Rainy Day Girl

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*This story is not necessarily true. It is true in that some part of it did happen, but a major part did not. Names have been changed. Feel free to email constructive criticism and/or support. **

It was a bad day at school. I had not done my previous night’s reading/English homework, and had gotten a lecture from the teacher about the importance of it. After school, I was supposed to stay after and get band tutoring. I didn’t, instead pretending that I forgot, and went home. To top it off, it was raining pretty hard that day. When I got home, I realized that I had forgotten my house key, and had no way of getting in and drying off. I went under my front porch and sat, in order to wait for my mom to get home.

As it was soon after the Christmas break, it was slightly cold out side to begin with. Add to that the extreme wetness of my clothes. I was shivering and thinking that I would get hypothermia. Next door to us lived a family with many children; including one that I thought was a goddess. Her name was Rachel, and she had medium length brown hair, full hips, nice breasts, and a very tight ass. She happened to get home while I was shivering my ass off outside. She came over and asked me if I would like to go in her house and dry off.

“Yes, please!” I managed to say through my shivers.

We entered her house, and I found that we were the only people there. She told me that there was a bathrobe in the bathroom, and if I would give her my clothes, she would put them in the dryer for me. I thanked her, and entered the bathroom. As I took off my soaking clothes, I noticed that there was no bathrobe. I opened the door a crack and softly yelled, “Where is the bathrobe?”

I guess she must have realized that it wasn’t there, saying, “Just wrap a towel around your self.”

As it was, all of my clothes, including my underwear was wet. I left the bathroom with a towel around my waist and casino oyna my wet clothes in my hands.

“Her, give me your clothes. I’ve fixed you some hot chocolate.”

“Thanks.” I replied, taking a seat at the table.

She put the clothes into the dryer and started it. She sat down and began to drink her own glass of hot chocolate. I guess that the glass was too hot to touch, because she dropped it. The glass did not break, but the hot chocolate did spill all over her shirt.

“Shit! Oh, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to say that!” she said.

Now being an eighteen-year-old boy, the sight of her now wet shirt clinging to her breasts gave me an instant erection. I am not by any means large, but a 6 and a half inch penis, that was somewhat thick, is by no means small. As she picked up the dropped cup, she happened to glance my way. She obviously saw my dick, because she got this weird look in her eyes. She put her cup in the sink, and went to her room to change.

After about a minute my erection started to lose its rigidity, and she called down to me, “Could you please bring me a towel from the closet?”

I grabbed a towel and started to hang it on the door. Just then she opened the door, here shirt off, giving me a clear view of her black-lace bra covered tits. My erection came back full force, and I made the mistake of trying to cover it up. My towel hit the ground giving her a clear view of my dong.

I know that my face was beet-red, because I started to feel all hot. Apparently, she didn’t seem to mind all that much, because she just stood there and stared. I bent down to grab the towel, but she stopped me.

“Did these cause that?” she asked, indicating her tits.

I simply nodded. She took my hand and led me into her room. She motioned for me to sit on her bed, which I did. “Well, you certainly are a good size, aren’t you?” she asked getting down on her knees.

All canlı casino I could do was sit there, paralyzed by my embarrassment. She lowered her head, and gently took my hard member in her mouth. I was in heaven. I had only ever used masturbation for release, and this felt a thousand times greater than my hand ever had. Though it was only a minute, it felt like it had taken forever for me to shoot my load. It was small, so she had no trouble in swallowing it all.

She stood up, licking her lips, and said, “How was it?”

“… Great!” I finally managed to say after I had recovered.

“Well, I guess it’s not fair for me to see you, but you not to see me.” She said as she slowly unzipped her pants, and pulled them off, leaving her in only her bra and thong panties. “I don’t want to be unfair.” She said, sensuously, as she unhooked her bra and let it drop to the floor.

Even though I had just cum, my dick instantly sprang to attention. She smiled and turned around, giving me a good view of her butt. Then she slowly bent over, and hooked her thumbs in the waistband of her panties. She turned her head to the side, as she pulled them down, staring at my dick. I was treated to a fine view of her firm ass and hairless cunt. She stood up and turned around, revealing a thin triangle of hair, pointing to her hidden honey pot. She came over to her bed, and pulled me off, setting me on the floor, and taking my place on the bed. She spread her legs, and said, “How about some of this?”

She licked her right hand, and slowly rubbed it down her body. She paused for a moment at her tiny nipples, turning them into hardened pebbles. She made her way down to her pussy, and spread it open, revealing her very wet, very pink center.

“Just lick it like it was an ice cream cone.” She instructed.

I slowly moved my head to her, and extended my tongue. As soon as it touched her, she let out a soft kaçak casino moan. Slowly, I began to lick up and down on her slit. She started to squirm slightly, moving her hips in rhythm of my licking. I started licking faster and faster, causing her movements to become wilder and wilder. Suddenly, her movements brought her hard love button smashing into my nose. She went wild, moaning loudly, and crying out. Sweet juices started pouring out of her hole, and I drank as much as I could.

When she was done, she moved back and gave out a long sigh. I just sat there, dizzy from the experience. She picked me up, and started to kiss me. Becoming bolder, I moved my tongue into her mouth. As our tongues entwined, she got on top of me, and grabbed my dick. She was about to put it into her wet hole, when the timer on the dryer went off. As if something were trying to tell us something, the phone began to ring at that exact same moment. “Fuck!” Rachel cried, as she pushed me off and answered the phone.

“Hello,” she sighed. After two seconds, her expression turned to one of horror. “Okay mom, bye.” She said.

Then she turned to me and said, “My mom will be home in five minutes. We’d better get dressed.”

She put her clothes on, while I went to the dryer and grabbed my clothes and hurried to put them on. I just happened to look out of the window, and saw my mom pulling into our driveway. I went to Rachel’s room, and told her that my mom was home, and I had to go.

“Wait a second,” she said. She grabbed my backpack, and stuffed something in it.

“Thank you,” I said, walking to the door.

“If you ever get locked out of your house again, just come on over.” She said, with a subtle wink.

“I sure will!” I exclaimed.

When i got home, i checked my back pack, and found that she had given me her panties. You can guess that I would be forgetting my key alot from now on!

*Well, how was it? If you think that I should write continue with the story, drop me a line. As I said at the start of the story, constructive criticism is welcome, but flames are not. I hope you enjoyed this small story. **

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