My Wife Gives Me a Hall Pass!

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This story follows “I Play with Three MILFs on Vacation.”

This is an adult sex story.

Although children’s names are mentioned, the children are not in any way involved in anything sexually related.

Please enjoy and thanks for the views and the votes.


Our drive back to Los Angeles was uneventful; just the way I like all my travels to be.

Unbeknownst to Marie and Natalie (Catherine’s daughters, my stepdaughters) who were in the back seat watching movies on their iPads, sitting next to me up front, Catherine started absent mindedly stroking my cock through my slacks as I drove.

She knew how to tease me and of course, in no time I was hard.

Catherine knew I had come just a couple of hours before into Dana’s wet willing mouth but she knew I was fully capable of getting hard pretty quickly.

For a 35 year old man, my sexual recovery time was pretty short.

Of course, taking a big 100mg blue pill every morning helped.

Thanks again to Senator Bob Dole for cluing America in to this wonder drug.

I liked the sensation, of course, of Catherine’s teasing fingers but I had to warn her off a couple of times because I was in danger of blowing my load in my underwear.

She liked doing that to me. Teasing me.

Catherine would heat me up, let me cool down, then heat me up; and then cool me down again.

Moving in her seat so she was whispering in my right ear, she softly said “I want a big load from you tonight. Maybe two.”

I replied “If you’re not careful I’ll give you the first one very soon.”

She giggled and whispered back “You have incredible control Jack. This is nothing compared to what you’ve been able to do.”

At that I groaned but not too loudly and she backed off, only to return to fondling my softer woody just a few miles further down the road.

Despite her fondling, I was able to share with Catherine my strategic plan. She knew some of it already but I filled in the blanks as we drove along through the desert.

The plan was based on buying car dealerships in various markets, then further penetrating those markets with a hotel or two, apartment buildings and commercial properties and maybe, if the opportunities were available, light manufacturing companies. To keep these businesses running, I was going to start my own recruiting firms in each area and as I mentioned in an earlier story, use a different strategy to find people who want jobs.

But the first thing I was going to do was to start buying car dealerships in geographic clusters.

My goal was to acquire at least three, but not more than seven, in any area. I didn’t want to place restrictions on my growth, other than to make sure it could be managed.

I was already working on this in LA, and I was close to closing three dealerships to add to the one I already had.

The visit to Scottsdale was fruitful; the owner of the dealership I met with was ready to sell. None of his kids wanted anything to do with his “baby” and I was sending my due diligence team over in a few days to pull the numbers and the operations apart to see what kind of problems I was going to have to deal with and what the true value was. This owner had also promised that he would introduce me to his buddies around the Valley of the Sun; he knew for sure that four of them were thinking hard about selling but he did not tell me which ones.

I had a serious inquiry come in from Seattle from a dealer who was close to seventy in early November and following our weekend in Beverly Hills and Las Vegas with Dorrie (The Slut), Catherine and I flew to Seattle on the company jet. I spent one afternoon with the owner while Catherine went clothes shopping for maternity wear (she had everything shipped to the house and did not tell me she was certain she was pregnant. By the time she told me on Christmas morning she already had a wardrobe in place).

That night we had dinner with the owner and his executive assistant. Her name was Cordelia; she was a dark haired light bronzed Hispanic beauty with a nice smile and an even nicer figure. She had been at the dealership for just over nine months.

From the moment I looked at Cordelia I was thinking of that Bob Seeger song Night Moves: “With points of her own, sitting way up high, way up firm and high.”

I had a lot of empathy and sympathy for the owner of the dealership; his wife had passed away after a long tough battle with cancer and his family, while personally close, was geographically dispersed. He wanted to sell his business in the Northwest and move to a warmer clime, and be closer to his sons and daughters.

Catherine hit it off with both of them quite well; she had that kind of friendly, engaging personality and everyone she met was her friend.

Cordelia wasn’t exactly reserved but she knew her place at the table and acted accordingly. She stood just over five feet with a slender body type but her breasts were larger than you would expect on a woman this petite. Her ass was slender and she had nice bahis şirketleri legs and thin ankles. She was nicely dressed in what is known as a little black dress. I guessed her age at 28 but later found out she was just 25.

I sensed that Cordelia was more than this guy’s executive assistant. I wasn’t judging; the guy was probably lonely and needed companionship. I picked up that they had been on some business trips together and maybe it wasn’t only business that was being conducted on the road.

We had reached an initial agreement to proceed ahead and as a result, I was sending my due diligence team up to look at the books and the operations so we could make an offer.

The seller wanted to close before the end of December for tax reasons, which I fully understood. I had to scramble with the banks to line up funding, get the financials and other paperwork in for the loans and the timetable was tight.

Later that night, as she snuggled up to me in our hotel bed, Catherine and I discussed that our guests at dinner were probably having an affair and that Cordelia traveled with him to provide a warm bed and personal comfort. And, she was probably spending nights with him at his home.

Naked between the sheets that night, Catherine and I made out like teenagers and as we made love she teased me, asking me to pretend I was fucking Cordelia.

“You may not have noticed, but her eyes were on you like Lee Harvey Oswald on John F. Kennedy. She’s interested in you lover. Seriously interested.”

I brushed that comment off but Catherine persisted in her observations and her teasing, and as I was getting close, getting closer to explode into that oh so welcoming pussy of hers, she said to me, “How would you like to cum into that tight ass of hers? You have my permission Jack. I want you to fuck her Jack, and then tell me all about it. I want you to pretend I’m Cordelia Jack, come for me baby, give me your big load” and then, as if on cue, I shot my hot wad deep, so very deep into her.

She laughed and I laughed too. We held each other naked under the sheets and when I woke up my hard on was in her crack and my hands were holding her magnificent orbs.

As much as I wanted to fuck and come again, I didn’t want to wake my wife.

I got out of bed at oh dark thirty (5:30am) and found my way to the hotel gym for my daily workout. When I finished, my gray shirt was wet with sweat, and I headed to the lobby to grab a cup of coffee and the newspapers to entertain myself while Catherine slept in.

I sat down at an empty table and quickly immersed myself in the sports pages.

My sweat dripped onto the newspaper.

I heard the unmistakable clicking of expensive high heels on the Italian marble floor of the hotel.

As the sound drew closer I looked up to see a very professionally dressed strawberry red haired beauty with a million dollar smile coming right at me. Early 30’s. Maybe 35, tops. About 5′ 8″ in heels. The shoulder length hair was nicely done, her makeup was flawless; the dark blue business suit was tailored to fit her fantastic figure. I could see her breasts move slightly under a white silk blouse as she made her way across the lobby. Great legs. I estimated her shoes cost over a thousand dollars that included four inch fuck me heels.

This lady was dressed to sell.

Her green eyes were sparkling at me as our eyes connected.

There was an immediate ZAP; it was something I had only experienced once before, the first time I met my deceased wife.

Mario Puzo mentions it in the book The Godfather, when Michael Corleone, exiled to Sicily after killing a NYC cop and a hood in an Italian restaurant, meets young beautiful virgin Apollonia for the first time.

Puzo called it The Thunderbolt.

I stood up to greet this gorgeous female stranger. Her fragrance reached me first and I fell in love. She had the whole package.

If she was selling, I was buying. Whatever it was.

With a friendly, business like voice she said “Mister Colton, I’m Missy Rogers.”

I already knew the name as Missy had been discussed at dinner the night before. She had an advertising agency and her main client was the dealership.

We shook hands; Missy had a firm but comfortable grip and a pretty big rock on her left hand. I noticed these things; every guy does.

Whoever her husband was, he was one lucky son of a bitch. Unless she was a bitch.

The thought went through my mind at that instant that if she was with me, we’d still be naked in bed, fucking like rabbits. I had a fleeting vision of her riding me while I played with her tits.

I wondered how she knew I would be here and as soon as I said “I’m pleased to meet you” she said “Cordelia told me I’d find you here; I hope you don’t mind.”

I smiled and said “I don’t mind at all. Please sit down. Can I get you a cup of coffee?”

Her eyes never left mine and she simply said “Yes, please, I like mine black Mister Colton.”

I got up, smiled at her and as I walked by I put bahis firmalar my hand on her shoulder and said “Call me Jack, please.”

Before I poured her a hot cup at the self serve beverage bar I watched as she pulled out some papers from her briefcase.

Still standing, she put the briefcase away and then Missy took off her suit coat, hanging it in on the back of a nearby empty chair.

That coat did a pretty good job of hiding what I now observed to be a very fine set of world class breasts.

Her thin and tight white silk blouse didn’t leave much to the imagination and as she moved around, talking off her coat, sitting down across from my chair, her nipples rubbed on the inside of the cups of her bra, and combined with the cool morning air of the hotel lobby caused her high beams to go on.

I sat down, looked at that more than ample chest with some very interesting and eye catching pokies staring back at me and quickly but reluctantly lifted my eyes to hers.

There was a little smile on her face, a smirk, as in, ‘I have you interested now.’

I was already interested: my hardening cock was proof of that. So was my touching her shoulder. And, don’t discount my leering.

I had been interested since the first mention of her name during my meeting with the owner of the dealership the previous afternoon. After hearing more about her work at the dinner from Cordelia I was dying to meet her.

I apologized for my attire and Missy smiled and said “I just appreciate you seeing me this early.”

I could have stared at her all day but instead I smiled and said “What’s on your mind?”

She took a deep breath (with that I knew she was nervous) and said “Cordelia and I are close, we work well together and she shared with me that you will likely be buying the dealership.”

I nodded and responded “I’m working on it. But please don’t say anything to anyone else on this matter. The deal is still being worked on. Confidentiality is imperative. If anyone asks you, it’s a rumor you are hearing for the first time, okay?”

Missy nodded and replied “I understand; I wanted to review with you what we have been doing with the advertising and I wanted to speak to you about some campaigns for next year we have been working on.”

I knew what she was doing and why she was doing this.

Neither one of us had to say it, but the truth was, the dealership was her largest account, her golden goose, her cash cow and if the dealership sold she could be out of business. Or have a much smaller one.

I put up my hands and said “Missy, stop.”

She looked at me in surprise. She was well prepared and getting ready to go into her big sales pitch.

Hence the perfume that stops grown men in their tracks, and the thin, form fitting silk white blouse with the small but strong frilly white lace bra holding those mammoth orbs in. The legs that go up to heaven. The smile, the brushing back her hair from her eyes. The fuck me high heels. Make no mistake, this was one fine looking woman. Very fine.

Missy was planning on employing all of the tools at her disposal to close the deal.

The deal she needed with me.

Don’t get me wrong, I would have loved to hear what she had to say but it wasn’t necessary.

I figured she had been worried sick about losing the account since she heard about the upcoming sale and I was willing to bet she had either tossed and turned all night or had stayed up all night practicing, getting ready to sell me.

We looked at each other; I smiled and she smiled back.

I said “Relax, enjoy your coffee.”

We raised our cups, looking at one another like there was no one else in the world, took our sips and put our cups down at the same time. She was mirroring me; an old sales trick. I appreciated it but did not let on.

I asked her “I know you do print, radio, TV and outdoor.”

She nodded.

“What would it take for you to add public relations to your mix?”

Missy clicked her pen a few times, thinking. She wasn’t expecting this.

I had disrupted her well thought out game plan. I wanted to see how she reacted to me throwing some curve balls.

“There is an agency here in town that is for sale. The owner wants out.”

“Are they any good and do you have any idea how much they want?”

Missy replied “I don’t know on the price but I know they do great work and the employees are hard working and each account manager has a great Rolodex. They get a lot of press for their clients.”

I smiled and nodded, and followed that with “I want you to ask the owner of that agency how much they want and when they want out.”

Missy asked “Are you thinking of buying it?”

I replied to her “I’m thinking about you buying it.”

Missy nodded; she had heard me but the when the clicking started again with the pen; I knew she was stalling for time because she did not know what to say.

I interrupted her silence by adding “If it works out; if we can reach an agreement, I will lend you the money to buy that kaçak bahis siteleri agency.”

She nodded, not sure where this was going. I was a total stranger offering to lend her money to grow her business.

I followed that with “What would it take for you to add digital and social media?”

A smile came across her face as we got back into more familiar territory for her and Missy said “I can add that to my toolbox pretty quickly.”

I smiled at her and she smiled back. Our eyes were locked on one another. Her pupils were large, meaning she liked me.

My cock was getting engorged, which meant in my own perverted way, I liked her too.

“You come very highly recommended Missy. I believe that there is more to you and your abilities than you are currently using. I bring up the PR agency and getting into these other areas because I am going to need all that from my ad agency here. I don’t want to have to parcel it out because that means more people for me to manage.”

I teased her with “Would you like to have a nice Thanksgiving and Christmas this year, and make next year your best ever?”

Her eyes never leaving mine she took a sip of hot coffee and replied “Of course I would.”

For the first time I noticed her lipstick on her coffee cup and wondered what it would feel like when her lips were on my cock.

If I ever got the chance I was going to have her blow me with that red lipstick on.

I got a bit harder at the thought of that.

I continued with “What kind of retainer is the dealership paying you now?”

I already knew the answer, but I wanted her to tell me.

“We don’t have a monthly retainer; we bill for services campaign by campaign.”

“How is that working out for you?”

“It’s okay.”

“How long do you wait for payment?”

“Up to sixty days.”

I replied “Which makes cash flow an issue with your business, am I correct?”

Missy nodded. She probably thought I was pushing the boundaries with these questions but I was the client she was trying to sell.

She’d already sold me; she just didn’t know it yet. She sold me when I saw her walking across the hotel lobby.

I’d explain it to her someday, when I needed her to sell for me.

I continued with “How do you feel about being the bank for your biggest client?”

She looked at me and said “May I answer candidly?”

I answered that with “I always want you to tell me the truth, all of it, never hold back. This is business, not personal.”

She smiled and leaned in and in a low voice said “It sucks. And I hate it, waiting for those checks to arrive. I hate chasing money.”

I said “Let me see what I can do about that” tipping my hand but she didn’t respond; maybe she didn’t catch my meaning.

Missy took another sip of coffee; this time the tip of her tongue came out as she licked a drop of coffee on the rim of the cup.

Her eyes sparkled as she caught me watching this little erotic teaser.

I looked at her and said “You have the dealership account now. You are going to keep the dealership account.”

Missy set her cup of coffee down and sat up straight in her chair and I heard her sigh.

A sigh of relief.

Tension left her face and her body.

She reached out with her right hand and took my left hand, squeezing it and said “Thank you Mister Colton.”

Her hand felt nice. Very nice.

I could see tears forming in her eyes and she took another sip of coffee to calm herself.

Her hand was shaking.

This was an awkward moment for me to so I quickly got up to get a refill.

I had a semi, but fortunately my gym shorts were both dark and loose, so it wasn’t like I was walking around with a boner that was obvious.

However, I was drinking way too much coffee.

At this rate I was going to be peeing all day.

I asked Missy “Can I get you another one?” and she handed me her cup and said “Please.”

Our eyes met again. There was magic between us. I could sense it.

I sat back down after handing the fresh cup back to Missy.

Missy set her cup down and smiled at me and I smiled back.

I reminded her “If we’re going to work together you’re going to have to start calling me Jack.”

She laughed and touched my hand again, saying “I can do that, I promise.”

I continued with “Starting in December I am going to put your agency on a monthly retainer. It will be for $20,000 a month. You’ll have the money wired to your account on the first business day of each month; no billing and no waiting for payment. That is for your services as my advertising agency in Seattle.”

She reached out with both hands and took my hands in hers and squeezed them, saying “Thank you.”

She was getting pretty touchy feely with me. I was fine with that.

I followed that with “I am not going to tell you how to run your business or your life, but I recommend you start paying yourself a salary of $15,000 a month because you will certainly earn that.”

She nodded.

“In exchange for the retainer, I am going to need you to be available for counsel and advice. Most of the time we’ll be communicating by email and text or phone, but you will have to travel. Are you okay with that? Is your spouse okay with that?”

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