Maw Lust

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This is a short work of erotic fiction containing furry, or anthropomorphic, characters, which are animals that either demonstrate human intelligence or walk on two legs, for the purposes of these tales. It is a thriving and growing fandom in which creators are prevalent in art and writing especially.


Maw Lust

“Well, I’ve not examined a dragon of your size before…”

Eyeing the dragon who had his head hanging through the window with a dubious look, the dentist shook his head. Who had ever heard of a dragon who wasn’t an anthro coming for a check-up? He supposed that the titters and giggles in reception should have alerted him, in some manner, to the unusual nature of his next patient of the day, although he had thought they were joking when they’d made comments about occasionally having feral customers. The gazelle frowned and pursed his lips, the Thompson’s gazelle shifting from cloven hoof to hoof as if he didn’t quite know what to do with himself.

Patiently waiting, the dragon – name reading ‘Ernesto’ on the patient records Mr Komine had pulled up prior to the drake’s arrival – yawned languidly and eyed him up and down.

“I usually see Mr Harold,” he murmured, awkwardly shuffling and re-settling his wings against his back. “I can come back another day, if that would be better.”

Baulking, the light-furred gazelle held up his paws, though his attempts to look anywhere but at Ernesto were comical at best.

“No, no, he’s away on leave and will be for some time. For a creature of your…ah…size, I wouldn’t recommend leaving a check-up for that length of time.”

Pausing, he sighed and ran a paw back over one of his lightly twisting horns, pushing back from his skull as if to make him appear taller than he actually was. There would have been no matching the dragon’s height, however, even if he’d pushed right up onto the very edges of his hooves. The beast was massive, by far the largest predator that he’d ever had in his examination room. And there was still a distinct unease between predators and prey in the anthro world – particularly those with such a large size difference between the two of them.

“I’m sorry, is there really no way that you’ll be able to fit through the door?”

The black drake shook his head and threw Mr Komine a look that spoke volumes. Though it was the subtle fire in those crimson eyes that made him take a step back, tail twitching anxiously against his buttocks where it usually rested at the very base of his spine.

“I can come back.”

“No, no, that won’t be necessary.” Too late, he tried to smooth things over and adjusting his scrubs as if that would make him appear just a little bit more professional, saving what he could from the situation at hand. “If you’d please just relax and open your maw…mouth…”

Ernesto cast his gaze from side to side, but evidently found nowhere suitable to rest his head as he normally would. Mr Komine sweated, twisting his paws in front of his chest.

“One moment, please, I’ll just…”

Floundering, he snatched up a hand towel, bundling it into itself to make a pad of sorts. It was a pitiful excuse for a cushion on which Ernesto may rest his head, but it would have to do. Slipping it onto the counter below the window with a laugh that clearly rang false, Mr Komine gestured to it as if he’d done the dragon a great service indeed.

“That’s better, isn’t it?”

Sighing, Ernesto acquiesced and laid his head down. It at least kept the bony side of his jaw off the hard counter, which was one small blessing amongst a visit to the dentist that was turning out to be more of a bore than usual. Quite an achievement, in fact.

“Yes, much, thank you.”

There was no sincerity in the dragon’s tone and Mr Komine straightened, though it did nothing to make his small stature any more imposing.

“Okay, well then – allow us to begin!”

The dentist rattled off the usual questions and Ernesto woodenly answered, eyelids drooping. Bored, the dragon’s eyes listlessly wandered off into the distance, although the dentist couldn’t tear his eyes away from those jagged teeth, lightly glistening with saliva as the dragon allowed his jaw to naturally hang slightly open.

He shuddered. He couldn’t examine the drake without a little extra protection – it would be foolish!

“Now, I don’t know how predators like you usually şişli escort react to being examined, but I’m going to use a small amount of sedation, just to help you relax and not flinch too much if I hit any sensitive spots, is that okay?”

Mr Komine readied the needle as he spoke, words running together nervously as he didn’t pause to break his utterance into sentences. Examining a dragon – whatever was one to do? It was most unheard of and, at the very least, they should have had the tiger dentist or that great, big, hulking elephant to do the work on the larger species! Why had they even booked Ernesto in with him?

Ernesto allowed himself to be injected, shuddering lightly as the needle slipped into a vein. The sedation worked quickly

“I really don’t see why this is necessary,” he murmured, eyelids suddenly very heavy, although the sedative was not really that strong. “Mr Harold…”

“Mr Harold is not here,” Mr Komine helpfully interjected, finishing the sentence for him as Ernesto blinked languidly. “But I will do a fine job for you. Now, if you please – open up wide.”

The line had never sounded quite so cheesy before, but the dragon obediently parted his jaws, ropes of drool stretching between his bottom and top jaw before breaking wetly. Saliva spattered around his tongue and Ernesto groaned softly, trying to hold his mouth open as widely as possible for the dentist to do his job.

“Now…” Mr Komine muttered to himself as he worked, examining what lay on the outside to begin with. “The lips…”

There was a lot of lip on the drake to be examined and he ran his gloved fingertips inside them, checking for ulcers as he tugged them out lightly from the beast’s face. Although he blinked and seemed to want to pull back, if only slightly, Ernesto allowed himself to be examined. It wasn’t as if he would be able to feel all that much with the little gazelle anyway and Mr Komine reassured himself that the sedative would, at least, make sure the dragon was gently compliant without actually hurting him.

But how many times in his life was he going to get to examine a dragon of all things? Heartbeat fluttering madly in his chest, Mr Komine peered into Ernesto’s maw, something more primal stirring within him. Oh, he knew how powerful those jaws were and he was sure that they had been the end of more than one of his kind in times long gone by before anthros evolved to a state of intelligence.

Wet and warm. Those were the first things he noticed about Ernesto’s maw as he delved inside, gloved fingers deftly and kindly running over the ridges at the top of the dragon’s mouth. How had such a beautiful beast evolved? He could not help but admire the sharpness of the dragon’s teeth too, finger’s tracing the curves of each and every one in turn. Prey animals didn’t have teeth like that, their diets still reminiscent of their ancestors, but the drake was all predator, his fangs designed to rip and tear flesh from blood, spilling blood and rending sinew.

Oh, he was a fine specimen of a predator, it had to be said. Pressing lightly on Ernesto’s tongue, the dentist made a pretence of examining it too, taking it between his fingers to lift it gently from the bottom of the dragon’s mouth. How could something so soft reside in a maw lined with such dangerous teeth? He shook his head, caught up in his own wonder, and tried to look deeper, where the light of the examination room did not quite reach.

And then the thought crossed his mind, a wicked one that he shouldn’t have hung onto. But the gazelle had it in his grasp, bearing it to fruition before he could toss it away again.

There was so much to explore with the drake, but how far could he really go? Pressing lightly on the back of the dragon’s tongue, Mr Komine stood on the tips of his hooves to take a quick look down the drake’s throat, chest rising and falling a little more swiftly than he would have cared to admit. The dark pit of the oesophagus called him and he gave a little shiver that Ernesto would not understand. Yet he could understand more if he was so bold.

Did he dare? Would he ever have such an opportunity to delve into a maw like Ernesto’s ever again? Such dark depths brimming with potential… He stifled a moan, peering into the drake’s mouth with renewed, not entirely professional, interest.

The gazelle licked sivas escort his lips as the drake eyed him, curiosity brimming over his in his red eyes. Mr Komine started: he had been immobile for a short while.

“Err, very fine,” he said, remembering belatedly that he was, actually, supposed to be giving Ernesto a full dental examination. “If you’ll allow me one moment…”

He wouldn’t get to do what he wanted without a little more medical assistance. Cursing himself, the raw need to see, to feel, coursing through him, the gazelle gently injected Ernesto with another dose of sedative.

The dragon didn’t blink, didn’t flinch, slipping under with a breathy sigh that stank of his earlier meal. And Mr Komine couldn’t help himself, returning immediately to the drake’s maw as he inserted a light, steel gag to keep his mouth parted while he took his pleasure in the more intimate part of the examination.

The tongue twitched as he reached back into Ernesto’s mouth and Mr Komine frowned, trying to wrestle and poke it to the side. It was a reflexive action and the movements, while small, were irritating, coating his blue-gloved paws in drool that was more like slime. Wincing, he shoved it to the side, cursing how it was hindering his very personal examination, the dragon’s tail drooping all the way down to the ground as he languished in artificial unconsciousness.

But he had tools to make things a little easier on himself, even if his patient was not awake to permit all the consent he may have, technically, required. Tapping a syringe, the dentist smiled eerily, his large ears flicking back and forth as if trying to catch sounds from outside the examination room.

“Now, you’re just going to feel a slight pinch…”

He giggled giddily as he said it. Of course, the dragon wasn’t going to feel a thing – he was out cold! But it amused him to hear himself speak as if the dragon was awake and aware of everything he was doing, even if he was well aware that he’d never get such a chance to do what he was doing ever again.

The scent of the dragon’s breakfast washed over him as that tongue finally drooped, the nerve at the back of the mouth sealed off so that all was numb and it was harder for it to get in his way. Mr Komine inhaled deeply, letting the scent of cooked meat wash over him, something that prey animals were not partial to at the best of times. It excited him, however, being so close to a predator and it was all he could do to not hop from hoof to hoof as he ran his fingers all around the drake’s mouth while his head was in there, trusting the sturdy gag to keep him safe from harm.

For, if those jaws did snap closed with his neck between them, he would not have wanted to consider how swift or slow his fate may have been, depending on whether his neck broke or not. Pushing the thought from his mind, Mr Komine murmured, reaching all the way back to the drake’s throat again, the uvula dangling and seeming to pulse lightly in a gleam of saliva.

He had to do it. He couldn’t waste the chance.

Shoving his paw all the way to the back, he felt for the opening blindly and slipped his fingers and then his whole fist into the dragon’s windpipe. The sphincter tried to tighten around him, but the numbing agent did its trick nicely as he held his breath, heart pounding, and pushed his paw down even further.

Head and shoulders inside the drake’s mouth, the little gazelle gave a soft whimper as he explored, pushing his paw as far down the dragon’s windpipe as possible. His large chest heaved slightly as the drake struggled for the right amount of air and it was with a serious dose of reluctance that Mr Komine pulled back, arm drenched in drool, to massage and explore lightly around the point at the back of Ernesto’s throat. The drake was better able to manage such invasion without fighting for the reflexive need to breathe and he took his time exploring as deep as he could comfortably go, dipping back into the windpipe and tickling the back of his throat just for that wicked little thrill.

A growl rumbled up from the dragon’s stomach and he grunted softly, running his fingers between Ernesto’s lips and gums. He had to admit that the drake’s maw was in fine working order for being a predator and his very thorough examination could be noted in full. Briefly, he grabbed a clipboard and jotted down a few notes just to make sıhhiye escort it look like he had been examining the drake in a more clinical sense, the number of teeth and length of tongue but minor details. For he could only imagine what that tongue could feel like sweeping over him, the beast more feral than any of the non-mystical creatures that he’d had the fortune to examine in the past.

He tried not to think about the tightness in his gut, excitement rising to levels that were simply embarrassing. Mr Komine could not have claimed that his interest was in the creature itself, but he thanked his lucky stars (if a little belatedly) that his assistant had needed the day off, leaving him in the examination room all on his own. He wouldn’t have had such an opportunity if she had been there, as helpful as she was, and Mr Komine smiled shakily as he touched the tip of a finger to one, exceptionally sharp tooth. It pierced his glove as if the barrier was nothing at all, drawing a low groan from the gazelle’s quivering lips.

Frowning, he took a step back, studying the dragon, eyelids lowered in dreamland. He wondered just what the dragon would think when he woke, whether he would feel how his maw and jaws had been manipulated, windpipe explored all for the dentist’s pleasure and work. But the dose of sedative hadn’t been so high that he would have expected it took Ernesto out for so long.


“Maybe dragons don’t need all that much sedative, after all…” He muttered to himself, selecting another syringe from the emergency supply. “But it shouldn’t cause a dragon any issues…”

Injecting Ernesto smoothly at the base of his neck, he rubbed the site of injection softly, crooning to the drake.

“Come now, Ernesto, your examination is done and all is in fine working order.”

The drake was still due a cleaning on top of the examination so, while the dragon slowly returned to full consciousness, the gazelle busied himself with a full de-scale and polish, working around the edge of each tooth to clear plaque and build up. There were more gaps between the teeth of a predator and he lost himself in his work, the rhythm and routine at the very least helping to hide his shaking.

As Ernesto finally opened his eyes, blinking several times as if emerging from an exceptionally deep sleep, Mr Komine sucked in a breath, eyes darting about fervently. Would he know? Would the drake suspect anything was amiss?

He had to play it cool.

“There now,” Mr Komine murmured, heartbeat returning to something resembling a normal pace as he finished up cleaning the front teeth with a quick polish. “Isn’t that better?”

“W-what?” Ernesto blinked hazily, resisting the urge to yawn as he returned to the waking world. “Was I… Was I asleep?”

“Out cold, I’m afraid!” Mr Komine chuckled, putting as much sincerity into his tone as his small body was capable of doing. “That sedative must have worked a little too well on you. How do you feel?”

His concern was of the professional kind only and he took the dragon robotically through the steps after the basic procedure, helping him to rinse his maw out with a little more attention than was strictly necessary. The dragon’s tongue flopped loosely and Ernesto growled, clearly frustrated at his lack of control. Mr Komine only smiled pleasantly, however, and advised him that it was an understandable side-effect of the sedative and would wear off in but a few moments.

If he got the dragon numbed up completely, however… The gazelle shivered. Oh, the things he could do with the beast’s maw!

Perhaps he had better close the blinds next time though, just in case.

“Now, I must advise you no flying for some time. Will you be able to make your way home from here?

“Christa will pick me up,” he muttered. “Thanks, Mr Komine… You must have done a very thorough job.”

Smiling pleasantly, the gazelle bid him farewell, a knowing little glint in his eye. The dragon would never know just how thorough Mr Komine would be. Exploration would be the name of the game between them, from that point forward, as long as he could continue persuading the dopey dragon that sedation was, in fact, necessary each and every time. It wasn’t as if he was going to take the risk of being caught up in those jaws, after all!

Grinning too widely, Mr Komine hummed a tune and busied himself in tidying up the room in lieu of his assistant. But he would have to make sure she was out next time the dragon was down for a check-up, or else he’d never get to do what he really wanted to with that glorious, wet, delectable maw.

Why, the dentist even looked forward to Ernesto’s next visit!

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