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I was looking out the window of the store I manage and there he was again. This was the 4th Saturday I had seen him and I had made up my mind I was going to talk with him. I told one of my clerks I was going to lunch and got into the walkway in the mall in time to see him go into one of the restaurants. He was just sitting down at one of the tables and no one was with him. I walked over and pulled the other chair out telling him my name was Nan and did he mind if I joined him. He was startled at first but after a quick glance looking me over, his face changed to a big smile and he said no, glad to have you and started to stand. I told him it was ok, keep your seat but thank you for being a gentleman.

He said his name was Staf. I put my right hand out to shake his and he put his left hand out to try and shake mine. I lifted mine a little and said no I want to shake that one looking at the right one. He grinned and worked the arm up and I took hold of the two hooks at the end of his prosthetic arm and shook them. He had a short sleeve dress shirt with an expensive bolo tie on buttoned at the neck. He said thanks, most people want to avoid it. I answered that I was not one of those and gave him a big smile back. The server came and took our order and I asked if it was ok if I asked how he lost it. He said not at all, he had been in the grocery store and when he got in his car, it was gone. He kept a straight face the whole time.

I had heard the line before and gave him a big laugh anyway and he joined me then. After, he narrowed his eyes and looked me over good and I could tell he was thinking. After a brief time he said I think you will understand, I had it removed 4 years ago. I told him I absolutely understood and thanked him for trusting and being honest with me. I could see that it was gone from half way between his elbow and shoulder. He had fantastic control of it and it was very close to a normal arm and hand. He added you might not have noticed, my left leg is gone 2/3rds of the way up from my knee. I said no, I had not seen him walk long enough to detect it. He smiled and said the word devotee? I nodded saying I hope you don’t mind. He said not at all, he was always happy to be in the company of one.

Our food came and I told him I had seen him several times before and finally worked my courage up to approach him. He said yes, he had been spending the last four weekends here working with the people in the mall office. I told him where I worked and he said he knew the place. He told me he was glad I had spoken to him and was eating with him today. I am 5’2″, small, weigh only 98 pounds and have a great tan. I also have D cup breasts and I usually don’t wear a bra.

Today I had dressed a little special in case I did run into him. The short sleeve, tan blouse I had on was very sheer. I had a light colored camisole on under it that mostly covered the fact I did not have a bra on, but if you looked close enough you could tell. What really gave me away to him I am sure, is the fact that he, as an amputee, really turned me on and my nipples were sticking out. I had a short skirt and heels that gave my well toned legs added sex appeal. Staf had looked me over several times and I gave him a big smile of encouragement each time our eyes met.

He asked how long I had been a devotee and I said ever since college. I lived in a house with several people and one of the men was a paraplegic, complete injury. We became good friends and did a lot together. Most of the men I had dated since then were crippled in some way. Only one of them had been an amputee though and she had both legs gone. I admitted to him I found her irresistible and we lived together for a while until she moved to another part of the country. He looked at me and I said yes, I am bi-sexual. Staf said no problem. He told me where he lived, alone, and I said me to. He was just in town on the weekends. I asked when he went back and he said an afternoon flight tomorrow.

I asked if he would like a home cooked meal tonight and he said yes, he would enjoy one, it had been a long time. I wrote my name, address and phone number on a napkin and gave it to him. I told him to come comfortable, tie was not necessary. He said how comfortable and I said up to you, with or without your prosthetics is fine with me. He said thanks, he would keep that in mind. I said I had to get back to work so the others could eat and he got up to walk with me. For an AK amp he walked very well. I was sure glad I had worn a thong today as watching him use his arm to eat had really turned my faucet on. We said good bye for now at my store and I watched him walk off for as far as I could see him.

Between customers I made a quick list of things I needed at the store and 4:30 finally arrived. I had opened at 8 this morning so some relief people came in and were there until 9 tonight. I stopped at the store and got the things I needed and got home. I have an apartment not too far away from work. I got some food ready to put in the oven and headed to beşiktaş escort the bathroom for a shower. I trimmed my pubic hair first then got into the shower and washed and then shaved my legs all the way up. I keep my hair short so all I had to do was wash it, towel it dry and run a comb through it. I decided I was going to put the same blouse back on, but without the camisole under it. He had spent a lot of time looking at it at lunch so thought I would let him undo his imagination and see the real thing.

I put some shorts on and stayed barefooted. I put stuff in the oven and soon the buzzer went off for the building front door. I asked who it was and recognized his voice on the intercom. I buzzed him in and a couple of minutes later there was a knock at the door. I could see through the view hole it was him and opened the door. Staf glided in on one crutch under his good arm and did not have either prosthetic on. I could see both his arm and leg stump protruding from his clothing. WOW and I had no panties on. I might have to go put a pad on. He brought me back to earth by asking if I was ok with him being this way and I said you bet. I offered my cheek and he kissed it without hesitation.

I led him to the small patio deck I had and pushed a chair up close to where I was going to sit. He walked very well with just the one full length, underarm crutch using it for the missing leg. There were no hops or jerky motions, very fluid. He remarked about the great view I had from the deck and I said yes, I loved it. I asked what he did at the mall and he again got that narrow eyed look trying to decide if he could trust me. He asked if I would not repeat anything he told me and I promised I would not. He then told me he now owned it and added he was going to put another line of shops off of the main hall. I was shocked, I did not know it was up for sale nor that it had been sold and said that. Staf said it was really never on the market a friend of his had a tip that the owner might be interested and he had gotten in touch and they worked out a deal. They did not want to make it public until the deal to get the construction under way was set to keep the cost down.

I congratulated him and asked if he wanted something to drink. He said iced tea or whatever was fine, he did not drink alcohol. I told him I did not either and got up to get us tea. I could tell he was really looking at my blouse so as I sat down I said to him I thought as much as he looked at it today he might want to have a better look tonight. He did not know how to react at first then when I could not keep from laughing he understood. I told him I think I am like you, I do not mind letting my assets be seen and reached up and touched his arm stump. He said I was absolutely right and he thanked me for being that way. He added he thought I was a very sexy lady. I told him I know he is a very sexy man and then touched his leg stump.

I asked when he had realized he wanted his arm and leg removed and Staf answered when he was a junior in high school. After college he got lucky and made some good money on a land deal and decided to use it for the surgery. He had never regretted his decision. I told him that watching him gave me a big thrill. He said he always was glad to make friends with people that could enjoy his being crippled with him. He leaned forward in his chair and took my hand and placed it on his leg stump. As he did he leaned forward more so we could kiss and I took his hand and placed it on my breast. We felt each other for a while then he settled back in his chair and we watched each other.

The oven timer went off and I asked him if he would like to join me in the kitchen as I finished dinner. He said for sure and I picked up our glasses and brought them with me. What was in the oven required a little more time and I got the fruit salad ready and on the table. We talked some more and found that we were both 28 and I am 6 weeks older than he is. We talked about the colleges we had gone to and our degrees. I got food dished up and sat his in front of him. I had picked food that did not require a knife and fork to cut this time as I was not sure if that would embarrass him. I won’t worry about that in the future as he does not mind asking for help I found out.

As we were eating he said you know, I have been in several women’s homes but for some reason I feel very comfortable with you, you are so easy to be around. I said thank you and asked even though you know I am a devotee? He said yes, it was a big reason he felt like he did. Neither one of us mind that the other really likes how our body’s are. You like my stumps and I like you sexy breasts and the rest of your body. I looked into his face and eyes and finally said how would you like to join me in the bedroom and we can get this clothing out of the way and explore each other fully. Staf said great idea and we got up from the table and headed to the bedroom. I showed him the bathroom and he said thanks. When he came out beylikdüzü escort I told him to wait until I got back to undress. He grinned and said no problem.

After I got done and washed myself off as wet as I was, I returned to the bedroom and sat on the bed before him. I took his top off and then looking into his face, pulled his shorts down. That was all he had on. He sat beside me and undid the buttons on my blouse and slipped it off my shoulders. I stood and he pulled my shorts down. We moved over to the middle of the bed and I started exploring him. I started with his arm stump and as I was rubbing and massaging it, I started kissing him. His lips were very soft and he soon opened his mouth inviting my tongue in. I did and we kissed for a while. I then trailed my kissed down his face and over to his arm stump and kissed all over it and using my tongue to push in on the skin at the end of the bone. I then continued to work my kisses down and fond his leg stump. I glanced at his penis as I went by and it was long and thick with hair all around.

I repeated the movements on his leg stump, again enjoying the feel of the bone through the skin on the end. Since he was using a prosthetic leg there was muscle and skin over the end of the bone, but it was still very easy to feel the flat end of the bone. I always get a thrill feeling it. I worked my way up the inside of his thigh and ran into his hairy balls. They were large and heavy. One hung lower than the other. Next came his fully erect cock. I am not a virgin and know that my small little pussy will stretch to take him, but it is always a little unnerving to see a big one for the first time and I had not had a male in me for some time. My last relationship was with the female para.

I ran my hand up and down his shaft and all around the head. He was leaking pre-cum and I think I surprised Staf with immediately taking it into my mouth. I wanted to taste him first. I liked how he did taste and said so then moved my way back up to his head. When I got alongside him he said wow that was wonderful. He said no one had ever spent so much time and attention to his stumps before. I told him I could not get enough of them. He pushed me over on my back and started looking me over.

We kissed again for some time and then he worked his way down to my breasts. They don’t spread out and sag on my chest wall. They look like they are silicone, especially the way they stand up on my chest when I am on my back, but my lovers soon find out they are all natural. Staf spent a lot of time with his hand, stump and mouth on them and I enjoyed every second. I think he is going to be a very good lover. I kept moaning and telling him how much I liked what he was doing. He worked his hand down to my pussy as he was sucking on a nipple and spread my pubic lips. He let go of my nipple long enough to say how soaking wet I was. I told him yes I know, that is what your stumps do to me.

He started his head down towards his hand and kissed all the way down. I pulled my legs up to my breasts to one, get them out of his way as he was moving there and two, give him good access to my pussy. After he got into position he licked up and down my slit and stuck his tongue as far as he could into my vagina. Yes he was a fantastic lover. He moved his hand around my hip, over my abdomen and to the top of my clit. With two fingers he spread me open so he could nibble at my hood which drove my clit out even more. He sucked it into his mouth and used the tip of his tongue to torture me. I suddenly came big time and he kept me going like that for over a minute. I finally had to push his head away from it.

However he stuck it right back in my vagina to get at the juice that was flowing out of it. He moved his tongue out and down to between by vagina and ass and with the tip of his tongue started rubbing there. That immediately got me off again big time. No one had ever touched me there before. He then moved up along my left side and we kissed and tongued again. His left leg stump was on my hip and I leaned back into him and said I needed him in me. I asked Staf if he wanted to fuck me and he said he would enjoy that. He told me he had a vasectomy and I told him I was on the pill but that I wanted him to use a condom for now. I reached one that I kept close and tore it open then rolled it down his hard cock.

He was slightly behind me and I pulled my leg up out of the way and he guided his big thing towards my little hole. As he touched me with his head he said don’t worry, he would be slow and gentle with me. I said thanks and he rubbed his rubber sheathed cock up and down my slit to bet some lubrication on it. He finally very slowly pushed the head into me and kept pressure on it. I was so slopping wet it slid in a lot easier that both of us thought it would. It felt wonderful going in and I told him so. He finally bottomed out and I told him to go ahead I was fine. I relaxed my leg over his hip and he started in on me. He pulled beyoğlu escort it out very slow and pushed back in now adding some speed.

I kept telling him how good he felt inside me and I started thrusting against him. He is a little over 6 feet tall so his head was above mine and made it hard to kiss. He moved his hand up and took hold of my breast pulling me to him and she pumped me. I told him his cock head was hitting my G-spot and I was going to cum and did before I could stop. He kept right up with me and I put my hands down and could get to his balls. I pulled on them for a little while and finally he said he was ready. I quickly got my hand to my clit and rubbed it and shortly we both came at the same time. I could feel him squirting his cum into the rubber to told him so. This seemed to drive him on a few more times, me along with him.

We both finally ran out of steam and just fell back on to the bed. After a couple of minutes I felt him going soft and reached down and held the rubber on his spent cock as it fell out of me. I did not want it to come off yet. After he was out, I pulled it off, tied a knot in it and dropped it on the floor. I then took his limp dick into my mouth and cleaned it off. It tasted very good. He firmed up just a little as I was doing it but I knew he was done for a while but I hoped not very long. I moved up into his arm and we held each other tightly.

After we rested for a while I asked if he was ready for desert. He laughed and said you or in the kitchen. I said he could have both if he wanted and he said sounds good to me, sit on my face. That surprised me a little but I moved and he got on his back and I moved in over his mouth and lowered myself down. His tongue was the best I had ever had. My pussy was still a little sore from his big cock so I did not cum. About the time I was getting there he would change his position just enough to cause a little pain and I would lose concentration but it still felt great. After a while I told him he was fantastic and got off. I kissed him more getting a good taste of myself. I helped him up and we went naked to the kitchen for the icebox pie I had made.

After we were done we decided to go back out on to the deck and he had me sit facing him on his lap. He wanted my breasts and I stretched up some so he could get his mouth on my nipples. I played with his arm stump while he did this. I did feel him get semi hard during this but not enough to get into me. I asked him if he would be back next weekend and he told me no, it would be three weeks before he was back. That made me sad and I asked if he would consider staying with me the next time he came and he said he would like to very much. He now had his hand working the other breast and told me how great they were. He had never seen such sexy ones as I had. I thanked him for the complement.

He asked if I knew what time it was and I could see into the living room that it was 11:15. He said it was late and he had better get back to the motel. He asked if I would call him a cab and I was shocked he had not driven here. He said they did not have a car with hand controls this time so he just used a cab. I told him I would take him and he did not put up much of an argument. I helped him get dressed and I put on a shirt and some shorts. We got down to my car and I drove him to the motel. I parked in front of his door and turned the car and lights off. We immediately went into each other’s arms and started kissing. He reached out with his left hand and found the very large leg opening to my shorts and stuck his hand in. I was still aroused from watching him walk to my car. He got his finger into me and fingered me good. Finally he said lets go into my room and I said lead the way.

We did not turn the lights on, there was enough light from the outside and I stripped first and helped him. He got on the bed and I rapidly mounted his hard cock that was sticking up in the air. He grabbed a breast with his left hand and started squeezing as I fucked him hard. He was all the way in me in this position and it felt fantastic. I was hoping since he had come so much at my place he would last a while and I could get off a few times. He did and I did and I finally got him to cum in me. As we were coming down he got a worried look on his face and said he forgot to put a condom on. I told him I had not wanted one this time, I trusted him and only had him use one to slow him down the first time we did it. I wanted you to last a while.

He said good thinking and it did just that. I lifted off him holding my hand to catch anything that came out of my pussy and got to the bathroom and the john. Staf came in a minute later looking for something to wipe off with also but I had him come over to me and cleaned him with my mouth. When I was done I told him I was looking forward to getting a good cum in my mouth next time. I cupped his leg stump and I sucked him and finally he drained out of me and I got off the john. I got dressed and we kissed good night. I told him to call me in the morning after he got up, out of bed I mean, and said thanks for the best night I have had for a long time. He thanked me for the home cooked meal and the several deserts. I got in the car and drove home. I was soon in bed but wide awake thinking what saying hello and sitting with someone in a restaurant can lead to.

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