Sexting Pt. 08

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Jennifer made it back for the unit’s deployment ceremony. Since it was intersession, school would start in three weeks. She temporally moved into the Major’s apartment until the semester started. They saw each other in the evening but the Major was called to San Antonio for a meeting and was gone for three days.

Jennifer sat in her office in the Reserve Center; she looked over the reports from the clerks who answered the questions from the dependents. The tough questions were forwarded to her. She was beginning think that her old job would have been better but she realized that they were handling the problem at that end. She returned phone calls reassuring dependents that their husband or wife was fine and that the unit was not going into a war zone. Rumors were flying around the dependents that the deployment would be extended and that they would be sent to the Middle East.

She drafted an email to the unit commander asking him to send a message to the dependents reassuring then that this was a short-term deployment. She sent the message and figured that she would hear from him on Monday.

She looked up at the clock and it was 18:00, all of her calls were made and she and one other unit member were the only people in the building. She debated about going back to campus or just sleeping in the Center dorm. Since she didn’t have the duty the next day, she opted to head back to the Major’s apartment. She and Corporal Carter left at the same time and she got in her car and headed back to campus.

She unlocked the apartment and collapsed on the couch. On the coffee table were her books for next semester. She opened one book and was soon reading her assignment for the first week of class. Even sooner she was asleep. She was oblivious to the Major entering the apartment.

After dropping his bag on the floor he slowly pulled the book from her hands and decided that she needed to be in bed. He picked her up and he was surprised that she did not wake up. He laid her on the bed and went to the other bedroom and stretched out on that bed.

“Hey when did you get in?” asked Jennifer who stood in the doorway of the second bedroom. The Major looked at his watch and saw that it was 01:30.

“I don’t know about 21:30 you were sleeping on the couch when I walked in and carried you to the bedroom,” replied the Major.

“I was wondering how I got there, now I know. I am wondering why you didn’t undress me?” asked Jennifer.

“I was surprised that you didn’t wake up when I carried you to the bed, I decided just to let you sleep,” said the Major.

Jennifer walked over and kissed him. She then turned and went back to bed leaving the Major in the other room. She undressed and climbed in to bed. The Major fell asleep, in his clothes in the spare bedroom.

It was 06:30 when Jennifer walked into the bedroom that the Major occupied. She passed a cup of coffee under his nose and he woke up. “I don’t know how you drink that stuff Major.”

The Major took the cup and drained the contents. “Because you know how to make it,” said the Major.

Jennifer took the cup and put it on the nightstand. She climbed next to him and kissed him. “I am all for going to the 69 Dinner and I will buy if you are up for it?” said Jennifer.

“Don’t you have to go to work this morning?” asked the Major.

“No I don’t have the duty, if I did I would have spent the night at the center. Come on let’s go. She kissed him again. They got up and Jennifer walked him to her car.

After they were headed to the restaurant Jennifer asked him how his meetings went.

“Fine, it was a gathering of the ROTC unit commanders from around the state. How was your week?”

“I am beginning to think that the Colonel did not do me any favors by leaving me at home. Dependent services are hard; I feel for the problems the dependents face. Solders leave a well paying job and suddenly the family needs to survive on Army pay. I found out that one of the troops would be escort kartal coming home because he could not keep his pants zipped. And he is married, but that is for Monday.”

They entered the café and found a table. “I have a question that has been bugging me since we started seeing each other. Why did you play along with my prank?” asked the Major.

“Oh we are not going there are we?” said Jennifer.

“Humor me why?”

“I can’t tell you why I responded I guess I needed to find out who would do something like that. Plus I am a lusty girl and don’t get that upset at sex, as you well know. I could have easily told you to go to hell when we met the first time in the lobby of my residence hall. But I was in for a dime in for a dollar. Hey we have made a good relationship haven’t we?” said Jennifer.

“It has been the best ten months of my life. I thank you for that,” responded the Major.

“I don’t know if I like where this is going,” said Jennifer.

“Have no fear I am not going anywhere. I am more worried about where you will go after you graduate,”

“Well you have about three and a half months and then I will have six weeks of bar review sessions and then I sit for the bar. I have heard rumors that I will be assigned to Joint Base San Antonio, but that is a rumor.”

“What surprised me was that we didn’t attack each other last night, maybe we are getting too comfortable with each other,” said the Major.

“No I was dead and you were tired coming off the road, but I think that I will make up for it when we get back,” said Jennifer.

“Promise?” said the Major.

“You have a one track mind,” said Jennifer.

“When it comes to you I do,” said the Major.

The food arrived and they ate only asking about things that went on during the week. Jennifer paid and announced that the Major would have to ponder his feelings about her as she needed to run errands but would make herself available after that. The Major grumbled but he had to agree. She stopped the car outside of the apartment and the Major got out and watched as she disappeared. He thought that maybe a cold shower would calm his nerves.

Jennifer pulled into the parking lot of a major grocery store. She grabbed a basket and walked through the store. She consulted the list from her purse and gathered the ingredients she needed for the dinner that she was going to cook for the Major this evening. She went though check out. While there she received a text from the Major. ” I just wanted to show you what you’re missing.” She was glad that there was no one around as it was the picture that started the relationship. She put the three bags in the car and went back to campus.

She gathered two of the bags and knocked on the door and waited for the Major to open. He appeared “You are real funny Johnson,” said Jennifer, she directed him to her car to get the last bag of groceries. She was putting things away when he came in the kitchen. Before he had a chance to speak she kissed him. “Don’t worry I am making dinner tonight, I have to prove that I can take care of you,” said Jennifer.

The Major embraced her and ran his hands up her top and unhooked her bra. He pulled the shirt over her head and pulled the bra off exposing her breasts. When she was finished putting things away; the Major pulled her to the bedroom and kissed her. “Major lets agree not to sext each other any more, it will get us both in trouble.”

The Major embraced her again and they kissed. Jennifer’s hands were busy unbuttoning his pants and getting into his cock and balls. She sat on the bed and took the tip of his cock in her mouth. “I missed this Major,” she then put his whole cock in her mouth. Her finger found his bug hole and she played with that while sucking on his cock. The Major pulled her to her feet and pulled her pants and panties down and opened her legs. He brought his cock to the entrance to her pussy and gently entered her. They kissed and lay together.

“Did maltepe escort you miss me Major, or did you nail some young female officer in my place,” Jennifer’s mouth was covered by the Major’s before she could finish.

“Jennifer I will not lie to you I got some propositions and the women were good looking, but I whipped out some photos of you and that ended that,” said the Major.

“But you did look,” said Jennifer.

The Major kissed her and then began to fuck her, “Nothing happened, did you go to another Orgy while I was away?”

“Not working 09:00 to 18:00 hours, and the only folks that are in my unit are all married. Even my plastic cocks are locked in my residence. So now that we have that out of the way you want to finish me?”

The Major gathered his strength and began to plunge in and out of Jennifer’s pussy. He kissed her and she kissed him. Not thinking about her he shot a load of cum in her pussy, and fell on her kissing her ear her mouth her other ear. He mumbled his apologies and rolled off of her.

“What are you apologizing for Chip” said Jennifer.

“I didn’t bring you off, I got satisfaction but I am not sure you did. I was being selfish,” said the Major.

“Chip I am fine, it was a good session and there will be more this evening,” said Jennifer.

She straddled the Major and brought his mouth to her breast and fed him the nipple. He sucked on the nipple and massaged the other breast. They played with each other for another few hours. The Major did get Jennifer several orgasms. Jennifer looked on the clock radio on the nightstand and saw that the afternoon was gone and she needed to start dinner.

“Major, I have to get dinner ready.”

“Will you leave your top off?” asked the Major.

“No but I will not put a bra on,” said Jennifer.

Jennifer put her shirt back on and the slacks she wore to breakfast. She walked out of the bedroom and went to the kitchen to start prep. She felt that someone needed to get this relationship to the next level and she also felt that she was holding things up. The dinner was designed to see if he was interested in a longer-term relationship. There were several sheets of paper sticking out of her purse. She pulled the papers out and checked them over.

First things first she surveyed the kitchen to make sure she knew where all the tools were. The one thing she remembered from the cooking class, she took a few years a go, wasmise en place. So she gathered all of the tools she would need for the dishes. Pork chops asparagus and Mashed potatoes, if that didn’t fill him up nothing would.

She filled a large saucepan with water and added a little salt and put it on the burner to boil. She peeled the potatoes and cut them in to smaller chunks. She put them in the water and put the lid on the pot. There were dinner rolls on an aluminum pan and she put them in the oven to heat up. In a wide low pan she filled with water put the asparagus spears in the pan and waited for the water to boil. Finally the pork chops went into the broiler

The Major walked in and asked if he could help. Jennifer wanted this meal to be something that she produced. She kissed him and sent him to the living room. Everything was coming together. The potatoes were ready and Jennifer poured the water out leaving the pieces of potato in the pot. Jennifer put four tablespoons of butter in the pot and with the electric mixer she whipped the potatoes adding milk as needed. The asparagus were finished and she drained them. And the chops were done. She called the major in and had him put silverware on the table while she prepared plates. There was a bottle of Pinot Noir cooling in the fridge and the Major opened it and poured two glasses. Jennifer brought the two plates and placed them on the table.

“Sorry it is not as fancy as the unit formal,” said Jennifer.

“This is good,” after the Major sampled the chop.

“I am glad you liked it, Major”

“Jennifer pendik escort bayan I have a confession.”

“I thought you told all the women to take a hike,” said Jennifer.

“Not that I detoured to your mom’s house on my way home,”

“What did you want to talk to my Mother about?”

“I wanted to know if she had any objections to you and I getting married?” said the Major.

“Well do I have any say in the matter?”

“Of course you do, I just wanted to know that the family was in my corner,” said the Major.

They finished the meal talking about everything but the elephant in the room. Jennifer stood and was a little effected by the wine. She walked out to the living room and fished around her purse. She returned and sat down she placed a small jewelry box on the table. “Mother gave this to me at Christmas. It’s her engagement ring from my Father. She said that if I get engaged I needed to use some stones from this ring.”

“I am not on my knees but Major Jennifer Connolly would you marry me?”

“I cooked this dinner because I wanted to take our relationship to the next level. I also realized that I was the one holding us back. I kind of thought you were the one the day you disciplined the two cadets. I liked the way you handled the situation you let the unit know that that kind of behavior was unacceptable but you didn’t go overboard. I have seen you handle other situations. So Major if you can wait until I pass the Bar; then I will marry you,” said Jennifer.

There was silence as they looked at each other not knowing what to say. Jennifer got up and took the plates to the sink. “Your mighty quiet having second thoughts?”

“I Dreamed of the perfect situation, great dinner, romantic setting, some kind of stupid method of popping the question. We had a rational conversation, I got one of those items I dreamed about; it was a great dinner,” said the Major.

Jennifer scraped the plates into the garbage and put them in the dishwasher. She rinsed the pots and pans and dried them and put them away she sat down at the table and poured more wine.

“Major let’s make love,” said Jennifer as she sipped her wine.

The Major got behind her and pulled her top off exposing her breasts. He pulled her up and kissed her. They walked into the bedroom and Jennifer reached around the Major and unbuttoned his slacks and allowed them to drop to the floor. The Major turned around and unbuttoned the pants that Jennifer was wearing. He hooked his thumbs around the waistband of her panties and those slid down her legs. The only piece of clothing she was wearing were her socks.

Jennifer climbed in to bed and the Major followed after turning off the lights. The Major slipped his cock into her pussy and kissed her. His mouth found one of her breasts. Jennifer maneuvered then to get on top. She moved her cunt up and down the Major’s rod. This time she came and the Major felt the warm fluid bathe his tool. Jennifer went at him again and they achieved a simultaneous climax with the Major shooting a load of cum in her pussy.

“I guess this is desert,” said the Major.

Jennifer playfully slapped him; “If you want desert suck my pussy.”

“Don’t mind if I do ma’am,” said the Major.

He tossed the covers off and got between her legs and brought his head down to her pussy and inserted his tongue in her slit.

“Major keep doing that it feels nice,” said Jennifer.

Jennifer ground her pussy against the Major’s face.

“Major, your big again do you want me to move and allow your cock to penetrate my pussy?”

I would rather suck your pussy,” responded the Major.

Jennifer took it upon herself to position her pussy over the Major’s cock. She kissed him as she directed his cock head into her vagina. She pressed forward and impaled herself on his pole.

“Jennifer, you took my desert away.”

“Hush you big baby, you know you want me like this,” she said with a laugh.

“I just want you anyway I can get you,” said the Major.

Jennifer started to jog up and down the Major’s shaft erupting in a large climax. The Major finished the job and he came depositing a load of cum in her pussy. His cock fell out of Jennifer’s pussy and they both fell asleep.

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