My First MFM Ch. 02

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Sorry for the wait for pt. 2, short but sweet.


As soon as Kevin’s sweet cum was on our faces, Janet and I turned on each other. Kevin groaned as he had to watch us enjoy the satisfaction of his cum on our lips. She licked the cum from my face and stuck her tongue in my mouth. Tasting his cum made me so hard, at the same time Janet was reaching down and stroking my young cock. As our tongues wrestled, I felt her warmth near my cock. Her hands wrapped around my neck as she slammed down on my shaft. I moaned as I felt each inch of my cock slide into her pussy. She groaned as I hit the back of her. I was so hard inside her.

She slid up and down on my cock, my hands caressing her back and ass. Her eyes were closed, her blonde hair swaying back and forth as she rode me. “Your Cock is so big!” Her hand went down my chest, planting in the middle of it. I heard a shuffling behind Janet, and saw Kevin with his complete hard on.

He got on his knees behind her, and before Janet knew, her hair was yanked back. “OWWOWWWOWOW!” Janet yelped with surprise and pleasure. I felt something strange poke against my cock and suddenly knew Kevin was in her ass. His fingers twisted in her maltepe anal escort hair as he was bent over her. Both Kevin and I pounded in and out of her at opposing times. Her screams of pleasure filled our ears, we all moaned. I didn’t want to cum, but I reached up and my hand squeezed around Janet’s throat as I pounded into her.

“I-i-i’mmm gonnna CUUMM!!” And right after I finished that all movement stopped. “You are not cumming just yet,” Janet Screamed! Kevin pulled out, and Janet reached down and gripped my cock, not allowing me to cum. “What made you think you’d get off so easy? We still need to have fun! Now that I’m all opened up!” With that she lowered ass onto my cock, spreading her cheeks. It was amazing watching my cock poke into her soft thick tasty ass. Her back rested on my chest as I thrust into her. My hands on her hips, my warm breath on her neck. Kevin looming over us, stroking his cock, as I raised Janet up mine. He then walked up to us, and Janet reached out and pulled his cock to her mouth.

With Kevin’s cock again inches away, I was in awe. I nibbled on Janet’s neck, wanting the cock to be in my mouth. Kevin grabbed the back of Janet’s head and slammed his kurtköy ucuz escort cock down her throat. I could hear her gagging, but I knew she wanted more and with that I sped up the pace of pounding her ass. She pushed Kevin away, I opened my mouth eager for it, but she guided him to her pussy. Suddenly the air was full of Janet’s moans. Kevin pounded in and out eagerly, while Janet screamed “Yes! FUCK ME! GOOODDD YEESSS!!” Suddenly she was quivering, I held onto her hips, and drilled her ass through her orgasm. Her ass tightening around my cock was amazing, but I wasn’t about to cum just yet, I wanted to, but I had seen the look in Janet’s eyes before. That look of, ‘You’re going to cum when I say so!’

“God Yes!” She finally let out. “That was amazing! You boys can do a number on a girl!” Kevin and I lifted her off me, but she decided she wanted to ride me again. Her juicy perky tits brushed my lips as she climbed on top. As she started bobbing up and down on me, her hands on my shoulders for support, I looked for Kevin and then I felt a tongue lick my balls. Let me just say, having a pussy around my cock was amazing, but the added sensations of a tongue tasting Janet’s juices of my kurtköy yabancı escort balls was incredible. He pushed Janet forward a little bit, and began to lick up and down my shaft as Janet went up and down. My eyes were closed, the ecstasy was to great.

Then all of a sudden, “Ahhh Yes, Kevin” I felt his cock against mine. Pushing into her pussy, this was a new feeling. His cock against mine turned me on even more, which was a surprise. I could feel all the warmth of our bodies right there, stretching Janet’s walls, her moans of pleasure were silent to me. Just focusing on my cock and his cock, filling her up. I opened my eyes to see Janet staring down at me, and Kevin looking over her shoulder.

“Cum” she said. “I want you both to fill me up!” We quickened our paces, I of course came first. Shooting my hot load into her, hitting the back of her, and exploding past Kevin’s cock. This must have set Kevin off, because he suddenly began to quiver and moaned something into Janet’s ear. Then I felt his cock get much harder, and he let loose a geyser of cum inside.

“YESSS!! FILLLL MEEEEE!!” I continued to thrust getting the rest of mine into her, Kevin’s cum filling her where I hadn’t gotten. Kevin then pulled out and was back to where he was, lapping at my cock. “We’re pretty tasty” he said as he licked up my cock, and stuck his tongue into her.

With Janet laying on my chest, and Kevin tasting our juices off my cock. “MMM that feels so good Kevin,” I let out. Looked up and locked lips with Janet and relaxed.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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