the car to the house, still covered in dried spunk, and Jenny showered before joining me in bed.

“Well dear, I hope you enjoyed your first night of fun,” she said.

“I certainly have, watching you being fucked for the pleasure of thirteen complete strangers was certainly different to watching you fuck people we know. Now I’ll start thinking about how we’re going to spend my second night of fun,” I said.

To be continued.

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