Lebanese Experience

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Rima Makhlouf is not your average university lecturer. Standing at 5″9′ with fair white skin, dark eyes and light brown hair, the 28-year old looks like a typical Mediterranean beauty. When abroad, she can easily pass for Italian, Spanish, Greek, Turkish and other Arab nationalities. Her stylish dress senses, which include all the major designer labels, make her stand out among the factuality at the American University of Beirut.

After teaching class, there is nothing more she likes doing than drinking a glass or two of red wine. Her sexual prowess is never to be underestimated, she can take most men and some women to bed, and indeed everyone wants a piece of her. Americans are often stunned by her, as they are, by Lebanon in general. They come to Lebanon expecting to see dark-skinned people like Indians and women covered head to toe and the men in white sheets- instead they get sexy tanned Mediterranean looking people in fashionable clothes. Rima, in her shorts skirts and high heels, typifies that.

But, while Rima enjoys taking Americans to bed, she has another side which alarms some and intrigues others. Rima considers herself to be an anti-Imperialist and supporter of the ‘Axis of Resistance’- being a Shia woman from Al-Dahyyia, she is a firm supporter of Hezbollah. When she was a member of the Culture Club of the South, during her student days, she organised fundraisers for them.

Indeed, Rima is a complex woman with multiple faces, which comes from here liberal immediate family, but more conservative extended family. Not all her extended family are conservative, she has female cousins who are artists, models, actresses, lawyers and other professions. This is her giving a lecture on pornography, feminism and the brain. Wearing high heel leather boots, white t-shirt and black short skirt, she has the entire class enthralled by her stimulating lecture.

“Pornography objectifies women and is a male attempt to control female sexuality. It normalises violent and aggressive attitudes towards women, and it ultimately dehumanises them. Pornography physically alters the brain and it changes neuro-connections, which means, many men can only become aroused from pornographic films. Real life sex, does not match what they see on screen and they find themselves unable to make love. On the other hand, pornography has played a central role is expanding female sexual rights and normalised female sexual desire. It can be used to help people. Class with discuss these points.” Rima says in her thick Levantine accent.

Rima is pleased because she has spotted a hunky American student in her class. Someone she can control and she seeks another male partner for a forced bi thing she got going. A Lebanese Christian guy called Tony, wants to be used and abused today and Rima has been looking for another male partner. Tall 6 ft, blonde hair, American man, looks like the right match because he can’t stop looking at her, like he’s mentally undressing her. This guy is going to get a Lebanese welcome today.

She summons him to her office after class. Rima sits at the edge of her desk and crosses her legs. “You must be Jamie?”

“Yes Ma’am, I am.” Jamie responds in his thick Texan accent.

“Oh, you from Texas, very nice, I do like southern gentlemen.”

“Well, I’m really starting to like Lebanese women. They are so freakin gorgeous, I’ve honestly never seen women this beautiful before, it’s ridicules. Where do they breed women like that? I thought Miami and California were good, but this place is off the map.”

“You’re too kind. I bet you have a ankara masaj yapan escort girlfriend?”

“Honestly, I do. But I want to cheat on her for a Lebanese girl.”

“Naughty, naughty.”

“I can’t help it, I’m gonna burst, if I can’t fuck a girl here.”

“Maybe I can help you. I noticed you wrote a paper attacking Hezbollah. What if I convinced you to change your mind?” Rima opens her legs.

“Yes, I’m open to persuasion.”

“Good, meet me at this address at this time.” Rima then sends him on his way and calls Tony and informs him off the plan. She then calls a few other people.

Evening arrives and Jamie goes to the restaurant in Al-Dahiyya and waits for Rima. While waiting four sexy girls dressed in tight tops and jeans with Hijabs (headscarves), enter and approach him. One starts to speak, “Jamie?”


“Grab him.”

The four women pin Jamie down and place hand restrains on him and a black bag over his head. They then shovel him off and open the trunk of a car and stick him inside. The car starts to move and Jamie has no idea where he is or what is happening. He soon arrives at a building and is bundled into a room and tied down to a chair. The hood is taken off his face and he looks around.

Rima struts around him. She is dressed in skin-tight, black and shiny, latex with high heel leather boots. She is wearing a police-style belt with holsters, and in each holster is a toy. Dildos, vibes, butt plugs, cock rings and a baton.

“What’s going on?” Jamie asks confused.

“Shut up American pig! You came to this country to corrupt good Muslim Shia girls and to fuck them. You’re aim is to use your big smooth American dick, to plant the seeds of the American empire into our wombs. We may love cock, but we love our country more. We are going to teach you a lesson.”

“We, who’s we?”

“Girls,” and the four hijabi girls who kidnapped Jamie walk in and they too are dressed in skin tight latex, but unlike Rima, they are still wearing the hijab. Behind one of them, a male slave follows, he has a sheet around his eyes and is completely naked. He also has a cock ring around him and a lead, which one of the girl’s is tugging away at to direct him.

“This is Tony,” Rima says. Tony and his master approach Jamie and stop right in-front of him, using the lead, the girl tugs again at his cock. Rima walk over and also stops in-front of Jamie, “Tony is Marionite Christian. He tried to pass himself off as a Muslim, so he could have intercourse with one of our girls. However, once he pulled down his pants, she noticed he was not circumcised and reported him to me. We made him our Christian sex slave, don’t get me wrong, an uncut cock is so beautiful to look at and to touch and taste. But his deceptive crime cannot go unpunished.”

Rima now pulls out a black latex mask with holes for eyes and mouth only. “You are now my slave and you are going to please me.” Rima places the mask over Jamie’s face, which Jamie is powerless to resist. Pretty soon the entire mask is over his face, “Good, comfy?”


“Even better. Girls, one of you hold Jamie’s head and tilt it upwards. In fact two off you attempt to do this. Our American slave is going to suck some cock.”

“Noooooo!! You can’t make me!! Stop it!! You’re insane!!”

“Haaaahaaahaaaa…I can. Girls get too it.” Two girls get behind Jamie and pull his head back and force him to open his mouth. The girl controlling Tony, now pulls his cock upward and starts to tease Jamie’s lips with it. mecidiyeköy escort She pushed back Tony’s foreskin and gently slides him into Jamie’s mouth. Jamie bites and Tony screams, but this does not help Jamie.

While Tony’s master is forcing Jamie to suck, Dina orders the fourth hijabi to pull down Jamie’s pants and give him the special. The girl pulls down Jamie’s pants and starts teasing his manhood. She rubs, strokes, spits and drools onto Jamie’s cock and gently massages it. But as with everything, when it comes to this orgy, this is the calm before the storm.

She licks both sides of his cock and massages, licks, sucks and swallows Jamie’s balls. Meanwhile, Jamie’s face is being slapped by Tony’s balls, because Tony is being forced to face fuck him. Jamie’s face is going red and his throat is saw.

“Arrrhhh…You like that don’t you?” Rima struts around the chair and her boots make clapping sounds when they hit the floor. Rima gently strokes the latex mask, which has imprisoned Jamie’s face. She then slides her hand down his back and strokes it, as to encourage him to take more. The fourth hijabi girl is now, teasing, rubbing and licking Jamie’s foreskin. Jamie has no idea what is coming next.

She takes an ice cube and places it on her tongue and licks between Jamie’s legs. “Tony, jizz down his throat now! I want his breath smelling of cum.” The fourth girl now starts to suck Jamie’s cock with the ice cube in her mouth. She slurps away, while Tony starts to cum in Jamie’s mouth. Jizz is oozing out and there is nothing, Jamie can do, except swallow.

But while Jamie is distracted, the fourth girl stops sucking him off and removes her mouth. Rima now gives the command, “Finish it!” And the fourth girl is handed an anaesthetic injection, some bandages and a surgical knife. She injects Jamie and then places rubber gloves on. She holds Jamie’s dick out and starts making incisions. Jamie feels some touching, but doesn’t realize, he’s being circumcised. The girl cuts around and within moments, the foreskin comes off and Jamie can feel liquid pouring out, but does know what it is.

Tony finishes cuming, and after Jamie gulps it down in huge lumps, Tony withdraws his cock. Jamie looks down and sees his bandaged up cock and starts to scream, “Ahhhhh…what have you done.” Rima smacks him across the face-there is still some cum around Jamie’s lips- and Rima sticks out her finger and swipes it and sticks it in her mouth.

“Mmmmmm..Not bad.” She then grabs a metal tray and sticks it out in-front of Jamie. On the tray is Jamie’s foreskin, “We cut you, you are now clean. I think, I’ll frame this and keep it with the others.” She then put the tray onto a table and walks over to Jamie, “Who needs to pee?” And the two girls holding Jamie’s head back raise their hands. “Good, throw Jamie onto the floor with him still attached to the chair.”

The girls toss Jamie down onto the floor and he’s rolling around in pain. But Jamie has no time to wallow, the two girls pull down their latex and panties and stand over him. They start rubbing their pussies, within moments pee starts oozing out. It starts of as a trickle, but quickly turns into a flood.

While golden showers rain down on Jamie, Rima, grabs Tony and forces him to bend over. She rubs lubricant onto her latex glove and begins rubbing Tony’s anus. She slides fingers and then her whole hand in. Then she clenches her first and shoves her whole fist in, Tony screams, but does not protest. It’s like he’s accepted his fate.

The mersin escort girls haven’t stopped urinating, Jamie’s body is a yellowy liquid color and reeks of urine. He has never been this humiliated before-but then the girls stop-but only to be replaced by the other two girls who start urinating. Rima now slides a vibrator into Tony’s butt and turns it on, the vibrator makes a chiselling like sound.

This scene repeats itself for ten-minutes, after which, Rima leaves Tony’s butt and sticks a strapon to herself and starts fucking Tony’s ass manually. She pounds him hard and his butt cheeks go red and he starts to bleed. Meanwhile, the golden showers haven’t stopped, the girls keep drinking water and keep going around in circles.

Jamie starts to weep, but nobody listens, or even cares. Another ten-minutes pass and then Rima calls everything to a holt. “Get Jamie and his chair upright again!” She commands. The girls comply and as soon as Jamie is upright again, Rima walks over, and places her leg on his lap. “Suck my dildo,” she barks. The dildo, which had been in Tony’s ass, was not appealing, but Jamie had no will power and readily accepted. He opened his mouth without little resistance and Rima shoved it in and deep-throated and throat-fucked him.

Two other girls stand each side of Jamie and start to lick his face mask. Ten-minutes this went on for and just as Jamie was about to stop breathing, Rima withdrew. “Untie him!” The girls did so, but they also stuck a collar with a dog leash around his neck. They then forced him to crawl towards Tony and Tony got into the doggie style position. “Lick his anus!”

Jamie stuck his head forward and began licking. This was his lowest point and he could not remember how he got here. While he licked, Rima got behind him and teased his butt cheeks with her strapon.

“I’m a good mistress, aren’t I?”

Both Tony and Jamie answered “Yes Mistress.”

“Good,” She then slides the strapon into Jamies colon and starts to fuck him anally. The other girls sit around masturbating. Jamie’s butt cheeks go red, but he continues to lick. Twenty-minutes of licking and being fucked in the anus have taken a toll on Jamie, he starts to drop off. Rima withdraws and orders Jamie to stop.

Another girl walks over with another injection, which is full of extra testosterone. It will take an hour for Jamie to feel the effects and so he is thrown into a doggie cage. The girls stand around and taunt him.

Rima, who is sitting on the table, orders Tony to fuck her and she has her legs in the air. The smell of cum is potent.

After an hour, Jamie is released, but made to crawl. Tony is still finishing Rima off and so the four girls make Jamie, lick and suck their boots and shoes. He swallows their heels and lick the soles of their shoes. Eventually, Tony cums in Rima’s pussy, and Rima walks over to Jamie. “Lick me clean!”

Jamie leans forward and sticks his tongue into Rima’s cum infested pussy. He slurps away and Rima produces more cum. Jamie takes it all like a good boy.

Once Rima has been cleaned, she turns to the fourth girl and orders her over. “You see this girl? Her name is Fatima. She circumcised you. What will happen is this, you will become Shia and marry her. We own you now. Right now, you will get her pregnant in-front of us.”

Jamie is so grateful, that he complies enthusiastically. The whole exercise has taught him to fear and love his new masters. He is now brainwashed.

Fatima takes his hand and leads him over to the table. She gets onto it and opens her legs. Jamie shoves his cock into Fatima pussy and starts pounding away. The other girls surround him and pat him on the back and encourage him.

“Oh yeah, Jamie. Give her your Texan seed.” Says Rima. He really pounds her and after twenty-minutes fills her up with American cream.

After this event, Jamie marries and continues to be Fatima’s slave.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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