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Traffic had been much lighter than expected and when I pulled into the parking lot of the company where I was supposed to pick up my girlfriend, I was a bit annoyed that I’d have to wait almost half an hour before she’d come off her shift. I found an empty slot close to the entrance, killed the engine, and dug out a copy of my favorite men’s magazine, which I had bought just an hour earlier.

As I leafed through the magazine leisurely, looking at the pictures and reading some of the articles, my dick began to grow and soon throbbed demandingly against my tight jeans; after all, it’s my favorite men’s magazine for a reason! I glanced out of the window and found the parking lot deserted, so I began to rub my dick lightly through my jeans.

After a while, I came across a pictorial at the back of the magazine that made my dick jump instantly. Two breathtakingly beautiful girls — a blond with very large and probably not entirely natural tits, the other one with long, jet-black hair and smallish tits — were playing with each other, caressing, kissing, and exploring every nook and cranny of their magnificent bodies with tongues and fingers and vibrators.

Doing it with two girls had always been one of my favorite fantasies — screwing one, then screwing the other, then back to the first, and all the while watching them make out and eat my cum out of each other. How many jack-off sessions had I spent dreaming of having two girls at the same time, knowing that my pretty but conservative girlfriend would always refuse to help make the dream a reality. And there it was, acted out right in front of my eyes!

I fantasized about joining these beautiful lesbians for a hot threesome, taking their vibrator away and giving güvenilir bahis them my dick instead, shoving it into every available opening and leaving my cum deep inside for them to suck out again. I got more and more into my fantasy, and soon my dick throbbed so hard that I just couldn’t ignore it any longer.

Since I still had about fifteen minutes before my girlfriend would show up and the parking lot would remain deserted until the day shift ended, I was convinced that I would have complete privacy for a while, so I unzipped the fly of my jeans and released my aching cock from its confines. I stroked it forcefully under the cover of the magazine while I kept dreaming of a hot threesome with the girls in the pictorial, never doubting for a second that my jack-off session would remain my little secret.

I was proved wrong a few minutes later. All of a sudden, I caught movement out of the corner of my eye and heard the unmistakable click-clack of high heels on the tarmac. Before I could even begin to stuff my dick back into my jeans, the passenger door flew open and a pair of legs appeared in the doorframe. Female legs, long and muscular, nicely tanned, framed by a short, sunflower-yellow miniskirt at the top and matching high-heeled shoes at the bottom. Very beautiful legs, but definitely not my girlfriend’s legs.

The owner of the legs plopped down into the passenger seat a few seconds later and closed the door.

“You’re in the wrong car,” I said gruffly, pissed off at this brazen invasion of my privacy, and adjusted the position of the magazine a little to make sure it covered my erection.

She just smiled at me for a moment, then reached out and ripped the magazine out of my hands! “No, I’m not,” she said güvenilir bahis siteleri sweetly and pointed at my crotch. “You need a hand, don’t you?”

“I got hands myself,” I growled. “Get the fuck out of my car!”

But she didn’t get out of the car. She threw the magazine on the dash, leaned over, and wrapped her lips around the head of my dick!

“Stop that!” I snapped as she started sucking and my dick went back to full rigidity within seconds. “My girlfriend’s gonna be here any minute.”

“Then we better hurry up,” she purred and sucked even harder. At the same time, she wrapped a hand around the base of my shaft and massaged it vigorously.

I was dumbfounded that a complete stranger would do something like that, but considering my options, I figured that the fastest way to get rid of her was indeed to let her suck me off. My girlfriend wouldn’t take kindly to finding her in my car, and if she found her in the car and my dick out in the open at the same time, there’d be hell to pay. So I grabbed her head with both hands and guided it up and down, sliding my dick into her mouth as far as it would go.

She quickly picked up my rhythm and continued to bob up and down when I released her head again and leaned back in the seat, watching with a mixture of suspicion and fascination as she gave me head. Mad as I was, I was also extremely aroused and had to admit that she was a very talented cock sucker. The exquisite suction combined with the feathery touch of her tongue on the most sensitive spots, being sucked off in a public parking lot where people could come by anytime and see us, quickly raised the level of my excitement beyond anything I had ever experienced with my girlfriend.

I grabbed iddaa siteleri the magazine off the dash and quickly flipped back to my favorite pictorial. The explicit but sensual photos of the two girls playing with each other and the ministrations of the chick sucking my dick combined into a single force that carried me away and pushed me over the edge of an intense orgasm.

“I’m coming!” I groaned when the first jet of cum was already racing through my dick.

Without missing a beat, she sucked even harder and swallowed each spurt of cum as soon as it shot out of me. Only when the last drop was spent and neither sucking nor massaging my shaft would produce any more, did she let my deflating dick slip out of her hot mouth and sat upright in her seat.

While I checked my dick for cum she might have missed — there was none — before stuffing it back into my jeans and zipping up, she twisted the rearview mirror and checked her face. No cum on her face, either; she had really swallowed every last drop of it. Nothing had escaped her hungry mouth.

Her mischievous deed completed, she hopped out of the car as suddenly and unceremoniously as she had entered. “Have a nice day!” she called out cheerfully before she banged the door shut and disappeared around a parked van.

When my girlfriend showed up a few minutes later, my face was still slightly flushed and my breathing hadn’t completely returned to normal, either, so I was a bit worried that she might notice something. Fortunately, though, she was tired after eight hours of stuffing lamps into cartons and didn’t pay me much attention until we got home and wolfed down our microwave dinners.

By the time she snuggled up against me in front of the TV and reached for my dick through the fly of my jeans, I had recovered from my earlier orgasm and was ready for her. Heck, I thought, having two girls within an hour was still not as good as having them at the same time, but dammit, I was getting closer!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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