Misbehavin’ Ch. 02

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The phone was ringing incessantly in Allie’s ear as she woke from her slumber. She tried to reach for the phone but her arm was under Jack’s, neck, gently she pulled it clear of him, smiling sweetly at her son as she did so, then reached for the phone, answering with a groggy, crackling voice, “Hello.”

“Hi, honey, how is everything.” The voice on the other end of the phone returned.

Allie sat straight up in bed, eyes wide and suddenly aware of who was speaking. “Hi, baby, where are you?” She says as she recognizes her husband’s voice.

“I’m in Kuwait City, Allie, I got hurt and I’m coming home a little early.”

“Hurt?” Allie asked concerned, “What happened?”

“Its not serious, but it’ll get me a little recovery time state-side, aren’t you excited?”

“Oh baby, you know I am, when will you be home?”

I’ll be on a plane in an hour, it should land some time after noon tomorrow. I’ll call and let you know when I transfer in New York, Ok?”

“Oh, yes, yes I can’t wait, I’m so glad.”

“I’ve got to go, honey, bye.”

“Bye baby.”

Jack had roused from the animated call. “Was that dad?” he asked.

“Yes, Jack, he’s been hurt and he’s coming home.”

Fear and worry alternating in his mind as the reality of his incestuous affair with his mother mingled with concern for his father’s wellbeing Jack asks, “Oh, that’s terrible, is he Ok?”

“He says so, but you know your father, he could be saying that so we don’t worry.” Allie says, visibly agitated by the uncertainty of the situation. She throws the blanket back, swings her legs out of the bed and tells Jack, “Get up and get all your things out of this room.”

Jack’s heart sunk, his tenuous hold on his mother’s confused sexuality was dissipating before his eyes, and he was helpless to do anything but comply with his mother’s request. “Yes ma’am.” He responded.

She didn’t hear his response, nor did she see the hurt on his face.


Waiting was tortuous, time drug on without end, for Allie and Jack, seemingly forever. Neither spoke. Neither knew what to say, the common bond they developed out of emotional need now seemed sordid and unspeakable. Both suffered with their own soul’s dark uncertainties.

Jack had taken the day off from his prep-school program to go with his mother and meet his father at the airport. As his mother drove nervously to the airport, Jack watched her hands shaking, as she chewed her nails and directed the car through the traffic. He wondered if she was going to be able to keep their affair a secret, he wondered too if they would ever again be lovers.

Allie was distraught, she was worried for her husband’s injuries, were they severe? Could she bear up if they were serious? She determined she had to be strong, but strength didn’t come, just more worry, what if he finds out about her and Jack, or Mr. Jones. She was slipping into a black pool of emotions, swimming in a sea of doubt; doubt that she could hold up from the strain of it all.

Major Tom Cooper waited in the international arrival customs line, gingerly inching forward as the line moved slowly forward, toward the customs agent and that much closer to home. He required the use of crutches, but they were invariably unwieldy in such close quarter movements, so he just hopped, or waddled as he made his way inexorably forward.

Major Cooper had been close to an improvised explosive device, IED in military parlance, when it claimed several soldier’s lives, barely surviving, he had been ripped from his thigh to his abdomen by a piece of shrapnel leaving him incapacitated, but it was no longer life threatening.

Allie Cooper watched as one after another soldier passed through the portal that led from the international arrival concourse, her nervous fidgeting belying any attempt to appear calm. Suddenly, she froze, was it him, could it be… could that be him inching along the corridor toward her, and then she saw his smile… his smile, Tom’s smile. She ran headlong toward him pulling up short as she realized he was seriously wounded. She wrapped her arms around his neck and lavished him with kisses, kisses long suffering his absence, her sobbing turned gradually to giggles and sincere gladness. He was home and she was safe again, he was safe, with her.

Jack watched as his mother smothered his father, nearly knocking him over as she clung to him. He was elated, and relieved that his father looked to be alright. But in the dark recesses of his mind he was concerned about the lustful urges he felt for his mother, his lover. He wandered over to his father slowly, smiling, wondering.

The reunited family made small talk as they made their way home, uneasily for all; Tom from his wound, Allie from her conflicted emotions, Jack from the overwhelming jealousy he now felt for his mother.


The first few days went by uneventfully. Late on the third night of his father’s return, Jack heard someone walk down the hall whimpering. It couldn’t be his father he thought, but why would his mom be crying? He got out of bed and ventured into the darkness of the hallway, wondering what he would ankara escort find. Walking into the living room, he sees his mother, seated head-in-hands crying. Jack moves to her and gently touches her shoulder, startling her from her pitiable repose.

“Oh! Jack it’s you.” She says a little too loudly, then softer, “Go back to bed, I’ll be alright.”

“What’s wrong mom?” Jack says concerned, “Are you Ok?”

Allie shakes her head as she bites her lower lip, tears flowing freely as she does so. “No, its not me… Its your father…he…he’s lost his…” she stutters, then halts, then begins again, “His wound is more serious than you know. He can’t… He…” again halting as she sobs through hands held over her face.

“Take it easy mom. What happened to dad?”

“He’s missing a large part of his… scrotum, and his penis too.” She sobs.

“Ohhh, no, poor dad.” Jack says, cringing from the visual image.

“Yes, poor dad.” Allie says without conviction, but with a sarcasm belying her self pity.

Jack reaches over to console his mother, but as he does she recoils from him, placing a hand on his chest, saying, “No son. Don’t. I can’t deal with any drama right now.”

Jack is hurt by this declaration from his mother, he so wanted to console her for her sake… and his. “Good night mom.”


Tom Cooper had to visit the base hospital weekly to have the wound checked by the medical staff. He had been back one week to the day and was waiting in the out patient ward for his appointment. As he looked around he realized that there were plenty of soldiers with much more serious wounds than he. But only the wounds that were apparent, he lightly rubbed an itch where his swollen organ was missing an inch long chunk of meat, ripped by the searing hot metal as it tore through his thigh and abdomen. It resembled a bite out of an apple, only more gruesome in its hideous effect.

“Major Cooper?” a nurse called his name and he responded with a “Here,” and then struggled to his feet and into the examination room. The doctor came in after the nurse had removed the bandages and cleaned the wounds and the sutures. With just a cursory exam the attending physician wrinkled his furrowed brow, sat back, and leveled his gaze toward the Major.

“You’re married Major?” He asked.

“Well… yes.” He answered, confused.


“Yes, one boy, er… young man… he’s attending college next year. Why?” He answered, still confused.

“Well, Major its like this, your penis has suffered a tremendous trauma, if we don’t do something quick you may lose it altogether.” The doctor explained.

“But they said it would be ok.”

“They were wrong, what they should have done was bi-sect and reattach the uninjured forward portion here, pointing to the crown of his penis’ head, now we will have to remove it or infection will spread. This could threaten your life, Major.” The doctor intoned.

Major Cooper sat shocked as thoughts raced through his mind, how could he go on, would Allie accept him as an invalid in this sense, could they ever make love again?

“Major… Major.” Did you hear me, we have a surgical team ready now, please follow me.” He hears some one saying as he follows the voice’s commands slowly, in a dazed stupor.

Allie couldn’t understand what could be taking her husband so long. She began to fidget-she had never been a patient person. Hours went by, and then a very serious physician came up to her and explained that the “procedure” had gone well and that she could see the Major in recovery. Recovery, she thought. Why is he in recovery?

Major Tom cooper was groggy but awake as Allie came in the room she smiled a nervous little smile and asked, “What happened Tom?”

He tried to be strong and reticent, but failed, his voice wavered as he explained what had transpired. “It’ll be ok I think.” He managed to say, before having to look away, not yet able to face his wife’s reaction to his infirmity.

Allie was stunned, began crying, and fainted into the chair she was sitting. “On my god, Tom they took it off?” she finally managed.

“Most of it, the doctor said there are a few inches.”


As weeks passed into months, Jack had begun college, Tom had regained his health, and Allie… well Allie stayed depressed most of the time. She had even taken to drinking to suppress the pain and desire that seemed incessant and unrequited. She had distanced herself from Jack and Tom, emotionally and socially, she just couldn’t stand to be around them, not sober at least.

Tom had received orders to travel to the west coast for a month, and left with little fanfare. Allie didn’t even see him off, she had slipped completely into self pity. Jack tried to again become close to his mother, but her self indulgent behavior was reinforced by alcohol induced numbness, leaving her frigid to his advances.

Jack had turned to a girl at school that he seemed to like, at least he was moving on, or so Allie thought. Jack would never chance having a girl stay overnight in his parents’ home while his dad was there, but with him gone the opportunity escort ankara was too good to pass by. This is going to be great he thought as he slinked into the living room with his new girlfriend, Kaleen, explaining that his mother was probably passed out drunk by this time of night.

In the late night, Allie awoke with a sudden start. Sounds, faint and unintelligible, had penetrated her alcohol-sleep-fogged brain and had brought her instantly alert. She sat up in the bed, pulling the sheets down her legs, and then set her feet onto the floor. The sounds had stopped and she wondered if she just hadn’t been awakened from a nightmare. What was happening to her? She remembered falling asleep, trying to reject those lewd ideas that had been provoked by Tom’s absence and Jack’s provocative behavior. Then whispering voices began again, as though coming from a great distance, somewhere in the living room, but it seemed farther off than that. She glanced at the luminous dial of her watch that she had set on the bed-stand. One o’clock, quite awhile since she’d gone to bed.

She reached down and pushed her feet into slippers and padded across the thick carpet to the bedroom door. She reached to the switch for the air-conditioning and turned it off, but no new sounds appeared. Slowly, with a care that was really unnecessary, she turned the knob and slipped quietly out into the hallway. The sounds had started again and were more pronounced now, and she had no difficulty telling that they were coming from the direction of the living room. Her mind was still numbed from the deep sleep she had awakened from and she had trouble focusing her mind on what she should do. A low animal-like grunt told her the obvious: Jack had a woman in the living room.

Holding her breath, she moved up the hallway and stood immobile to the side of the threshold to the living room. “Mmmmmm,” the sound lolled out from a woman’s mouth, and then another deeper grunt followed in almost rapid succession. “Ohhhhh, God, yes, yesssss,” Jack’s voice breathed low and impassioned.

Allie stood stock still, indecisive as to whether she should leave or stay. Was Jack drawing her into this? She hadn’t wanted to see them do what they were doing to each other, but now she had been dragged from her bed to involuntarily witness it.

“Jack, your cock gets bigger and bigger every time I touch it,” Kaleen’s voice murmured. “And it tastes so good, round and hard in my mouth. I want to suck it and suck it and suck it.”

Allie recoiled in abject repulsion, her breath catching in her throat. Had she heard correctly? She had known people did such things, Mr. Jones had forced her to perform it, but she had always pushed the disgusting thought from her mind as something too low to even think about.

“Now hold it in your hand, baby,” she heard Jack’s voice say, low and moaning. “Jerk it with your fingers, yeah, oh yeah, that’s good.”

Suddenly, Allie heard Kaleen’s voice let out a tart laugh that slowly turned into a kind of gurgle. God, what was she doing now, her mind raced?

“Tell me you want me to suck it, tell me again,” she heard Kaleen tease.

“I said suck it, fuck it with your mouth,” Jack’s voice became more insistent. “Ooooooh, mmmmm, yes, lick it with your tongue. Swirl your tongue around it like you always do.”

“Mmmmmmgh,” the wet lapping-sucking sounds started low and then became more and more violent.

“Now raise your ass up,” she heard Jack’s voice command in the viciousness of passion. “Let me feel that sweet little cunt of yours, let me fuck you with my fingers … Oh baby, loosen your lips and let me slide my prick in farther, I want to push it down your throat,” he blurted out.

Allie bent back, her legs feeling slack, but her mind startlingly alert to the sounds of lust that continued unceasingly.

“When I cum I want you to drink it, do you hear, suck it and drink it.”

Allie felt a dizziness float over her, as though she was drunk, but she wasn’t any longer. She wanted to leave, yet she remained pinned to the wall as though she had been bolted there. Weird lewd images floated through her mind, almost as echoes of what she had imagined as she had fallen asleep a few hours earlier, but now it was actually happening. Jack was putting his cock inside Kaleen’s full-lipped mouth and she must be moving her lips up and down on the hotly throbbing head of her son’s prick, sucking on it, the words blazed in flaming print across her consciousness.

She had to leave, there was no question of staying here any longer, but she could not move. She stood limply, her long hair cascading over the front of her transparent nightgown and suffered with the image of that long thick cock plunging into the young girl’s wetly oval mouth, her long hair tumbling over his tanned lean-muscled stomach, his balls cradled in her hotly kneading hands.

“I’m going to cum, honey, stop, st-st-stop, before I cummmmm!”

Then the moistly sucking sound ceased, and there was a smack of lips and another short groan before momentary silence.

“I’ve been neglected,” came the short curt remark from Kaleen’s lips. Then she ankara escort bayan purred: “My little pussy needs some attention too. Do you want to suck my cunt?”

“Yes! Oh yes!”

“Then here it is. Isn’t it lovely? It feels good from when you touched it, but I want you to lick it.”

“I’ll put my tongue down like this … how is this; I’ll suck your clit first.”

“Yes, lick … suck my little clit, Oh, Oh, God, you can fuck me with your tongue, God, you lick … your tongue feels gorgeous,” the girl crooned, and then her words ran off into further babbling obscenities.

Allie’s heart pounded like a jack-hammer until she was certain they could hear it across the room. She pressed one hand tightly to her breast as though to dull the sound. But it didn’t stop; it lurched on accompanying the soft rhythmic sucking of this little girl’s lips on Jack’s cock. Oh Lord, it was awful! She was hypnotized by the lewd wet sound of lips on flesh, and she gradually found herself losing control of her consciousness. It was almost as though her whole being was palpitating in unison with the couple; and she was moving off away from her own body and watching horrified as she lurched into the first warm, trembling of arousal that began seething around deep in her groin.

“Oh, my darling … oh, God, lick faster, stick your tongue up my pussy … G-God, it feels so GGoooooooodddd.”

Then there was a slight stirring and a rustle from the couch. The first few words Jack emitted were unintelligible, but then he said in a sibilant whisper: “Baby, let’s fuck. I want to fuck … you … right now … I want my cock in your hot pussy.”

“Say it again,” Kaleen mewled. “S-say you want to fuck me … say it and make my cunt jump!”

“I-I, I’m going to fuck you. That’s it, open your legs wide, here, I’m coming in. Oooooo.”

“Yes, oh you feel so Big, it feels so goddam good, Jack. Fuck, oh fuck me, fuck, fuck, fuck it, fuck my cunt like you never fucked it before.”

Allie could feel the perspiration flowing freely on her body now beneath the softly falling folds of the white nightgown. Down below she could feel her own hotly throbbing cunt softly tingling, and she pressed her pelvis out against the wall and began rubbing it against the cool wallpaper. But the feeling was not stopped. Nothing was clear to her, she understood nothing-she could not stop that warmly quivering sensation, and she felt in one flicker of coherent thought that she would do it! She had talked of satisfying herself, but god! Never like this, while they were doing these vile things to each other only a few feet away.

As though in a dream, her own hands began to involuntarily massage the tensely straining whiteness of her breasts, trapping the warmly trembling nipples beneath her fingers and kneading and pulling them until it felt as though she would rip them loose from the white quivering mounds. Her left hand began to slide slowly along her perspiring body, down the flat plane of her curving sides and across her stomach to rest on the thinly throbbing strands of her pubic hair.

God, it felt good! She began to rub back and forth, and up and down over the silky material. She could feel her own moistly throbbing vaginal slit palpitating excitedly against the tips of her fingers, and she worked them harder, learning new methods of bringing her own personal pleasure with each flick. She could feel the wetness trickle warmly down the insides of her thighs, flowing freely from her inflamed pussy-and she moved her forefinger below the silky nightgown, then lifted up the hem of the material in her hands and held it clasped against the hallway wall as she touched her now nakedly exposed cunt directly with her middle finger.

The moaning from within the living room was almost incoherent now as Jack and Kaleen thrashed hotly together on the couch in wild throes of pleasure. Fucking, that was what they were doing, the salacious thought rippled through her head, and as they did it, she finger-fucked herself. She rubbed her hand against the thinly hair-lined lips of her open cunt, knowing that it was wrong, almost beyond being wrong, but patently evil in her own world of puritan values. But she moved her feet farther apart on the floor and pressed her fingers harder, her middle finger pressing teasingly into the moist open slit, and she could feel her vaginal passage expanding; her finger was a cock, she thought, not Tom’s now, but Jack’s, and she was doing what they had talked about this evening. The obscene thought struck her that perhaps they knew what she was up to, and she experienced the dreadful urge to run into the living room and throw herself onto the embraced bodies a few yards beyond her and fuck with them. But she didn’t.

The fire burned more intensely, demanding more to feed its lewd hunger. She inserted another finger up inside her vagina and began squirming her buttocks back and forth down over them as though they were the wild plunging of Jack’s warmly throbbing prick. The squeak of the springs on the couch became more violent, and she thrust her fingers more desperately into the moistness of her vagina in time to the maddening rhythm of the couple fucking in the next room. She thought that, No, this was horrible, she should stop, again floated through her consciousness, but she stroked her working fingers even harder into her moistly flowering pussy.

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