Margo’s Own Story 5 – Sean

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The next morning, Arthur and I went hiking in St. Maarten, while Betty and Sean went horseback riding. We enjoyed their company at dinner again. Even though his wife was so far ever present, I had to admit to myself that Sean was interesting, to say the least.

The next time I met Sean was in the gym on an upper deck of the ship – a day at sea. Arthur was running outside on the very top deck – not a gym person – and Betty managed to stay shapely without exercising at all. Although we’d all managed to tell our life stories, minus many secrets, at the dinner table, Sean and I managed to strike up a conversation while we used the two treadmills and later, the stationary bikes. My gym clothes show off my figure pretty well. Sean is no slouch either – not a muscle man, just obviously fit with a powerful body revealed in his tank top.

Sean suggested we go for coffee, and we got in touch with the other two by cell phone. Betty came up from their cabin in a colorful shift, her bikini underneath. Arthur took a shower before he joined us. After a nice chat we all went on about our business, though we sat for drinks with them poolside and saw them again at the dinner table. Of course, Arthur and I were having sex morning, noon and night whenever we were in the cabin.

On the third day, Curacao, Arthur took an excursion to see a cave, but we’d been to that island before and I wasn’t that interested in seeing the famous cave again. I said I’d go shopping after the gym and kissed Arthur adieu. Betty went to a rain forest which held no interest for Sean. So the morning started out in the gym, and shortly after I started my workout, Sean arrived in his shorts and tank top. We worked out together and it almost became a challenge session. I coulda beat him, ha ha, but chose to let him win, haha.

Then coffee – Irish coffee – and another. And a long chat. Where’d you go to school? What did you study? Sports? Yeah. The conversation got more personal. Boys must have chased you everywhere. Ladies’ man, huh. It was clear there were sparks. And opportunity.

“You really are a beautiful woman, Margo.”

“Why thank you.” Long silence. Staring at each other not sure what to say.

“Are you thinking what I’m thinking?” Sean offered.

“Are you thinking what I’m thinking?” I replied.

“I’ll be in cabin 1436.”

“I need a shower.”

“I do, too. Use ours.”

Sean headed aft and I discretely left toward the bow. A few minutes later I pressed the buzzer at his cabin. He had already slipped the “DO NOT DISTURB” card into the little slot.

As soon as the door closed, we started ripping each other’s clothes off, what few we were wearing. Deep kissing ensued, with Sean’s hands pushing my breasts up and mine holding his fully erect cock.

“Shower first,” I insisted. I wasn’t about to get in bed with a new man smelling the way I did, especially since there may have been evidence of Arthur’s presence in certain places.

We canlı bahis squeezed into the little shower stall and started to lather each other up. It felt so nice, his hands gliding smoothly over every part of my body. I loved it when he softly washed my boobs and thoroughly cleaned my pussy. I turned him to do his back and turned him again to do his chest. Then I got down on my knees to wash his feet and legs and oh yeah his beautiful cock, caressing his balls and smoothly stroking his soapy shaft. And when I was sure the spray had rinsed that off, I took it in my mouth and listened to his moans as I slurped it in and out.

Sean stood me upright before he would have cum and squeezed us tightly together. He used his cock to stroke front to back between my legs giving us both a nice feeling. Eventually, I leaned back against the shower wall and guided him inside me. We fucked like that for a few minutes til it got uncomfortable. I turned and guided him back into me from behind. His thrusts became more urgent and then I felt his eruptions from each stroke deep inside me. We separated and I turned to hug and kiss him with his limp organ pressed against my belly.

“That was wonderful.”

“Oh yes it surely was.”

We dried off with the same towel so as not to arouse suspicion with Betty. I used a wet washcloth between my legs first so there was no evidence on the towel.

There was a stiff spot on the sheets when we got in bed. Betty and he also had obviously been enjoying themselves.

“Sorry about that,” he said. I just giggled and pushed him back onto the bed.

I knelt next to his supine body and took his organ in my hand. It was already filling out again, and I couldn’t resist licking it all over and taking his balls one by one in my mouth. Before long he nudged me down and we laid facing each others’ sex. I lifted one leg up so his head could go between my legs and took his shaft in my mouth.

I hadn’t had much of an orgasm in the shower, but his ministrations with his tongue sent me over the top. Just as that was subsiding he pushed two fingers deep into my vagina and I came again even stronger.

I had backed off a bit on his cock and only had the tip in my lips. Suddenly he shoved it deeper into my mouth; he could hold off no longer. I had enjoyed the taste of a man’s juices ever since that first time in high school – well another boy was fucking me at the same time so my pleasure index was pretty high. Shot after shot blew into my mouth and I savored every drop of Sean’s semen.

We were fairly well spent after that, so we just went over to their balcony and leaned against the railing. It was on the water side, but still I wondered if someone on the across the harbor would notice two naked adulterers there.

After a few quiet moments, Sean asked, “It’s not your first time, is it? Cheating I mean.”

“No,” I sighed.

“Me neither.”

We stayed there quietly for several more minutes, just enjoying bahis siteleri the salt breeze against our bodies.

At some point, Sean found his way around behind me, took my boobs in his hands from behind and played with my nipples. I could feel him getting harder against my back. After a while I pushed my rear out and let him enter me again. The slow motion of crafts in the harbor seemed to match his slow and deep strokes that were so satisfying.

Eventually we meandered back to the bed. I laid on my back and Sean climbed over me, smothering me with kisses that eventually moved all over my body – feet, legs, boobs, tummy and pussy – before I begged him to fuck me again. I’d had a couple more orgasms with his foreplay and one more came as his climax neared. Finally with a deep moan he let go. God, I was enjoying this man!

Sean watched me clean up again with the same washcloth and put my clothes back on. We hugged and kissed again – he was still naked – and I was about to slip out the door. But even though I had to go shopping to confirm my cover story, I couldn’t resist taking his cock, covered with both our juices in my mouth one more time. He let me suck on him till another hot load of his cum pulsed into my throat.

It was awkward trying to meet again on the ship, and it didn’t happen other than a couple of deep kisses when nobody else was in the gym. We exchanged secret email addresses on the last morning.


We wrote back and forth a few days later, telling each other how wonderful that day had been and how nice our kisses were and how nice it would be if we could somehow get together again.

We engaged in fantasy emails about what we would do if we hiked off into the woods somewhere together or took a canoe on a hidden lake or crawled into a secret cave. We advanced to phone sex when we both had some privacy. That was a new delight for me.

I had heard about a video phone chat service for lovers – this was before the explosion of video conferencing that we’ve all learned to hate – and suggested we try it. Let me just say it was incredibly exciting to watch each other masturbate on the computer screen. Sean loved it when I fucked myself with a dildo during the show. I loved watching his juices shoot out when he came.

But after each episode, I would say, “I wish that cock was inside me for real.”

And Sean would say, “I wish it was fucking your hot wet cunt til I couldn’t hold off filling you with my cum.”

Finally, we couldn’t resist and started working on a plan. It turns out there is a hiking trail midway between our homes and our plan centered around that. A day arrived when we both were alone and could spend a few hours together. We drove to a trail head and parked our cars.

I got into the front seat of Sean’s car and we immediately started making out. Soon I had his cock in my hand and his hand wandered under my tee shirt before he opened my shorts and slipped it into bahis şirketleri my panties. It was getting hot and I’m sure we would have both cum had another car not turned into the trail head lot. We quickly put ourselves back together.

Like married hikers, we got out of the car, clipped our water bottles to our shorts, sprayed each other with bug spray and headed down the trail. We actually had no idea if we could find someplace to sneak off in private, but a mile down the path, there was a ridge off to the right and we went exploring. Down the other side, there was a gurgling brook and we found ourselves completely out of sight of the trail.

We sat on a large rock and resumed our play that had been interrupted in the car. We were shy about exposing ourselves at first, but the passion soon overcame us and my shorts and panties ended up on the forest floor. Sean pushed my tee shirt up and undid my bra. He knelt in the leaves and sucked and licked my nipples. Then his face was between my legs and my orgasm started to build.

“Oh Sean, fuck me, fuck me now,” I begged.

But the rock didn’t work too well as a chair or the edge of a bed. When I leaned back there was no place for my elbows. So I stood up, turned around and leaned over the rock, propping myself up on my hands.

Sean really loved that view and spent a few more minutes licking and fingering my pussy. Oh my god, I wanted his cock.

“Please, please, fuck me. Fuck me now!!”

He stood and grabbed my tits from behind and played there for a bit. Then he finger fucked me one more time before I felt his wonderful shaft push all the way in. “Oh god, Oh god.” Not only that, but his still wet fingers moved to be rimming my asshole. As he shoved in again and again, I felt spit lsnd on my asshole and soon there was a finger in there, too. “Ohhhhhhhhh. Ohhhhhhhhhh.” I was sure my moans carried all the way back to the trail, “Oh Sean, Sean.”

“You can fuck me where your finger is if you want,” I managed to mutter. More spit on my butt hole and his slimy shaft pushed into my ass. I managed to hold myself up on one hand and pleasure my clit with the other as his strokes intensified in my rear.

When he was about to cum, he pulled out and entered my vagina again. A few strokes and his hot juices started to fill me. I could feel them leaking out as stroke after stroke pumped more into me. “So good. So good,” I moaned til I came myself.

I stood and a glob of everything ran down my leg. The only thing I had to wipe myself off was my panties. Sean let me use his tee shirt and then rinsed it off in the brook. We climbed back over the ridge, and when we were sure nobody would see us coming out of the woods, We got back on the trail. I’m sure that people who passed us wondered how that shirt got so wet.


Further on, behold, the trail passed behind a small motel. It looked like the perfect no-tell venue. We looked each other in the eyes.

“Are you thinking what I’m thinking?”

“Are you thinking what I’m thinking?”

We had found our home away from home, so to speak, for months to come.

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