Risky Business Ch. 03

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Peter and Ian played their weekly round of golf, with Peter, unusually, playing badly and losing heavily.

“Christ Pete, you were crap today. What’s up? Got the yips?”

“No, don’t know really. Mind on other things, I guess.”Boy, wasn’t it ever! Five hours ago I was diddling and licking your daughter to two orgasms and then fucked your wife whilst you were upstairs having a crap.

“Never mind, let’s get in to the 19th and have that beer.”

They changed in the locker room and then adjourned to the bar. After getting the drinks – Peter paying, of course – they sat at a table on the patio over-looking the 1st tee and 18th green. After 15 minutes of idle chat, Ian excused himself to go for a pee. Peter immediately pulled out his mobile and phoned Ian’s house.Please let Zoe answer …

“Hello.” Zoe answered.

“Zoe, it’s Peter. Look, I haven’t got long – Ian’s just gone for a pee. About this morning … look, I just don’t know what happened …”

“I do: I seduced you and you let me seduce you and you fucked me and I let you fuck me … well, actually, I more thanlet you fuck me. Did you enjoy it? I did. Immensely. I masturbated to a really intense orgasm about ten minutes after you left. Then another one about an hour ago. And when Ian fucks me tonight I’ll masturbate to another one. And I’ll be thinking about you fucking me.” He’d never once heard her use ‘fuck’ in the twenty years he’d known her, and he was shocked and intrigued about the complete change that had come over her.

“You always do get straight to the point don’t you? But why did that happen this morning? I’ve known you for twenty years andnothing has ever happened between us before … although, of course, I’d have liked it to.”

“I know you would, and so would I. We just couldn’t have, could we? But then I smelt and tasted Diane on your lips and I was already feeling quite horny and, well, I don’t know, I just wanted to really badly, and something snapped and I just did. Plus which, I wanted to have you before Debbie did.”

“What?!”Oh my God, what the fuck is going on?

He spotted Ian coming out through the bar. “Oh, look, Ian’s coming back. Bye.” He said quietly.

“Call me. Next time I want to 1xbet yeni giriş be in a nice comfy bed. Bye.”

He closed the phone and slipped it back into his pocket as Ian settled himself back in his chair. They finished their drinks and went to the bar for another round.

“So, how’re Diane and Katy?”

“Oh, fine. I dropped Katy at school to go off on her field trip this morning – that’s why I was a bit early. What about Zoe and Debbie?”

“Fine. In fact they’ve been getting on really well for the past few months.”

They sat watching golfers tee off or hole out as they finished their drinks, chatting about this, that and sport (Peter didn’t dare risk talking about ‘the other’) then left for home.

As they pulled up to Ian’s house, Ian asked if he wanted to pop in for a swift one for the road.

“Thanks, better not.”

“Oh come on, just a swiftie – I won’t take no for an answer.”

Groaning inwardly, Peter agreed and followed Ian reluctantly into his house.

“I’ll just dump my clubs in the garage – go on through and get one of the girls to pour us a couple of glasses of wine.”

Peter wandered into the kitchen. Zoe stood at the sink, rinsing glasses. She turned her head and flashed him a dazzling smile.



He stood in the kitchen door, looking at her. She still had the summer dress on. All he could think of was fucking her here a few short hours ago, of her lying on her bed masturbating afterwards.

“Cat got your tongue?”

“Er, no. Ian persuaded me to come in for a swift one. Do you have some wine?”

“Sure. White in the fridge, red on the rack. Nervous?”

“Yes. How come you’re not?” He pulled a bottle of red from the rack.

She opened the drawer beside the sink and handed him a cork-screw. “I’m not sure, actually.” She frowned slightly, then gave him the smile again. “Perhaps because I know I can pull it off.”

“Pull what off?”

“Having an affair with you.”


They heard Ian coming back through the side door in the utility room. Zoe dried off four glasses and Peter poured the wine as the three of them chatted about the men’s golf, Ian pulling Peter’s leg about how crap he’d been. 1xbet giriş Zoe stuck her head out into the hall and shouted.

“Debbie, there’s a glass of wine here for you – Peter’s here.”

Moments later there was a clatter of steps descending the stairs in a typical teenage rush, and Debbie shot into the kitchen.


“He’s standing just there, in front of you.” Said Zoe.

Debbie rolled her eyes and gave her mother a look. “No, silly, the wine. Hello Peter.”

Peter smiled at her and passed her wine glass to her. Their fingers touched as it was passed across, and with her back to both her parents she gave him a huge wink. He gulped his wine, somewhat unnerved by the situation he was in.

With it being a warm mid-summer afternoon, they adjourned to the garden sofas on Ian and Zoe’s deck, overlooking their well-tended garden. Ian and Zoe sat together on one and Debbie plonked herself next to Peter on the second, sitting against the arm with her back to her parents and swinging her legs up to rest across Peter’s. She was wearing a short denim skirt and a cut-off t-shirt.

“So, did you have a good game of golf?”

“Your dad did. I was crap.”

“Oh no, you didn’t let dad win did you? We’ll never hear the last of it. You’d better win next week.”

They chatted some more, then, with glasses emptying, Ian got up and went into the kitchen for another bottle. Debbie raised her knee, resting her foot on his thigh. He could see up her skirt; she was, of course, not wearing panties. She gave him a conspiratorial smile.

“If you tease the poor man like that Debbie, he’ll go insane.” They heard Zoe say quietly. Debbie blushed and quickly put her knee down, but said nothing. She gave Peter a guilty grimace.

“Spoilsport.” He said quietly at Zoe, smiling ruefully at her. She flashed a quick smile back at him as Ian came back with another bottle.

“Ian, no I really must be off – Diane will be wondering where I’ve got to.”

Debbie swivelled her legs off him and stood up with him. The whole family escorted him to the door.

“You and Debbie must come round to lunch tomorrow.” Said Zoe, as he stepped out on to the drive.

“Yes, excellent idea – we’ll 1xbet güvenilirmi have a barbie.” Added Ian enthusiastically.

Peter looked back at them, Debbie in front, then Zoe and Ian at the back. Both women were smiling broadly at him.

“Sure – that’d be lovely. About 12?”

“Perfect, see you then.”

As he drove home, Peter reflected on what had happened. Whilst having Debbie throw herself at him requesting he be the one to deflower her, and the antics they’d got up to before her parents came home had him nursing a raging hard-on, he couldn’t get over the incredible thing that had happened with Zoe shortly after in the kitchen.They’d fucked like mink in the kitchen with her husband and daughter upstairs! The risk! And she’d never, ever encouraged him in any way before in twenty years! And it had been an incredibly erotic experience for him. The way she had hesitated after the introductory peck, tasting and smelling Debbie’s musk on his mouth, then come back and licked him to taste it again, thinking it was Diane’s. The look on her face, the moment of decision before she launched into the full blown snog, moulding herself against him, the experience of a 40-year-old woman knowing that his trapped hard-on was uncomfortable and allowing her to just slip her hand inside his pants and pull it comfortably upright. Then letting him fondle her bottom, anus and vulva, encouraging him with her movements and little moans, willingly letting herself be impaled and fucked, urging him to a quick orgasm inside her, then having the presence of mind to use an air freshener to disguise any odours of their sex.Had she done this with anyone else? He somehow thought not – it just wasn’t Zoe … but then neither had been what the two of them had done.

And she wanted to do it again; she wanted a full-blown affair with him! Why? After twenty years? Was her sex-life with Ian not satisfying her? Was she having a mid-life crisis? Loss of confidence in her looks and attractiveness? Jealous of her daughter? Was Ian up to something and this was revenge? So many questions …

She thought she could keep an affair with him secret and under control. Madness! Perhaps she could, but could he? Discovery would ruin all their lives. But so would fucking Debbie. Either or both stood a great chance of fucking him up totally.

Go for it all! Yes! They’re gorgeous! And it’s already too late!

He hadn’t been so excited, felt so alive, so nervous in years!

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