Learning to Serve Ch. 02

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Author’s notes: This is an adult story for consenting people over eighteen who will not be offended by it. It is pure fantasy. I’m Sorry it took so long to post this chapter, but life got in the way. I would like to thank Wolf Vixen for her editing and comments that helped to make this a better story. If you haven’t read the first chapter I suggest you do to get the background. All constructive comments are welcome. If you like it let me know and I’ll continue it.


I had just finished the most intense sexual experience of my young life. I remembered thinking; ‘Well at least I know he’ll be a good father if I do get pregnant’ as I dozed in his arms. I was still straddling Harry, my much older lover, who just filled me to overflowing.

I say lover because even though I prefer women, this was much more than just great sex. Harry had made me feel loved and cherished as well as sexually satisfied.

Not even the one girl, who I thought I would always love, had ever made me feel this special. The only dark spot on this was thinking that Crystal, Harry’s wife, didn’t know and I didn’t want to hurt her. I knew I didn’t want this to be a one time thing either

These thoughts swirled around in my brain as I lay on top of Harry. He was stroking my back as I drifted in between bliss and sleep. Little did I know that fate had another shock for me that day.

Unknown to both of us, Crystal had come home. Because the garage was on the other side of their large rambling ranch house, neither one of us heard the garage door open. We even missed the back door as she came in. What we didn’t miss was the banging of the bedroom door and the gasped.

“What is this?!” came from Crystal as she saw us laying there naked.

My first impulse was to jump up and scurry into the closest corner.

“Oh Shit! Crystal, I’m sorry… We’d umm…”

“Hey sexy!” Harry said as he got up and kissed Crystal just as if nothing was wrong and it was everyday that his wife walked in on him after having sex with someone else.

Crystal watched as I blubbered. “It’s not what it looks like.”

“It looks like you just got royally fucked and have my husbands cum running out of your pussy. Am I wrong?” She asked with an arched eyebrow

Looking back on it, yeah it’s funny. But then, I was scared as hell and wondered if I had just lost a friend. Fortunately for me, Crystal just slapped Harry’s ass as I stammered.

“Umm, but it’s not…” Was all I got before Crystal waved me off and told Harry.

“You better go help the boys empty the car while I talk to her.”

“Okay sweetie, don’t be too hard on her. I think you just frightened ten years off her young life.” He just winked at me as he grabbed some sweats and headed out the door. Crystal just looked at me as I tried to cover up. She finally told me.

“Honey, why don’t we clean you up before you dribble cum all over my new carpets?” She came over and directed me into the bathroom

“Oh, I’m not mad. A bit shocked maybe, but not mad.” She reassured me as she grabbed my hand and lead me to the closest sink. She spread me over the large sink and grabbed one of her ultra-soft cleaning rags and put it under the warm water as she tried to calm me down.

“It’s okay; I’m not going to bite… I might nibble a little bit, but I won’t bite.” She laughed at the look on my face and brushed my hair out of my eyes.

“Do you honestly think that Harry would have done anything if it wasn’t okay with me? You should know better. How many times have we told you that the only thing you can do wrong, is something that you can’t be doing and have your partner walk in on it?”

I finally breathed a sigh of relief. You have understand something about Crystal, she may be only five feet four and three quarters inches tall, but she has this large presence. She didn’t wear a bunch of make up, but she always looked pretty.

Not Barbie doll pretty, but an earthy natural pretty. Her boobs are bigger than mine and she has a nice rounded butt. Her legs are the same length as her six foot husband, but having a short waist; it’s given her the ultimate hourglass figure.

Her most striking feature is her eyes. I’ve heard her type of eyes called everything from doe-eyes to cow-eyes, but that doesn’t adequately describe them. They are a deep coco brown with long wispy lashes. It is the one place that truly shows her Gypsy heritage, that and her naturally dark toned skin. Her naturally curly auburn hair topped off the whole package.

I know she was droning on about lying and rules, but I really wasn’t paying attention. She finally got my full attention back when the warm cloth scrapped against my overly sensitive pussy and clit. I know I must’ve hissed or something because she instantly stopped and asked.

“Are you alright? He didn’t hurt you did he?” I could hear the concern in her voice.

“Yeah,” I gasped out, “it’s just a bit tender. I’m not used to being shaved down there.” I said grasping the sink counter trying casino oyna to get away from the hot cloth.

“Here let me look. I’ll make sure he didn’t cut you.” Putting words into action, Crystal bent down on her knees and softly spread my legs enough to see my exposed swollen lips.

“No nicks, but you’re getting a good case of razor burn. I have some cream that will help with that.”

I know she didn’t realize what her warm breath was doing to my over-stimulated sex. It was pure torture and my body needed a break before it could do anymore.

“Here hold this while I go and get my cream.” Crystal said as she placed my hand on the warm cloth, holding it over my raw lips until she returned.

Before I knew what was happening, she was back and took the cloth and tossed it into the sink.

“Here this should make it feel all better.” Crystal said as she gently applied the cool cream over the raw flesh.

“I know its cold, but it will feel better in a few seconds. Do you have any clean panties?”

“Yeah, I always bring an extra set of clothes. I never know what Harry is going to have me do…” I stuttered to a stop remembering what had just transpired. I must have blushed, because she just laughed.

“Where are they?” She asked

“In the spare room, next to the bed, in my bag.” I answered automatically.

“Okay, I’ll be right back.” She said as she disappeared.

While I waited I looked at my self in the mirror and found my first real laugh since Crystal busted into the room. My hair was a mess, my nipples were still swollen from the attention Harry gave them and I was standing there naked holding my sore pussy that had an almost transparent cream all over it that Crystal had applied.

Laughing caused the last little burble of Harry’s semen to ooze out and that sobered me right back up… What if I did get pregnant? What would Crystal do then? I was trying to think when my last period was, and then I started to worry.

I wasn’t ready to have kids yet, and I didn’t even want to think about an abortion. I wondered why it was taking Crystal so long to get my stuff. I knew I was working myself up, but I couldn’t stop myself.

To be honest, I was ready to bolt. I had way too many shocks for one day. The extra throbbing between my legs wasn’t helping much either. I had just about convinced myself that I was going to end up pregnant, when Crystal breezed back into the room.

“Okay, I’ve found them… Okay, what wrong?” She asked as soon as she saw my face.

“What if… I can’t… Oh God…” I got out before I completely lost it. Crystal just folded me into her arms as the dam burst.

“Shhh, its okay. When you can calm down, you can tell me what got you so upset.” She soothed me. When I could take a full breath again I asked.

“What if I get pregnant?” I was going to say more, but Crystal just smiled.

“Oh honey, it that what you’re worried about? Well one, you might have wanted to worry about that before you guys started or had him pull out before he filled you full of his seed. Then two, Harry could have told you that he’s been snipped. After Mitch was born, he decided he was done fathering children. It also allows him to avoid his allergies to the stuff they put on condoms. That is why we have to be so careful who we play with.” She stroked my hair as she told me this.

“Let’s get you dressed and I’ll take you home and we can have a good girl talk. She said as she pulled away from me and grabbed my pink and black panties. After she had me in them, she leaned toward and kissed me on my mound and said.

“There all better. You finish getting dressed and I’ll let Harry and the boys know I’ll be taking you home.’

The only thing that shocked me was when I said goodbye to Harry; he grabbed me in front of everyone and kissed me deeply as he grabbed my ass.

“I’ll pick you up next weekend, and we can get the pool done. Just remember work first, play later. Love you.” After that he told Crystal that he loved her and he would fix dinner as she ushered me out the door.

I did feel a lot better after my talk with Crystal. She reassured me that this didn’t happen often, and two as long as everyone was aware and consenting, everything would be just fine.

“Just remember sweetie, we have an open love for each other. That doesn’t mean we’re sluts. We can count on one hand the number of other people we’ve played with in the last fifteen years. We’re selective but also we hide nothing from each other. We’re exclusive and expect our partners to be the same. It’s safer that way.” She was stroking my hair as she told me this and then gave me the choice.

“If this isn’t okay with you, or if you think that Harry might need checked, let us know right away. If you are okay with this, just act normally and things will progress in there own time. If you’re uncomfortable with any of this, you have the right and responsibility to tell us and it will stop instantly. I promise!”

She kissed me softly as canlı casino she let off at my house. “I know you have a lot to think about and we won’t push. So if you don’t want to come and work, just leave me a message on my cell and we’ll understand.”

To say I was flabbergasted would be the greatest of understatements. Not only did I have the best sex of my life with a man, I could still feel the warmth of her kiss on my lips as I watched her pull away. I was elated and confused.

On one hand, I wanted to call my friends and tell them, but on the other it was none of their business. So for once I just ate my dinner and went to bed without my phone, much to my mom’s surprise.

Over the next week I did more thinking than any other time I could remember. Trust me I had constant reminders. Every time I walked, I felt either the sensation of my panties rubbing my bald mound, or the itchy sensation of the stubble as my hair started growing back. I thought more about the difference between sex and lovemaking that week than any other time in my life.

I didn’t worry about the disease thing. I was clean and knew it. Hell the closest thing I had gotten to sex in the last year was with Harry’s older daughter.

So it was with humming birds in my stomach, I waited for Harry to pick me up on Friday. I was scheduled to stay the whole weekend and was wondering just where this would all lead. I mean was I really going to be able to have an affair with a man with his wife’s permission? You have to admit its pretty heady stuff for someone who wasn’t even twenty yet.

I know it would really make an interesting story if I was to go into the weekend long multiple rounds of unabashed sex we had, but hey this is real life. First off, Harry had said we needed to finish the pool and second there was still a set of young boys still living in the house.

So from sunup to sundown we were busy sweating our asses off. Trust me wrangling that new liner was like hauling Moby’s dick.

Ohh, there was the occasional pat on the ass or brush against the boobies from both of them. But no real sex. The closest thing was the tentative rubbing together Crystal and I did while we took a fast shower.

Deep down, I knew at some time in the future we would make love together, but it wasn’t that weekend. Feeling frustrated, I went about doing things as I normally would.

I guess it also had to do with my expectations and attitude. It seems so long ago, looking back on it, I was acting like the punk kid I was.

To be honest I learned my first lesson about control. I learned I wasn’t in it. They were. It was Sunday afternoon when it all came to a head.

I was smarting off again and Harry and Crystal told the boys to go clean their rooms. We were just about done with the liner and I wondered why they were stopping now. In another hour we could’ve be done and then I might some private time with Harry so he could ravish me again before I had to go home.

What hurt the most was that it was Crystal who put me in my place. She didn’t have to raise her voice but I could hear the disappointment in hers when she told me.

“Sweetie, we’ve lived through enough of the evil ugly teenager stuff with Amber. Why do you think she doesn’t live with us any more? Even with the Adam thing she doesn’t feel welcome because she refuses to live by our rules. If you want to be our lover, you need to start acting like the young lady we know you are, not this smart-assed teenager routine we’ve been getting all weekend.”

Then Harry let the hammer fall. “We love you and we mean it, but you have to realize that we’ve worked very hard to buy this house. It is our house and its run by our rules. Once you have a house of your own, then you can make the rules. If you become a member of this house, and we aren’t saying that isn’t possible, you still will have to live by our rules. One of the big rules is no evil ugly teenagers allowed.”

Before I could bolt, acting more like the ugly teenager they were describing, Crystal came up and stroked my face as she said.

“Sweetie we know you are young, but trust me, living by the rules does have its advantages.” Then she made her first truly sexual advance towards me. She leaned in and kissed me ever so softly. Just like a woman would kiss her woman lover.

With my head spinning, Harry came up behind me and held my arms behind my back as Crystal continued with her sweet torture. She ran her hands down my chest until she was softly brushing my stiffening nipples as Harry kissed my neck.

“See, proper behavior brings rewards.” She breathed as she unfastened my pants. Harry pulled us to the edge of the pool so we couldn’t be seen from the house. Every step he pulled me back, my pants slipped off my hips and over my G-stringed ass. I could feel Harry’s hard on, but my focus was centered on what Crystal was doing.

She was trailing kisses around my neck and ears and her hands were busy uncovering my tits. Before I knew what was going on, I could kaçak casino feel the cool breeze on by bare breasts and my nipples hardened into tight buds.

Then I felt warmth. She softly took one then the other nipple in her mouth, suckling them as she and Harry fought to get my pants and panties down.

As Harry firmly held onto me, I felt her shift her weight, not realizing she had finally bared my sex. The difference from the warm soft feeling of her mouth was replaced by a firm tug and cold air as Harry held me firmly against him by my tits.

As I felt a finger glide in between my lips Crystal instructed me. “If you can learn to behave, we will accept you as our lover. If not, then we will treat you like the child you are acting.” She instructed and she softly stroked my pussy and clit.

I was just about ready to explode, they all of a sudden they stopped. “This is just something to think about.” Harry told me as he roughly covered my breasts with my top and sports bra. As he was pulling my clothes down, Crystal was pulling my pants back up, leaving my panties in a bunch against my now wet and excited pussy.

That’s when I learned just who was boss. Crystal told me in the most firm tone she’d ever use to me.

“We talked about this last night and figure we needed to do something to get your attention. Harry was ready to give you a thrashing, but I thought this might make the point better. If you want to be treated like and adult and do adult things with us, then you need to grow up and start acting like an adult. Now let finish this damn liner so maybe next weekend we can enjoy the pool. Ohh and you can leave you panties just like they are until you take your next potty break in an hour or so. Now grab that broom and get busy!”

To be honest I think I would have preferred the spanking over the discipline I received until I was driven home by Harry. He reinforced Crystals little lecture and attention getter on the way.

“Lexi, who do you think is the boss of our relationship?” It caught my attention that he used my name. Most of the time, he just called one of the many pet names he has for me.

“You,” I said.

“Not even close. Crystal is the boss. I’m the enforcer. We have our jobs and we know what they are. Like I never go anywhere near the check book, and she never tries to fix the car. It’s not a sexist thing. It’s just the way it works.” He went on.

“I’ll tell you something my grandfather taught me a long time ago. Control in as illusion.” Just then some idiot cut us off and made his point for him. Harry had to swerve to miss the other car and not get us killed.

“See what I mean,” he said as he straightened out of the swerve. “If that stupid kid was ten feet closer, it would be all over for both of us. Life is way too short of all the games and bullshit people do to each other.” I was still trying to calm down as he went on.

“Crystal and I have recognized this and we live accordingly. We know the only control someone has over us is the control we give them. Crystal and I live the way we do because we love each other and we have learned to live together… Here we are. Have a good week.” He said as he kissed me platonically and left me staring after him.

To be honest the next couple of days were a massive rollercoaster ride of emotions for me. It didn’t help that I started my period. First I was hurt. Then I would get mad, then sad, then back to hurt again. No one ever affected me that way before. It had always been pretty smooth or maybe distant. I didn’t even get this emotional when Amber dumped me for that looser she married

By Thursday I was about to call then and tell them I wouldn’t be coming that weekend, then the thought struck me. I was acting like a petulant child. They hadn’t hurt me, I did it to myself. They just pointed out my mistake. It helped that my period was ending and the text message Crystal sent to my phone. She said.

“Help me! I’m drowning in a river of Testosterone. I hope to see you this weekend. They filed the pool yesterday and it should be ready to use this weekend. Bring a suit and remember my son’s crush on you when you pick your swimming attire. If it’s warm enough maybe after the kids go to bed, we can do some skinny dipping. Love you Cris.”

Okay I was hormonal. At least I made it to the bathroom before I sniveled like a baby. Her simple “Love you Cris” undid me.

It was so accepting. I mean a couple of weeks ago; I was looking at having an ongoing affair with her husband, now it looked like I might even be able to have more. How much more I didn’t know, but if I played my cards right…

Like I said I was hormonal. I went from being bummed out to being totally excited. I know my mother must have thought I was crazy. I knew she didn’t want to ask in fear of me telling her I might be in love with another girl. For some reason, she just can’t handle that. She would really freak if she found out I was falling for an older couple. Yes, looking back at it, I did realize I was falling for them… as in both. WOW! That was a shocker.

I had a midterm and couldn’t be picked up until Saturday morning. Crystal greeted me with a warm kiss and asked. “Are we doing better this week?”

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