Revenge on my teacher

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I walked inconspicuously along the corridors. No-one was noticing me; I was wearing the same uniform as everyone else. Nobody recognised me as not being one of them; the students were too busy catching up with their mates. Telling each other the exciting things they had got up to over the weekend. The teachers were also too busy telling kids off for running or for not having their shirt tucked in. They didn’t notice me because I made sure my appearance was unnoticeable, so they had no reason to pick up on my clothing. None of them realised I didn’t go to that school. No-one realised that I had no place being there.

I should probably tell you a bit about myself. My name is Luke, I am nineteen years old and I have just left the other secondary school on the other side of town. This allowed me to blend in so easily, because I looked like someone of school age. But I was not here to study, I was here for revenge. I was there to ruin the person’s life, who had ruined mine; Miss Moore.

Before I continue, I should probably tell you how Miss Moore ruined my life. She had left university and completed her teacher training and started teaching at my school. She had started just in time for me to start my A-levels. The problem was Miss Moore was useless. She was the worst teacher ever and I think part of her knew it. She had taught us for two years and realised that she would be in trouble once the exam results came out and quickly transferred across the city to this school, a school whose academic achievement wasn’t quite so high. And sure enough when the exam results came in her class results was markedly lower than the rest of the teachers, and to make it worst she had totally screwed me over. To get into university I needed two ‘A’s and a ‘B’. I comfortably got the two ‘A’s in my other two subjects and thought a ‘B’ would be easy. However Miss Moore’s teaching was so abysmal that I didn’t know anything for the exam and failed. This had ruined my chances of getting to a good university and making a better life for myself. Instead I was stuck in this shithole town wondering what to do next. So I was determined to make her pay.

Anyway the time was ten to 9 and everyone was going to registration. Me I was making my way to the English corridor. I then dived into the toilets at the end of the corridor to make my preparations and to make sure I had everything I needed. I sat there, and waited for the bell to go to signal the first lesson. I heard the rumble of hundreds of feet moving around above and around the toilet cubicle I was sat in. I heard a few people come in to the toilet, taking a quick leak before lessons started. Five minutes later, all was quiet. I sat on that toilet seat, mentally preparing myself for what I was about to do. I waited another five minutes and then got up. The lessons had started ten minutes ago, that gave everybody enough time to get into their

I made my way along the corridor; I looked in all three classrooms as I walked past to make sure there was no one in them. They were deserted as I knew they would be. I had spent weeks learning Miss Moore’s timetable, where she’d be, working out the perfect moment to carry out my plan. Miss Moore’s classroom was the fourth and final classroom of the corridor. I took up position outside the door and took a glance through the window. There were her five A-level students working hard clearly writing some sort of essay or something. I looked again, this time at the teacher’s desk and there was my nemesis. Sitting at her computer; she was working hard as usual; shopping on eBay whilst her students worked hard over an essay that she would probably just glance at.

Miss Moore was looking hot though. For although I hated her, she was an extremely attractive woman. Late twenties, she loved to go on about the modelling career she could have had if she had been a bit taller. She was only 5 foot 3, however she had long blonde hair that she had tied back today into a tight pony tail. She had sparkly blue eyes and gorgeous red lips that just enticed you to kiss them. Something, that rumours had it, she had been very willing to allow half of the male staff to do at my school. She was thin; she had boobs that were not huge but large enough that they fitted her small frame perfectly. Her legs were perfect too, strong, straight and smooth and she loved to show them off by wearing skirts that were way too short for a school, but none of the male staff or students seemed to mind. Today was no exception. Miss Moore was wearing a tight red suit which didn’t even go half way to her knees, and hugged her hips so tightly and showed off her best feature of all, her arse. It was firm and round and the tight clothes she wore just accentuated this and drew your eyes to it. She was stunningly beautiful and that was the other thing that
made this plan so wonderful.

I drew back and caught my breath until I was ready to move in. I looked at my watch I had an hour and a half until the double period would finish. Plenty of time. I pulled on my balaclava, I wasn’t going to prison for this, if I could help it. It probably looked totally ridiculous next to the school uniform but I wanted them to continue to think I was a student. That would again increase my chance of not getting caught. I placed my right hand into my inner blazer pocket and turned the door handle with my left hand.

Everybody looked up as I entered the room. They all stared in shock as I entered the room. I closed the door and pulled the gun out of my inside pocket. There was a gasp of terror from everybody in the room.

“Nobody scream or make a noise! If any of you do anything unless I tell you to; I’ll start shooting”
Miss Moore stood up; she was clearly trying to be the adult and strong for her students. “Look I don’t know who you are; but please just don’t hurt anyone, they’re just schoolchildren.”

“Shut up and sit down!” I hissed. She obeyed instantly. I walked over towards her; there was terror in her eyes. I pointed the gun directly between her eyes. “If you say one more word, without me telling you to; I swear to God I will shoot you in the head, but only after you have watched me blow off each of these five lovely young men and women’s’ heads off. Do you understand?”

Her lip was quivering, her whole body was trembling. “I said do you understand.” She nodded her head vigorously, her eyes glued to the gun inches from her face.

“Now that is sorted, kids I want you to move all of the desks and chairs to the edge of the room. But leave the wall with the windows clear. Now I promise that if you do exactly as I say. The five of you will come to no harm and will walk out of this room alive. If one of you does anything stupid, then I will shoot you all. I don’t want to hurt any of you.”

“You stay there!” I said pointing at Miss Moore, who had clearly registered that I had only promised not to harm the five kids.

I walked towards the door and locked it and pulled the blinds over the door’s window. I then pulled a table in front of the door just in case. The kids finished moving the tables and chairs to the edge, they were clearly sensible, they knew their best hope was to obey. They stood tensely around the room looking at me waiting for their next instruction.

“You” I said pointing at one of the two girls, who almost jumped when I addressed her. “What’s your name?”

“C…C…Chl…Chloe” she stammered.

“OK, Chloe can you go and pull the curtains shut please, and no funny business.” Chloe rushed to do it almost falling over her feet in her haste to obey. “The rest of you I want you to line up five chairs in the middle of the room.”

“But we’ve just moved them to the edge of the room” One of the boys said. He was a big lad and looked like he could be a member of the rugby team.

“What’s your name mate?”

“It’s Bruce.”

“Well Bruce,” I said raising the gun and pointing it towards him. “I told you to do as I say, when I say it, like Chloe over there,” who had finished closing the curtains. “Come back away from the window sweetie.” Chloe did. “Now I suggest you start doing the same.”

“You think, you’re so hard with that gun of yours, I’d kick your arse if you didn’t have it.”

“Yeah but I do have it. And you are really starting to annoy me, so I may have to shoot it, in order to prove to the rest of your mates that I mean business.”

“No” came a squeal from over on my left hand side. I looked and saw the other girl run over to block my shot. I reached out and grabbed her arm and pulled her towards me. I gripped her close to my body and placed my gun to her head.

“Holly,” Bruce shouted.

“Holly. That’s a pretty name, maybe I should shoot her instead.” I said, placing the gun on her temple; Bruce looked scared now. “A little advice Holly, tell your boyfriend to shut up. And when you realise what a dumb shit he is and dump him; pick a boyfriend who is slightly cleverer next time.”

“Bruce, shut up mate,” one of the other two lads said and him and the third boy arranged five chairs in a line as I’d asked. Bruce had clearly been suppressed by the clear and obvious threat to his girlfriend’s life. I could feel her soft petite young body trembling next to mine. “Right sit down you four!” They sat; Bruce sat next to the boy who had spoken. They were clearly good mates, the second lad although not as big as Bruce, was also pretty big and also looked like a member of the rugby team. The third boy was no other way to describe him, a nerd. He was weedy with stick thin arms and large glasses; he took the chair on the other end to the two rugby lads. Chloe sat next to him leaving a space in the middle free which would be Holly’s seat.

“Sorry about that Holly” I then kissed her cheek and let her go. Bruce looked angered that I had kissed his girl. But now knew better than to protest. Holly ran off and took her seat and immediately grasped her boyfriend’s hand.

I then picked up my bag which I had dropped as I entered the room and walked over to the teacher’s desk. Miss Moore hadn’t moved; she had just watched the whole exchange silently. I pointed the gun back at her.
“Please stop this,” she begged. Before she could react my left hand had flown out and slapped her hard across the face. Her face rocked sideways and her hands flew to the side of her face. There was a gasp from
all of her students.

“Shut up bitch.” I then grabbed hold of her ponytail and yanked her to her feet. Tears were welling up in her eyes and a lovely red mark had appeared on her cheek. I pulled hard on her ponytail and she squealed in pain. She was trying to prise my hands off her head so that I didn’t pull out all of her hairs, but I held firm. “Put your hands in the bag and pull out a plastic bag. She did. “In the bag there should be fifteen pairs of hand cuffs. I want you to take five and handcuff each of your students’ hands behind their backs and then take the other ten and cuff each of their legs to a leg of a chair. I sat down in the chair and watched her make her way round her students doing as I instructed. Every time she bent down her dress would ride up her legs and grip her arse tight, showing off her fine figure. Once she had finished I examined her work. She had secured all of the cuffs although I went round making sure they were tight enough and no-one would be slipping out of them. I gave Bruce’s a particularly hard squeeze so that they were digging into his wrists and ankles. I saw him wince as I did this. This brought a smile to my face.

“Does that hurt?” I asked. “Maybe you should have thought of that before you started being such an arse.” I then punched him hard in the stomach and he gasped and doubled over as much as he could with his hands cuffed behind his back.

I then went to my bag and pulled out five wads of cloth and a roll of black duct tape. I gently pushed the pieces of cloth into the students’ mouths and taped over them. Before I could put the cloth into her mouth; Chloe asked,

“Why are you doing this?”

“To teach that bitch a lesson!” I said, looking up at my sexy former teacher who had backed up against the back wall of the classroom and was looking terrified. I finished gagging the students and then stepped away from them into the centre of the room.

“Now for the main event! Come over here Miss Moore!” I said beckoning her with the gun. Except for the clothes, she looked just like a naughty schoolgirl who had been called to the headmasters study after doing something bad. This thought turned me on no end and the erection that had been building threatened to snap the zip on my trousers. She had her head bowed and her hands behind her back. She was shuffling her feet slowly across the floor trying to prolong the time before she was punished. When she was close enough I reached out and grabbed her and pulled her tight to me. She was so close to me that she could feel my erect cock pressing into her butt cheeks through my trousers. She wriggled trying to move away from the pressing digit, so I pulled her closer still and whispered in her ear. “Don’t move!”

“Who are you and what do you want?” She asked

“Who am I?” I replied, “well I’m not really going to tell you that am I. In fact it shows how much of a shit teacher you are that you don’t know who I am. No connection with your students. And what I want. Well that’s for me to know and you to find out.”

These comments just scared her even more, although to be fair a gun pressing against your temple is usually enough to scare the shit out of most people.

I then started to move the gun over her body teasing her with it; I brushed her blonde hair back, exposing her gorgeous neck. I bent my head down and kissed it, I felt her body tense at my lip’s touch. However I had more exciting parts of her body to explore than her neck. I slowly ran the tip of the gun down her shoulder and down her arm that was pinned to her side. I teased her slender arms for a while; then illegal bahis moved to her breasts. I circled the mounds gently brushing her boobs with the muzzle. I then started to push the gun against the soft forgiving flesh. She squealed slightly as the pressure built against her wondrous tits.

“If I pull the trigger now, this bullet will go right through your heart.” I said maliciously.

“Please don’t” she begged. “Don’t kill me, I’ll do anything.”

“I have no intentions of killing you at the moment. But to be fair you’ll do anything I tell you whether I will kill you in the end or not.” I teased.

I then proceeded to slowly move my gun down her body, down her stomach and then over her hips and down the outside of her leg. She flinched slightly as she felt the cold metal of the gun touch her bare legs. I stroked the outside of her leg; I then stroked over her knee cap and then started to slide up the inside of her thigh. This was when Miss Moore started to panic, for she knew I wasn’t going to stop. I stroked the inside of her leg, until I reached the hem of her dress, then I paused and looked up at her students. They were all staring intensely, they all seemed shocked at what they were seeing, but there was also a look in all three of the boys’ eyes, willing me to continue. I then slowly started to push the bottom of her dress up, however I got resistance as to try and stop my advances she had grabbed the hem of her dress and was pulling it down. In my anger, I reached up with my hand that was not holding the gun and grabbed her ponytail and started to pull it back, pulling her head back. Immediately her hands flew to her hair trying to release her locks from my grip. She was groping with both hands trying to pry my hands off her hair.

“Don’t try and stop me from doing anything again. OK.”

“OK.” She sobbed. “Just please let go of my hair.” She cried, tears pouring down her face. I loosened my grip, but did not let go, I then slowly began to push her skirt up; I did it slowly, teasing her and the male students that were egging me on with their eyes. I pushed it up a few centimetres then paused a while, building up the tension. Miss Moore’s body was shaking against mine. I then continued to tease the dress up her gorgeous legs; slowly revealing a sexy pair of black lace panties. I could see the hungry look in her male students’ eyes as they stared at their helpless teachers’ little black panties, imagining what was underneath; something that they would get to see very soon. I continued to tease her, breathing in her ear. Then I started to stroke the barrel of the gun between her legs, rubbing her sex through her underwear. She gasped as I stimulated her with the weapon. Her panting told me she was actually enjoying it slightly and she was getting turned on. She was experiencing the mental conflict between terrified woman being abused by a masked man and the slag in her that enjoyed being felt up; she was such a whore that she actually enjoyed having her pussy stroked by a violent murder weapon.

“Please stop.” She begged.

“And why should I do that? I have this beautiful woman helpless in front of me. Who deserves to be punished and deserves to let everyone see how much of a slag she is. I think the reason you are asking me to stop, is because you are enjoying having your pussy stroked and don’t want to orgasm in front of your students. Well as my bitch now, you are not allowed to cum unless I tell you to, got it. If you do then there will be serious consequences.”

“Please d…d…don’t” she begged.

“Right I’ve had enough of your whining. I need to show you I mean business.” I pulled the gun out from between her thighs, then grabbed hold of her arm and dragged her over to her teacher’s desk. I then cleared a space on her desk and threw her hard down onto her stomach. Whilst pinning her with one hand, I rummaged in my bag with the other and pulled out a long piece of rope, which I started to loop round Miss Moore’s wrist.

“No what are you doing? Please stop.” She protested and she started to wriggle and fight. So I placed the gun on to her temple and pressed her head into the desk with it.

“Don’t make another sound! OK?” She shuffled submissively and let out a large sob. I then continued to snake the rope around her arms making sure the rope was digging into her soft skin to cause her maximum pain and discomfort. I finally secured the rope with a knot just below her elbow.

Now all my captors were nicely secured, I could really start to enjoy myself.

I placed my hand on the back of her thigh and slowly stroked it up the back of her legs, teasing her soft flesh. She flinched at my touch but she didn’t move or complain. I then stroked my hand over her firm ass cheeks, they felt so good to touch, two gorgeous humps straining at the red fabric holding them in. I rubbed them for a while massaging those firm mounds, then slowly I raised my right hand and brought it down hard on her ass.

Miss Moore couldn’t help but let out a squeal of pain. I slowly lowered my head so that I was looking her straight in the eyes.

“Now I thought I told you not to make another noise.”

“Please I’m sorry” she begged, “don’t kill me.”

“Don’t worry honey, I won’t kill you for that little slip up, but next time my little slave makes a noise without my say so, I may not be so kind. Now I think you deserve 10 extra spanks for that and I want you to count them out loud for me. Because I wouldn’t want a teacher who is unable to count would I?”


“OK, then start counting!” And I brought my hand hard on her right butt cheek again. “One” she sobbed. Then I brought my left hand down on her left butt cheek. “Two.” I struck her ass 4 more times, her cheeks squashing under the pressure of my hand and then bouncing up tantalisingly to strain at the fabric once more. “Six” she cried. I then struck her ass three more times in quick succession. This surprised her and she couldn’t help but emit a squeal between the eighth and the ninth.

“What was that between eight and nine? I didn’t sound much like a number.”

“I’m sorry.” She sobbed

“Well I guess we’ll have to start again.”

“No please.”

“I’m afraid you are in no direction to beg for anything. Although I will give you a slight break whilst we remove that lovely red dress of yours. But first let me get a photo.” And I went to my bag and pulled out a digital camera and took a few snaps of my helpless captive. She wriggled against the bonds but that only made the snaps sexier. I then pulled out a second rope from my bag and looped it around Miss Moore’s ankles.
“Right now to remove that dress” I said placing my hand on the zip at the top of her dress and slowly zipping it down. Miss Moore was sobbing and tears were pouring down her face, but she seemed to have lost the will to fight. As the zip came down it slowly revealed her gorgeous back,her tensed shoulder blades were clearly visible, and you could just see the hint of her spine. She was perfect, not too skinny but she had no fat on her either. The unzipping also revealed a black bra strap and as the zip got to the bottom you could just see a hint of the black lace panties. I then grabbed the two straps of the dress and peeled them down her arms.

“Please stop.” She begged again.

“Quiet!” I snapped and to reinforce my point, I slapped her arse again, inducing another grunt from her.

I continued to peel the straps down her arms, until I got to the ropes. I then undid the ropes and pulled the straps off her arms.

“Right get up!” I said pulling her up. As she did her now free arms went to hold her dress up.

“Well there’s no reason to do that.” I said pulling her hands away so that her dress fell down so it was just hanging off her hips. The wide eyed look of her male students was priceless. They were staring at her gorgeous boobs straining against the lace imprisoning them.

“Pull the dress off!” I ordered. Her fight had gone, now she was so open, she couldn’t fight any more. She grabbed the bottom of her dress and pulled it off her hips and let the dress fall to the floor. I then flicked the clasp on her bra.

“Take that off too!” She did; allowing her tits to bounce free. Her students stared in awe at the perfect orbs in front of them.

“Wow, they are beautiful.” I said reaching round her and placing my hands on them. They felt so soft and gentle to my touch. I massaged them rubbing over her nipples causing them to harden involuntarily. Miss Moore was pressed into me, she couldn’t move as I was gently playing with her boobs. I then leaned in and kissed her neck. I sucked on it then pulled back to look at the red skin slowly form into a bruise. She would have a nice hickie tomorrow. A memoir to her experience. I kissed her neck again and continued to squeeze the soft forgiving mounds of my former teacher. They felt so good, but looking at the erect nipples it also felt quite good for her too.

“You’re actually enjoying that aren’t you?” I said.

“Do you enjoy this?” I hissed, and pinched her nipples and pulled hard, causing Miss Moore to scream in pain. I continued to pull and she continued to scream louder and louder.

“Please stop. It hurts.” She begged. I pulled again and again and then let go and clasped my hand firmly over her mouth.

“I didn’t realise, I told you to make a noise. Well I think I should shut you up with something, how about your pants.” I said and before she could react, I had grabbed hold of the delicate lace and ripped them off.

“No” she squealed and she tried to grab the pants with one hand whilst trying to cover her dignity with the other. I grabbed both her arms and pulled them back behind her back. I took hold of the rope and tied her arms again.

Then placing her panties to her mouth, I said. “Open up!” and as I said this I put pressure on her lips until they started to open and allow the soft fabric inside. I then grabbed some tape and put it over her mouth.

“Right now we’ve shut you up, let’s get started.” I grabbed her and pulled her back to her desk and slammed her unceremoniously into it. I then unzipped my trousers and pulled out my erect and throbbing cock, it was rock hard, 7 and a half inches long and quite thick. It was about to get what it had wanted for so long and it knew it by the way it was standing to attention. I then went into my bag and pulled out a box of condoms. She was positioned perfectly, bent over the desk, her sexy arse poking into the air and her cunt pointing out at the perfect height to accept my hungry cock.

“Just making sure the condom is on properly; we wouldn’t want to leave any evidence would we, slut?” I teased her. Once the condom was on, I examined her snatch. I placed a couple of fingers on each of the lips and gently pulled them back to reveal a bright pink opening, a little stretched from being constantly fucked but still finely formed. While using my left hand to keep the lips apart, I pinched her clit between my thumb and fore finger of my right hand, inducing a grunt from her. I couldn’t tell but I think the slut might have actually enjoyed that. I pinched it again a bit harder, again another grunt. I continued to knead her clit between my fingers. Whilst doing this I placed my next two fingers inside her vagina. Now there was no doubt that she was enjoying it, she was as wet as a flood plain. I pumped my fingers in and out a few times and she now started to grunt in rhythm to my thrusts.

“I can’t believe it, you are actually enjoying this aren’t you Miss Whore?” She shook her head.

“Then why is your pussy dripping wet, you slut?” I said pulling my hand out and shoving my sticky fingers in front of her face. “You are a filthy slut,” I said wiping the juices all over her cheeks, which quickly mixed with the tears of humiliation that were rolling down her face.

“Well let’s see if you like these” I said putting the condom box in front of her face. She struggled to read it, but the look of horror that appeared on her face as she read ‘Brutally Ribbed’ on the packet was priceless. I’d picked brutally ribbed condoms, because I was going to enjoy this but I didn’t want her to enjoy it too much. She tried to wriggle now, but I pinned her to the table and subdued her again with a few hard spanks.
Whilst keeping my left hand on her back, pinning her to the desk, I guided my cock using my right hand to the entrance I had fantasised so many times about. I picked up the camera and took a photo of my dick covered in the black condom; you could see the thick ridges. I then took a further out photo of me positioned, ready to rape my helpless toy. I checked the photos, savouring the fear in her eyes, her helplessness, and most of all her nakedness and beauty. Satisfied with the photos it was time to begin.

I placed my cock at the edge of her snatch, so that the tip was pressing on her lips, the touch of my dick caused her entire body to tense up. She started shaking her head, as if she was telling me not to do it.

“Don’t…shake…your…head…at…me…you…filthy…little…slut!” And with each word I brought my hand down viciously on her arse cheeks, giving her the ten spanks that I had promised her. The force of my blows brought red hand shaped welts up on both her butt cheeks. She would not be able to sit down for a month. “There’s no point fighting it, it is going to happen, you might as well accept that.” I continued, and with that I pushed my dick inside her, the head of my dick parted her lips and slid nicely into her slick vagina, I hadn’t put any lube on the condom, but her wet cunt was allowing my cock to slide inside relatively easily. She was such a slut that her cunt was used to taking shafts like mine and was stretched accordingly; she was certainly not a tight virgin. I savoured the feeling of my cock being inside her. The warmth, the way she felt as her muscles gripped around my shaft, the sensations that was running through illegal bahis siteleri me as I touched the sensitive skin at the end of my cock on the soft walls of the inside of her vagina. It felt amazing to finally be inside my teacher, the woman who I had fantasised about through hours of tedious talks on Shakespeare and poetry; who I had wanked over every night for the last two years. Miss Moore didn’t think so, her body was limp, she was shaking her head slightly, she was sobbing through her gag and tears were still streaming down her face, I was amazed she had any left, she was clearly hating the experience, but that didn’t bother me, I was still going to fuck her.

I had slipped the head of my cock into her very easily, and was making steady progress until suddenly I met a bit of resistance. I pushed forward, but still met resistance Miss Moore grunted, she clearly felt it too. I looked down and realised the resistance was being caused by the first of the ridges being stuck at the edge of her pussy. This gave me an evil idea; I pulled out so that only the very end of my cock was inside her. I then placed my hand firmly on her back, pressing her into the desk and thrust forward as hard as I could. I looked down at my shaft and watched as the first of those thick ridges disappeared inside of her. As soon as it entered her, Miss Moore’s head jumped up and her scream could be heard easily through the gag. She clearly hadn’t enjoyed the rough ridge scraping along the sensitive walls inside her vagina. Her scream only spurred me on. I grasped her ponytail pulling her towards me and thrust again and again, ramming more and more brutal ridges into her, causing her to scream again and again. It still felt fantastic to me, but she clearly didn’t agree. I kept riding her, her hair was acting as the reins, and I even spanked her a few more times, like I was spurring on the horse. But all I was really doing was causing her more and more pain and me more and more enjoyment.

By now my entire shaft was buried inside her and my balls were slapping her thighs every time I thrust forward. It felt so good to have the entire length of my pole inside her, impaling her, punishing her, raping her. I didn’t want it to end, it all felt so good. Sadly all too quickly I felt the feeling build up in my balls and cock, and I felt the blood surge and muscles clench and the feeling of the warm sticky liquid surrounding my cock, unable to escape the latex that was encasing it. I would have loved to send my sperm swimming inside her, but the threat of prison wasn’t worth that added bit of enjoyment.

I pulled my cock out of her, and removed the condom; I then pulled a plastic bag out of my rucksack and put the condom straight inside, so as not to leave behind any evidence. I had now let go of my whore’s hair and when I did her head just fell to the desk, she seemed lifeless, all fight had gone, she had been abused, humiliated, raped and that had taken it out of her. She just lay there submissively, hoping that it was all over, tears still running down her face; whilst I used tissues to clean myself up. These tissues quickly joined the condom in the evidence bag. I then took the tissues and started to clean the juices that were seeping out from inside her. I wiped away the juices then as I examined the tissue, I noticed that amongst the creamy coloured liquids there were hints of red. Her juices were full of blood, the condoms had really lived up to their name; they had fucked her so brutally that they had torn the skin and caused her to bleed. No wonder she had screamed so loudly. Part of me felt sorry for her; but only a very small part.

Having cleaned us both up, I picked up the gun again and untied the ropes binding my former teacher. Once she was free, she slowly pushed herself off the desk and stood up; she peeled the tape off her mouth, pulled her pants out of her mouth and then used them to cover her modesty as best she could.

“Please stop.” She cried, “You’ve had your fun, you’ve tied us up, you’ve raped me, you’ve hurt and humiliated me. What more do you want? Please just stop this and let us go.”

“Let you go,” I laughed, “but why would I do that. As you said I’m having so much fun, why would I stop? Besides, these students have sat so quietly and not complained once. Don’t you think we should do some teaching before I leave?” As I said this I ripped her pants out of her hand and threw them in my bag as a souvenir, I then grabbed her arm so that it was no longer covering her abused pussy and pulled her over towards her students. “Well we all know you can’t teach them any English, so why don’t you teach them about the one thing you do know about…Fucking!” And with that I shoved her to the floor so that she fell at the feet of her first student. It was Bruce’s mate who was sat in the chair at the end of the row.

“What?” Miss Moore shouted, staring up at me aghast.

“Well I thought before I leave you could give each of these students a practical demonstration of different sexual practices, starting with my friend on the end here.”

“You want me to fuck my students?” Miss Moore shouted an appalled look on her face.

“Well sort of, we’ll get to fucking eventually, but I think first we’ll shut you up and put your mouth to better use by giving this guy a blow job.”

“But I can’t, Jack’s my student. I can’t suck him off, I’ll be fired.”

Now I lost my temper, I stepped forward and backhanded her across the face, then firmly grabbed a handful of her lovely hair, and shoving the gun in her face hissed, “Now look here you bitch, I’m the one with the gun, I’m the one in control, so if I tell you to give your student a fucking blowjob then you fucking give him a blowjob. Do you hear me?”

“OK,” she whimpered, terrified by the gun in her face and the pain in her head.

“Right, now unzip his trousers!” I said throwing her to the floor. She slowly picked herself off the floor and knelt in front of her bound student. Then with her hands shaking like a leaf, she reached out and undid the clasp on Jack’s trousers, unzipped them and slid them down his legs to his ankles.

“And the boxers!” I urged, and Miss Moore took hold of Jack’s Calvin Klein’s and pulled them down with his trousers. What I didn’t expect was to find Jack’s cock standing to attention. Despite being tied up, the sight of his sexy teacher being raped and then kneeling naked in front of him had caused him to have an erection. He had a good sized cock, about seven inches, a good size but nothing to an experienced cock sucker like Miss Moore.

Miss Moore had stopped now; she was staring uncertainly at the erect dick in front of her. She just couldn’t bring herself to do it.

“Go on,” I encouraged and pressed the gun to the back of her head. Slowly she lowered her head, and wrapped her lips around Jack’s cock. The look on Jack’s face was priceless; he clearly loved the feel of his teacher’s mouth around his dick, the feel of her warm breath on his bell end, the feel of her tongue caressing his stiff member. I knew it wouldn’t be long before his inexperienced dick could take no more.

“Go on, make him cum! Don’t stop until his cock has exploded inside your mouth. The quicker you do it, the quicker this will be all over.” I quickly pulled out my camera and took a few snaps. She bobbed her head up and down, using her immense skills in fellatio to tease his innocent cock. Her tongue was running its way up and down his dick, caressing and teasing it. I could see the look of pleasure on Jack’s face, he started to pant through his gag and very soon his eyes rolled back and he let out a last gasp of pleasure. Miss Moore tried to pull back, but I put my hand on the back of her head.

“No, no, no. Swallow the lot! I don’t want to see a drop of cum escape those lips. You must have swallowed enough spunk in your time. A bit more won’t hurt you, will it?”

I then held her until Jack had finished and then let her breathe. She pulled her head back.

After she got her breath back, she sobbed. “Now can you let us go?”

“Not just yet,” I laughed and I reached down and pinched her right nipple. There are four more students here. Now shift over, it’s Bruce’s turn. Much as I hate the lad he has been quiet for the last half hour or so; which is probably a new record for him. So I feel like he deserves some reward.

Miss Moore shuffled over reluctantly. She seemed to finally be submitting, and was going to do whatever it took to get this nightmare over. “Do you want me to suck him off too?” she asked.

“No, I’ve got a better idea. Why don’t you use your hand, and make sure you get it all over that nice school blazer of his.”

Bruce scowled at me at first, but he was very soon distracted by the beautiful woman’s hand stroking his cock. He stared down at Miss Moore with lust in his eyes; a fact that didn’t go unnoticed with Holly next to him. I could see the tears forming in her eyes, as she watched her teacher jack off her boyfriend and the look of enjoyment on his face as it happened.

“Don’t worry Holly” I said, placing my hand on her cheek and brushing the tears away with my thumb. “You can do better than him anyway. In fact maybe you and me could get to know each other after this is over,” and I slid my hand down onto her right breast and gave it a quick squeeze. This created protest from both Bruce and Holly, through their respective gags. I pulled away laughing. “How you getting on, slut?” I said turning my attention back to Miss Moore.

“OK.” And she was, Bruce’s cock was rock hard and it was no surprise, as Miss Moore’s skills with her hands were just as good as her skills with her mouth. She was pumping away vigorously and the pre-cum was glistening on the end of his cock. The veins were pumping on the outside of his cock.

“Make sure you aim for that navy blazer.” She shifted the cock in her hands and continued to pump, and soon thick streams of white liquid were spurting out of his dick and landing all over his blue jacket, leaving white stains all over it.

“Perfect. Now let’s move onto Holly. We’re halfway now. Three people satisfied, three to go. Now it gets a bit tricky, have you ever made love to a woman before?”

“No” Miss Moore replied, “I’ve kissed a girl once, but nothing else.”

“Well that I’d like to see. But with these girls you’re going to be doing a little more than kissing. Why don’t we start by removing Holly’s skirt?” She looked at me in shock. “Go on!” I urged. Slowly she ran her hand up the side of Holly’s legs; who kicked them up and down as much as she could in response, and soon Miss Moore found the zip and slowly pulled it, until she was able to slide Holly’s skirt down her legs to the floor, to reveal a very boring pair of white pants. A slight disappointment but I suppose you can’t have everything. “Go on pull those down too!” And Miss Moore reached and grabbed the waistline and pulled them to Holly’s ankles too, whilst I got out my camera once more. After taking a few snaps with a nice zoom on Holly’s pussy, although it was slightly hairy for my liking.

“Right now I want you to lick out Holly’s hairy pussy,” I said pushing Miss Moore’s head towards, she tried to push back but I shoved her face in between Holly’s legs and held her there. Holly gasped through her gag. I released the pressure on her head and let her breathe. “Now use your tongue bitch!” I said, giving her a slap on the back of the head for good measure. So Miss Moore reached out with her tongue and gave the outside of Holly’s pussy a lick, she flinched at the feel of Holly’s pubes on her tongue.

This made me laugh. “It’s better if you pull the lips apart,” I said, “Like this.” And I reached down and parted Holly’s lips with my thumb and index finger, unveiling the soft pink skin underneath. “Now that is what you want to aim for. And make sure you focus on her clitoris.” And to add emphasis I pinched Holly’s clit and rubbed it between my thumb and fore finger, causing her to squeal in pain. “Cos you are not going to stop until her juices, are all over your face, you filthy whore.”

Miss Moore then reached out with her fingers and held Holly’s bottom lips apart before flicking her tongue out to sample her first cunt. Holly gasped at the feel of Miss Moore’s moist, rough tongue touched the sensitive pink skin exposed to the air. Miss Moore flicked her tongue out again, eliciting another gasp from Holly. As Miss Moore continued she started to hold the contact between her tongue and Holly’s vagina, extending her pleasure. Holly really seemed to be enjoying this, and I could see the glisten of her juices coating the bright pink skin.

“I think your teacher, might be turning your girlfriend into a lesbian” I sneered at Bruce. “Go on slut, lap up all her juices” I ordered at Miss Moore; who increased her pace to keep up with the juices flowing out of Holly’s flowing pussy. I took some more snaps of Miss Moore’s tongue stroking Holly’s tender pink skin, lapping up the stream of white sticky juices flowing freely from Holly.

Eventually the stream dried up and it was time for Miss Moore to move on to her fourth victim. I gripped her hair and yanked her head back.

“Well done, you really are a filthy lesbian whore.” I spat at her. “You have licked her vagina dry. Time for you to continue to prove what a little slut you are, Miss Whore. There is another pussy that requires your attention. Remove that skirt and make it quick!” I ordered.

Miss Moore positioned herself in front of Chloe and reached out to undo the pleated skirt. Reluctantly she unzipped it and pulled it down Chloe’s legs. The view that removing the skirt surprised all of us; Chloe was wearing the smallest black thong, with a small triangle of lace, that was barely covering her snatch, with just a small string around her hips. It was like something from Ann Summers.

“Have you been handing out your underwear to your students, you filthy bitch?” I spat at canlı bahis siteleri Miss Moore.

“No.” Miss Moore stated, staring at her student’s limited underwear in shock. “Chloe, I really don’t think they are suitable for you to wear to school.” Chloe looked down at her teacher, tears of embarrassment were leaking down Chloe’s cheeks, her discomfort at being seen in such revealing underwear was clear.

“I totally agree with you,” I said also staring at the flimsy underwear. I walked over to Miss Moore’s desk and picked up a pair of scissors. “In fact I feel like they should be confiscated.” I said gleefully, and I took hold of the strings around her hips and cut them with the scissors. Chloe then squealed through her gag as I pulled on the strings, pulling the string out of her arse and the fabric away from her cunt. I pocketed the thong, as a souvenir, and wasn’t surprised to see a fully shaved pussy in front of me.

I couldn’t help myself; I leaned forwards and whispered in her ear. “Wow, I didn’t know you were part Brazilian.” I said chuckling at my own joke; I then kissed Chloe’s cheek and slid my left hand between her thighs and inserted my middle finger between her slit. Chloe screamed through her gag, as my finger invaded her, I stroked the inside of her pussy with my middle finger, almost like I was beckoning her pussy juices towards me. I could tell from her underwear that she was a massive slag and despite her screams it wasn’t long before I started to feel the wall I was stroking get moist, as her pussy juices answered my summons. “You’re enjoying that, aren’t you?” I said. Chloe shook her head frantically and tears were pouring down her face, but I knew she was.

“Leave her alone!” Miss Moore shouted.

“OK then” I said pulling my finger from out of Chloe’s snatch, “How about I mix her pussy juices with yours. Raise your arse!” I ordered, and I walked round behind her, and lifted her arse before pushing my fingers inside her. Miss Moore moaned slightly as my fingers went inside. “Did you just moan, you slut?” I asked.

“I’m sorry, I couldn’t help it.” She sobbed.

“You really are the dirtiest slut in the world.” I hissed. “Right I am going to finger you and you are going to finger the beautiful Chloe here; and I warn you, if you cum before she does, then you are in a lot of trouble. Ok?”

“Yes.” And she slowly put her fingers on the edge of Chloe’s pussy.

“You better hurry up.” I said and I started to pump my fingers back and forward vigorously. Miss Moore gasped as my fingers pumped back and forward inside her wet cunt. She quickly started to pant at my dynamic pace. She realised she had better hurry up and start on Chloe’s cunt and pushed her fingers inside of Chloe, who moaned as her teacher’s entered her. I continued to force my fingers in and out of Miss Moore and then used my thumb to rub against her clit. This caused her to moan in pleasure; given the fact that she had already cum in the last hour, I was surprised how quickly she was getting to orgasm. Miss Moore realised this too, and she was terrified that she was going to cum before Chloe, who despite her initial gasp, was not getting anywhere nearer to coming. So Miss Moore bent her lips and started to kiss and lick Chloe’s button, causing her to moan in pleasure. I noticed this and took the opportunity to take another photo, I really didn’t care who came first it actually made no difference to my plan. I just enjoyed toying with Miss Moore’s mind.

“Oi, that’s cheating!” I shouted; and I grabbed hold of her blonde locks and yanked her head back away from Chloe’s clit. Pulling her hair back also had the effect of pulling her further onto my fingers. This led her to gasp in both pain and pleasure; I gripped her hair and continued to pump my fingers in and out of her cunt, bringing her closer and closer to orgasm. However Miss Moore’s fingers were still pumping in and out of Chloe’s cunt as well, and her less experienced vagina was also getting close to exploding; every time Miss Moore’s fingers pulled out, Chloe’s juices were glistening all over them. Both ladies were panting like spaniels and soon I felt Miss Moore’s cunt contract, closing around my fingers, almost exactly at the same time as Chloe’s cunt did the same around Miss Moore’s digits. Both of them moaned in pleasure, soaking the fingers inside them with their juices.

“Well done slut.” I said spanking her arse and pulling my finger out; which Miss Moore took as a sign that she could remove her fingers from inside Chloe. I took hold of her hand and examined. “Wow, slut you’ve really made your student cum there, your fingers are dripping with it. Why don’t you use your tongue to clean them up?”

So Miss Moore placed her fingers in her mouth and licked them dry, giving me another great photo opportunity as she stared up at me. “Good, good,” I said as she removed her clean fingers. “Now you can do the same to mine. I want you to taste your own juices,” and I forced my fingers between her lips and felt her tongue lick the juices off. It must have been disgusting for her, it would have been bad enough to taste another girl’s juices, but to taste her own cunt-juice must have been terrible. It would be like a guy giving himself a blow-job I thought. Once she was done, I pulled my fingers out.

“Well done slut, you’ve done well there. However, I’m sorry to say that you came before Chloe did.”

“What?” Miss Moore protested, “We came at the same ti…”

‘CRACK’ Miss Moore’s fell sideways as I slapped her across the face.

“Don’t argue with me. You came first and therefore you are going to suffer one more punishment and to be fair, there is still one more student who requires satisfying.”

“But I can’t satisfy Clive.”

“Why not?”

“Well…he’s such a nerd and probably a virgin.”

“Even more reason for you to help him with his problems.”

“No!” she said. I took a moment to take in what she just said.


“I said No! I’ve done everything you’ve asked of me to the letter, and I’m not doing anymore and I certainly don’t want to take someone’s virginity. Now please just let us go.” I was stunned.

“Right I didn’t want to do this. But I did bring one last tool, as a last resort.” I went back over to my bag and pulled out a long, black whip.

Miss Moore stared at it in terror and as I advanced on her with it; she squealed, “Fine I’ll do it.” And she rushed to remove Clive’s pants. Although that still didn’t stop me bringing the whip down hard on her back. It cracked beautifully, and Miss Moore screamed in pain, as a long, red welt appeared down her spine.

“That was for your cheek. Now remove those trousers, or you’ll feel another lick of my whip.”
Miss Moore fumbled with Clive’s zip, sobbing from the pain in her back. I took a photo of the slash down her back. She still looked gorgeous. Freddie Kruger could have gone to town on her, and she’d still look beautiful. Miss Moore had now managed to unzip Clive’s trousers and then pulled them down along with his boxers. She gasped, and I just stared in awe. I had noticed Clive shifting uncomfortably, but I just thought that had been the vision of a gorgeous woman naked in front of him. Something I was certain he had never seen before. However the real reason must have been the pain he was in, from his enormous dick being trapped in his unforgiving school trousers. His dick must have been 13 inches and wide as hell. How this nerd had been carrying round such a member was beyond me.

“What the fuck!” Miss Moore and I said simultaneously. Everyone else just stared at it in awe.

“I can’t fuck that.” Miss Moore complained.

“No. I have a better idea. I couldn’t let you have the pleasure of taking that in your pussy. Besides there’s still one hole that hasn’t been fucked yet.”

“What?” she said confusedly.

“You’re going to take his dick in your ass, bitch.” I sniggered.

“What…No…I can’t. He’ll rip me apart.” She protested

“I know, and I want to see the agony on your face, as he does it.” I said, the grin spreading across my face.

“Please don’t make me do this.” Miss Moore cried.

“Come on, we are nearly done. Take his dick in your arse, make him cum and I will leave you in peace. Either that or you can take fifty flogs with the whip.” I urged.

I could see her contemplating this, as she considered whether fifty lashes would actually be less painful than taking that enormous member up her anus; but one warning crack of the whip on the floor made up her mind.

“Ok, ok, I’ll do it. Just don’t whip me again.” She cried.

“Good girl” I said and took her shoulder; helping her to her feet. Miss Moore then glanced down at the giant dick below her, and positioned her ass above the thick rod. She pulled her ass cheeks apart, until his tip was in contact with her back door; her legs were trembling, she didn’t want to lower her weight onto the monster beneath; her legs were shaking in anticipation as well as the strain of her current position. I placed my left hand on her leg, to steady her:

“Come on beautiful, you can do it. I don’t need to give you any encouragement do I?” I said, stroking her thigh with the whip in my right hand.

“OK, OK. I’m doing it.” She moaned, and she started to lower herself onto the nerd’s dick. She winced in pain, as the tip pushed her sphincter apart, she tried to take his enlarged bell-end inside her, but every time she did the pain became unbearable and she lifted herself off to ease the hurt.

“I can’t, it’s too big.” Miss Moore sobbed, “It hurts so much.” I cracked the whip across her thighs, causing her to scream once more.

“You’d better do it, or you’ll be in a world of pain! How about we give you some help. Get up!” I ordered. So she stood and stared at me. “Spread your legs!” I ordered, and as she did, I plunged my fingers back inside her pussy.

“Fucking hell slut, you are still dripping wet. Why don’t we use some of your slutty juices to make life a bit easier for you?” I couldn’t help finger banging her a couple of times, causing her to moan involuntarily, and as
I pulled my finger out, it glistened with her pussy juice.

“Right bend over facing Clive!” I ordered.

Her ass stared up at me; it was so enticing; I had to give it a spank.

“Ooo” she howled in surprise.

“Right now use your cunt juices, to lubricate Clive’s cock. I’ll take care of your ass.” At this instruction, Miss Moore put her fingers inside herself and started rubbing her juices all over Clive’s cock. Seeing how well she was following instructions, I pulled her ass cheeks apart, to reveal her starfish, I spread her juices all over the outside making it nice and wet, before reloading inside her vagina; then without giving any warning I plunged my fingers inside her asshole. Miss Moore howled in pain, as my fingers buried themselves all the way to the knuckles.

“There you, go. I’ve even widened your asshole for you.” I said pulling her upwards. As she turned to face me, tears were running down her cheeks. My anal assault had clearly really hurt, but I was beyond caring.
Miss Moore had by now positioned herself back on Clive’s shaft, and with the help of the lube managed to force half of the bell-end inside, but then she started to grimace once more.

“I c…c…can’t” she sobbed, “he’s t…t…too b…b…big” she said; but before she could get off, I placed one hand on her shoulder and the other on her thigh, preventing her from getting up.

“You can do this. Once you are past the bell-end it will be fine.” She stared up at me, agony etched across her face. As she stared helplessly up at me, tears forming in her eyes; I bent down, put my lips to hers and kissed her. Amazingly she started to kiss back, and our tongues became intertwined like serpents dancing. Her soft lips were amazing, although her breath tasted like all the cum she had swallowed, but I didn’t care. I was kissing a ten out of ten, and she was kissing back.

I pulled away, and looked back at her. The kiss seemed to have heightened her resolve and with a grimace of pain and effort she forced Clive’s whole bell-end inside her ass, with a final gasp of release. Her weight then took her half way down Clive’s shaft. I stepped back and took another few photos. Now that his ass was inside her, Miss Moore was more comfortable; only slightly, but more comfortable. Slowly she raised and lowered her weight onto Clive’s cock, fucking her with her ass. She was still wincing in pain, as the massive member spread her ass, like a wedge. I could see blood trickling down Clive’s cock; as he tore his teacher’s ass apart. But her pain was short lived, the combination of her tight ass and his inexperienced cock meant that in under a minute Clive’s eyes rolled back and he released his load inside his teacher. With a gasp, Miss Moore raised herself off Clive’s cock and collapsed on the floor exhausted.

I let her lie there, whilst I sorted my things out. I pocketed the gun, put the camera, and everything else I had used away. I then bent down and picked up all of her clothes.

“I’m taking all your clothes, so you have nothing to wear when I’m gone. You’ll have to let the whole school see you naked.” I laughed. Miss Moore didn’t respond she just cried on the floor. Once I made sure I had picked up absolutely everything and had left no evidence, I picked up my bag.

“Stand up slut!” I shouted. Slowly she pushed herself onto her feet and stared tearily at me.

“Aren’t you going to thank your master for your punishment?”

“Thank you, sir.” She sobbed.

“Good, now kiss me!” She shuffled close and put her lips to mine, I felt her naked breasts press against my chest, her lips were incredible and I couldn’t help but reach around and have one last grab of her fantastic arse. Then reluctantly I pulled away.

“Well, it’s been an absolute pleasure.” I told her, gave her boob a last squeeze, then dropped the handcuff keys in her hand before going to the window, opening it, clambering out and sprinting across the school playing fields and over the fence.

Mission complete!

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