Sara Finds Love

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For him, attraction was not something that he could always recognise even when it would be obvious to others. He was a teacher in Catholic high school for girls and as such had long turned off his radar and did not look for any signs from his pupils as to how they reacted to him especially as he was approaching his late twenties and was already in a relationship.

That is not to say that he was totally immune to the charms of his charges, especially when in summer term the uniform skirt was rather loosely draped around long nude legs which seemed to stretch for ever, occasionally affording him the glimpse of white as the girls would innocently cross and uncross their legs.

She had come to his school at the age of 15 from Canada. Sara had shoulder length dark hair, a tanned complexion and beautiful, almost sorrowful, brown eyes, the type of eyes that you could stare into trying to read but would only see what you were meant to see and little more.

She had started learning his subject and was behind at first but because of her natural intelligence, she very quickly had caught up with and even surpassed some of his better students. For senior cycle, she kept on his subject and continued to make progress and by age 18 had quite a command of it. He had not failed to notice her. She was quite different from the rest of the girls, not only by the way she looked, but also by her interests. She read books like the autobiography of Michael J. Fox, a choice which he found odd and her favourite movie was American Beauty, which he liked too, but could not admit to her as the story line was just a little risqué for a teacher to admit to a pupil. She had an ease with which she dealt with him, as an equal, as one adult to another, as one in charge of her own destiny. That she was in love with him was something that he really had no idea of.

The first notion that she had feelings for him first occurred when she was preparing a project for his subject and had included photos from her last visit to Canada. He had looked over the photos and commented on one of her friends, a very beautiful young girl. The following day, when she handed up the final draft, the photo had been taken out. He had by now some idea that there was something more to this than met the eye and he in turn would lie awake in bed at night thinking about her and of the things he would like to do with her.

Three years passed and she was out of sight but not quite out of mind as escort ataşehir he did think of her occasionally. He was to meet her again during summer vacation. She was studying and working part time at the library in M. College where he had started a research based postgraduate degree. Their meeting at the library desk had been unexpected for him as he had assumed that she would not have been there. Indeed this would have been the case only that she had found work there to pay her way through college. They started to talk and as it was close to her lunch break, she had suggested that they go for a walk around by the back of the college, beyond which there was a long laneway which lead onto the old farm and past this again, the more secluded fields bordering the river.

She walked slightly ahead of him as the lane narrowed and became a path winding its way towards the water. He watched her hips moving from side to side and because if the light material of her skirt and with the sunlight shining as it was he could see that she wore white underwear. She looked back at him as they arrived at the river, well hidden from public view and as they both sat down, she placed her hand on his shoulder to balance herself as she did so. This touch sent waves of anticipation through his body. She took off both shoes, slowly, and put her feet just over the bank of the river into the water. They talked for a bit and then she said,

“I’m quite tense, rub my shoulders … please”.

He got in behind her, on his knees and as he kneaded her back, he leant in closer to smell her hair. As he moved his hands round and around, she reached up and took hold of one of them.

“I’ve always liked your fingers, when I was in school. I would look at your hands as you played for the class and wonder what they would be like to…”

“To what?” he asked.

“To touch me … all over, to feel me, to hold me, to possess me.” she replied slowly, looking around, into his eyes, measuring his reaction.

She took his hand in hers and slowly moved it down along her body over her breast, still holding his gaze. He groaned almost inaudibly as he felt his cock growing harder and harder in his pants. Her breasts were small and pert and as she turned around to face him, her skirt rode up along her thigh exposing her to his view. She pushed him onto the ground and reached over and they kissed long and hard for the first time. As he wore light cotton jeans, his erection kadıköy escort bayan was visible and after slipping her hand under his tee-shirt, she said to him.

“Let me tell you a little story”.

Sara spoke slowly, deliberately, almost tasting every syllable she uttered as a delicious morsel of food.

“Let me tell you about what I used to thing about when I was in your class, I used to wonder what it would be like to unzip you and take your cock out and suck you off and let you explode into my mouth…I pictured various scenarios, such as you taking me for a private lesson over in the music rooms and that I let you seduce me or you let me seduce you.”

Sara started to feel his swollen cock through his jeans and continued to talk.

“I would be already at the piano when you would arrive. I would be at the piano stool, but with my knees up on it and with both hands supporting myself across the keyboard. My skirt would of course be up around my waist and my panties would be pulled down, half way down my thighs and this is the sight that would greet you as you came in the door.”

Her hand continued to rub his cock but with a little more pressure and he ached for her to unzip him and to take it out into her hand.

“You would lock the door and come over to me. I would stick my ass out further for you to see my bald pussy. Would you have like that?” Sara asked him. “What would you have done to me?… Would you have fucked me? … Would you have sucked me?”

Sara reached inside his pants and freed his cock. She took it in her hands and started to stroke it with her hand.

At first, this was slightly painful as well as pleasurable but with some saliva from her mouth to act as lubricant, he could only feel waves of intense pleasure beginning to build. He felt himself go almost into a trance like state as her hand continued to stroke him and as she continued to speak, coaxing his orgasm with her words and with her hand.

“Imagine that you are putting it into me. From behind. This is only the start. I will let you do it. I will let you fuck my tight little pussy. Later. I will let you do whatever you want to me and in return … you will have to let me do whatever I want with you”.

This was all he could take. The sight of her, the words that she spoke, the promise of complete liberty and possession, of love and lust, oh yes, complete with the fantasy she had built for him made him come so strongly. escort bostancı His cock erupted and spewed its contents all over her hand, to her obvious pleasure, and when the last wave of orgasm had left his body and the last drop of sperm ran out of his tip, she turned her look back up to him and said,

“You are mine now… You always have been… You always will be”.

Later that evening, as she lay in bed beside his sleeping figure, she reflected on what she had experienced the last number of hours. When Sara had brought him back to the flat, he had undressed her slowly, examining her body in minute detail, brushing his hands softly over her breasts, making her nipples stiffen, before laying her down on the bed. He softly bade her close her eyes and began to lightly touch her forehead with his fingertips, gently applying pressure here and there in the sensitive areas over her eyelids. He brushed back her hair from her ears and blew his hot breath along the nape of her neck up to her ears. He glided his hands up and down her body from her stomach to her neck, occasionally touching her breasts but not in any rushed or hurried fashion. Slowly, his touch began to become more intimate, seeking out the area between her thighs, but not quite touching her pussy. His hands ran along from her waist to her breasts and then he started to suck gently on her nipples. Her breasts reacted to his foreplay but so too did her pussy which she ached for him to touch. She spread her legs as wide as she could, and as if reading her mind, he ran his tongue down from her breasts to her clitoris and started to lick the area around it but deliberately avoiding it for the moment. He continued to lick, working from there up to her breasts and then onto her lips. This, she was not too sure about as she didn’t quite like the smell of her on his face. This sucking and licking continued for a long time and eventually, he started to gently stroke her clit with his tongue. He licked sometimes gently, sometimes forcibly and her orgasm began to build.

A low moan emitted from Sara as she began to build up for the oncoming rush of pleasure and she focussed completely on what he was doing for her. Then, just at the right moment, he started to suck her now fully swollen clitoris and pleasure began to turn into sheer ecstasy for her. Sara placed her hands on his head to make sure that he did not stop now… now that she was so close and eventually, she could feel herself reaching for the peak, reaching, reaching and then, she was there and wave after wave of pleasure went through her, causing her to cry out with sheer pleasure, moving her head from one side to another, holding on to every last morsel and then, it was over, for the moment.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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