Lucy’s Foot Job

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Not too long ago, Jeremy and I were sitting at our favorite sports bar waiting for the game to start just BS’n and arguing about which waitress had the best looking legs. Jeremy informed me that he and Lucy had just broke off their relationship but not before Lucy treated him to what he said was the best foot job he had ever experienced. He went so far as to say it blew his mind. After he told me about it I almost spewed my beer all over the bar. Jeremy and I have been best friends since childhood. There is nothing we don’t know about each other. We learned a long time ago about our mutual attraction to women’s feet and legs.

Lucy and Jeremy had only been dating for 6 months and Jeremy was a bit upset about the sudden change, which according to him came out of no where. Lucy had told him she did not want to see him anymore but of course wanted them to remain friends. Jeremy was cool about it and told me what upset him the most was that Lucy was one of the few girls he had been with who enjoyed getting him off with her feet and knew exactly how he liked it.

Lucy was also a childhood friend of ours. Presently she was finishing up her freshman year at the local State College and I have to admit it was a pleasure watching her grow up into a very fine and I must say sexy young woman. At nineteen she was your basic knock out. A Perfect body and it was a pleasure being in her company and the envy of most guys. Lucy knew how to play her looks up out in public.

Jeremy informed me the night Lucy broke up with him she wanted to treat him to a farewell foot job he would not soon forget. She wanted to try a new technique on him for quite some time in a way she had never done before. She called it a sock job and he said it blew his mind and Lucy was so good at it that he said he never came so hard in his life. Jeremy explained it to me in detail and I became excited just hearing about it. I pictured in my mind Lucy’s sexy legs and feet as she worked her foot and toes over my cock.

Jeremy said, “Eric you have got to ask her to do that to you. I promise you won’t regret it.”

I took a swig from my beer and smiled, “You can bet I will give her call buddy.”

Once I got home after the game I practically ran to the phone and called Lucy.

After several rings which seemed an eternity she finally picked up.

“Hi Lucy it’s me Eric.”

She seemed glad to hear from me saying, “Oh Eric, hi. What’s up?”

I laughed, “Me, soon I hope.”

She laughed, “Oh you. You have a one track mind.”

I laughed, “I know, but what can I say a gorgeous girl like you has that affect on me.”

She giggled lightly, “Okay, let me guess. Judging by the time of night and how you are acting, I would venture to say you just got back from the bar drinking and now you are feeling horny.”

I said, “You know me too well Lucy.”

She sighed, “A-huh, just as I thought.”

A slight pause and then she continued, “So why did you call?”

“Well, I was wondering if I can come over tomorrow and talk with you.”

Another pause, “You spoke with Jeremy tonight didn’t you.”

I said, “Yah I did.”

She asked, “Is that why you want to come over and talk? Because if it is forget about it. I don’t want to get back with him. I need to be alone for a while. Its not that I don’t like him, because you know I love both of you to death. It’s just that I need some space for a while. Being with a guy, any guy, is making me feel claustrophobic, like I was being smothered.”

I quickly replied, “No, that’s not why I want to come over. In fact Jeremy was relatively cool about the whole break up thing. It’s just well…”

Lucy jumped in, “Yes, spit it out.”

“Well he talked about what you did to him.”

I held my breath through the moment of frozen silence.

Finally Lucy answered, “Mmmm, I see. Word gets around fast doesn’t it? Okay how about one PM? I got swim practice at eleven and should be back at the apartment by then.”

I relaxed releasing a heavy breath, “That’s great Lucy I will see you then.”

Lucy giggled after hearing my obvious state of relief, “Good night Eric and pleasant dreams.”

I said, good night and hung up the phone.

I tossed and turned the whole night just thinking about what Lucy would have in store for me. The next day I found myself knocking on her apartment door precisely at one PM.

She answered the door dressed in a cut off T-shirt showing her tight stomach. She had little to no make up on. She did not need it, she was a natural beauty. Her skin glowed emanating a healthy hue of youth. She wore very, very snug fitting powder blue terry cloth shorts that displayed a slight hint of her ass cheeks to as she turned to walk into the living room. Only a girl with her kind of body and tight ass could get away with shorts like that. I noticed she was also wearing a pair of shower shoes.

As she sat on the couch she asked me to take a seat next to her.

She placed her feet on the coffee table and ataşehir escort began to rub lotion into her legs saying, “The chlorine in the pool water really dries out my skin.”

I watched her go through the routine of slowly rubbing the lotion into her long shapely legs and I could feel myself becoming aroused.

My stare must have been evident as Lucy giggled, “You and Jeremy are exactly alike. You have a weakness for girl’s legs and feet.”

I snapped out of it saying, “You’re right but not just any girl’s legs and feet. You know we do have standards.”

She smiled, “You know there is nothing I would not do for you guys. The three of us are good friends and I know there is nothing the both of you would not do for me. I am going to have a glass of wine it helps me settle down after my practice. Do you want some or maybe a beer?”

I said, “No thanks Lucy, it’s too early in the day for me.”

Lucy stood up making her way to the kitchen, “Suit yourself.”

I watched her walk off admiring the perfect muscle tone in her calves and hamstrings. Ever since she joined the swim team her body has responded quite well. Her skin tone was not a dark deep tan but rather an olive milky complexion which I liked.

She returned with not just a full glass but the whole bottle as well. We sat and talked catching up on events and the people in our lives. She explained to me the whole breakup thing with Jeremy and that basically it had nothing to do with him but rather her. She wanted to shop around not be tied down to one guy right now. After an hour or so and a few more glasses of wine I could tell Lucy was starting to loosen up more.

She smiled at me deeply, “I believe every one has their own little thing about sex that turns then on. A kink if you will. Like for example, you and Jeremy are into legs and feet.”

I asked, “What about you? What is your kink?”

Lucy giggled, “My kink is a guy’s cock and balls. I love to touch them and I especially love the smell of a guy’s cum. If they bottled that stuff and sold it I would buy TONS of it. I like knowing what I do to him excites him with my body makes him cum. I also like to shop for shoes, all kinds of dress shoes, sneakers. I can spend an entire afternoon just trying on different shoes. I guess you could say it is a hobby of mine.”

We both laughed. I have to admit Lucy has the perfect feet for nice shoes.

She leaned back kicked off her shower shoes and swung her long slender legs towards me resting her feet in my lap saying, “Check out my feet and toes. After you called last night I gave myself a pedicure. I even applied a clear coat of polish to my toe nails. Just so you know my feet are a size 7 ½. What do you think?”

As soon as her feet hit my lap I felt my cock begin to stir and rise. I cupped her left calf in my right hand and grabbed the ankle sliding her foot against my swelling member. I heard a slight moan come from Lucy as I did this. Her skin felt supple and silky smooth to the touch. I moved my hands down to her feet and began to examine them. Immediately I noticed the soles of her feet were as soft as a babies bottom. I suspected it was the result of Lucy spending a lot of time in the water and applying the lotion. Her feet felt amazing in my hands so smooth and soft. Her toes were soft to the touch especially the underside of them. Her nails were perfectly trimmed and shiny to the point of looking wet. I rubbed each toe and spread them running my fingers between them. Her size 7 ½ feet were beautiful and perfect. I ran my thumbs across her high arch imagining what they would look like in a pair of high heels.

Feeling this Lucy giggled saying, “That tickles.”

After several seconds of close examination I managed to stammer, “They look and feel amazing Lucy.”

Lucy said, “I pride myself in taking care of my feet. I think they are strong and sexy. You know I like getting a guy off with them. It makes me hot feeling a guys cock get hard between them. Just knowing that I have the ability to do that to guy with just my feet makes me feel I have a certain power, and that makes me feel good. Teasing a guys cock is something a really enjoy delaying that moment when he is about to cum like I did with Jeremy. I enjoyed watching Jeremy squirm and struggle to hold on beneath my feet as I work them over his cock; holding him at that point of excitement for as long as possible.”

I swallowed hard listening to her talk like this. It excited me. It was obvious the wine was having its affect on her. She was having an affect on me as well as I could feel my cock pressing uncomfortably against the inside of my shorts.

Lucy continued, “Eric I am glad you came by. I missed talking with you, but you did not come here to just talk did you.”

Having said that, she smiled at me almost seductively; I felt her big toe gently prod the head of my trapped member.

I stuttered, “N-n-no, not exactly. I came by because of the sock thing you did to Jeremy the kadıköy escort bayan other night…”

Before I could continue Lucy laughed and said, “Say no more.”

She quickly rose from the couch and made her way to her bedroom. She returned waving a small ankle sock in front of her.

She sat down facing me on the couch with her legs crossed Indian style, “You’re talking about this? I have one more left.”

I watched as she inserted two fingers into the sock and pushed them through a small hole she had cut in the sole of the sock. She wiggled her two fingers at me.

She laughed saying excitedly, “I heard about this from a girl in one of the online chat rooms I go to and decided to try it on Jeremy. It was amazing Eric! I had given him countless foot jobs and never seen that kind of reaction from him before. He was loving it. He became so animated and grunting and groaning. I could barely keep him beneath my feet he was moving so much. I know the neighbors upstairs must have heard him. It felt amazing to me as I had total control over his cock. The sock kept it pinned to the bottom of my foot and my toes. No matter how much he struggled and moved his cock was going no where. Is this what you want?”

I could see Lucy’s smiling face from behind the sock her fingers teasing me as she wiggled them through the hole at the bottom of the sock. The sock was made of sheer see through nylon-like material that was interspersed with a dark flower design.

I said, “Yes!”

Lucy eyes lit up as she laughed, “Good. I hoped you would say that because I have been dieing to do this to another guy again. Take off your clothes and sit down on the floor in front of the couch facing me.”

I did as she asked my body was shaking with anticipation and my mind raced at the thought of what Lucy was about to do to me. I was naked in no time. Lucy instructed me to spread my legs wide.

She positioned herself sitting between my spread legs saying, “Put your legs on the couch on either side of me and scoot close to the couch.”

I did as she asked sliding my ass forward against the front of her feet. Lucy lifted her beautiful feet placing a foot on each of my hip bones.

She looked down at my completely hard cock saying, “Oh look at that. Guess you have been thinking about this for a while. Now lay back onto the floor.”

Her long legs looked amazing between my legs and feeling her soft soles on my hips excited me further. I watched as she reached over and began to apply a liberal amount of lotion to her feet and toes.

As she did this she said, “First I am going to play with it teasing you for a while and get you primed up before I put on this little booty sock. You have had girls give you foot jobs before right?”

I said, “Yes I had my share.”

Lucy said, “Good. I take my foot jobs seriously. So I want your honest opinion of how my foot job ranks to others you have had. When I do something that you really like please let me know. I like to take mental notes as to what excites a guy.”

I said, “I think you will know by my reaction.”

Lucy smiled, “Well, if I really do something you like please feel free to express yourself to me.”

Lucy began by sliding her left foot across my stomach and onto my pubic hair region. Since my cock was already hard and pointing towards my chin I felt it slide against the top of her foot as her foot slipped beneath it. She ran her toes through my pubic hairs occasionally curling them gripping the hairs and gently tugging. She then slid her right foot over using the toes of that foot to lift my cock up straight.

As she did this she said, “I love feeling a guys pubic hairs running between my toes.”

My neck was beginning to ache from trying to look up and watch what she was doing. I said, “Toss me two of those couch pillows. I don’t want to miss any of this.”

Lucy reached over and tossed me the small pillows. I placed them under my head keeping my head propped up.

I said, “Much better.”

Lucy continued by sliding her soft golden toes down along either side of my swollen nut sack. She then leaned forward and reached out grabbing the head of my cock between her thumb and index finger pulling it up straight. She began to run the tip of each big toe up and down along the side of each of my nuts. At the same time she began to slowly rub the sensitive glands at the head of my cock with her thumb. Feeling and seeing this caused my body to shiver. The tips of her big toes prodded into my sack and slowly traced up and down. After a while she began to twirl her big toes around into each nut sack. Every so often I could feel her toes make contact with the balls inside the sack and caused me to slightly jerk.

Lucy was enjoying what she was doing to me. She had rested her chin on her knees and was smiling down at me while she continued to twirl her two big toes into my nuts. Occasionally she would tilt her head from side to side to get a better view of what she was escort maltepe doing. I lowered my gaze watching the slender muscles in her shapely calves flex as she continued to manipulate her toes inside my nut sack.

Watching her sexy legs and feeling her soft toes delve around in my nuts caused me to release a soft moan of pleasure.

Lucy asked, “You like what I am doing Eric?”

I replied, “Oh yes, don’t stop.”

Lucy giggled, “That depends on you. I can go as long as you hold out. My legs and feet are in tip top shape.”

She slid her toes up my nuts and began to trace the tips of her big toes around the base of my cock. Her thumb continued to rub the head of my cock and I could feel the head begin to twitch uncontrollably with each rub. The sensation of her toe tips circling around the base of my shaft felt incredible. Her feet were beautiful and feeling her pretty nails against my skin was amazing. All this caused me to begin to rock my hips up.

Sensing my increase in arousal, Lucy looked down from atop her knees and said, “That’s it your doing great Eric, it won’t be long now before its sock time.” She then nonchalantly reached over and grabbed her wine glass from the end table and took a swig.

I moaned, “My God your feet and legs are amazing Lucy.”

She then slipped the base of my cock between her right big toe and second toe and began to stroke them up and down the length of my shaft. She removed her fingers from my cock head and inserted the head of my cock between the big toe and second toe of her left foot. She began to slowly stroke my shaft and cock head between both sets of her toes.

As I watched and felt this I was beside myself and I began to thrust my hips up in unison with her strokes.

Lucy leaned in close saying, “I love this part, watching as you squirm and push your cock between my toes.”

Lucy closed her eyes and moaned running her hands down her shins and onto the top of her ankles to the top of her feet relishing in the feel of my cock moving between her toes. Her feet looked amazing as I felt her beautifully manicured toes cover every inch of my cock with each stroke. Lucy increased the pace of her toes, forcing me to moan and pump faster.

Lucy moaned, “That’s it…your holding nicely. Feel my legs.”

I watched the beautiful muscles in her calves flex with each stroke. I sat up and cupped each calf in my hands. Her skin was smooth and soft as I rubbed her pumping legs. I felt the awesome power in her slender athletic legs as it transferred from her calves down to her ankles and into her soft toes. The feel of all this was incredible. Feeling the strength in her legs I knew right then what it felt like to be completely submissive. I understood now. Lucy had me.

I looked at Lucy as she finished up another drink of wine. She smiled down at me and winked, “How you doing down there? I can tell you are starting to get into my legs and feet now. Watch what I am about to do with my toes.”

I laid back down and watched as Lucy gently squeezed the head of my cock between her right big toe and second toe. She began to slide her toes up and down several times squeezing the head in a milking fashion. The soft pressure of her perfect toes rubbing against the glands at the head of my cock was slowly sending me out of my mind with pleasure. I began to gasp in short breaths which turned into grunts each time her toes passed over the glands.

Lucy giggled saying, “Mmmm, Not quite there yet. You really are holding back on me. Lets see if this helps.”

She Leaned forward lowering her face between her knees and grabbed each of my balls between a set of fingers.

She then looked up at me saying, “This should get you to start pre cumming.”

She began to fondle my balls rolling and tugging on them between her fingers while simultaneously milking the head of my cock between her clenched toes. Her dexterity and coordination was amazing. I had never been stimulated in so many ways, her touch, the sight of watching her work on my cock and balls and the sound of her voice. I desperately was trying to hold out and make this last but I was quickly losing the battle. With each touch and look she gave me I felt myself losing ground.

I was in heaven as I looked into her smiling face feeling her fingers playing with my balls and her golden toes milking the head of my cock. All the while Lucy was talking me into pre cumming for her saying, “Come on Eric. Come on, I want to see your pre cum on my toes.”

It did not take long as I watched her toes rhythmically squeeze and slide up the head of my cock. Lucy knew her way around a guys balls and she found my testes in no time. I felt her pinch them softly between her slender fingertips. As soon as she found them she paused briefly and looked at me smiling sexily she said, “I got them.”

She began to play with them rolling them between her fingers. She was gentle with them occasionally pulling on them and rolling them between each thumb and index finger. My whole body felt electric as the goose bumps ran up my legs and arms. I lurched forward grunting loudly and grabbed onto her slender calves.

Noticing my intense response Lucy released a throaty laugh saying, “That usually does the trick. Yep there it is.”

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