Just Dessert

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I tug helplessly at my hands fastened securely to the bedposts above my head, a makeshift blindfold draped over my eyes, a thousand different scenarios running through my mind. Some very good. Some very bad.

“Idiot!” I chastise myself under my breath.

How well do I know this guy?

Not that well really.

How could you let him tie you up!

Because it sounded exciting at the time and you were way too turned on to say no?

Didn’t your mother ever tell you, never even let a man you don’t know tie you up!

But I did know him a little bit and what I did know I liked, reasoning with myself. (Never a good sign)

We had talked over dinner, (Greek food, one of my favorites, turned out one of his too). We seemed to have a lot in common. Besides the food.

Music, hobbies, movies, even books, (in my eyes there is nothing sexier than a man that reads). He told me about his family. I told him about mine. We had shared a lot in a short time. Dreams. Ambitions. Future plans. It all seemed to just click between us.

And of course it helped a lot that he was sexy as hell.

“Dammit,” I tugged again at my hands getting a little more frustrated and a lot more panicked, ‘Where did you go?’ I said into the darkness, sounding a little whiney, even to my ears.

It had all started with an innocent invitation for dessert in his apartment.

Just dessert!

Then there was a little heavy petting on the couch. You know the kind that we all did in high school. Over the shirt, then under the bra. His shirt on the floor, then mine. Hands down the front of the pants, feeling his hard body pressed against mine. (Hard in ALL the right places I might add!) My nipples rubbing against his chest. My panties damp. Panting like teenagers in heat as he carries me to his bedroom and plops me down on the soft bed.

Then he asks, “Do you mind if we do something, well…a little different?”

“Well…okay,” I reply quickly, horny as hell and way past the point of no return.

My breathing getting heavier as I think of all the things I would like for him to do that were, well…not really that different.

“DAMMIT,” I curse again at my stupidity as I yank harder on my hands.

Nope, I’m not going anywhere.

I feel my eyes growing moist under the blindfold. Blind panic setting in. What if he beats me? What if he cuts me? Jesus! What if he kills me? After all Ted Bundy was smart, witty and sexy too!

I hear the house settling all around me. I know he’s in the room, I can kind of sense it. I guess its true what they say about your other senses heightening when one is disabled.

“Are you okay?” I jump a little as I hear his voice just to my left, I get goose bumps as I feel his fingertip slowly trail down my arm, “Don’t worry baby, I’m not going to hurt you.”

“I’m fine thanks,” my voice czech taxi porno sounding tight and slightly stressed, (hell yes stressed!) I try to control the little bit of fear in my tone as I ask him “What are you going to do to me?”

“Whatever I want babe…You’re here for my pleasure,” he leaves that comment floating in the air for a moment, my panic flares anew. Then he adds, “But I promise, you’ll like it…now shush, and just feel ok?”

The soft timber of his voice and the gentle way he was speaking put me a little at ease. Then he leans in and kisses me softly.

I think to myself; okay…I can do this…just feel.

I wasn’t fully prepared for his next move. Something wet. Cold and wet brushing lightly against my collar bone. I suck in my breath, my body stiff as it moves slowly up my neck and then brushes against my lips.

“Bite,” he says as he slides the thing against my teeth, I open cautiously and bite down.

A rush of sweet juice fills my mouth. It’s only a strawberry! I moan low in my throat, it tastes delicious. I relax a little more as he leans over and licks over my mouth, cleaning the excess juice from my lips. Then slowly he drags the berry down, followed closely by his tongue.

Over my chin. Down my neck and finally rubbing it against my already hard nipple. I arch off the bed when he closes his lips around my tight peak. His mouth hot as he sucks hard, flicking it with his tongue. My hands pull at the ties involuntarily. He moves again and repeats his actions, this time ending up at the other nipple. I feel his suckling all the way to my pussy, the wetness already seeping from me.

Another strawberry, another bite. He trails it down again. Between my breasts, over my stomach. Its pushed into my belly button, dragged over the slight patch of my pubic hair and lower as he rubs it slowly against my clit. I feel its sweet juices dripping slowly down and mixing with mine.

Next, a slice of ripe peach. A taste for me, then more being laid in a circle around my areola. His warm tongue flicking out to lift each one, brushing lightly (too lightly!) against my nipple as he eats.

God what a tease! I moan as his hand toys with my now sticky and tingling breasts. His mouth nipping and licking at them. His hand moves lower brushing a berry against me, teasing my hole. Then back to my mouth. He starts to drag them up and down my slit, coating them with my nectar then feeding them to me and eating them himself. He rubs one over my asshole and my legs open as wide as I can get them. He cleans the juices from me with his mouth. Licking at the inside of my thighs, I moan and squirm a bit as he licks over my asshole, then lightly over the lips of my sex. He avoids the one place I want his tongue the most. My hips lift trying to rub my throbbing clit against his mouth as my pussy defloration porno spasms.

“Not yet little one,” he chuckles at my eagerness, “I’m not quite full yet”

I groan as something soft is placed against my lips, I bit down very carefully. It’s only a banana. He follows that with a big juicy grape. Green I think as the flavor explodes in my mouth. He shifts on the bed; I feel a smooth, round grape being slid up and down the lips of my pussy, and then pushed inside me. I moan low in my throat, the cool fruit such a contrast to my hot, wet sex.

One after the other, he pushes about six of them into me, then stops. I feel his tongue probing at my pussy, pushing inside me, sucking the grapes out one by one. It feels so good, but still not enough! I’m wiggling under him, shifting my legs. My hips rising and falling as my breathing gets heavier and heavier. He’s taking his time, fishing each grape out with care. His tongue working deeper and deeper into my pussy until they are all gone.

Next the banana, being slid up the inside of my thigh, over those little creases on each side then rubbing over the lips of my pussy. My hips work up and down with the motion. Slowly he pushes it in. Then pulls it out. Teasing around my sex. Rubbing it over my clit. God I’m so close! Just a little harder, a little faster. He slides it back inside and my pussy clenches hard around it, squashing it, sucking at it, trying to take it in farther. My hips tilt as I feel his breath on my clit, then a light flick of his tongue.

“Omigod!” I pant, my body bowing as he licks again.

His mouth moves lower, his tongue slipping in beside the banana, sucking, drawing it out of me. He stops to chew, then continues his meal. Slowly, methodically, until I’m empty. He brings a piece to my mouth, my juices coating it as he rubs it against my lips. Sliding it inside my mouth. I chew slowly; savoring my own flavor mixed with that of the banana.

“Tastes good doesn’t it baby?” I hear him savoring the last piece, “You make everything so sweet.” His warm breath fans over my thigh. He blows lightly against my pussy.

“Please… please I need to come!” I am begging for relief as my arms jerk and pull against the ties. My body writhing on the bed.

Without warning, his head drops down. His hands spread me open as his tongue moves over my slit. It’s almost like an assault. Flicking, sucking and pushing against my clit then running up and down the length of my sex, probing both my holes. His fingers tugging and twisting my nipples. Pulling and pinching them. My whole body tenses as I cry out and come hard, lifting my hips up against his mouth, my thighs squeezing around his head, grinding my pussy against his lips and tongue as he laps up my wetness.

Slowly my body starts to relax as his licks get softer, but my breathing is doktor ofisi porno still heavy. I need more; I need to feel him inside me.

He moves up, his tongue running over the crease in my lips, then slipping between them as he kisses me hard, devouring my mouth, letting me taste my own release on his tongue. Moving between my legs he rubs the length of his cock against my still pulsating sex, coating himself in my wetness and the remnants of the fruit that was used to tease me. His breathing hard in my ear as he slides the head of his cock up and down my slit, rubbing against my throbbing clit. My hips straining against him trying to take him inside.

“C’mon baby, fuck me,” My voice a breathy whisper, I want his cock so bad! “Please… I need you inside me!”

He groans in agreement, ending the sweet torture and shifting above me. He slowly pushes inside. His cock twitches as he buries himself, giving me every inch. My pussy stretches and grips him tight; spasming around his cock as he fills me up, fitting so perfectly inside me.

“God… you’re so wet,” he almost groans it into my ear as he starts to move.

He starts, slow at first; pushing all the way into me and pulling almost all the way out. My hips lift against his, my legs wrap around his hips, my ankles locking in the small of his back trying to hold him to me. Then he starts to move faster. Deeper. Harder, until we are slamming against each other. My body moving with his, I lift my hips to meet his strokes. He levers himself up onto his knees and grips my hips hard, pounding into me. The sounds of his skin slapping against mine fill the room. His heavy balls hit my ass, teasing my sensitive hole. He moves one hand and starts to rub my clit in rhythm with his strokes.

It’s too much for me. My back arches as I explode, crying out loudly as my hands grip the ties tight. My pussy clamps down hard around his cock, like a velvet vice. I buck up against him over and over. He kisses me, groaning into my mouth as he pumps. I feel his body stiffen, his moans mix with mine as he plunges deep and empties himself into me. His cock pulsing deep inside as he finds his release with my pussy still working him. Small spasms milking him through his orgasm.

Collapsing against me, he reaches up and frees my hands. I remove the blindfold, and look up at him.

Fruit juice stains his mouth and my body. I’m very sticky and deliciously achy in all the right places. Wrapping my arms around him and pulling him close, I kiss him slow and sweet.

“Thank you,” I smile dreamily at him, “That was absolutely amazing.”

Rolling him over onto his back. Our breathing returns to normal as I lay against his chest. His fingertips casually stroke up and down my spine. It’s then that I notice on the nightstand sits the remainder of the fruit. There also see a tub of cool whip and a bottle of chocolate syrup sitting beside it. As of yet…untouched.

I lean up and take his hand in mine, leading it to the post. I start to wrap a tie slowly around his wrist.

Grinning down at him devilishly, I wiggle my eyebrows up and down.

“Now that you’re full baby, it’s time for MY dessert!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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