Nighttime Awakening

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You lay there half asleep, as you feel my breath on the back of your neck. Your lips curve in a half smile as you feel my arms encircling and embracing you. You can feel my heart beating softly against your back and the warmth of my body caressing you. You shift positions slightly and my hand slides slowly up, my fingers trailing across your stomach to gently engulf your breast. Softly you sigh as you feel my lips touch your neck, sending small arcs of electricity out from the contact.

You turn your head slightly as my kiss trials down to your shoulder. In the soft glow of moonlight you can see the fire smoldering in my eyes as they meet. You feel yourself become lost in that gaze as I lightly bite your shoulder. My hand begins to stroke your chest, slowly, the touch fleeting at moments only to suddenly encircle your ever hardening nipple. You feel your breath quicken as you hear me softly groan as my lips continue the journey back up to your neck. Your heart beats faster as you turn your head to meet my lips with yours.

At first the kiss is soft, but our passion continues to build. Our tongues meet in a light dance. I slowly draw back and lightly suck your lip before letting go. You groan in frustration as I esenyurt escort continue to pull away. However, you need not worry for I am simply allowing room to roll you to face me. Your arms reach around me pulling me into your deep embrace. Our lips meet again and my arms slide up your back and slowly scratch down you sending waves of pleasure throughout your body.

You feel yourself become wet as our body’s come into full contact. Your hard nipples rake up my chest as you slide one hand up and grip the back of my head pulling me deep into your kiss. Your lips slowly break contact with mine and slide across as I feel your warm breath against my neck and the sound of your deep breathing feels me.

I slide my hand down your back to cup your butt pulling your leg up behind me. You feel my hardness press against your hot mound. You pull me up slightly, coating my in your wetness as I slide against you. You arch your back as you feel the blood pulsing through me against you lips. You drop your head back down and capture my gaze again as you smile teasingly. You push me back against the bed and slowly mount me. Gazing down at me you slide your self up and down me teasing me. I avrupa yakası escort slowly slide up and down against the outside of your slit, my head and shaft rubbing against your clit as it begins to enlarge. You bend down and kiss me lightly then trap my lip between your teeth, slowly pulling and your body continues a slow rhythmic rocking.

I grip your hips pulling you hard against me. Your head goes up and back, your breasts thrusting out. I lean up and slowly tease your nipple with my tongue, lightly flicking against it before sucking it deep into my mouth. I softly suck on you, my tongue sliding around your hard nipple. You arch up again and my head aligns with you. Sensing this, you suddenly slow down and with agonizing slowness slowly sink down on me, engulfing me into your tight warmth. Your lips parting as my head enters you, trailing deep inside you, feeling you. As you finally totally engulf me into you, you drop your head and look at me as I continue to suck on your breast. My hands tighten on your hips forcing myself as deep as possible.

I feel your eyes on me and open my eyes to once again gaze upon you. The anadolu yakası escort moonlight glinting off your body, casting shadows against me. Slowly you resume your soft rocking motion … my hardness stroking deep inside you each time. You lean down and kiss me your nipples lightly touching my chest on each successive motion as you continue to ride me. My hand moves up your back and grips the back of your head as the intensity incrementally builds. I feel your muscles start to tense up on each additional stroke. The lapse between you muscle spasms begins to run out, until it turns into one continuous spasm. Your rocking motion speeds up. You feel me become harder as you continue to tighten around me. You begin to groan deep in side as you stop rocking. Your muscles begin rippling as you rapidly approach the edge. My hand grips you harder and I suck your tongue inside my mouth and gently suck on it.

Your body spasms one last time as you suddenly reach your pinnacle. You feel me begin to pulse as your orgasm rolls out through your body. You feel me tense suddenly and then feel me shooting deep inside you. My cum mixes with yours as we both shudder in ecstasy. Our arms tighten around each other as we both continue to ride the waves of pleasure rolling through our bodies.

Taking a ragged breath you slowly lean back and look into my eyes. You see the love for you feeling them and you gently lay back down against me. You feel me slowly start to soften inside you. As I begin to shrink you can feel a little of our love drip out of you. You smile lazily as you begin to drift off to sleep.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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