Just Mates Pt. 04

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Part 4

In the field, by the hedge, Tony looked at Dennis with eyes wide open. Dennis had just suggested Tony might like to be fellated by his new female friend, Fiona.

“Thought that might get your attention.”

“But, but, but she’s your girl…”

“No, no, it is just about sex. We’re not going out. It’s not romance. Well, certainly not yet. Can’t say I feel that way. I see her more like you — just friends. Like – not love.”

Tony swallowed, “I, I don’t know. I do very much want to have sex again — proper sex not just – nice though it is – wanking. What… I just come around one evening, for dinner — that’d be nice – and then… do I spend the night? Three in a bed? I… this is all a bit sudden. I suppose… it seems a little sordid.”

“You won’t think so when your cock’s recovered.”

That was true enough. Tony knew his scruples would go with his arousal. Did he or didn’t he want to? She was obviously an attractive woman; he was sure he could trust Dennis’ judgment on that, and he’d not exactly been circumspect with his relations with Dennis.

“Perhaps,” said Dennis, “I could invite her to join us on a walk — here.”

The idea of the three of them entering the water naked was not exactly unpleasing to Tony. The idea of a woman he did not know being happy to simply undress and go skinny dipping was certainly congenial.

“Fiona liked the idea. She was intrigued to hear about you and me and our little mutual… um… shared wanking.”

“She knows!”

“She loves the idea of seeing us wading into the river with cocks in the air. She’ll insist!”

Tony blinked. Not just simple skinny dipping then. Could he do it? He had got sort of used, indeed rather liked, being both naked and wandering around with them both turgid. A strange sexual practice but, as he had said before, he was fifty and could do such things if he liked — in private anyway. But with someone he had never met before, not even socially let alone without clothes and expected to sport an erection and… Dennis had said she would ‘insist’ — perhaps she might lend a hand.

“I’m up for it.” He wasn’t, he’d ejaculated not many minutes before, but he rather thought he would be on the day. “Why not?” Why not indeed? In many ways it sounded like a wet dream come true.

An Indian summer afternoon. The two men did not hurry back to cross the river and resume their walk. Quite happy to laze naked and free on the grass in the sunshine talking of this and that — and of Fiona. Eventually they stood and made their way through the gate and into the wood but on the riverbank, they paused and sat down, toes touching the water.

“You know, Tony, I might have another wank before we swim. Wank, swim, afternoon walk, cup of tea and cake. Sound good to you?”

Tony reached and pulled back his foreskin. “Yep, fine by me. What shall we discuss? Perhaps we should leave Fiona…”

“And go for fantasy not reality?”

Tony swallowed. The idea of a morning or afternoon doing what they had been doing but with a woman likely to become real was quite something. “Um, yes. Those girls?”

“Where did we leave them? Fingers in quims on the riverbank wasn’t it?”

“Yeah, we wanking and they frigging, everyone watching everyone else.”

“Voyeuring but not in secret, not looking over a hedge but them just there in front of us, open and wet.”

“That’s done the trick.”

And it had, their companionable turgidity had returned. Their blood filled their penises and they had something substantial to slide their foreskins against. It was an enjoyable thing to do with the warm sun on their skin and the gentle passing of the river giving a sort of music to their ears; good to stroke themselves, talk about the three girls, imagine them all swimming together and then rather more; neither man in any way embarrassed when one after another their manly fluid dripped or shot from the ends of their penises into the moving water to be taken away.

“That was a nice one,” said Dennis.

They sat for a little while longer watching the water as their penises slowly descended.

“It’s a good way to spend an afternoon! Shall we head on for that cup of tea and cake? Yep, enjoyed that wank.” Tony paused, “Um, and the other one!”

Dennis reached out his hand and they shook rather formally, wanking hand clasped to wanking hand, and then they stood and waded into the river, heading for clothes, more walking and the promised visit to tearooms.

The discussed walk with Fiona was not long delayed: the Indian summer would not last and if they were going to swim it needed to be soon. Tony put the phone down and looked at himself in the mirror. Was he really, that very morning, going to be going for a walk with Dennis and Fiona, was he really going to be skinny dipping and almost certainly at some point be brought off by a hand that was not his own? That had not happened since… Tony winked at himself and hurried off to bathe and shave. He wanted to look his fake hospital porno best even if it was, not quite, a date.

And there she was, in Dennis’ car waiting outside Tony’s house. He hurried from the front door, pulled open a rear door and was in the car saying, ‘Good morning.’ If he had had a hat on, he would have raised it.

Dennis touched the indicator and Fiona turned, holding out her hand, ‘Hello Tony, lovely day.”

And it was. It held tremendous promise in rather a number of ways. He saw her eyes taking him in, even glancing down at his bare knees, shown under his walking shorts.

They talked, pleasantries at first but getting to know the other as Dennis drove out of town. Fiona was not, of course, some eighteen-year old schoolgirl. A mature woman in her thirties, well into her thirties, perhaps even a bit more; her hair a mousey brown worn long and swept back from her forehead; her face perhaps a trifle masculine though maybe that was the strong jaw and wide mouth, a ready smile though; brown eyes under clearly thinned eyebrows. Nice wrinkles to her forehead when she talked both horizontal across and vertical above her nose. A good enough looking woman but the smile and look of confidence making her really rather attractive. Tony did not miss the pink painted fingernails or the pleasing collared blouse, open at the neck and showing a nice silver necklace. She did have a long neck.

The car was parked just where Tony and he had sometimes parked before, and they all got out and set off walking. It was a lovely day and conversation flowed freely. Out of the car Tony could see Fiona’s shape and legs. If he had thought her face a little masculine there was nothing masculine about the swell of hips or breasts. A swishy cotton skirt under her pink blouse, perhaps unusual walking gear but the day was warm and… and perhaps just right if one was thinking of undressing to go swimming. If, if, if! The river was not that close. Dennis and he did not just take short walks. Their hiking was serious, though their breaks from walking could be quite long…

Conversation easy and often funny. As easy walking with Fiona and Dennis as walking with Dennis alone and, as only a few days before, there was sexual activity in prospect though that was simply not mentioned at all. But the river was getting closer — or rather they were getting closer to the river.

“This is simply lovely,” she said when they reached the spot. And it was. Quiet, peaceful and idyllic just as when they had first come to it back in July. The scene pretty with the trees fringing the bank on either side and the gravel of the bed showing beneath the crystal clear water.

“Is that a trout?” asked Fiona. And, of course, it was just that, swimming lazily against the current.

A bit of a moment of truth. What, quite, was going to happen? It was not — quite — as Tony had imagined.

“So, this is you two boys’ swimming hole? It does look inviting.”

Tony swallowed wondering just what Fiona looked like underneath her blouse and skirt.

“You boys just strip off and swim? Like Tom Sawyer? All boys together?” The questions were directed at Tony. He knew she knew the answers.

“Yes, we’ve… yeah, it’s taken us back a bit. It has been a bit like being boys again. Creeping like,” he paused, well that was what they had said when first they had been on the other bank, “like naked savages or, as you say, Huck Finn and the others in Tom Sawyer.”

“Well, go on then…”

Fiona did not make a move. It was clear the men were going first. Tony took his cue from Dennis and followed him by beginning to undo his shirt. It was going to be just like when they had been two men together, only they were being watched.

Boots off, socks off and then Dennis undid his shorts and down they came. One naked man. Tony had to follow. There was nothing else for it! He did not look at Fiona but simply undid and pulled pants and shorts down and off in one, calmly bending and hiding them away as the men had done before. Two naked men on the riverbank about to go swimming. Tony looked again at Fiona and she was just sitting and watching, her knees drawn up and with a wide grin on her face. She had unlaced her boots.

“Two boys indeed. I can certainly see that. Is the water going to be warm?” That implied she was, indeed, going to join them.

“Not really. It’s not bad but it’s not like a swimming bath or a pool heated by the sun. Bracing but good. I’ve really enjoyed swimming here, haven’t you Dennis?”

“Yes. It’s really good.”

“Well, let me see you try first.”

Dennis turned and Tony followed stepping down from the bank onto the gravel. The cool water moved over his ankles.

“Dennis, I thought you said,” Fiona said, “you both go into the river, you know, erect. Go on, boys, I’ve been promised. I want to see.”

Tony stepped back up onto the bank as Fiona stood up and began undoing the buttons of her blouse. He fake taxi porno swallowed. Things were about to happen. He glanced at Dennis beside him and got a wink in return. And as Fiona’s fingers moved down the buttons Tony felt his penis going in the opposite direction. Without touching it, his cock was erecting right there in front of a woman he had only just met, erecting at the thought of what he was going to see… only he wasn’t. Underneath her blouse and the easily removed skirt Fiona was wearing a one-piece black swimming costume just like she might have worn all those years back at school.

And that was the scene. Two naked men with erect cocks, one woman in a not very revealing one-piece, about to go swimming. It was a little like one of Tony’s night-time fantasies. The school swimming baths with the boys told to swim naked by the teacher and the girls allowed costumes. The girls giggling and pointing and the boys trying to be both cocky about it and not show their utter embarrassment. Of course, his night-time fantasies went rather further than simple embarrassed nudity, but it did something for him as an opener.

“Nice,” said Fiona, “just as Dennis had said.” The two men turned again for the water and stepped in.

“Oh,” she said, “one more thing.”

The two men turned again.

“Dennis said you went in, um…” a significant pause, “completely undressed.” Her eyes moved down from faces to cocks, and Tony knew what she meant. His hand reached, and it just added to the delicious half embarrassment and excitement at being told to do sexual things by a woman. He reached and fully retracted his foreskin, showing Fiona his knob unobscured. Dennis did the same.

It produced an even wider smile, “what a picture here in the sunshine, the hanging branches framing you, the river behind. Lovely men. I should have brought my camera. Pornography for women! Does it for me. Turn a bit, bottoms and cocks.” A giggle.

This, to Tony, was marvellous. A woman seemingly appreciating him naked, making him do things.

“Turn to each other. Shake hands.” And they did.

“Wonderful, with your two cocks up like that. Facing the other. What a picture. Naked, sexy men. I shan’t forget that in a hurry. I think I’ll join you.”

And for Tony it just got better. Fiona stood and slowly began to peel the black swimsuit from her right shoulder. If he had not already been standing erect, he would have been going up like a rocket. It felt marvellous standing there naked and swollen just watching Fiona’s breasts coming into view, and very nice the first one was too. A little bit of sag but nothing extreme; not big yet not small; mid brown areola stretched downwards, so elliptical rather than round and with a nicely large nipple. Tony watched its appearance with pleasure, noting their whiteness compared to the browner skin around — the left-over evidence of a summer holiday in a bikini.

One breast and then the other strap over her shoulder pulled down revealing the other breast. Fiona’s tummy button then revealed, nicely recessed and then the just so exciting sight of the white skin at the top of the bikini and the appearance of that rounded mound over the pubic bone, neither naked nor fully covered but with an oblong strip of hair between her nicely rounded hips. One foot raised and then the other, and the black costume was removed entire.

Three naked people, two male one female on the riverbank.

“Is that all right?” Fiona turned a little to the right and then the left as if showing off and seeking comment on a new dress she had bought; or a new suit — it was indeed her ‘birthday suit.’

“Let’s try the water then.” And she stepped into the water and taking the two men’s hands and so the three of them waded in.

To Tony it was simply wonderful, walking into the water holding hands, his friend and he either side of this rather delightful woman and the two of them sporting their erections. What a sight it would have been to a passer-by; the setting so pretty with the river, the trees and the dancing shadows; the three naked people revealing so graphically sexual excitement.

Sexual excitement was not at all evident when they climbed out the other side of the river. Like Tony and Dennis’ first time in the river they had enjoyed swimming for quite a time, the sexual side of what they were doing forgotten for a time and the cold of the river had got to them. Fiona’s nipples were that much more prominent with the cold, Tony could see the goose pimples on her skin: and Tony and his proud erections had shrunk away to rather less than they had been even before erection — they had become little men indeed!

Fiona seemed to find it amusing, “Bit of a contrast,” she said, “such big boys… before. I expect you need warming up. I know I do.” And she reached with her right hand and cupped Dennis’ penis and balls.

Tony bit his lip. It was sexual contact between Fiona and Dennis, and he was seeing it right there in family stroke porno front of him. What might he see later!

“May I hold you too?”

Unsurprisingly Tony nodded, it was so what he had been hoping for, and with her left-hand Fiona reached. Of course, not terribly warming. Her hand was almost as cold as his penis, his balls were drawn up so there was nothing much of them to clasp. Indeed, there was not very much at all of the two men.

“Now where do we go, you said, Dennis, we go for a walk now. A walk in the sunshine, I hope! Which way?”

Dennis pointed into the trees and Fiona set off, sort of pulling the men behind her. Leading them by their small penises! A dream, a hope indeed, come true for Tony, only he had rather hoped Fiona’s hand would be clasped around his penis when very much larger.

“Is that the hedge, where you saw…?” whispered Fiona.

Yet again there was no one the other side. It had been unlikely, but Fiona had gone as quietly to the hedge as the men. Out through the gate they went and into the field where the sun was uninterrupted by trees, the bottom of the field was almost a sun trap and the naked people were beginning to dry.

“And you walk up the hill?”

Tony nodded. It was what Dennis and he had done several times.

“Naked, out in the open?”

Again, a nod. “Up the hill and down again.”

“Like Jack and Jill! I can see — feel – there is a sense of freedom. And you do this hard as well?”

She was looking at Tony and it thrilled him to say to her, “yes, sometimes erect, both of us.”

A squeeze. “Go on, then, do it!”

Not really something to order but when Fiona bent and just popped Dennis into her mouth, that had just the right effect, but it did not, of course, produce the usual shape. Not at all. Cold penises do not erect properly. The men displayed misshapen penises seemingly without balls. They erected but as big knobs on thin stalks.

Fiona stood back and looked at them both. “What funny cocks you’ve both got! Still I suppose they are hard and right for walking.” A pause. “I said ‘walking,’ Tony!”

Fiona went on, “I’ve never done anything like this before. Naked in a field with two men! Can you really get all the way to the top erect?” Again, she was looking at Tony.

He shrugged, “We can try,” he paused and emboldened said, “If you help.” She had just hinted and so, in for a penny, in for a pound.

Fiona’s hands reached out and clasped them both, “But not too much help… or you won’t make it!”

The allusion to ejaculation, the thought of Fiona wanking them as they walked and ‘over doing’ it — making him come before they reached the top of the field was more than a thrill.

“You’ll have to take care then.”

“I like taking care of cocks.”

‘Cocks,’ what a delicious word in the mouth of a woman — the saying not the sucking!

And they began their walk up the hill. Fiona had said ‘not too much help,’ yet it seemed as if she could not resist playing. She was in the middle, one hand around each erection, and she seemed to find it amusing to swing her arms alternately, as one does when walking, so the loose rings made by her fingers alternately swung up one penis and down the other; up down, up down, not actually drawing the foreskins but very much simulating sexual intercourse.

“I’m sorry,” said Tony after a while, and had to pull away lest he ‘lost it.’ Still walking up the hill he looked at his companions. It was quite a sight. Fiona’s long legs moving, her breasts slightly swinging and Dennis there with his erection up in the air. Just so not how you should be out in the open.

“Well, what a view!” They were at the top of the hill and, indeed, whilst they were not exactly at the peak of a mountain, certainly they were looking down into the river valley, all wooded with the river running through; the other side another hill climbed with green pastures some with cattle grazing; above them an almost cloudless sky. It was a good view, but Tony was looking at Fiona — that was good too! He watched her stretch in the sunshine and hold her arms out.

“And this is a public footpath?”

“Yeah, we haven’t been along it yet. We must plan a route to take us along it, see where it leads to and from.”

“I must be mad. Never done anything like this before. Hey but isn’t it fun? And I’ve got two strong,” a significant glance, “virile men to protect me… well-armed!”

Fiona walked a little way along the field path away from the men. They stood watching her.

“What do you think, Tony?” The two men standing talking to each other. Both completely naked and most definitely erect watching the equally naked woman.

“She’s sexy as anything, like you said. This is just, just wonderful. I mean, this is just such a prolonged sexual fantasy. Being wanked up the hill and… might we?”

“I’m sure it’s in Fiona’s mind. Everything in due time. Just don’t cum too soon! We’d better follow her.”

At the end of the field a stile into a bit of woodland. Fiona was leaning on it looking over, her bottom a little pushed back as she leant with her arms upon the wood of the stile. To Tony it gave rather animalistic thoughts, the female of the species standing ready for the male; for the male insertion in the way of the animals.

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