My Marisol: Felinicity and Floods

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“Lesbian women don’t mess around,” your bi- friend Abigail told you that afternoon. You’d told her about your date that night, the first with a woman, a beautiful Colombian goddess named Marisol, lithe like a female jaguar, with smooth dark skin and brown eyes that sparked like root beer.

“I’m just saying. It’s not going be all daisies and tea parties if you hook up with a real lesbian,” Abigail smiled. She loved knowing you were finally taking the plunge, and she loved even more tormenting you like this, a gumbo of apprehension, curiosity, impatience, and–already, you wonder–lust.

“Seriously. Imagine the hardest your nipples have ever been pulled, like somebody was trying to tear-off your tits like a paper towel from a wall dispenser.” Abigail was smiling evilly now, and you felt your pussy start to warm-up its juice vats for later that night. “That’s what she’ll do to you, while you kiss harder than you’ve ever been kissed in your life…”

And now you’re here. With Marisol. Drunk-enough to let anything happen, but not so drunk you’ll forget. The wine with dinner and shots at the Lesbian dance club…

(Oh, God, all the pretty pretty girls and not so pretty girls, dancing, grinding, making out in dark corners, fingering at the bar, not giving a shit, and you just clinked glasses, and downed another 2oz shot of Fireball, as your pussy began trickling a shot glass full of cunt-nectar, and you couldn’t wait to get your lithe and lusty jaguar goddess home, cum what may)

And Abigail was right. Marisol is yanking on your nipples. It was gentle and soft and candlelit at first, but now…

…those long, beautiful fingers are locked onto your nipples, just like Abigail had said, only you aren’t scared, like you’d expected. This unfamiliar animal inside you was getting-off on the animal beneath you.

You’re arched over her, slightly off to one side. Her right knee is slightly raised, and it’s right against your pussy, but that’s the killer part.

You’re bent over, smashing your mouths together, stifling moans, while she yanks down on your breasts, and her thigh rubs rhythmically against you.


It starts by taking control of your hands.

Your long beautiful fingers. Your animal instinct starts with one, and she moans.

When you stick it inside her, it’s like sliding it into some exquisite oil.

Warm, exotic, sultry.

You feel her lips and clit swell, wanting more.

You bite her neck as you stick the second one in.

She squirms.

You smile down at her. She looks helpless, but wicked, too.

You pull your fingers out of her, then put them in her mouth, waiting till she’s licked all of her own juices off, tasting herself, making herself wetter and hornier, just because you made her.

You pull your hand back, then kiss her hard on the lips.

Now you stick your thumb in her mouth.

You command her to lick it, to make it as wet as her pussy is.

You pull your hand back out of her mouth, then rub your dutifully wet thumb over her clit. Gently, oh so gently.

Her legs instinctively spread a bit wider.

You pull your hand away from her clit, then slap her pussy. Once, twice. Fast, like morse code stinging against her lips and clit.



You can feel new warmth, as blood rushes to that sacred spot you just punished.

SLAP! One more for good measure.

Then you take three fingers, and you slide them inside her pussy. Slowly, making sure she’s wet inside..

Her juices leak out as you explore. She’s primed. She’s filled with desire. She wants you. She wants all of you.

You set your thumb against her clit, and start sliding your three fingers in and out, slowly. A G O N I Z I N G L Y slow.

She shivers with anticipation, and you cram your fingers in as far as they can go.

Hell with her clit.

You want her pussy to cum.

Faster and faster, you slide your fingers in and out of her.

You start twisting them once you get inside. Thrust, twist, pull, twist, thrust, and always thrusting.

And she gets wetter and wetter, a monsoon flood.

She won’t lie still. She keeps grabbing your left hand, and putting on her tit, then hers on top of yours. “Squeeze,” it says. “Squeeze hard.”

You pinch her nipple as hard as you can. Your left hand labors with the effort. She grabs her breast–the one you’re abusing–and she holds it up to you like an offering. You squeeze again, and she spasms.

You can feel it in her pussy. Little quivers here and there, GOD and so damned wet. Where can it all come from? By now, she’s thrusting her hips forward as you pound into her. It’s a perfect rhythm, one, two, THREE, four. Something about that three gets you both moving like a machine.

Then you miss on your synch, and one more finger–your pinkie–slips inside of her.

She makes a small noise in the back of her throat, part yelp part pleading.

You narrow your eyes, and start to pound your hand inside her. How easy istanbul travesti it would be to fist her, if you had the time. And the lube and the patience. But for now bite her neck again, as she arches her back.

Her legs are completely spread, giving you full access. She is completely vulnerable, at your whim. Whatever you desire, she will do it. You are her mistress.

But you’re too caught up in this unfamiliar moment. Your instinct briefly gives way to a conscious thought: “I have four fingers inside a beautiful South American woman’s pussy, and I just bit her neck, and she wants me to squeeze her nipples harder, and–“

And she knocks your conscious thoughts out of the bed like a cat. Your face and neck and breasts flush from the exertion, but it’s her turn.

Her leg bumps up into you, and you feel a moan rise from your pussy to your throat. A growl. A lioness growl.

The FUCK it’s her turn!

You pull back from her body. your fingertips still inside her sopping twat. With singleness of purpose, and not giving one shit about her, you lift her leg up so it’s pressed against her chest. Dutifully, she holds it back for you.

You grind your pussy hard against the back of her thigh, not realizing how much it was dripping, aching. You start to thrust with your hips, rubbing harder, deeper into her thigh, while your long fingers fuck her ever more urgently.

Her face has gone bright crimson beneath her silky exotic dark tan skin, and your can feel her pussy contracting against your fingers.

Your thumb starts to nail her clit with thrusts. One. Two Three. Four.

She starts to moan louder and louder.

You slap her across the face, and grab her nipple again, savoring the giving of pleasure and delicious pain, while you feel yourself getting even more turned on. Finally, her hips buck, her breath hitches, gulping for air, not breathing, sputtering, moaning, biting her lip to hold back a scream, and you feel her entire pussy contract and squeeeeeeeze against your fingers, and squeeeeeeeze again and againandagainandagain, and her whole body shudders, her thighs clamping hard against your hand, still inside her.

She leaks fluid around your fingers, fresh hot cum-cream drizzling out of her lips between your fingers and down to the bed.

No, bitch. No. I am NOT fucking done with you.


You back off of her thigh, and lie next to her, using ever bit of leverage you can to cram your fingers in as far as they can go.

You start the turning again. Wetter still.

Your nipples ache, as they brush against the sheet.

But you’re going to get her off one more time.

You slide your four fingers all the way inside this time, then stop.

Slowly, you pivot your hand, until your knuckles feel resistance, then slip inside. She screams at the new fullness in her pussy. No cock, no toy, no tongue, nothing has EVER prepared her for the sensation of your hand inside her.

Your fingers are cramped. But they can wiggle. And you can still push and pull. Not thrusting, but moving inside. You twist your hand, and it’s in another world. The look on her face is a giant O her eyes huge, shining in shock and wonder, locked on to you. You keep your hand inside, as her juices again build to surround it. You bend over and kiss her hard on the mouth.

She grabs your aching nipples hard, and pulls, desperately, straight down. You straighten, but she won’t let go.

My GOD, that hurts, but you don’t want it to stop.

Rather than resist, you pull back slowly, increasing the tugging till it feels like your breasts will rip off. She tugs especially hard, and your hand jolts inside her. She shrieks.

She keeps hold of your tits. Pulling them down toward her, then in every possible direction. You are dripping at this point.

You feel your own heat growing inside, and even as your hand is inside her, now volcanic with unbearable heat and hot sweet cum. You pull her hands off your nipples, savoring the sweet agony as they finally slip clear of her strong, clenching fingers. Once again, you push her leg back toward her shoulder, but further.

Further this time.

Hold it, you command. She’s under your spell. You slide your hand out of her pussy, and make her lick it clean.

And then you turn her slightly, and climb over her, straddling her left leg.

You maneuver until your pussy and hers are separated by the tiniest of gaps.

You can feel her heat, her steam, that jungle steaminess coming out of her.

And you can’t wait.

And you let yourself drop that last quarter of an inch until your pussies touch.

There’s a jolt through each of you, like two power lines connected.



FUCK, you can’t think straight.

All you can feel is this docking. That you are one with this woman in a way you’ve never been with anyone before, closer. You grind your clit against hers.

Your lips against hers.

Your juices combine into ambrosia, nectar of the love goddess.

You’re slippery against each other, istanbul travestileri oh so slippery.

You want to gain some sort of control. To have your pussy aim against hers. To get her clit between your lips, to rub your inflamed lips over the narrow strip of hair she has, to coat it with your comingled juices. This amazing cum-oil-magical-FUUUUCK-orgasm-juice, to–

She bucks, and the thrust pounds her pussy into yours.

You gasp. You didn’t mean to. You’re losing control. You grab her leg for leverage, and you grind harder and harder, forcing your pussy onto hers, but it’s not the same. There’s no friction. No pressure. You two slide over each other, hot-sweet-wet, but there’s no, you can’t…

And she gets a truly vicious look in her eyes–

What is–

She slips her leg free, grabs you around your waist, and flips you over on your back like a pancake, so that she’s now on top, and you’re at her mercy.

Right.. Not her first rodeo.

She parts your thighs and slides her body up yours. You feel her hard nipples gently grazing up your tummy. She leans down, and gently runs her tongue around your left nipple, while tenderly cupping your right breast in her hand.

Your nipples ache from before, but this is torment.

She gives a hard brief bite, and smiles down at you. Her knee is right against your pussy, now. Your swollen, aching pussy.

In your entire life, you have never felt a kiss as sweet yet passionate as the one you share now. She cups your face in her hands, her bare breast press into your chest, and you feel her warmth, her softness against your own.

Oh, GOD, your breasts ache. Your pussy aches. Your mouth is enraptured as your tongues dance, as mouths connect, pull back, then connect again, softly, then more urgently, then softly, tenderly.

She slides up your body further, and puts one of her breasts in your mouth.

It’s not an extraordinary breast, not a swimsuit model or Playmate of the Year, not a porn actress.

Though her skin is tan, her nipples are soft and pink as rose petals.

As instinctively as a baby, you kiss the nipple she offers you. Softly. God it’s so soft.

And the flesh behind it. So so soft, so feminine. You kiss her nipple, lick around so gently, then suck on it till it grows firm in your mouth. Then the other one. She accepts your caresses with small purrs of pleasure.

She moves to the side to give you better access,

To offer you more of her

her sacred femininity, the nurturing

the gentleness

the soft–

and that’s when you feel her middle two fingers ram inside your pussy.

No warning.

Christ knows, you were wet and swollen, and your twat sucked them in greedily but, she’s now bent over, kissing you hard. Shoving her tongue in your mouth, licking your neck, as those two fingers go in and out.

But there’s something different.

She smiles evilly, and kisses her way back down your body. She keeps those two fingers inside, pressing up against your pussy wall, as her tongue moves in warm, languid circles around your swollen clit.

How much more can you take, you wonder, as she kisses your thighs.

To the knees, then back, love bites, almost for-real bites, and slow, wet tongue trails in between. She licks right up to your clit, then her tongue hops over it, as she puffs a lustblast of hot air against it. Your entire body sparks. Then the agonizingly slow bite and lick tour down your other thigh. She’s leaning over you from the side, biting and licking, while those two miraculous fingers remain inside you twisting and turning occasionally, but they aren’t moving. She’s in no hurry. You feel the bites and kisses outside, and yet your pussy is verrrrrry aware of its two stationary guests. Wanting them to move. To do something. To stop the agonizing torment of foreboding, of unknown–

HOLY FUCK! She bites you on your stomach, right next to your navel, hard enough to hurt (deliciously!), but not to draw blood, and it’s even more belly button torment, as she grabs your navel piercing charm between her teeth, and pulls it back and forth, side-to-side, an unfamiliar sensation that kinda hurts, but kinda–


NOW! Those two fingers inside your pussy come to life, as if awakening from a nap. They stretch languidly, waking up, ready to go to work, starting to move. Slowly.


In and out.

In and out.

She moves her mouth up and kisses you, but the fingers remain with their steadfast rhythm.

In and out

though now her palm rubs across your clit with every stroke.

She smiles down at you, mischief in her eyes.

In and out and in and out, and always the pressure on that upper wall, like she’s trying to pick you up by your pussy. You know you’ve never been this hot before or wet. Jesus, the sheets are soaked between the two of you, sweat and cum, and

in and out, and in and out, and all the while pressing up, pulling up.

Why is she OH, HOLY SHIT!

You feel it then.

Like a spark igniting.

Like a nuclear reaction starting.

In and out and in and travesti istanbul out and GOD, that feels good, and you feel your juices seep out, but that

where the first two hydrogen atoms collide



the rhythm increases

GOD! More of that, but only with the two fingers.

But the wall! What the hell is it? Where–

and in

and out

and inandoutandin

because you feel something building

and out and in and out

and she’s now pulling up hard inside your pussy

and in and out

and you can see the muscles in her arms strain as she fucks you

in and out

and you’re so hot

and in


and out


and in

and she keeps pulling up, lifting you.

and out

and you grind your pussy into her hand

and in

trying to get more of her in there

and out

and HOLY SHIT, what the hell?

and in

and the fuse that was lit moves elsewhere

and out

and instead of where orgasms come from

and in and TWIST and out

it goes deeper

and in

and deeper

and out

and then you feel it

and in

the pressure

and out

like you’ve never felt before

and in

and your pussy is filling with juices bubbling up like a cum-spring inside you

and out

and her frantic thrusting…these slishingsquelchingwetWETWET sounds from your sweetlysopping aching cunt

and in

and something rumbles?

and out

Is it a rumble?

and in


and out

Oh, FUCK, though!

and in

you feel water crashing up against the dam

and out


and in and out and

GOD how can she keep pulling like that


those arms of hers

and out

and the dam starts to weaken

and in

and you feel her pressure again on that fuse

and out

she keeps lighting and lighting and lighting it and lighting lighting it lighting it

and in

and you know then that the fuse will reach the ton of TNT upon (that SPOT!) the dam

and out

and it will explode into ecstatic nothingness.

and in

and she lights and lights and lights the fuse

and out

and you can’t stop it any more

and in

you couldn’t hold it back to save your life

and out

and you feel

and in

and out

and in

and out

you feel this great pressure

and in

like the gods are squeezing you

and out

deep inside

and in

beyond where the pussy lives

and out

beyond the clit and your lips and where her kisses touch and tongues can lick

and in and pull.

and there’s that squeeze again

and out

and the squeeze becomes

and in

fuck you can’t stop

and out

and you feel the explosion

and in

and the dam explodes in a fireball of raw nerves

and out

and muscles contract HARD


And the dammed-up fluid floods the riverbed of your cunt before

YOU GUSH FORTH like fucking Old Faithful, a cup two cups a gallon of hot cum (???) blasting out of your pussy like a water cannon, dousing her relentlessly thrusting arm, drenching

and in

the clean sheets–FUCK!

and out

You just came yourself inside-out, and you still feel like a creek runs down your ass-crack

and in

but she’s not stopping

and out

but the dam isn’t rebuilt yet! It’ll never be able to hold back–

and in and out and in

but she’s nailing the fuse with her fingers

and out

lighting and lighting and lighting

and in

and holy fuck, the pressure, it’s back already.

and out

last time it took

and in

a lot longer

and out


and in

and the dam won’t

and out

can’t it can’t

and in


and out


and in


and out


and in

No, not again

and out

I can’t do another

and in

I swear to God

and out

it’s too much

and in

it’s too too much

and out

what happened to the cream? the shrieks? the

and in

what the actual fuck

and out

is this explosion?

and in

this delicious explosion

and out

and there’s the water behind the dam

and in

and oh, my god, it’s rising higher and higher and higher and higher and fast oh so fucking fast

and out

and once again

and in

the gods all grab deep inside, the most primal parts

and out

in the deepest part of your sexuality, this inner beast

and in

and again, they unleash something you never knew

and out

and it’s so different

and in

and it’s wonderful, so so wonderful

and out

but so foreign

and in

like you shouldn’t feel this way

and out

all the time you want to feel

and in

but oh, god oh godohgodohgod

As you feel three fingers rammed as deep as they can possibly go, fucking you like you’ve never been fucked before, lighting and lighting the fuse, the nuclear reaction unchained, control rods pulled, critical mass, and

holy fuck the gods are squeezing and she’s lighting and lighting, and oh god she’s assaulting your clit!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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