Saved by the Devil

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She lay on the beach admiring his tanned muscular body. He was standing against the sun like a bronzed surfer dude. He must have been a lifeguard, as she watched him shimmy up the ladder to his post. She had been here on vacation for a few days and had not seen this one before. Yes, she had been checking them all out everyday that she had come to the beach this week. She lay there wondering how far down his tan line run; she drank another mixed drink. It was several of which she had lost count. The sun was going down and she wanted to get in one last good swim for the day. He looked over at her as she set up to tie her bathing suit top back. She seen him look and accidentally let the strings slip through her fingers. She saw his eyes come to rest on her creamy breasts. He smiled as she tied the strings back up. She jumped up and run to the waters edge. She walked out to the deeper water and dove into the waves. She swam for a along ways and the alcohol hit her, then her body went limp. She knew she was out to far to swim back on her own.

She waved for the sexy lifeguard to see her and bring her a floater. He flashed a smile and waved back, not realizing that she was in trouble. She kept waving as she tried to keep herself afloat. As her body weakened, she felt herself slip under the water. She did not have the strength to swim and let her last breath out as her life flashed before her. Her last thought was of the handsome lifeguard that she never even had to meet, much less have the pleasure of experiencing his wonderful body against hers. She wondered if his lips were soft and kissable, or his hands tender and loving. His beautiful blue eyes and sun bleached brown hair reminded her of a little boy. She felt herself hit bottom and she let go of everything in her mind and wondered if anyone would ever find her body. She felt herself lose consciousness. The lifeguard watched the woman swim out towards the sea. He wondered if she was here on the islands alone. One of the other guards had told him of a lovely long blond haired woman that had been lying out on the beach near him.

His friend had not been able to catch her eye and told him about her, thinking that he might be interested in taking her around the islands for a tour. He was being patient to watch and observe her, not having worked up the nerve to ask her out yet. He saw her wave at him from out in the ocean. She looked like a good swimmer, so he was not even thinking about her needing help. He waved back and looked down the beach to check on a small child. When he looked back, he did not see her. His eyes scanned the waves for her head. His heart dropped to his feet as he grabbed the rope to the floater and drove into the water. His thoughts raced hoping that he was not too late. He wished that he had asked her to see the islands with him and maybe they both would not be where they were now. He swam out to where he thought he had seen her last and went straight to the bottom. It took him what seem like minutes but was only seconds to find her. He put the floater around her limp body and started to the top. He swam as he had never before. He knew she was unconscious and she would need necessitating.

The thought of being able to put his lips to hers, made his blood run faster. He got to the beach just as the sun was beginning to set. His hands shook as they went to her chest to try to pump the water from her lungs. He raised her neck and put his lips to hers. They were soft but blue and cold. He went to do the chest massage again as his fingers brushed her large firm breasts. He wondered what it would be like to be with her in bed. He could not believe these thoughts rushed through his head as he desperately fought to save her life. He moved back up to do mouth to mouth again. He felt her body shudder, as she started coughing and spitting out small mouthfuls of the salty seawater. bostancı escort The first thing she noticed as she regained her thoughts was the warm soft lips against hers; she could not breathe as the nasty water made its way out of her mouth. When she spit the last of the water out, the tears started falling and she clung to him. He wanted to feel her in his arms as he held her closer. This bond would be forever in there lives no matter what happen.

He went to the guard shack for a blanket and fresh water for her to wash the out her mouth. After she finished she reached for him again. He held her close as they watched the sun hit the waters top. She felt so warm and safe in his arms after the narrow escape of death. They were the only ones left on the beach and the dark surrounded them. He spread the blanket on the sandy beach, pulling one side over the top of them. She snuggled down under his warm body. She looked into his eyes and pulled his head down to meet hers. There lips met again under calmer circumstances and his blood raced to show her how much of a good time that he could really show her. He could feel the passion in her kiss, while her feeling the need in his. He asks her if she was ok and she said yes, that all she needed was to go back to her room in a bit and rest. She felt his manhood throbbing against her leg. His hand reached inside her suit to touch her nipple and her heart pounded against it. He kissed her again, this time deeper with an urgency that neither of them could deny.

He helped her back to her room and she asks if he would stay and spend the night. He knew he did not have any clothes but he also knew that he would not need any either if he had his way about it. She pulled out an extra robe from the motel dresser and they both helped each other out of the seawater-drenched clothes. His eyes dropped to her milky mounds, then on down to her clean-shaven love nest. She watched as he took off his wet swim trunks. His manhood hung limp as he threw the clothes in a pile on the floor. She could not take her eyes off him. He was huge just as it was and she knew it was not even hard yet. She grabbed her robe and headed to the shower to wash the saltwater out of her hair and off her body. She motioned for him to join her and he waved her on, saying that he would be there soon. When he heard the water running, he ordered room service. Not sure what she liked he ordered a little of everything and a sweet bottle of wine to top it all off. He opened the bathroom door and drank in her beauty looking through the clear shower curtain. She seen him watching her and open the curtain and took his hand.

He was hypnotized by the water running down her breasts. She took his hand and placed it on her chest. He felt her heart pounding under his hand and his own pounding just as hard. Her hands moved up to caress his face and she run a finger over his lips to feel there softness. He opened his mouth and caught her finger and suck on it, making her senses reel. Her hands then moved down his chest pinching his nipples making him want her even more. He surrounded both of her wrists with one hand and kissed her with a passion like the one she had never known before. Her knees almost went weak as he held her up in the shower. Holding her hands up over her head his mouth moved down to sample each nipple. His tongue going in circles around them, while he sucked them hard. He dropped to his knees and set her down on a bench seat in the shower. His eyes made her heart melt. He moved her legs up over his shoulders as he buried his face in her swollen lips. His tongue run, in and out of her body making her clit harden. Her fingers entangled in his hair, she pulled his head closer to her body lovingly.

He stood up, started washing her body. The suds covered her nipples and run down like a river between her valleys of love. ümraniye escort bayan She washed him, touching his manhood with amazement as it grew rapidly. He excused himself from the shower, wanting to make sure some things were ready when she got out of the shower. She washed her hair and watched him towel his body off and slip into the fluffy robe. She could not wait to make sweet passionate love to this man, who had saved her life. She thought of all the things that she would get to do now that she had a second chance, wondering what lay in store for her tonight. Her sexy lifeguard hurried out of the bathroom into the other room. Room service had come and gone as he had requested, and he hoped that they had been able to get everything that he had asked for. He thought of how he had almost lost her, and had never be able to taste her luscious lips and whatever delicious things she had to sample. He knew it was love at first sight for him and wondered if she felt the same way. He placed the candles around the room in various spots throughout the room.

He spread the rose petals over the bed and made a trail to the bathroom door. He had ordered a big vase of flowers that smelled heavenly. He took the top off the snacks that he ordered and wondered how she would like what he had gotten. On the tray, there were all kinds of fruit and cheeses with several kinds of crackers. On the side, there was warmed chocolate syrup and a big bowl of whipped cream. He rolled the bottle of wine in the bucket, checking the brand and year. Everything was set for a memorable evening in his arms and her bed. Turning the lights off, he looked for the bottle of oil on the bottom shelf of the service tray. Oh yes it was there, as he smiled to himself. It helped having a friend that worked in the motel. He sat on the bed, opening the bottle of oil. He parted the robe slightly and poured some on his semi-hard member. He loved to stroke it and hoped that she did not walk out of the bathroom and catch him, thinking he was a pervert. Leaning back on one hand he stroked with the other. He though of her budding breasts, her tender lips and her sweet honey pot.

It didn’t take him long to get hard, thinking of how bad he wanted to make love to her She toweled her hair wondering when was so important that he cut there shower short. Slipping on her robe, she peeked out the door to see what he was up too. Her heart swelled as she looked at the trail of petals to the bed and the smell of the flowers filled the room. The candles danced around the room making his shadow glow against the wall. When her eyes adjusted to the light, she wondered what kind of mess she had gotten into. However, it did arouse her to watch him stroke his-self. She felt her body reacting to the stimulating view. She touched herself as her body parts begin to throb all over. She watched him reach down to squeeze his balls. She was fascinated about how comfortable he was with his body. He knew she was watching him through the bathroom door. He wondered if she was enjoying the show or thinking that he was off his rocker. Closing his robe, he got up and turned around to motion her in the room. She blushed knowing he caught her watching him.

He walked over to take her hand and lead her to the bed. When he caught her scent, it almost made him gasp. He opened the wine and poured two glasses full. They toasted to life and being able to be together after her narrow escape. They toasted to the islands that had brought them together. The wine was delicious but potent making them both giddy. He made funny faces and told her many things that kept her laughing. They sampled the cheeses with crackers then moved on to the fruit. He dipped the strawberries, first in the chocolate then the whipped topping. He fed it to her, as if a servant feeding a queen. He did worship her already and he was desperate to kartal escort have her return his feelings. The chocolate dripped on her cleavage down the front of the robe. He reached up to slide it off her shoulders. His tongue snaked out to lick the dark drop from her chest. She reached for a grape and dipped it in the whipped topping. He opened his mouth for it as she purposely got some cream on his lips. She leaned up to lick the sweetness from his lips. When her tongue touched his face, it drove him over the edge and his body took over.

He rolled on top of her kissing her deeply. Her senses reeled, intoxicating her with his kiss. He put syrup on one breast and whipped cream on the other. He first licked around the chocolate side making her buds swell with passion. Then licking the other side clean, he kissed her again. Would there night of wonderful bliss last forever? A hot single man like him must have a lot of girlfriends or at least one special friend waiting in the wings. She felt a twinge in her heart as she thought of having to leave the island and go back to home to reality, never to see him again. She held him tight as a single tear rolled down her face. He pulled away from her and when he seen the tear and the look on her face, he understood how she really felt about him. He kissed the tear away and held her close. Then he pulled back and stuck his finger in the warm chocolate. He touched his finger to her lips. She opened her mouth and sucked the liquid off his finger. He could not wait for those soft lips to be around his throbbing rod. He dipped his finger again and made a trail down her tummy to her bare mound.

He dipped again and covered between her legs. He then took his tongue and licked all the way down. He spread her legs eagerly to taste the swollen lips between her legs. He first nibbled at the top working his way deep into her. She grabbed his head and encouraged him to go deeper. He waited until she exploded on his face and then he lay back on the bed beside her. He lay there and stroked again, waiting for her to regain her composure. She watched with anticipation, wondering how much longer she would have to wait to feel it inside her. He loved stroking his manhood for her and he could tell that she like to watch him. She could stand no more and crawled on top of him. Sliding down slowly, the feeling made her dizzy with desire. She rode him like a wild bull and held on for dear life as his body bucked beneath her. He put his hands on her hips, helping her to move up and down. There passion building he rolled her over to push her legs up to his shoulders. He pumped in and out of her hot tight love tunnel.

Then he pulled out and rolled her on her stomach to enter her from behind, feeling his balls bouncing up against her wet mound. Then spreading her open even farther, he entered where no man has gone before. She just wanted to please him in everyway. She did not caring if it hurt or not. He heard her gasp as he pushed his way in. He gave her time to get used to his size and then little by little he drove himself all the way in to the end of his long shaft. He rocked her world, when it was time for him to unload; he pulled out of her, rolling her over and eased up on her tummy. As he shot his creamy load, she took her hands and rubbed it all over her glistening breasts. They lay in each other’s arms, in the afterglow of there lovemaking. The next day, she stood in the airport waiting to board her plane. The tears rolled down her face, with the thought of leaving him. He reassured her that they would be together soon. She knew that he was telling her what she wanted to hear, she knew she would never see him again. Her heart was breaking with every step she took.

She sat down in her seat and buried her face in her hands as the tears flowed down like rivers. As the captain told everyone to buckle there seatbelt and get ready for take-off, a body plopped down in the seat beside her. She turned to look and it was her handsome lifeguard. She asks what he was doing here, throwing her arms around him. He told her, “I’m going on vacation silly”, as they both laughed and hugged.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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