Katherine from Ecole St Justine

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“Have you any notion of what serving as a ladies maid involves Katherine?” Miss Edwards asked as Katherine Howard stood before her desk in the headmistress’ study trying to make sense of what she was hearing.

“No Miss Edwards,” she replied.

“That is probably quite fortunate, but with the untimely demise of your parents, and still two years until you attain your majority aged twenty one there is little for you to do but follow your uncle’s instruction.” Miss Edward said, “We shall be sad to lose you, especially so close receiving your diploma, but my instructions are that you shall take up the appointment of ladies maid to Mrs Adele Fortescue forthwith.”

“Aunt Adele?” she queried.

“I’m afraid I know not why Katherine but those are my instructions,” Miss Edwards said sadly, “And so soon after losing your parents.”

“But all my friends are here!” Katherine protested.

“Stiff upper lip Katherine, remember your instruction,” Miss Edwards cautioned, “Remember you are a St Justine’s girl, shoulders back, chin up, always smile through the pain my dear, every circumstance is an opportunity, just remember that which you have learned at Ecolle St Justine and you will never be bested.”

“Yes Miss Edwards,” Katherine said sadly, “May I say goodbye to my friends?”

“Yes, indeed but be quick,” she replied, “You depart this afternoon, Mme Faulken will chaperone you on the trains to Calais where you will find Miss Davis of the railway chaperone service waiting to guide you to Harrogate.

“Miss Edwards, surely I do not need a chaperone if I am to be a Ladies Maid?” Katherine asked.

“No, Ecole St Justine has a duty to ensure your safe passage to England,” Miss Edwards explained, “I do hope you’ll find a suitable husband, perhaps one of Prince Alfred’s sons?”

“Yes Miss Edwards,” she replied.

“Or a soldier, they do make excellent husbands, long campaigns abroad, copious mistresses,” she said, “Especially now they are fighting in southern Africa!”

“Yes Miss Edwards,” Katherine replied.

“And soon enough you’ll be twenty one, and indeed soon enough it will be the twentieth century, with all the celebrations,” Miss Edwards said cheerily.

“Yes Miss Edwards.” Katherine said sadly.


Mme Faulken handed Katherine over to the even more stern and oppressive Miss Davies at the Gare Maritime Calais and she was swiftly bundled into the first class saloon of the RMS Dover for the short but exceedingly uncomfortable passage to Dover where a train for London awaited, and then a short hackney carriage ride took them to Kings Cross where a train awaited to whisk them through the night to York and on into the depths of Yorkshire.

The magnificent station of Harrogate loomed out if the Yorkshire mist as they concluded their long and tedious journey from Switzerland, the train finally hissed to a halt and she looked for a familiar face. Uncle Eustace, father’s disagreeable brother leered at her from the platform.

“Katherine,” he greeted her, “At last.”

“Uncle?” she said.

“Now come along, I have better things to do than look after stupid young women,” he snapped.

Katherine dutifully followed as Miss Davis arranged a porter for her luggage and bade her farewell.

“I think it best you live with Aunt Adele until you reach your majority,” Eustace informed her, “Act as her maid, learn the ways of the world, find a husband perhaps.”

“Yes Uncle,” she replied.

“We would have you at our house but you are such an unfortunate reminder of my poor brother.” he added.

“Yes Uncle,” she agreed.

“So I just need you to countersign some forms,” he said and then seeing a fellow in a top hat he shouted “Mr Harding if you please.”

Harding walked across at a dignified pace, “Sir,” he said, “How may I be of assistance?”

“My papers you idiot!” Eustace replied.

“My junior has them sir,” Harding replied, as he beckoned to a tall athletic young man busily engaged with flirting with a group of schoolgirls, “Now if you don’t mind I have his grace to attend.”

Katherine smiled at the man, who promptly dropped his papers all over the platform, “I’m sorry,” he said “Paul Harding at your service madam,” and he took her hand and kissed her gently on the wrist.

Katherine giggled nervously, she had little enough experience of flirtatious young men but “Just sign the damned papers!” Eustace demanded and the moment was gone.


Aunt Adele was a bad tempered woman of barely twenty three years, dark haired and with a heavy bosom and short but none the less shapely legs, not that any but her husband and maids had glimpsed them. She regaled Katherine with a steely stare.

“I think we had better start as we intend to continue,” Adele informed Katherine who at five feet and eight inches tall towered over Adele, “You must call me Madam, not Aunt, and answer to the housekeeper Mrs Robbins.”

“As you wish Madam,” Katherine said straight faced as she planned how she would out wit her Aunt, her husband and casino siteleri indeed her uncle.

“Oh?” Adele exclaimed, “Did Miss Edwards not explain that Mr Eustace Howard that is my dear sister’s husband has inherited your late father’s estates and you are now his ward?”

“Yes indeed Madam.” Katherine lied.

“You seem uncommonly untroubled by your misfortune?” Adele enquired.

“Oh no Madam, I am delighted to be free of Miss Edward’s clutches Madam,” she lied, “Switzerland is so disagreeable, all mountains and snow and lakes and sunshine.”

Adele struggled to maintain her decorum, troubled by Katherine’s response she knew not whether the girl was being flippant or if she spoke honestly.

“Mrs Robbins will find you a smock of some sort and tie your hair back, you may go.” Adele said brusquely as she dismissed Katherine and returned to her book.

Katherine went to find Mrs Robbins, “Oh it’s you,” she said, “I suppose I had better find you a smock, you can hardly wear your gowns and serve her Ladyship, nor those high heels!”

“I cannot wear high heels Mrs Robbins,” Katherine admitted, “For my legs are excessively long, I am forced to wear servants pumps Madam.”

“You can’t call ma Madam girl,”Mrs Robbins chided, “I’m Mrs Robbins and proud of it, though truth to tell I’ve never been wed but, we call her ‘Her Ladyship’ as she is so high and mighty and bad tempered with it.”

“Yes Mrs Robbins,” Katherine agreed, “What are my duties?”

“Well to serve Mrs Harthope, of course, have you not been told?” she asked.

“No, I have been schooled in Switzerland do you see.” Katherine answered, “Father thought I might marry a nobleman.”

“With hair like yours and tall and everything you might well girl, you fight the wood cutter off though or it will be the workhouse for you kids and all.” Mrs Robbins agreed.

“Wood cutter?” Katherine asked as Mrs Robbins started to rummage around in her store cupboard seeking a smock.

“Foreigner, don’t know hardly any English, don’t understand ‘no’ where wenches is concerned any road.” Mrs Robbins chuckled, as she found several garments and bundled them up for Katherine.

Mrs Robbins showed Katherine to her room, high up on the top floor of the old manor house at the top of the back stairs, “It won’t be what you’re used to,” she said, “No feather mattresses here.”

Katherine stared, it was a small room, but with only one bed with a pleasant enough cover and an eider down and while certainly not feather soft was pleasantly compliant.

“Oh, it’s quite charming!” Katherine agreed as she looked at the view across the moors and valley towards the village.

Mrs Robbins thought Katherine was being flippant but she knew nothing of the solid wooden beds on which the young ladies slept at Ecole St Justine in the interests of ‘Posture.’

“You better put a smock on and come downstairs.” Mrs Robbins suggested.

Katherine took the smock Mrs Robbins proffered, it felt coarse, not unlike the school smocks they habitually wore at St Justine except somewhat longer, extending below the knee.

“I’ll call you for servant’s tea,” Mrs Robbins promised, “Get settled in, the lock don’t work but the bolt do,” she explained and she closed the door behind her.

Katherine slipped the heavy bolt across and thankfully stripped off her travelling attire, the long flowing blue dress, the painfully tightly laced corset and the voluminous silk bloomers and petticoats, and took up the smock, it felt deliciously coarse against her nipples but seeing her cases had already been placed in the room she lost no time in seeking out her set of ivory “Tusks” that Miss Edwards insisted all her girls use regularly and she lay on the bed and pleasured herself for a few moments.

She peered at her collection all beautifully carved to resemble the members of statues of ancient Greece or Rome so it was said though the largest resembled more that of a donkey than a Greek god and then the smaller ones which Miss Edwards had insisted the girls use upon their bottoms as they entered their final terms.

She had become proficient in their use, indeed she could accept the number seven with but the least discomfort while the number eight she could accept but with such pleasure that she could not but cry out in ecstasy, and yet the number two in the bottom and at once the number six inserted entirely within her was her favourite.

She remembered her lessons well as she stifled the cries her passion would usually have produced and she lay back on the soft bed and enjoyed the moment.

“It’s Tea time,” Mrs Robbins announced as she knocked the door, “I say Tea time,” she repeated.

“Oh, yes, thank you,” Katherine exclaimed, “I’ll just be a moment,” she added as she quickly removed the carved white phalli and wiped them before returning them to their box felt lined box.

“I bet you never thought you’d be eating we us,” Mr Harding the Butler asked Katherine, “You we all your hairs and graces!”

“Oh perhaps not but we dine very well I must say,” Katherine observed as she stared at a table loaded canlı casino with succulent ham and bread far more tender and fresh than anything she had seen in Switzerland.

“I reckon yon woodcutter will take thee down a peg or two when he gets his prong up you!” Mrs Robbins chortled, “He don’t know what ‘No’ means.

Katherine smiled at the woodcutter across the table, “Ja!” he said and smiled.

“Nein,” she replied and wagged a finger at him, “I did learn self defence at St Justine,” she explained, “And a smattering of German and French.”

Quite suddenly a bell rang, Katherine looked up at the long row of bells attached to a wooden frame high on the wall, each connected by wires to the rooms of the house for summoning servants to “Oh that’s ‘Her Ladyship,’ Mrs Robbins exclaimed, “Her sitting room beside her bedroom, Katherine see what she requires.”

Katherine left her food and hurried to where she thought her Aunt might be, she took several wrong turnings and arrived breathless at her Aunt’s room, “You rang Madam?” she asked.

“Indeed, my husband has returned unexpectedly,” she informed Katherine, “He is sure to require carnality.”

“Madam?” Katherine enquired, “I’m not sure I need to know this?”

“Oh yes you do,” Adele snapped, “I shall not partake in such a distasteful matter, no girl you must serve in my place!”

“Fornicate with your husband Madam?” Katherine exclaimed.

“Indeed!” Adele agreed.

“I shall consider it a great honour.” Katherine lied.

“What!” Adele countered.

“He is a most beautiful gentleman, kind, well mannered,” she said and Adele struggled to reconcile the brute who abused her at every admittedly rare opportunity with Katherine’s version, “It is a great kindness that you offer me, I shall bear his child with pride.”

“Child?” Adele queried, “Have you lain with him already?”

“Oh no madam, but one cannot use a skin for a gentleman, oh no madam gentlemen need to let their issue flow freely.”

“Indeed?” Adele said quizzically, “Indeed, fetch hot water then Katherine for I believe the indignity is about to befall us.”

The few moments it took Katherine to fetch the water jug were all it took for Gerald, Adele’s husband to wash away the grime of his journey and to join Adele in her sitting room.

“Ah Katherine,” Gerald cried, “Adele has suggested you do me a great kindness.”

“My pleasure my lord,” Katherine replied.

“Oh,” he exclaimed nonplussed, “Has she explained the nature of this?”

“Oh indeed sir, yes sir, why I practised the same with Hans the woodcutter this very moment!” she lied.

“Stupid girl!” Adele carped, “You had not time!”

“It was necessarily brief,” Katherine agreed, “But pleasant enough and he said I was the pleasantest girl he had fornicated this whole week and he had twenty seven so far.”

“Katherine!” Adele cried.

“One minute or three strokes,” Katherine bemoaned, “Seldom to my lovers exceed three strokes.”

“Katherine!” Gerald expounded, he stared at her, at thirty two he was in his prime, and indeed rampant, yet afraid, he thought Katherine would be a pure innocent virgin and yet it seemed she was a rampant and probably diseased whore.

“Shall you see me?” Katherine asked sweetly, “Of course you shall,” she added and grasping the hem of her smock she raised it to her chin revealing that apart from her long socks she was entirely bare beneath.

Gerald gasped and grunted, quiet suddenly a wet patch spread across his white breeches and he sat down unsteadily.

“Sadly my udders are as yet unformed,” Katherine explained, “Barely a handfull each unlike my mistress, I do wish I had full udders like my mistress.”

“Indeed,” Gerald agreed, “The udders are what attracted Adele to me.”

“My dowry more like.” Adele snapped.

“Well it wasn’t your sparkling personality was it?” Gerald snapped, “Or your great desire to fornicate.”

“Gerald!” Adele carped.

“Shall we fornicate here, or abed?” Katherine asked as she slipped her smock off completely.

“You do seem very fragile,” Gerald exclaimed as he lowered his breeches and dabbed at his now flaccid member seeking to mop up the spent seed, “Altogether too bony for a pleasant ride.”

“Indeed sir, I shall eat like a pig that I might attain a girth like my mistress,” Katherine assured him, “Though how I might shrink my cavern I know not, why my mistress easily pushed her whole fist within me earlier.”

“No,” Adele cried.

“When you sought a safe hiding place for the key to your chastity belt.” Katherine lied.

“Wicked girl, it’s here,” Adele said and grabbed a tiny key, “See!”

“You had it all the time?” Gerald raged, “You said it was lost!”

“That is not it!” Katherine insisted as she snatched it from Adele and pushing her back in her chair Katherine lifted Adeles skirts and copious petticoats and when her chastity belt was revealed she tried the key.

“Oh I am mistaken,” she said as the wide leather belt fell away revealing Adele’s tight and hairless womb entry.

“Bitch!” Gerald screamed, “Now kaçak casino submit,”

“No,” Adele said but Katherine’s busy hands were at the fastenings of Adele’s gown and underthings and slowly but gloriously the formed a heap upon the floor until Adele was bared.

“I do wish I had udders like these,” Katherine said as she bent her head to Adele’s left nipple and commenced to suck.

“No!” Adele squealed.

“No indeed!” Gerald protested, “Let her alone Katherine and on the bed.”

“Thank you sir!” Katherine said.

“Not you, her, get Adele abed instantly for I have needs!” he exclaimed.

“But I have needs unsated by the servants sir” Katherine protested.

“And the pox, I’ll wager, no abed Adele, now!” he railed as he discarded all his clothes bar his socks and undershirt.

“Madam?” Katherine suggested.

“No, he must ravish you, you are my servant.” Adele protested but to no avail as he clothes were strewn around the sitting room and her sweet slot shaved as by necessity it must be for hygiene with a Chastity belt pouted expectantly as Katherine pushed her to the bed chamber.

“No,” she protested but Katherine pushed Adele onto the bed and then as Gerald covered her so Katherine took his straining manhood and guided it as one might a stallion mounting his mare until with the tip fully engaged within her Gerald was able to thrust it full home as Adele cried out.

“Nooo!” Adele protested.

“Hush,” Katherine whispered, “Do you not remember what you were taught?”

“What do you mean?” Adele asked breathlessly as Gerald pounded into her with tremendous vigour, “Taught?”

“To please your husband!” Katherine pointed out.

“Nooo,” Adele cried, “Gerald please are you not sated?”

“Then cry out in delight as you were taught,” Katherine suggested, “Hasten his emission.”

“Ohhh, are you quite mad?” Adele charged, “Oh Gerald you are tearing me in half, ” Adele cried.

“So relax,” Katherine suggested, “Relax and enjoy as you were taught.”

“You really, oh, ah, are mad!” Adele exclaimed,”Completely mad!”

“Oh very well,” Katherine exclaimed, “If you can’t enjoy your husband, then I shall help.” and she took a candle from the candelabra and placed the end against Gerald’s anus and pushed.

“Ohhh,” Gerald gasped as he started to cum.

“Ohhhhhhhh,” Ada exclaimed as Gerald began to pump his jism inside her.

“I’ll see you in the morning,” Katherine explained as she picked up her smock slipped it on and went to slip from the bedroom.

“She will have to go,” Gerald intoned as they lay still after intercourse, “She is a whore.”

“She says such peculiar things,” Adele explained, “She expects me to enjoy your attentions.”

“Oh, and do you not?” he asked.

“No it pains me,” Adele protested.

“Then you should practice more, have you no ivories?” Katherine asked as she returned.

“I thought you went?” Adele explained.

“I heard enough,” Katherine replied, “You should ease yourself Madam, that your husband might enjoy you properly.”

“Go to your room!” Gerald exclaimed, “Whore!”

“I am not a whore!” Katherine retorted, “But you are barely a man, if you can serve your wife but once a night!”

“I can serve as often as I please,” he insisted.

“Indeed?” Katherine asked.

“Indeed, now go!” he insisted.

Katherine smiled and slipped away, “I should have thought three times,” she added as she closed the door.

“What on earth was Eustace thinking of foisting such a whore upon us,” Gerald enquired, “Thee times, although I do believe that was the most agreeable fornication we have performed.”

“And what nature of school has she attended?” Adele asked.

“Though she has her qualities,” Gerald admitted, “I own I do like you bared.”

“Getald!” Adele protested.

“You inflame me.” he admitted.

“Gerald,” Ada protested and then she shouted “Katherine, in here now!”

Katherine heard the shout and hurried back, “Yes Madam,” she replied as soon as she was back in the bedroom.

“You have inflamed my husband,” she explained, “So lie with him.”

“Oh thank you Madam,” Katherine replied, “Though why should I be required when you are so much more voluptuous?”

“Ah,” Gerald replied awkwardly.

“Surely Madam should be favoured,” Katherine replied, “She is after all your wife.”

“Now see here girl, you lie with my husband and let that be an end to it!” Adele insisted.

“Oh, that is so kind, and if I bear his child I shall call it Jorg which is Swiss for Gerald!” Katherine explained.

“Child, ah child,” he spluttered.

“Maybe you would rather Madam had your child?” Katherine suggested as she reached over and pressed her tiny hand against Adele’s still moist vagina, “Can you not see the wonder of his head emerging.” she said as she worked first two then three than four fingers within Adele lubricated as she was by Gerald’s creamy emissions.

“Oh,” Adele cried, “Desist!” but as Katherine’s left hand slid within Adele so her right played with the tiny pleasure nub which at once had appeared all red and wanton in the folds of flesh above the vaginal cleft, “Desist I say!” but Katherine was pounding the insides of Adele’s womb, stretching and easing in all directions, spreading her hand even.

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