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Beth looked up as Andrew closed the door, running her eyes over his face and observing the cruel glint behind his spectacles. He had a medium sized brown paper bag in one hand. She jumped up from her chair and almost ran over to him. He enveloped her in his strong arms and pressed her to his body, the hardness in his trousers pressing into her belly. Beth could feel the heat flaring in her pussy and the points of her nipples hardening.

Andrew kissed her roughly, forcing her lips apart and thrusting his tongue deep into her mouth. Beth moaned and tried, weakly to push him away. Her arms were weak and she just wanted to surrender to him. She fought the urge to yield her body to his lust and just let him take her and ravish her lush body. Her breasts were tightening and her nipples ached for him to touch them and suckle on them.

Beth tried, and failed, to recall how he had lured her into such sluttish behaviour. Their chance meeting on the internet and their liaisons by telephone had seemed to unlock a passage deep into the most depraved of her desires. As they kissed, Andrew slipped a hand between them and unfastened her jeans, pushing the stiff denim down her thighs until it fell, in a crumpled heap, around her ankles. His fingers slipped into the waist of her thong and she felt the material tighten as he twisted it, so that the waistband cut into her tender skin and the triangle of silk was pressed against her smoothly shaven pussy. Then a flick of his wrist and the waistband snapped. Andrew peeled the sodden material away from the lips of her pussy, feeling Beth tremble as it clung, for a moment, to her swollen, erect clit.

Beth was bare from her waist down and, still kissing her mouth, Andrew ran his fingertips along the front of her thigh until he could brush one along the lips of her pussy. Beth moaned as Andrew pressed gently, slipping his finger inside her. Andrew unfastened his trousers and let them fall to the ground, then pushed his briefs down, letting his thick cock spring free. Pressing on her shoulders, he forced Beth to kneel in front of him, so that her mouth was level with the tip of his hard cock. A few drops of pre-cum were already glistening in the slit and she opened her mouth to capture them on her tongue. Andrew twisted his fingers in her blonde hair, holding her head still as he thrust his hard cock past her lips and into the back of her throat. Beth’s eyes watered as he trust cruelly into her, making her gag on the hard meat in her mouth. She sucked on him desperately, her throat bruised from the force of his cock thrusting to the back of her mouth.

The only sounds in the room were Andrew’s breathing and the gagging sounds Beth made as she sucked on his cock. Beth was flushed and fighting to breath around the swollen head of Andrew’s cock as he rammed it deep into her mouth, watching as she struggled to open her mouth wide enough for his cock head to slide over her tongue. He pulled bahis firmaları back and his cock slid out of her mouth with a loud ‘plop’ that seemed to echo around the room. Andrew walked over to Beth’s chair and sat down, dragging her across his bare lap, so that his slick, wet , cock rubbed against her belly. Her bottom was raised high and her breasts felt heavy in her bra as Beth lay across his thighs. Her blouse slid upwards until the strap of her bra showed across her smooth skin. Andrew ran his fingers along the bare skin of her thighs, spreading her legs so that he could run the tips along her pussy and make them wet and slippery with the juice that oozed over the tops of her thighs. As he stroked her pussy, almost touching the hard nub of her clit, Andrew unfastened the hooks at the back of Beth’s bra, letting her breasts swing free. The sudden freedom made her nipples throb and she moaned softly.

Andrew used the tips of his fingers to slowly ease the cheeks of Beth’s arse apart and open the tightly puckered ring of her anus. Beth gasped and shuddered, as Andrew brushed his fingertip over the dark, puffy opening. Resting his fingertip on the tender gateway to her back passage, Andrew gradually pressed more and more firmly, watching as her anus opened and his finger pierced her. Beth had her eyes screwed tightly shut and explosive gasps slipped from her lips. Andrew reached beneath her with his other hand and slipped it inside the cup of her bra, closing his fingers over her swollen nipple. As he pinched and twisted the hard nub, Beth arched her back and pushed against his probing finger, impaling her arse on his digit. She squealed and groaned, as her pussy gushed over Andrew’s thighs.

Andrew leaned over and took a tube of lubricating gel from the bag. Squeezing the tube gently, he spread the gel up and down the cleft between her buttocks and then eased his finger out of her anus before squirting a thick slimy glob of gel directly into her slowly closing arse hole. Andrew spread the gel between the cheeks of her bottom and eased his finger in and out of her tender anus. Beth was moaning and shuddering now, almost non-stop.

“Andrew, Oh God!, ” Beth moaned, “I’ve never done this before, you’re making me into a proper slut, did you know that?”

“What haven’t you done before, Beth?” Andrew asked, softly.

“Taken anything in my bottom.” she hissed, “I hate you, you bastard!” she screamed.

Andrew smiled as she shuddered under his caress. They both knew that her scream had been triggered by the firm tug he had applied to her dangling nipple and, as she felt herself beginning to cum, she had arched her back, driving the length of his finger into her pussy. She could do nothing to stop the wave of excitement as it ripped through her, making her pussy gush copiously and a thin trickle of her juice ran over her bare thighs to drip onto the floor. She lowered her head and realised that she must look like a slut, kaçak iddaa spread across Andrew’s knee with her pussy slowly dripping and his finger probing deeply into her arse.

Slowly Andrew drew his finger out of the tight, wet passage and reached into the bag again. Beth was panting and hissing now and Andrew had to rest his hand on her neck to hold her still.

“I hate you, you bastard!” Beth hissed again.

“Why?” Andrew asked, almost innocently.

“Because you’ve turned me into such a slut and now you won’t let me cum.” Beth sobbed.

Andrew reached beneath her and pinched a nipple between thumb and fingernail, pulling slowly and listening to her scream and wail in frustration as she pressed her bottom against his finger, feeling it slide more deeply into her arse. Slowly he drew his finger back until it slipped from her rectum with a loud plopping sound.

Andrew drew a hard rubber plug from the bag, slightly longer and thicker than his thumb. Quickly, he smeared it with the cool gel and placed the tip at the entrance to her virgin anus. Gently at first, but steadily increasing the pressure, he began to force the hard rubber plug into Beth’s tight anus. He looked down and watched the tender skin around her arse, as he stretched it by forcing the slick, smooth rubber plug into her rectum.

Beth panted and grunted as she bore down trying, at first, to fight the intrusion into her tender bottom. Gradually the plug slipped further into her anus, stretching the ring until she felt as though he was going to tear her arse open. Afterwards, Beth swore that she could hear, as well as feel the ‘pop’ as the plug slid home.

“I hate you!” Beth hissed, “You’ve made me into a dirty whore!”

Andrew said nothing, just hauled her to her feet and marched her along to her bedroom. Every step made the plug lodged in her rectum move, sending sparks of dark pleasure into her pussy and making her wetter and wetter. She could barely feel her legs as she staggered after Andrew, the juice from her pussy seeping onto the tops of her thighs. He pushed her roughly across her pillows, laid along the edge of her bed so that her bottom was raised. Pinning her down with one hand, he tapped the base of the plug in her arse with the tips of his fingers and watched as Beth squirmed, cumming, just a little. Beth looked up and saw herself in the mirror, her hair matted with sweat and her make-up smeared across her face where she had wept in frustration as Andrew teased her. She could see her breasts swaying gently, the swollen, inflamed, nubs of her nipples brushing against the bedclothes.

Andrew took hold of the base of his swollen cock andrubbed the swollen head along her bare pussy. Beth lowered her head and moaned, a long, drawn-out sob. Slowly he ran the head of his cock along the weeping slit of her pussy, spreading her sweet, fragrant juice along the shaft. He used the fingertips of one hand to open Beth’s pussy, kaçak bahis while he held her still with the other at the base of her spine. Carefully, tenderly, he eased the head of his cock between the lips of her pussy and held her motionless.

“Andrew, please,” Beth sobbed quietly, “Please fuck me and make me cum.”

“Shhh,” Andrew replied, “be patient.”

“Oh God, please,” she begged.

Andrew said nothing, just took hold of her hips, holding her still, and ramming his cock viciously into her pussy. Beth screamed as her whole body locked in a spasm and her pussy contracted around Andrew’s cock. Andrew pulled her hard against him, so that she could feel his heavy balls pressed against the cheeks of her bottom. Slowly, her shuddering calmed and she was able to draw great gasping breaths. Andrew waited, savouring the ripples pulsing through her pussy and caressing his cock. Then he began to thrust and pull his hips back, so that his cock almost slipped out of her pussy, before he rammed as hard and deep as he could.

Long strokes of Andrew’s cock stretched her pussy, until Beth thought that she would tear under the pounding. Her pussy squelched and slurped wetly as Andrew drove the meat of his cock cruelly into her gaping cunt. She felt his balls slapping against her shaved pussy and the rasp of the short hairs against her smooth skin. Her whole pussy felt scraped raw and her lips felt bruised, as he plunged deep into her. The plug in her anus was stretching her there too and Andrew would rest his thumbs against the base and push to keep it deeply seated in her bottom, or to drive it further in.

Beth was shuddering as every muscle trembled and she could see herself as she thrust back onto Andrew’s rigid cock. The wanton creature in the mirror bore no resemblance to the cool sophisticate who had invited him to visit. This was a wanton slut who wanted to be fucked like some back street whore. Every thrust only made her more determined to have his thick cm spraying into her.

“Oh God Andrew, ” Beth whined, “I want to cum with you, cum inside me please!”

“Where shall I cum?” Andrew teased her.

“Please, right where you are, right inside me, inside my cunt!” Beth screamed, “CUM IN ME YOU BASTARD!”

As she screamed and thrust herself back onto him, Andrew felt the hot cum bubbling and boiling along his shaft, spraying the inside of Beth’s womb in long sticky streamers. His cock jerked spastically and gout after gout of cum shot into her womb, filling her and overflowing to drip onto the bedclothes and smear over her thighs.

Andrew pushed her forwards, so that the last strings of his cum splattered on her back and over the hard plug, still stretching her anus. Beth fell across the bed, her hard nipples scraping across the sheets and making her cum again, just a little one this time. She felt the bed tilt a little as he sat next to her then lay beside her, cupping her tender breast and nuzzling the base of her neck.

“Rest now, my love.” Andrew murmured, “I shall wake you later and we can carry on exploring our passions.”

Beth said nothing, just sighed in sleepy anticipation.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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