My Aerobics Instructor Ch. 02

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Recap of Part 1

After her regular Tuesday night aerobics class, 44 year old Diane was inadvertently seduced by her 37 year old aerobics instructor Sherry. They had an evening of unbridled sexual frenzy in the steaming hot sauna of a local health and fitness club. It was Diane’s first lesbian experience, coming after her marriage of nearly twenty-three years came to end when her husband left her for another man. Now, after practically tearing each other inside out in the wild heat of passion, the two women professed their love for each other, with Sherry adding that she has been madly in love with Diane for many years.

Part 2

Wow! Have you ever noticed what a roller coaster ride life can be? First, my husband of nearly twenty-three years leaves me for another man; then when the smoke finally clears following that stampede, I suddenly find myself wrapped up in the most erotic and sexually satisfying relationship of my life in the arms of another woman. Talk about ironic! My aerobics instructor and friend of many years, Sherry, and I practically mauled each other to death in a fit of raw, unbridled sexual frenzy one night last January in the sauna of the health and fitness club that Sherry owns. When it was all over, Sherry professed that she had been in love with me for a very long time and I was positive that the feeling was mutual. Sherry and I went to a Chinese Buffet after our encounter and gorged ourselves on plate after plate of Chinese food. After dinner we went straight to my house, opened a bottle of wine, took one sip each and where immediately swept back into the throws of passion. When the sun rose the following morning; actually the following afternoon, I awoke under cum laden, sweat drenched sheets and was still wrapped in Sherry’s naked embrace. I watched her sleep for a few moments, never feeling more in love with someone in my entire life. I woke Sherry with a series of gentle kisses, and before I could say “good morning”, Sherry pounced on me again. We just couldn’t get enough of each other.

Now, as March madness is in full swing, Sherry and I are still tearing each other inside out almost every night. It is so wonderful to feel so loved and so desired, and I’ve learned that Sherry is a bottomless pit of sexual surprises. I have known this woman for nearly twenty years and I never realized that she was such a freak when it comes to sex. Of course, how could I? I was happily married for all those years and she was just my friend. Now, as the first of April is just a day or so away, I’m finally able to slow down and look at our situation objectively. And I’m not exactly thrilled with what I’m seeing. In the three months since our first encounter and our subsequent profession of love for one another, Sherry and I have never once made any effort to explore our love. All we do is fuck! We’ve never gone out together for a romantic evening, nor snuck away for a romantic weekend. Never shared hopes, dreams, thoughts, emotions, nor have we talked about our kids, much less told them about our relationship. True, I’m not exactly in any rush to tell my kids anything considering what they’ve just been through with their father, but I know that if Sherry and I are going to build a life together, they will eventually have to be told.

By the end of January, Sherry had more or less moved into my house and we spent most of our time fucking wildly in every room and in every position imaginable. We have always done it at my house, in the car, at my office or at Sherry’s health club. Never once have we done it at Sherry’s house. Pondering our relationship day and night; sometimes even in the heat of passion, I knew something wasn’t right. While we had never planned ahead of time where we would be together, it just always ended up someplace other than Sherry’s home.

Finally one Monday morning, I called Sherry from my office and told her that we were going to have to stay at her house for a few days while mine underwent some interior renovations — fresh paint, new carpeting, etc. I had been planning this renovation work for sometime. To my surprise, Sherry was very reluctant to have me come to her home. In truth, she flat out told me we couldn’t. Now, I was really concerned. But Sherry sensed my feeling, and immediately suggested that we rent a cheap and dirty motel room instead. She said that it has always been a fantasy of hers; to rendezvous in a filthy, rundown motel room in a rough area of town and fuck like crazy. Sherry definitely knew how to light my far, and I instantly forgot all about my concerns over our love and why we never made love at Sherry’s home. The idea Sherry had really turned me on and I agreed to it almost instantly. In fact, it got me so hot that I was soon masturbating right there in my office with Sherry on the phone describing what she had in mind; and the best part was, it would begin that night. By the time I hung up the phone, I was so wet that I had to go to the restroom to izmir escort clean myself up. Ever since Sherry and I got together, I started carrying an extra pair or two of panties in my purse to work, along with an additional pair of slacks or skirt. Sherry often came by my office in the middle of the day for a little fun. I can only imagine what the cleaning crew must think when they come into my office every night and smell the odor of the forbidden fruit all over my desk, chair, sofa and carpet. Oh well! Like I said, Sherry’s a freak when it comes to sex. I only wish I knew earlier just how much of a freak she really was.

The rest of the day went by very slowly and I had to fight to keep my hands off myself. Also, any concerns I had over the future of our relationship or why we had never fucked at Sherry’s house were easily pushed out of my mind; at least for the moment. I got home just before five and hurried upstairs to pack. It was Monday and the workers were due to arrive early the next morning, so I had to be out the night before. While I was packing, apparently my moment was up and all of those thoughts and questions came pouring back into my mind. Then it suddenly hit me: Sherry’s eighteen year old daughter Michelle was still living with Sherry. Maybe Sherry was uncomfortable about having sex with me in her home with Michelle there. Convincing myself that Michelle was the reason Sherry had never invited me to her house, I continued to pack and I forced my thoughts into the future and began to fantasize about the night ahead. But then the thought occurred to me that millions of couples have sex in their homes with their children there all the time. It was the natural order of things. But then again, Sherry’s and my relationship wasn’t exactly natural. We were a homosexual couple. But then again, even gay couples had children living with them. Besides, Michelle was eighteen years old, and I simply couldn’t imagine that she would be offended by it. Homosexual relationships are very common in our modern society. And surely Sherry has had relationships with other women in the past. And here again, Michelle is eighteen. I had no doubt that she herself was not totally unfamiliar with the sins and pleasures of the flesh. After all, I had a daughter of that age myself. And as Whitney past through my mind, the true revelation hit me!

“That’s it!” I shouted.

Whitney! Could the fact that Whitney and Michelle are such could friends have something to do with Sherry’s reluctance to take our relationship into her home? Since Whitney no longer lived at home, the thought had never even occurred to me how I would feel about having sex with Sherry there if Whitney still lived at home. After all, Sherry had known Whitney since she was a baby. She had changed her diapers and fed her, just as I had done for Michelle. Now it all made perfect sense. Poor Sherry; and selfish me! My God!

I finished packing and carried my bag downstairs and out to the car. The plan was for me to attend the Monday evening aerobics class and then go on to the motel Sherry had picked out from there. Sherry didn’t teach the Monday evening class, but she told me that she would leave directions to the motel along with a key to the room in my locker. I hopped in the car and headed for the health club feeling pity for Sherry and anger toward myself for being so selfish. Just then, another thought struck me; one that had been in the back of mind since Sherry and I professed our love for each other. I turned up the music to try and block it out. Unfortunately that proved ineffective; for as I drove, the thought seemed to shout louder and louder through my mind: Was I really in love with Sherry or was I just in lust with her? As I replayed our relationship since January over in my mind, I realized that it really wasn’t love at all; it was lust. And I came to the painful conclusion that a completely physical relationship is good for awhile, but sooner or later it’s going to run dry and somebody is going to get hurt. I realized, much to my displeasure, that it needed to stop. I wasn’t in love with Sherry, and if I could get her to be truly honest about it and look at it objectively, Sherry wasn’t in love with me either. We were just madly in lust with each other. The whole relationship was based on, and was all about sex; and it needed to stop before one of us got hurt. Emotionally! Physical pain came with almost every encounter. Sherry brought out the animal in me and I in her.

I arrived at the fitness center at about quarter to seven. I hurried inside and signed in at the front desk. I knew that in less than two hours, I would be in a motel room with Sherry and with the revelation I had just come to, this may be the last time I’m ever inside this fitness club. I had no sooner set the pen down when I looked up and nearly jumped out of my skin. Michelle was standing behind the desk looking every bit of the beautiful young alsancak escort woman she has become. Michelle was an equal mix of both her parents. Her hair was strawberry blonde, just like her father’s and it draped down past her shoulders, and her skin was creamy white, also like her father. She also stood a good two, possibly three inches taller than Sherry, just like her father and me for that matter. Her breasts were somewhat larger than Sherry’s and her body, if you can believe it, put Sherry’s to shame. Yes, Michelle was gorgeous! And as I stood right there in front of her, I suddenly saw her in a totally different light; a light that made me uncomfortable, and for a brief second, aroused.

As the arousal went through my body, I felt my face flush as a powerful chill passed through me almost immediately. My heart started to pound while my stomach filled with butterflies. What the hell is wrong with me? I used to change this girl’s diapers. Then another thought came; one that made me feel better, but not much: Does she know about me and Sherry? Or even worse, if she does know, has she told Whitney? I gathered up my bag and turned to head for the locker room. Michelle meanwhile, merely smiled as she came around the counter and gave me a big hug; and again, the arousal passed through me. I broke out in a cold sweat and casually, broke out of the hug. Michelle apparently did not notice my apprehension or that I cut the hug short. Beaming her beautiful smile at me, she asked how I was, and I how I was getting along since the divorce. Then she told me that she would be teaching the class this evening. Pulling myself together on the inside, I told her that I was looking forward to it. She then asked after Whitney and I reported that Whitney was doing great. I hurried off to the locker room, all the while trying to hide my face, which I’m sure by now was bright red. I just hoped that Michelle hadn’t noticed.

I burst into the locker room and found it to be empty. Thank God! I placed my hand on my chest and tried to settle down. My heart was racing and pounding almost uncontrollably. Collecting myself, I went on to my locker and opened it. Sure enough there was a sealed enveloped inside it, lightly sprinkled with Sherry’s perfume and a old motel room key lying on top of it. I opened the envelope and read the directions to the motel. The motel was in Romulus, Michigan; not far from the Detroit airport. Replacing the letter into the envelope, I plopped down on the bench for a moment and weighed my options. Based on how nervous I’d gotten around Michelle, not to mention the brief feelings of sexual arousal I experienced, I wondered if I should stay for the class at all. I’ve known this girl since she was born! I used to give her a bottle and change her diapers! How now could I possibly be finding her sexually attractive; and what’s worse, actually entertaining the thought of what having sex with her would be like! Then the other question came: Does she know about me and her mother? If she did know, why hadn’t she confronted me at the desk? Maybe she didn’t mind at all. And suppose she didn’t know about us. How would she feel if I suddenly walked out and didn’t stay for her aerobics class? Sure, I could lie and tell her something had come up, but I was never good at making up stories. Besides, I had known Michelle all her life and had never once lied to her. In fact, I used to lecture both her and Whitney about the benefits of being truthful all the time as they were growing up. Then my mind bounced back to being aroused again. How can I look her in the eye? By now I was so deeply engrossed in battle with myself, that I didn’t realize that my body had made my decision for me; because when I finally looked into the mirror, I had changed into my workout suit. I guess I was staying.

Michelle started the class right at seven o’clock and once again I felt my stomach fill with butterflies. As she stood in front of the class, which tonight consisted of only six of us, I immediately noticed what she was wearing and my heart almost stopped. Strange that I hadn’t noticed it at the desk, but then again, I was doing everything I could to avoid eye contact. Michelle was wearing the exact same outfit that Sherry wore that night of our first encounter back in January. A bright blue one piece bathing suit, see-through spandex pants, white socks, white sneakers, white head band and her strawberry blonde hair was pulled back into a ponytail. Here we’d barely begun to warm up and already I was sweating profusely, and my heart went from zero to a million miles a second almost instantly. And after what seemed like the longest hour of my life, the class finally came to an end. Michelle, unlike Sherry, didn’t come around to each and every person in the class. Thank God for the smallest of blessings. When the lights came up, I sprang to my feet and hurried toward the locker room. I hadn’t gone five steps when Michelle buca escort was suddenly in front of me, along with another young woman whom I recognized immediately.

“Hey Diane?” Michelle said almost giggling. “You remember Reagan Ramos, don’t you?”

“Of course I do.” I blurted with a forced smile. “So good to see you again, hon.”

My heart was pounding so hard that I could barely hear myself speak. The butterflies in my stomach instantly turned into bats and the sweat of my brow instantly turned freezing cold; because once again sexual arousal passed through my body. Only this time is was much stronger; and this time, it wasn’t Michelle, but Reagan who brought it about. Reagan is a good friend of Michelle and Whitney’s, and just like Michelle, is a year behind Whitney and would be graduating this coming June. Possessing an angelic face, succulent lips, shiny long brown hair, big and beautiful chest, scrumptious ass, perfectly toned long legs and soft silky skin that was a medium shade of almond; Reagan was the epitome of the quintessential head cheerleader that every American boy dreams of; but she was a pure and natural athlete, not a cheerleader. A state champion swimmer, Reagan had a real shot of making the U.S. Olympic team. She also played basketball, softball and volleyball. She could easily overpower most anyone and eat them alive. And at that moment, that’s exactly what I wanted her to do to me.

“We were just wondering what you were doing tonight?” Michelle asked.

“Why?” I replied.

“We were just wondering if you wanted to come get something to eat with us. I heard there’s a really awesome Chinese Buffet just down the street. We were gonna go check it out and thought you’d like to come.” Michelle continued.

With the mention of the Chinese Buffet, a wave of terror broke over me. Not only was Michelle wearing the exact same outfit that Sherry had worn the night of our first encounter, she now wanted to go eat at the very same Chinese Buffet that her mother and I ate at after our first unbridled night of passion. “She had to know and now she was torturing me with it.” I thought to myself.

As my mind raced wildly for a way out, Michelle and Reagan exchanged confused looks and then stared back at me. I finally heard myself tell the girls that I already had dinner plans, but thanked them for offering. I went onto the locker room, slowly at first until the girls were out of sight, then I burst into a sprint. I hit the locker room, stripped out of my workout suit, rinsed off in the showered and got dressed as quickly as humanly possible. I had almost a half hour drive down to Romulus, so I didn’t bother putting on my make-up, or perfume. I could do that in the car. I emptied all the contents of my locker, for I knew this was the last time I would be coming to this club. I dropped the envelope in the side pocket of my bag, slung the bag over my shoulder, and slid the room key in my pocket as I raced out of the locker room. Crossing the gym area floor as calmly as I could, I realized that the place was completely deserted, but all the lights were still on. Stepping it up a bit, I made a bee-line for the front door when I suddenly heard Michelle’s voice coming from behind me.

“Diane, can you come here for just a minute?” She said almost innocently.

With my heart racing, I turned to see Michelle, standing barefoot in the doorway of Sherry’s office, now wearing an oversized windbreaker jacket and holding a cordless phone to her ear. Michelle motioned for me to come into the office. With every fiber of my being telling me to get out, I checked my watch and mouthed that I really needed to go. She cupped her hand over the phone.

“Just for one minute.” She whispered.

Before I could say another word, Michelle stepped back into the office and out of sight. I checked my watch again and with a deep cleansing breath, followed her into Sherry’s office. Michelle was standing behind the desk, still on the phone. She motioned to the chair in front of the desk, indicating for me to sit until she finished her call. With my heart pounding and my stomach filling with eagles this time, I sat down in the armless chair in front of Sherry’s desk, letting my bag drop to the floor. No sooner was I seated, did Michelle drop the cordless phone back into its cradle without even saying a word to the person on the other end. She stared at me for a long moment and I could feel my face begin to flush.

“What’s up?” I finally managed to spit out. As if I didn’t know.

“Why don’t you tell me.” Michelle hissed.

“I don’t understand, sweetie.” I replied; trying to buy time.

“How long have you been fucking my mother?” Michelle bitterly asked.

Now it was out and I almost wanted to cry. For the first time, I got a true understanding of how my own kids must have felt when their father introduced them to Frank. How could I have let this happen? My first instinct was to take her in my arms like I did when she was a child and hold her. But given what had been going through my mind, I decided to stay seated.

“Honey, listen.” I began as my heart felt like it was about to bust through my chest.

“Shhhhhhh!!” Michelle said as she raised her finger to her lips.

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