Sharing My Edging With You

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Author’s note: I have been a sporadic reader on this site for some time, but this is my first story. Please be forgiving if it seems somewhat dis-jointed in places, for I am writing it as it is happening! I hope that you will enjoy it as much as I am, and that you will let me hear your feelings about it.

I am a very young 60 yo family man; I have ALWAYS loved to masturbate myself, and that craving only seems to intensify as I get older — so that I’m doing it more and enjoying it more every day! Also, something happened (at the beginning of a full weekend, day and night, night and day, of shamelessly spreading my naked legs and pumping myself, pumping cum, relentlessly, reaching for myself again and again until nothing would cum out the end of my dick, and it would hurt like hell deep inside when the dry contractions started, but that’s another story!) about fifteen years ago that aroused my soul and my senses to there-to-fore un-dreamed of heights, and that was the determination deep inside to experience what it would feel like to get fucked by another man! I did, and loved it (and the accompanying awakening of my long- slumbering secret feminine side) so competely! I’ve been fucked well over a hundred times by forty-plus men since that day and loved every time it’s happened, even when it hurt so much I couldn’t breathe … but that’s another story, too. (It would have been several times that number by now, but it’s not easy at all for a married man to ‘get it’ any time he wants it!)

Anyway, my wife left for the weekend about half an hour ago, and I’m so very elated and excited about having a whole weekend alone to ‘do it’ to myself just as I please, all I want, as many times as I want it (and, I started responding to m4m ads on craigslist on Thursday when she told me she was going, and so I have several promising opportunities to get fucked up tomorrow and Sunday; but for this afternoon and evening — as far as I know right now — it’s just me and my already sizzling self-lust, and you …)

I’m lying here alone and naked in bed, with everything I’ll need to really enjoy my overflowing sexuality: my cell phone, to write on; my tablet, for watching porn; a lube- shooter and plenty of lube; my very graphic imagination with its casino siteleri myriad of treasured fantasies; my already rock-hard, stiffly-jutting man-cock-waiting … and you. Especially you … deliciously YOU!

I look down thru lidded, feverish eyes across my trim torso to the exquisitely sculptured specimen of my maleness in full arousal straining upward thru the lush thicket of velvety, jet black mound fur cascading inward and crashing together at the juncture of my still smooth, muscular thighs, shamelessly lusting after its seven-plus inches of pure, arrow-straight man-power and pleasure (how many times have I wished I could simply lean forward and take that gorgeous, very large helmet in my mouth, pleasure myself with my own self-lust, and drink deeply and freely from my own leaping fountain as I have from so many other mens’!), like warm, vibrant velvet stretched so very intimately over living, breathing tempered steel (oh, did I mention how painfully, impossibly, heavenly HARD it is?!).

My fingers love everything about it, as much as it loves them … they’ve been hovering amorously about the base of it since first we lay down, and now — with bated breath — I allow them to steal slowly, reverently, worshipfully up its fully distended length, touching and tasting and caressing like a butterfly’s kiss, each as adoring as and substituting for my salivating tongue; a luscious, shimmering pearl of warm, clear pre-cum has appeared at its slotted tip, and I allow one of them to collect it — so lovingly and tenderly! — and bring it up to and touch it to my parched lips and the tip of my ravenous tongue — oh, how erotic, how incredibly provocative it is! My cock twitches beneath my fingers as I taste myself, making my breath catch in my throat with a soft, mewling whimper of sheer sensual joy — oh, how I love doing this to myself …!

My thoughts wander to the text I received in answer to one of the ads, and a shiver runs up my spine as my fingers guide the warm velvet sheath up and down in sweet, excruciating slow motion — he and I shared a beautiful aftenoon interlude in a local motel about six months ago, and he’s back in town on business again; he was as hot for me as I for him — it was our first time together, canlı casino and he fucked me and poured out his hard feelings deep inside me no less than four times in just over an hour! It was one of the most memorable encounters I’ve ever had in bed with another man, and he’s just confirmed that he can come be with me tomorrow from four to six in the afternoon!

Oh, God — got those fingers away just in time! I’m going to get fucked tomorrow! Will he give me four (or more!) again?! I hope …! I can hardly breathe …! I especially love it when a man (especially a married man!) can fuck me in his own bed, but I’ve never been fucked in mine! Oh, God …!

It’s so exciting, writing this to you and masturbating my hard, naked dick at the same time! I’ve had four pleasure-peaks already, and I can feel a fifth swelling and rising up from deep within me — that feeling of tightness and the height and depth of those sweet spasms deep in my loins feel more intense with each one, more pre-cum seeping out, my body growing more and more rigid with each one …

I leave my gently stroking fingers in place until that last possible moment, last breath, last heartbeat … I hear a low, moaning, soft wailing sound, and realize after a moment that it’s me … a soft sob escapes my tremulous lips, and it sounds so erotic to me that I let another, and another pour out, until I’m crying softly on my bed, my fingers just barely, lovingly touching the head of my agonizing dick … I feel a surge of pre-cum moving up through my rigid shaft and pouring slowly out, and a louder sob shakes my whole body and the mattress beneath me … the pleasure/pain is unbearable! … how can I do this to myself?! … oh, God, how can I NOT do it?!

I stop competely, move my fingers away and lie still … the urgency of the need to let my screaming body burst from so deep within itself begins to subside, and my fingers are back in an instant … the urgency returns, and I stop them again … oh, how can I DO this …?!

My dick has been so hard for so long its starting to hurt, and feel feverish and numb out near the end, but my mind and heart and soul are treacherous and fiendish, and moaning and crying and writhing like a serpent in its death struggle kaçak casino I clutch myself tightly, holding on until the sensations begin to ebb …

I remember as though it were yesterday: that first time, he used a lot of lube, and pushed deep into me quickly, but without hurting me at all. He was so horny for me, so excited, and his fucking deep into me thrilled me so, and the sounds he made when he started to cum that first time (and the feeling and emotional fulfillment of him cumming so hard inside me!) pushed me quickly over the edge, and I held myself and hung on for dear life, cumming hard all over myself as he poured himself out inside me — there is nothing on this earth like the feeling of cumming through your own squeezing fingers with another man’s hard, slippery dick buried deep in your ass, pumping the essence of his hard-stabbing maleness out of his body into yours …

The memories of last time and the knowledge that I’ll be getting it from him again (and again and again!) this same time tomorrow is more than I can bear; my sobbing grows in intensity and volume until it becomes a long, broken, gasping, anguished wail as my fingers stretch my fiery sheath downward to (oh, God, beyond!) its limit; deliberately, purposefully, I spread my legs as far apart as I can, my toes far apart — I can feel the raw, electrifying energy of what’s about to happen arcing between them and in my tigjtly-clenched, quivering rectum (I had planned to bury my dildo in it to finish myself off, but this connection to him is too strong and I’m suddenly too far gone!) and swirling through my throat and around the base of my tongue …

My body arches upward to its limit and holds; I would be crying out loudly, but that unbearable tightness in my rock-hard cock and belly has taken my breath completely away in silent and eloquent tribute to what’s happening to me … and then the first hard, gut-wrenching contraction slams into me like a sledgehammer between my legs, and another, and another, and I’m crying out and crying and sobbing and clutching myself desperately as my body’s creamy, white cum spurts and spews up through my now violently stretching, straining, erupting — oh, God, bursting — cock, scalding the inside of its slotted tip and leaping up toward the ceiling above my bed and raining down like molten lava all over my chest and face and hair, and spattering on the headboard of my shameless bed behind me …

Oooooohh ……

It’s going to be a beautiful weekend …

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