Sarah and Josh Ch. 02

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Josh closed the lid of the laptop, and rubbed his eyes. “I’m glad I got that sorted – sorry it took so much of the evening, darling.”

Sarah shook her head, smiling. “It’s fine. I’ve just managed to finish the book I’ve been reading.”

She put the novel by her chair, and got up to stand behind him, starting to massage his shoulders. Josh closed his eyes, tilting his head back. “That feels better – I hadn’t realised how long I’d been sitting there.”

Sarah wrapped her arms around him, resting her cheek against his. “Ready for bed?”


Sarah stepped back to let him stand up, and he grinned at her. “Isn’t it your turn for our bedtime story?”

She returned his grin. “Already got it worked out. I even have my costume ready.”

Josh raised his eyebrows. “OK. So what are our characters?”

Sarah chuckled. “I think you’ll like this one. You’re the youngest son of a great maharajah, just coming of age, and I’m the most beautiful girl in the harem, sent to introduce you to the arts of love.”

She indicated the stairs with her eyes. “So we start with you in your opulent bedchamber, waiting for me a bit nervously.”

“OK.” Josh climbed the stairs, glancing back once to see Sarah watching him. He went into the bedroom, and settled himself back against the pillows to wait.

After a few minutes he heard the tread of bare feet on the stairs, and Sarah’s slim figure appeared in the door, silhouetted in the bright light from the landing. She stood for a moment, then walked gracefully a few steps into the room. Josh watched fascinated as she sank to her knees, pressing her palms together and lowering her head. “My lord,” she said deferentially.

He was about to reply, when she rose to her feet again, and Josh was rendered speechless. Somehow Sarah’s movements, her body language, had changed, projecting an unmistakeable sensuality that affected Josh as though she’d touched him. She moved closer to the bed, Josh’s eyes on her like a bird fascinated by a predator.

She spoke again. “My lord.. I am here for your pleasure.”

Josh swallowed nervously, and Sarah smiled. “I know you are not yet used to the ways of women. Do not fear – I will show you everything that is needed.”

She reached out her hand, placing it softly on his. “Would it please casino oyna you to unclothe me?”

She drew his hand towards her, placing his fingers on the loose bow in the silk cord fastening her almost-transparent top. He watched her face as the bow unravelled at his hesitant tug, and she gave him an encouraging smile, tilting her shoulder to let the garment slide to the floor. His eyes drank in her bare breasts, and she breathed in, her nipples lifting. “Touch them?”

Josh let his fingertips trail down her shoulder and over the curve of her breast, slowing as he approached the nipple. “Go ahead,” she murmured.

He brushed the nipple, and she closed her eyes, tilting her head a little way back. “Mm…”

She reached out to touch his shoulder, then moved her fingers to his shirt buttons, deftly unfastening the top one, then moving to the next. When three or four buttons were undone, she slid her hand inside, running her fingers over his skin. “So smooth,” she whispered.

She finished undoing his buttons, pushing the shirt off his shoulders and bending to kiss his chest. As if by accident, her lips wandered over to a nipple, and Josh gasped as she suckled gently. She smiled against his skin, and slid her hand downwards. “Hmm, seems I’m getting the response I hoped for.”

Her fingers tightened, and Josh opened his eyes wider in surprise. Sarah chuckled, and knelt on the floor, unfastening his belt. She deftly slipped his trousers off, then moved to kneel astride him, her gauzy skirt draping over his stomach. She moved against him, placing her hands flat on his chest, and watched his face.

Josh felt warm dampness growing between them, and after a few moments Sarah looked at him with a knowing smile. She moved back, and slipped her panties down, dropping them on the floor and leaning back with her legs parted. “Now you see everything a woman is.”

Josh’s face held a fascinated expression, his eyes drawn to her most intimate places. She let him have his fill of looking, then leaned forward again, her fingers on the waistband of his y-fronts. She pulled down, revealing his erection, and bent to take the tip in her mouth, her tongue tasting the fluid he was already leaking a little.

She released him, and slid his y-fronts down and off. “I think it’s time.”

She canlı casino shifted position, again kneeling over him, and guided him against her opening, then eased down slowly. “Mmm.”

Once more she placed her hands on his chest, and began to move slowly, her face showing her own obvious pleasure. Josh started to mirror her movements, then his expression changed to one of surprise and embarrassment as Sarah felt him twitch inside her once, then again, and his hips stilled.

“I’m sorry,” he said miserably, and she shook her head gently, reaching to stroke his cheek with her hand. “Nothing to be sorry about,” she said softly. “Your first time, and I’ve given you more than enough reason to be close to the moment.”

She shifted slightly, letting him slip out of her, and moved to lie with him, her body half on top of his. “Hold me for a while.”

Josh put his arm around her, and she rested her head on his shoulder, her dark hair spread over his chest. They rested there in peaceful silence for an unknown time, the last light of day fading into blackness.

Finally Sarah shifted. “Ready for more?” she asked softly.

“Maybe,” said Josh hesitantly, kissing her hair.

She sat up, and Josh looked again at her bare breasts. “You’re beautiful,” he said sincerely.

Sarah smiled. “Thank you.” She moved down the bed, and knelt facing away from him, turning to look over her shoulder. “A different view for you to enjoy this time.”

She moved her legs apart, and Josh’s eyes were drawn to the neat pink star of her other opening, wondering if her skills as a concubine included…

He was distracted from his train of thought as Sarah reached between her legs and began to touch herself, one finger circling her clitoris then sliding into her wet opening and returning. Josh watched as she touched herself more insistently, then almost without conscious volition he found himself reaching out to caress the smooth skin of her bottom with his fingers.

Sarah turned to look over her shoulder again. “Explore where you will,” she invited with a smile.

Josh stroked her, his hand wandering between the small of her back and the top of her thighs, at first not venturing into the enticing area where Sarah’s fingers still moved. She shifted, parting her legs further, and kaçak casino concentrated her own touch on her clitoris. “There’s somewhere that isn’t getting any attention,” she teased.

Josh moved his hand to touch the inside of her thigh, then hesitantly caressed upwards till he felt the first touch of her opening against his fingers. “Carry on,” whispered Sarah.

Josh’s fingertip moved against the outer edge of her opening, then he breathed out slowly as he slid his finger into her. Sarah continued to touch herself, flexing her hips against Josh’s hand. “Mmm.”

Josh felt tension begin to build in her, and she began to breathe more quickly, almost gasping. Reluctantly she took her hand away, and turned again to look at him. “Don’t move,” she said softly.

She eased forward so that Josh’s finger slipped out of her, and turned, her eyes meeting his. Still watching his face, she bent, taking his finger in her mouth and beginning to run her tongue round it slowly. Josh watched fascinated as she tongued every trace of herself from his finger, then released it.

She glanced down at his renewed erection, and said with a smile, “I think that’s had the effect I was looking for.” She shifted her body over his, and again guided him into her, sinking on to him with a satisfied sigh. Leaning forward, she began to move against him, and Josh felt the tension begin to build again in her body as she angled her clitoris against his shaft. She moved more quickly, urgently, and a thrill ran through Josh as a look of utter ecstasy spread across her face and she cried out in pleasure, her body trembling as she thrust her hips down into him.

Finally her climax subsided, and she grinned at Josh. “Now, my love, the rest is all for you.”

Keeping his body pressed close to hers, she rolled onto her back, and drew her knees up to open fully to him. She wrapped her arms round him, and as he began again to move in her, she raised her hips to meet each thrust. He moved more quickly, his eyes wide at how deeply he was penetrating into her, and finally his climax drew a deep groan from him as he thrust into her once, then again and again.

He relaxed onto her, breathing rapidly, and she stroked his hair, murmuring wordlessly. An expression of regret briefly crossed her face as he softened and slipped out of her, but she smiled. “I think you’ll need a longer rest before our next passage at arms, my love.”

He murmured sleepily, and she reached down to draw the covers over them, then turned out the light.

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