Rachel and Melissa Ch. 01

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Chapter 1: Just the Right Fit

“But if you’re thinkin’ about my baby, it don’t matter if you’re black or white.”

I was washing the dishes and singing along with Michael Jackson when my cell phone rang. Dropping my favorite rainbow mug back into the soapy warm water, I dried my hands on a paper towel and jogged into my living room to turn off my ipod speaker dock. Based on the chorus of Bad Romance blaring from my cell phone, I knew it was Melissa, one of my closest and dearest friends.

I turned on my Bluetooth head set and chirped,” Hey Missy!”

“What up Rachel?” Melissa said in a rap gangster voice.

“I’m good, Mrs. Slim Shady,” I said, giggling, walking back to the sink.

“What’s my favorite Coca Puff up too?” Rachel asked in her normal voice.

“Not much, just doing some dishes, listening to MJ, may he rest in peace.”

“Nice, which song?”

“Black or White.”

That’s funny. Mr. Jackson was spot on with that song, though. Race is moot point.”

“Here, here.” I poked my sponge in a cereal bowl.

“Are you doing anything tomorrow?”

“Nothing special, I got plans to catch up on some House reruns, why?”

“Good, wanna go shopping with me? I need to pick something for Michelle and Kathy’s wedding.” Michelle and Kathy were friends of ours and like us, also batted for team Lesbian.

“Oh snap, that is coming up soon.” I put my last plate in the drying rack. “I should get something too. Okay, I’ll go with you.”

“Yay, this is going to be so much fun!”

“You are the most feminine Femme I’ve ever met.”

“Look who’s talking, Miss I Get My Hair and Nails Done Every Week.”

“All right, you got me there. Can I help it if I want to keep myself looking good for the ladies?”

“You’re already beautiful, Rachel”, Melissa said in a serious, heartfelt tone. “You don’t need to do all that stuff.”

“Thank you,” I said with a bashful smile on my face.

“I really mean it, you know?”

The line was quiet on both ends for a solid minute or more. It was a nice, comfortable silence. I wonder what made Melissa compliment me out of the blue like that. Was she into me? God I hoped so.

I broke the silence saying, “Around what time do you want to get to the mall?”

“Let’s get down there early, before all the tweens and teeny boppers show up.”

“Perfect, do you need me to pick you up?”

“Yeah, stupid car won’t be ready until next Monday or Tuesday.”

“I’ll be there at 9; we can pick up some breakfast too.”

“Sweet, can we go to Denny’s?”

“Sure, little lassie,” I said in my best Irish accent.

“That’s not bad all, you’re accent’s gotten so much better.”

“It’s a sign of me spending too much time with you.”

I could never spend too much time you, ever, I wanted to say.

“So tomorrow at 9?”

“Yes, I’ll see you then.”

“Bye, Rachel.”

“Bye, Melissa.”

I turned off the Bluetooth with a sigh. Knowing Melissa and her shopping habits, we were bound to be at the mall all day. I wasn’t sighing about the all day shopping spree; it was the fact of spending the entire day with her.

Melissa Murphy was fine as hell. She was 5′ 6” with these intense green eyes and her hair cascaded down to her waist like a thick red waterfall. Her body was toned and athletic from years of swimming and running.

Apart from being insanely gorgeous, she was so warm hearted and welcoming. She was the friend that would listen to me rant and rave about my horrible corporate job or my latest romantic disaster for hours with occasional “Uh huhs” mecidiyeköy escort and, “That’s right” sprinkled in. She remembered all of my likes, dislikes, even allergies. The woman could recall anything I had ever told her and I never had to return a Christmas gift from her.

We became instant friends our sophomore year in college when me meet in Women and Gender Studies class. She introduced herself, gave me a perfect, dazzling smile and shook my hand. I was hooked from then on. Running into each other at the campus GLBT organization gave us another chance to bond even more. We shared coming out stories, our first female celebrity crushes. (Mine being Halle Berry while was she into Kate Winslet.)

Despite having a crush on her size of Australia, I never told her how I felt. She would date these chicks that looked like Barbie dolls, and none of them would ever be on the cover of Ebony Magazine. I wasn’t her type. As the years went on, my crush evolved into a full blown case of unrequited love. I got protective of her and was jealous of the women in her life who got to run their hands through her silky, honey scented hair, kiss her slightly pouty pink lips.

I’d have numerous dreams where I would tell her how really I felt about her, she admitted feeling the same way and we would end up yanking off each other’s clothing, kissing and touching every inch of bare skin that we could. I would find myself licking and tasting her, lapping up her sweet pussy juices like a thirsty dog on a scorching summer day. I would wake up from these dreams with my sheets drenched in my sweat and other secretions, praying that I would get over the desire and lust, and just freakin’ move on all ready. I never did.

“How about this one for you, Melissa?” I said the next day at Macy’s, holding up a blue and white dress.

“No, too Shirley Temple.”

Just as I had predicted, we were now in hour 5 of the wedding dress hunt. We had been in nearly every clothing store in the mall with no luck for either of us. Everything was either to plain or too showy, too sparkly, too hoochie mama. We hoped Macy’s would have something for both us.

Melissa and I thumbed through the rack of specialty dresses, laughing at the truly hideous ones, ogling at the pretty ones and grabbing the ones that seemed suitable for us. After gathering up a handful of choices, we made our way to the dressing rooms. In the white stalls, we put on our selections and modeled for each other, stepping in and out the dressing rooms as we went through our options. The last dress I tried on was a lovely turquoise color. It was sleeveless, knee length and had an ivory ribbon around the waist with a white blossom in its front. I saw my reflection in the mirror and muttered to myself, “This is the dress! It’s perfect!”

“Hey, Rach,” Melissa called out in the room next to mine,” I need some help in here!”

“Okay, Mel, I’m coming.”

I stepped out my room, gave Melissa’s door a knock and she opened it. I was amazed by what I saw. My mouth was open like a love struck fool. Melissa was clad in a hunter green dress that brought the green in her eyes. It fit every curve of her body like it was made for her. It reached just above her knees and was held up with spaghetti straps.

“Wow,” I muttered, “you look incredible.”

“You look… stunning, Rachel.” Melissa squeaked out, a gaze of wonder in her eyes. “I um need you… to zip my dress.”

“Sure…” I said, clearing my throat. Could it be, she found me as hot as I found her?

She turned her back to me; I reached out and pulled up the zipper. It went up with ease.

“It’s taksim escort just the right fit.” I said. She turned around again, facing me. I inspected the dress with a careful eye, smoothing out creases and picking out stray lint. She straightened out my flower and moved a strap back over my shoulder. I moved us closer to the mirror and took a look at our reflections. I loved seeing the contrast between us, my smooth chocolate brown complexion against her snowy white skin. She had these adorable freckles on her nose, I could count them; I was standing so close to her.

We stood there for I don’t how long, just soaking each other in. I finally got some nerve, grabbed the back of her head, pulled her towards me and placed a soft, gentle kiss on her lips. I pulled away immediately, waiting to see what she would do. Without missing a beat, she pulled me into her arms and kissed me with just a touch more pressure than I had used on her. Her lips felt like satin pillows, so smooth and glossy and the taste of her raspberry lip balm added to the pleasure. I wrapped my arms around her waist and deepened the kiss. She gave me a light push against the wall. She tore away from my lips and began to kiss and suck on my neck. I could hardly stand; her lips on my neck and her hands on my breasts were making me weaker by the second.

“Good God, Melissa,” I whispered in her ear, “I think we should go, soon……”

“Wow,” Melissa remarked, “look at the mirror, it’s all steamed up.”

“I blame it on you,” I said with a smirk.

“No, that’s all you, Miss Hot Coca.” Melissa smiled, sliding a hand up my dress.

“Hey,” a sales woman called, knocking on the door, “are you done in there yet?”

“Just a second,” I replied.

“We really need to get going,” I said to Melissa.”This is your dress, by the way.”

“I like it too. Turquoise is so your color.”

I pecked her on the lips and went back to my dressing room, changing back into my regular clothes as fast I could.

After we had dressed and put away the rejects, waiting in line was pure agony. It seemed like an eternity before it was my turn in line. I just swiped my credit card; everything the cashier was saying was going to one ear and out the other. All was I focused on the beautiful red head behind me. After Melissa cashed out, I grabbed her hand and speed walked her through the mall, when we reached the parking lot, the walk became a jog. When I saw my car, I began to full out sprint.

“Whoa there, Rach!” Melissa panted.

“The sooner we get out of here, the better.” I unlocked my trunk, tossed our bags in and slammed it shut.

“We’re going to finish what we started, no doubt about it,” Melissa agreed.

“Hop in then,” I unlocked the passenger side.

“No need to tell me twice.” Melissa quipped as she hopped in the car and I scampered over the driver’s side.


When we reached my apartment and the front door was shut, all self restraint was left behind. We were all over each other kissing, trying to undo buttons and zippers all at the same time. We made it to my bed in just our bras and panties. Melissa took the lead, pushing me back on the bed.

“This should have happened sooner” Melissa gasped, freeing my breasts from my bra.

“What?” I said in shock.

“Yeah, I’ve wanted you for years.” Melissa kneaded my left breast. I let out a low, long sigh. She replaced her hand with her mouth and the sigh morphed into a moan.

“You like?” Melissa purred, switching her attention to my right breast.

“So much.”

She unclasped her bra, tossed it aside and pulled beşiktaş escort me into another kiss. Her gentle but nimble fingers traveled lower. She caressed my stomach and hips, then retraced the path her fingers made with her lips and tongue. She gave my clothed pussy several gentle pats. I shivered in delight at her touch. She made slow, tedious circles with her fingers up and around my panties.

“You tease,” I groaned, “take off the damn panties already!”

“Be more ladylike, Rachel.” Melissa applied more pressure the soaking underwear.

“Take my panties off, please?” I whimpered.

“That’s a good girl.”

She tugged off my panties in a swift motion, spread my legs and began to kiss my inner thighs for a moment. Then she lowered her head and started with slow, tantalizing licks along my clit.

“Oh shit, that feels so good!” I ‘m positive a neighbor must have heard me but at that point I could have cared less.

She progressed to longer, faster licks at my exclamations. She French kissed my pussy like a pro, her strong, supple tongue thrusting in and out of me with gusto. When two of her fingers found their way inside of me, I knew I wasn’t going to last for much longer.

“Just like that!” I squealed. “Keep going, keep going!”

“That’s it Rach, come for me, baby!”

My orgasm washed over me in huge waves. I swore I saw stars and fireworks. Melissa removed her fingers from me and her soft kisses mellowed me out. We lay there for a bit, waiting for our breathing and heart rates to return to normal.”Now it’s my turn.” I said with a playful laugh in my voice. I shoved Melissa onto her back and she giggled. Taking my time, I kissed every inch of her body that I could. She practically jumped out of her skin when I kissed the nape of her elegant neck. I made sure to return the favor and took extra care with her breasts. She sighed and moaned as I fondled with them in between suckling on her nipples.

“You’re soaked, Mel.” I said as I slid a hand her panties.

“It’s all for you, Rach. Make love to me.”

She lifted her hips so I could yank off her underwear. She wasn’t totally bald; she had a neat red landing strip.

“You’re so beautiful,” I cooed, watching her squirm underneath me. I placed kisses on her hips and thighs for a minute then dove right in. Using every trick I knew, I licked, sucked and fingered Melissa into a fine frenzy. She was so warm and wet, she tasted heavenly.

She tried to be quiet, letting out soft whimpers here and there. When I picked up the pace, she lost total control. She moaned, grunted, took the Lord’s name in vain. As I felt her body tense up, I knew she was almost there.

“Oh God, I’m gonna come!” Melissa shrieked.

“Then come, you sexy thing.” I encouraged.”Don’t hold back.”

I gave her one hard trust and she let out her loudest moan yet. Her eyes rolled back in her head and her pussy gushed and quivered for a good minute. I sucked and licked her clean. She collapsed onto her back, panting like a race horse.

“Wow, that was… incredible” She breathed.

“It defiantly was.” I said, laying down next her and holding her close to me. I kissed her temple. “When you said earlier that you wanted me…”

“I’ve been in love you since our junior year of college.”

“For that long? Why didn’t you say anything?”

“I was too chicken; I thought you weren’t attracted to white women.”

“Let me tell you a little secret, I’ve been in love with you since the first meeting of the GLBT club in sophomore year. I like you was too chicken and didn’t think you were into black girls.”

“I guess we both thought wrong.” Melissa laughed. “I’m glad we were wrong.”

“So am I. Let me ask you another question: Will you be my date for Michelle and Kathy’s wedding?”

“I’d thought you would never ask.”

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