Just Another Night in Vegas

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“Are you sure about this?” I asked Sasha for the fourth time. She didn’t even answer this time; instead she just grabbed my hand and led me right up to the front of the line. And sure enough, the two of us – dressed to kill and armed with dicey-looking fake ID’s – talked our way into the hottest dance club in Las Vegas.

Inside, my senses were immediately assaulted to the point of overload. The place was pitch black except for a blinding intermittent light show. The place was packed, and sweaty bodies writhed against me. Thick marijuana funk clogged the air.

And the sound…fucking deafening, of course. Way too loud for any kind of conversation. But Sasha was so hyped, her whooping and screeching cut right through the wall of sound.

“I fucking told you, Jasmine!” she screamed. “We’re in, baby girl, let’s fuck this shit up!”

She gave me a huge hug and a wet kiss with a hint of tongue. I had seriously mixed feelings about that kiss. Of course it thrilled and excited me; I’d been crushing on her since we met at the beginning of the semester. On the other hand, it continued her infuriating pattern of mixed signals. When she first suggested the Vegas trip, I was hoping something was finally going to happen between us, but two nights into the trip, I had already given up.

Before I could even get my bearings, Sasha was going wild on the dance floor. As usual, she’d found some skanky guy. She had a fatal attraction to scrawny, scruffy, tattooed sleazeballs. The dude had an evil grin on his face as her long, wild red hair swirled in the flashing light. He was staring right at her big, beautiful boobs, barely contained in a halter top that was little more than a bra. When she turned and shook her delicious ass at him, I swear I could see him drooling. I’m sure he could hardly wait to get those long, long legs wrapped around him…

Disgusted, I decided to fight my way to the bar. It was slow going, trying to slither through those densely packed bodies, and plenty of guys (and maybe some girls) were taking every opportunity to grope me.

Finally, I got close to my goal, then shoved myself into a microscopic gap between two people leaning on the bar. Whereupon I apparently became invisible, at least to the bartenders.

“Here,” said a guy standing next to me, handing me a drink. I sipped it, and it wasn’t too bad; moderately strong, moderately sweet. And it had that delicious free taste.

I leaned back against the bar to survey the room, doing my best bartender impersonation and completely ignoring the drink-donor’s attempts to start a conversation.

And then I saw her.

She was a smoking hot black girl, wearing a dress so sheer I could see her nipples from 30 feet away, and so short it must have only fallen an inch or two below her panties.

As if she didn’t already stand out, she stood frozen like a statue amid the sea of swaying, pulsing bodies. And to top it off, she was looking right at me with a stare so intense that it seemed borderline deranged.

Uncomfortable under her scrutiny, I broke eye contact for a moment, then snuck a peak. She was still there. Still staring at me.

I looked away again, confused and flustered. What did she want? Had I offended her, or was she just looking for a fight? Anger flared inside me, and I decided to stare her down. I looked up…

And there was Sasha, standing right in front of me, accompanied by her sleazeball dance partner.

“Hey, babe,” she said, giving me a chaste peck on the cheek. “This is Raul.”

Raul gave me some heavy eyeball, leisurely scanning me from head to toe, with bonus time for my boobs and legs. He looked like he was going to step in for a kiss, but it was not happening. I shifted my position, getting Sasha between us.

“We’re going back to the room,” she informed me. She did something funny with her eyebrows, which I think was meant to let me know they wanted the room to themselves.

“Great,” I replied, trying to inject enough sarcasm to let her know I was pissed off. If she got me, she pretended not to.

“You can join us,” said Raul with a leer.

“What? I, umm…” said Sasha. It was clearly not part of her plan. I was tempted to say yes just to be a pain in the ass, but that would mean spending more time with creepy Raul.

“No thanks,” I said.

“Thanks, baby girl,” she said, giving me a peck on the cheek. With the same lips she was going to be lavishing on Raul in a few minutes.

Ew. Gross.

I watched them go. Well, I watched her go.

“She’s quite a little tease,” said a female voice next to me.

“Not teasing him tonight,” I said, my eyes still glued to Sasha’s beautiful ass.

“Teasing you, I meant.”

I turned to see who was talking to me, and it was the gorgeous black girl who’d been staring at me. Up close, she was breathtaking. Her skin was dark, lovely and flawless. Her eyes were a glowing light brown, almost golden. she had heavy, sensuous lips that smiled easily. Her hair was cut short, kind of altyazılı porno boyish, which contrasted beautifully with her voluptuous figure. Not quite as tall as my 5’9′ frame, but more solidly built, with arms and shoulders that showed some definition.

But the hardest thing to miss were those breasts. Her dress was little more than a babydoll nightie, and it was very obvious there was nothing but skin underneath. Her nipples were hard and dark against the sheer white dress. In the midst of the wild club scene, it was only mildly inappropriate. When I thought about her walking through a hotel lobby and out into the night, dressed like that, it almost made me dizzy.

“Uhhh…” was all I could manage.

“Don’t mean to intrude,” she said. Her pretty voice carried a slight British accent. “It’s just that the way she was snogging you when you walked in together, I thought you two were a couple.”

“No,” I said. “Definitely not a couple.” She smiled brightly, and, for god’s sake, batted her eyelashes.

“I’m Inca,” she said. She stepped forward and kissed my cheek. Those hard nipples brushing my ribs…

“Wow…Inca…an unusual name.”

“My older sister was named Maya, after my mom’s favorite author.”

“Do you have a brother named Aztec?” I asked. She laughed, and her breasts moved enticingly.

“I’m Jasmine,” I said.

“Mmmm…that’s always been a named I love. I always think of exotic Asian beauties.”

“Well, I’m half Asian,” I said.

“What’s the other half?”

“See if you can guess?”

“Indian,” she said. “Sorry, I mean Native American.”

I was stunned. I’d been talking to her for just a few seconds, and she already understood my sexual orientation and knew my ethnicity. She gave me a little wink, like she knew she had me. Who was this girl, and how did she know my secrets?

She stepped forward and kissed me. On the lips this time. Only for a few seconds, but enough to end any doubt about whether I wanted her. She grabbed my hand and started pulling me.

“C’mon, sexy Jasmine,” she said. “Let’s go dance.”

I was wearing a cute little black mini skirt, and a white cropped tank top that bared my tummy. Her hands were all over my bare skin: my tummy, my back, my thighs, and she even started to explore my ass.

I wasn’t going to let her have all the fun. I loved the feel of her dress, and her curvy body underneath. She danced with abandon, making the hem swirl around her, exposing her lacy white thong. The crowd surged and pushed us together, and my hands went up under her dress. Her ass was delightfully muscular. The skin on her back was silky smooth. I got my hands around to the front and massaged those beautiful naked breasts. Yeah, right there on the dance floor. I teased her nipples and her mouth attacked mine. Our tongues began to tango.

Suddenly there was some random guy trying to dance with us. Fucking men and their lesbian fantasies. I tried to move us away from him, but Inca grabbed his hand and pulled him closer. With her body still pressed against me, she gave him a deep, sexy kiss. I was jealous and pissed off, but that changed when they broke their kiss and he looked at me.

The kid was gorgeous. Tall, nice shoulders, shaggy blond hair. His eyes were blue, blue, beautiful blue. His big smile was infectious, and his face looked honest and open. Inca said something to him in a language that might have been German or Dutch. His smile got bigger and he held out his hand.

“Hi, I’m Esh,” he said.



“Oh, Esh, as in…”

“Just Esh,” he said.

* * * * * *

“Finish,” he said. The three of us had stepped out of the thunderous dance club, and were sitting at a much quieter casino bar nearby.

“Don’t rush me,” I said, sipping martini he’d just bought for me. He laughed.

“Finnish,” he said. “Finland. Where we’re from.”

Inca’s father was an African diplomat who’d married and settled down in Helsinki, where Inca was born the first (and most rebellious) of five children. Esh’s father was a wealthy Finn who’d earned most of his fortune from business ventures in Africa. The sister of Esh’s father was a stunning beauty who had once been one of Finland’s top actresses…before she married and settled down with a certain African diplomat.

Inca and Esh were cousins. They were also lovers. They were tired of hiding it, so they had fled their overbearing parents and fucked off to Vegas.

To get married.

* * * * * *

How could I not fall in love them, at least for one night? Individually, they were both intoxicatingly beautiful. Together, they may have been the most stunning couple I’d ever seen. And their story was desperately romantic.

I wasn’t put off by the fact that they’d sort of stalked me. They knew they wanted me the second I walked into the club. They didn’t know the dynamics between Sasha and me, but when she immediately picked up Raul, they swooped in to take advantage of the opportunity.

“I thought you türkçe altyazılı porno were totally sexy, and I wanted you,” said Inca. “But Esh…Jesus, he was crazy for you.”

“Why?” I asked him.

“The only lover I’ve ever had is Inca,” he replied. “I’ve always wanted to fuck a white girl.” Inca pretended to be mad and punched him in the arm.

“I’m not even white,” I said.

“That’s okay. I still want you.”

I kissed him. For a long time. Then I kissed her even longer. We were ready.

“Your room?” asked Inca.

“No. Sasha took Creepy Raul back there. I can’t even be in the same room with him. Let’s go to yours.”

They shared a look, then turned to me.

“Ummm, technically we don’t quite have a room,” said Inca. “Our reservation isn’t until tomorrow. We took a late flight in, dumped our bags at our hotel and changed in a restroom. We were just going to party all night and then check in after breakfast.”

“Well, let’s go find another room somewhere.”

“There aren’t any, that’s why we don’t have the room until tomorrow,” Esh explained. “There are a bunch of conventions in town, and we couldn’t find anything at all tonight, except places that are super expensive.”

Abruptly, we got really quiet. The instant chemistry we’d formed seemed to be dissolving in the stinging acid of disappointment. I’d been ready for a wild romp to get my Sasha out of my system once and for all, but my shitty night had just gotten shittier.

“I have an idea,” Inca said suddenly. She had a wicked grin.

“Tell us,” said Esh, but Inca was going to do it her way.

“You guys are gonna have to be really open-minded for this,” she said. “You’re going to have to trust me.”

“Of course I trust you,” said Esh. They both looked at me. I didn’t hesitate.

“I’m down.”

* * * * * *

Esh behaved himself in the cab on the way over. I sat between them, and he was keeping his hands to himself. Maybe he was just raised well, or maybe he didn’t want to spook me before we got to our destination.

Esh was being a gentleman, but Inca was no lady. She got my top off, then my bra. She was licking and sucking my breasts like they were the last ones on earth. She got under my skirt and peeled off my panties. I was naked except for my naughty little skirt, and I went after her panties too. After I got them off, I held them to my nose. They were wet and her powerful smell was overwhelmingly sexy. I was dying for a taste, and I got one. I dropped to my knees on the floor of the cab and spread her legs. She had a nice thick bush, and her lips opened for me as I dove in.

“We’re here,” said the cab driver. He acted like he saw this sort of thing every night.

I pulled on my top. Esh stuffed my bra and both panties into his pockets. We stood outside for a moment after the cab driver left. Esh just looked like a young businessman out on the town, with black dress pants and a white dress shirt, sleeves rolled up and a couple buttons open. Inca and I were barely dressed and obviously aroused. Her juices were all over my face, and she had this wild look in her eyes that was making me wet.

* * * * * *

I’m not going to say the name of the place, but if you’ve explored the naughtier side of Sin City, you probably know about it. I guess they call it a swinger’s club, although that conjures up an image in my mind that’s a bit different from what we saw, and later did.

What it was, I think, was more like an efficient marketplace for bringing exhibitionists and voyeurs together. Some people went there and paid to get in, so they could watch live sexual activities. Other people went there, and got in free, to fuck in front of a crowd. It’s a great business model. In a perfect world, there would be places like this everywhere, and the entire human race would be happier.

Inca stripped as soon as we got inside. Esh was carrying something like a gym bag, so she dumped her dress and heels in there. Within seconds, we had a crowd of guys following us around. Normally, that would have made me nervous, but tonight was different. I took a little more time to get naked; first the shoes, then the top a little later, and finally the skirt. Esh didn’t get naked but did strip down to his boxer briefs.

Inca led us to a place along a wall where there was a recessed area. Inside was large bed. There was a red velvet rope in front of it, and we’d been told that rope up meant people could watch, but not participate. If we left the rope down, it meant people could join us. We put the rope up.

“Ooh, nice bed,” said Inca, bouncing on the mattress. Her breasts bounced independently of the rest of her body, and our growing audience stared in silent appreciation.

“Show time,” said Esh. His briefs were gone, and he had a nice healthy hardon.

“On your back, baby,” Inca told him. “I want to see Jasmine ride your sexy cock.”

“Get her ready,” he said.

Inca led me to the bed, and had me lie back and spread my legs. Esh watched intently hd altyazılı porno and stroked his cock as Inca kissed and licked her way up my thighs. I moaned; her tongue was so soft and warm, but it was powerful and muscular like her body. She could harden it and press it against me one second, then soften and gently stroke the next moment. She teased me a bit, then finally brought her mouth down onto my pussy.

She hardened her tongue and moved it side to side, spreading my lips and exposing my pink, dripping treasure. She drove her tongue deep into me, then spiraled it slowly out, then back in, and out again. Her tongue toyed with my clit in a delightful cat and mouse game. She explored me deeply and thoroughly, conquering new territory and making me shiver in ecstasy. I felt a warm, wet tingling deep inside me, and she slowly coaxed it up toward the surface. When I was close, she drew my clit into her mouth and sucked it like a tiny cock. I cried out in delight and exploded into her mouth.

I lay in between Inca and Esh while I recovered. They both held me, kissed me, and stroked me. Esh told me he’d never been so hard, and he desperately wanted to be inside me. Inca told me she was falling in love with me.

“Are you ready for him?” Inca asked.

“Oh, fuck yes,” I said.

“We don’t have any condoms,” she said. “I think I can get some up at the front.”

“No,” I said. “I want to feel him inside me. Feel HIM.”

“Good girl,” she whispered. She kissed me, and I could taste my cum on her lips and tongue.

She moved to him and sucked and licked his cock for a few seconds, just to get it slippery. She motioned for me to straddle him, then she aimed his cock up into me as I slowly dropped down onto him. His cock was big, and it was hard like a steel pipe. But I was wet and ready, and I worked my way down until his soft blond pubic hair tickled my naked clit.

“Take that cock, baby girl,” Inca said to me. “That’s your cock tonight, sexy girl. It’s all yours. You can do whatever you want with it. Fuck him anyway you want, baby.’

I moaned and started to slide off of him. His cock filled my body and my soul, and it just felt sooooo fucking good. I withdrew until just his head was in, then dropped abruptly back onto him. He gasped and I screamed. He felt so huge inside me, but I just wanted that cock to pound me into submission.

“You like that pussy?” she asked Esh. “You like that slutty little white girl pussy? You gonna mix her juice with mine baby?” Jesus. Her dirty talk was getting to me.

I went up his cock more quickly, and slammed down hard this time. Again

I withdrew, and this time when I dropped down, he pushed hard up into me, multiplying the force.

“Oh fuck, oh fuck,” I cried. I could feel my orgasm coming.

“You gonna make that slutty American pussy come all over that cock, honey? How about you, bad girl, you want him to fill you up? You want that bare cock to fill you up with his love, baby?”

That pushed me over the edge. I shuddered, growled, and I felt like I was turning inside out on that beautiful cock. My juice was everywhere. My pussy convulsed against his cock and I came so fucking hard.

I was lying on top of him, my bare breasts pressed into him, my hard nipples sliding through the sweat on his chest. He was still rock hard inside me. Inca knelt in front of me, and helped me rise up to where my upper body was vertical. Then she moved forward and lowered her dripping pussy onto his mouth. She leaned into me, and our mouths came together as our nipples brushed against each other. His jaw started to move, and she closed her eyes and moaned. She gripped her breasts, holding them up to me. I gratefully accepted her offer, and I licked and sucked her hard, thick nipples.

He started to move inside me. That fucking huge cock…so hard, so fulfilling. Meanwhile, Inca and I couldn’t keep our hands or mouths off each other. We made out like desperate teenagers. She was mesmerizing, she was intoxicating, and I held her beautiful body in my arms while I fucked her gorgeous boyfriend. Those breasts, that cock…those eyes, that cock…her sweet, delicious kisses, his big, thick cock. Her tongue forced its way into my mouth while his cock hammered my naughty pussy.

And a crowd watched us. Someone groaned like he was about to come. Inca screamed in a language I didn’t understand and her body shuddered and shivered and convulsed. Esh’s mouth was to busy to make sounds, but I felt a growl down inside his body, than a longer one, and his cock started to pulse and I felt warm liquid shooting far up into my body. That set me off, and I came again. I felt thick, slippery juice flowing out of me and onto his cock, and our mixed juiced poured over him.

Inca wasn’t done yet. She screamed and came hard again. Her body seemed to collapse after that, and I had to hold her up.

“Fuck yeah,” somebody shouted, and the crowd applauded us. We untangled and lay together for a few minutes while the crowd wandered off to look for other entertainment.

“I’m starved,” said Inca. “And I kinda want to play some blackjack. You guys ready to hit the road?”

“Anything you want, baby,” I told her. “Right now, I’d follow you to the ends of the earth.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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