She Lay Awake and Dreaming

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A turn of the silver handle is all it took. The roar of water rushing through pipes and falling from the ceiling like rain from the summer sky fills your senses. A towel falls to the floor in a crumpled heap of softness. You take a step under the steamy water; falling, massaging, and finally caressing every inch of your skin like the most practiced of courtesans. Tiny rivulets heating your nerve endings as they flow and coalesce into glistening streams. An instant of coolness registers before another stream blazes its heat once again.

Standing there in heated ecstasy, your head falls back and you express a long, drawn out sigh. Muscles and limbs twitch themselves into lethargy; your mind wandering away from the stress, away from the expectations, away from the responsibilities. It’s just you.

A soft click is barely heard and a brief breeze raises goosebumps along your flesh before the warm water caresses once more. You open your eyes and look into the steamy haze filling the room. A lazy smile raises to the surface as the creamy vision of her appears haloed by the misty brightness beyond. You reach a hand out to her, fingertips beckoning a welcome, she slips her hand into yours and allows you to pull her underneath the streaming heavens with you, your angel.

As she moves into your arms, she tilts her head up to meet your eyes. You can’t stop yourself as you reach up to brush the hair off her forehead and behind an ear, fingers continuing in a path along her smooth neck. Roughened tips tracing her collarbone, your thumb resting upon her raising pulse; the truth of her attraction evident as blood rushes through her veins, tinting her skin a perfect pink. Your other hand grabs her waist and pulls her up against you. A gasp escapes her lips and her pupils widen in excitement as her hand lands on your chest. She looks up at you expectantly, her eyes betraying every emotion flitting through her soul.

She exhales and her lips part just enough to draw your attention to them. Your thumb absentmindedly reaches up to trace the outlined shadow of her lower lip. A slight smile twitches across her lips just before her pink tongue peeks between them to taste the pad of your fingertip. Lips reaching out to draw it in between her lips with the smallest suction. Her eyes twinkle up at yours, promising… wishing.

The tension snaps. Your hand pulls away from her luscious mouth and buries itself in her soft curls. Your head jerks down and your lips finally cover hers. You’re punishing and ruthless, tender and compassionate. Your lips mold against hers, catching her soft moan as they open to your assault willingly. The first taste of the night. Your senses explode into action. You feel her tongue hesitantly dance alongside yours in the timelessness of pure innocence. You deepen the kiss, pushing, taking… giving. She kisses you back, you trade bruising comfort and intoxicating passion.

Finally you pull back, both of you breathing heavily. Her eyes question yours through a glaze of passion and lust. Her hand reaches up to the back of your neck and fingertips curl into the dripping strands of your hair. A shiver runs down your spine at the sensation, electricity shooting down into your core. She stretches up on tiptoe and places a chaste kiss upon your cheek, staying close to nuzzle her cheek against yours. Her tongue peeking out once more to catch a tiny rivulet dancing across your pulse. The tongue feeling feverishly hot against your already heated skin. Your arms tighten around her, pulling her closer. Nerve endings arcing electricity at each point of contact between you, a soul whispering to a soul.

She shivers against you, trembling with anticipation and wanting. You begin the seduction. You pull away from her slowly, wanting her to realize that you’re not going anywhere. You take a step backwards out of the falling droplets and tug her gently into the flowing stream in your stead. You stare, transfixed, as the tiny drops appear to bounce ataşehir escort off her skin and are pulled back against her by gravity. Her skin settling into a rosy hue from the heat. Your hands at her waist encourage her to turn around. Her back to you, you lean forward and pull the damp strands of hair off the nape of her neck, leaning over to place a soft kiss that has her tremble anew. You tilt her head back and allow the water to finally saturate her hair. The wet curls clinging to her shoulders and down across her chest.

You reach for the shampoo and pump a stream into your palm. Her head tilts even more towards you as you start to smooth the soft suds into her hair. Starting at her temples, you massage her scalp, smiling at the unexpected and unabashed moan that escapes from her perfect lips. Soft foam falls from her head and lands on her breast, the white suds starting a delicate slide down the globe of flesh. You reach up for her, your hand trailing up her side until it’s gently cupping the satiny flash. Marveling at the weight in your palm, your thumb deliberately brushes aside the frothy screen and exposes a perfectly beaded nipple. You stroke the pink nub with your thumb, secretly delighted that the moan you hear now was obviously louder than the first. Her arm reaches up and behind her in order to rest on your neck. Giving you even more access to do as you please. Her head tilts back and rests against your chest. Your other hand reaches up to cup the perfect twin to the breast already being fondled. You watch over her shoulder, fascinated by the sensuality of the creature in front of you and marveling at the innocent beauty she projects.

You want to hear her moan again, so you gently squeeze her breasts together, catching each pert nipple between a calloused thumb and forefinger. She tenses suddenly and inhales sharply at the sensation. Close…. You bend your head down to her exposed neck, the creamy skin beckoning you with its softness. Your lips start a soft nibble as your fingers pinch and tug at the bits of pleasure between them. Her body shivers and the loudest moan yet echoes around the confined space of the bathroom. There. That’s what you wanted. You smile again and pull her up tightly against you once more. Feasting on her flesh, you tongue and bite your way down her neck and onto her shoulder. You crave another taste of her sweet mouth. Your hand abruptly leaves its exploratory search of her breast and cups her chin instead. Turning her face towards you as you capture her lips between yours once again. Playfully you nip and suck her lower lip in between your teeth. Your cock lengthening to press tightly against the firm ass in front of you. Both of you getting swept up with need and demanding more.

She pulls away, panting. She looks up at you. Aquatic prisms cling to her lashes and her heavy lids betray the passion she feels inside. Your arms are still wrapped around her as she slowly circles around to face you once more, her dampened skin sliding sensually against yours. Inhaling deeply, you catch the elusive scent of her arousal in your nostrils. Your cock pulsing at the scent, knowing what awaits. A seductive smile teases her lips apart as she grabs for the shampoo herself. Working the heavy liquid into a lather between her palms, she continues with her grinning. You understand her smile when her hands, instead of reaching for your hair, instead start exploring your chest. Her smooth skin even silkier against yours because of the soapy foam. You allow her exploration to continue, intrigued by the wanton angel she has become within the last few minutes. Her sleek hands trace in circles on your chest, across your shoulders and down your arms. Her eyes feasting hungrily upon the sight of her hands caressing your skin. Her mouth opens and she bites her lip as her fingers move lower, fluttering across your abs. Your muscles tense from the ticklish sensation and she groans at the feel of hard muscle getting even kadıköy escort bayan harder from her touch.

What an expressive creature you have before you, you wonder what sounds she will make when you are finally buried deep inside her. Aroused by the thought of this luscious vision writhing beneath you in ecstasy, your cock hardens and jerks drawing her eyes lower. Feeling her eyes upon you, a crystalline pearl of pre-cum drips from the tip and she reaches out for it, eyes transfixed. You watch helplessly as her thumb catches the pearl and brings it up to her rosy lips that close around it, eyes fluttering closed at the taste of you on her tongue You groan aloud at the provocative vision, how pleasured she appears simply by your flavor. Her eyes open at the sounds and she laughs low as if pointing out how the tables have been turned. As if. You grab her shoulders pushing her insistently to her knees. Her mouth opens into a perfect ‘O’ of surprise but her eyes still mirror arousal at your rough treatment. She looks up at you impatiently as if to ask what took you so long.

She is quickly distracted by the sight before her. Her hands reach out to grab you, trembling. Not with fear, but with anticipation. You stare as she draws herself closer to you, her warm hand wrapped around your hardness, still slick with sap. She explores the length of you. Fingers teasing, testing, caressing, seducing. Her head leans forward and you inhale sharply as you watch that luscious, pink, innocent tongue peek out from between her delicious lips and slowly lick up your entire length. You close your eyes because you have simply died. Your angel has brought you to her heaven. You willfully open them again and look down upon her, you cannot help but watch what you know is going to happen next and you will your neurons to burn this image into your memory forever. Her lips purse together in a sexy pout as she slowly opens her lips and leans forward, your fingers caught in her damp hair. You witness those soft lips press against the head of your cock in a gentle kiss that ever so slowly deepens as her mouth opens wider and you watch, captivated as it disappears into her wanting and hot warmth. Her tongue slick against you, the sensation of the head hitting the back of her throat drives you mad, your fingers flexing around her hair in a tangle as you thrust your hips to go even deeper still. Her jaw opens wide and she groans, the sound muffled around your flesh yet still the strongest and most needful noise yet made by either of you. Her eyes are closed in supplication as she greedily devours you. Her lips, tongue, hands and even teeth pushing you closer and closer to the brink. The edge of madness within reach.

Her hands cupping, her teeth scraping, her tongue going on a sensory expedition. Every nerve ending of your being is awash in pleasure and erotic ecstasy. Your angel… on her knees before you, a vision of sultry seduction, she shamelessly pleases you. The suction her mouth creates steadily increasing as her head bobs, faster and faster, taking you deeper and deeper. She moans again and the vibration against your cockhead sends shockwaves rippling through your body. Her hands reach around to grasp your buttocks and she pulls you deeper into her warm mouth, lips stretching to taste every inch of you. Barely able to contain yourself you bury your fingers deep in her hair and jerk her head back. Her eyes snap open in disappointment clouded by arousal, her glistening lips pouting as she looks up at you in question.

You bend down to catch her up in your arms, her arms wrapped around your neck in fear of falling. You capture her lips with yours, just a quick taste before you set her down upon the teakwood stool in the corner. You glance down at her, feet spread open but knees together, air disheveled and lips plumpened with arousal and bruising. Her nipples are perky and still at attention. You reach down for her and settle at her feet. While one escort maltepe hand slides up her calf and parts her knees, the other flirtatiously tweaks that perky pink nipple and you laugh at her squeak of surprise. You cup her breast again, the hardened bud pressing anxiously against your palm.

As her knees nervously fall apart, you catch your first look at her glistening lips. Your hand falls away from her breast and you lazily use a single finger to stroke her folds, separating the smooth, hairless skin of her labia and opening up the rich, rosy petals within. Her knees tremble as you touch her most intimate of places. Leaning forward, you place a soft kiss on her knee, another further up her inner thigh, moving your lips slowly along towards your goal. Her scent overwhelms you and you salivate at the tastes awaiting your tongue. Your finger slowly penetrates… only an inch or two inside her drenched pussy. The walls still tight despite the slippery wetness of her womanly dew. She gasps and immediately moans indecently, the sound, music to your composer’s ears.

You choose then to press forward, nostrils flaring at the rich, heady scent of her core. The scent you pulled forth from deep within her. Your lips and teeth nuzzle along her innermost thigh, her glistening folds enticing to your eyes and your tongue. You get as close as possible, settling between her legs and slowly exhaling. Your warm breath tickling her bud of pleasure. You close your eyes and lean into her, your tongue finally tasting the dewy, soft flesh. You delicately lick between her folds, parting them with your tongue and rejoicing at the sweet nectar you find there.

A feral growl comes from deep in your throat. Mine. Your tongue licks her pussy lips, from the bottom up to the very sensitive folds of flesh at the top. You insert one finger, two fingers, filling her passageway and searching for that hidden spot of pleasure giving. You brush against a slickened spot and her gasp fills your ears. Found it. You tickle across there again, at the same time, your lips closing around her clit, sucking. She cries out for you and her body squirms in her seat, reaching for you, closer. She wants release. Your fingers deep inside, press harder, watching as she shivers in ecstasy. She breathes in and out faster, hoarsely mumbling and begging you incoherently. Your lips still wrapped around her most sensitive bud, you scrape your teeth gently across and are rewarded with a guttural scream as she cries out at your touch. She’s so responsive in your arms. Her fingers on your tongue teases her, insistent and hard, then gentle and softly licking. Her juices taste amazing on your lips. You need to have more, now is the time. Your fingers and tongue work in time, building up her ecstasy into a crescendo of passion. Your free hand reaches up and pinches her tight pink nipple, hard. She screams and her pussy clenches down on your fingers wildly, her orgasm flowing over your tongue and down your throat. Your fingers still continue their onslaught as you demand more. You are rewarded once more when she cries out and you feel another burst of warm wetness slip around your fingers. You pull her down off her stool and into your arms, cradling her body close against yours. Her head rests on your chest and you stare longingly at her curled up like a sleepy kitten. You pet her, fingers trailing along her smooth curves as you both simply rest in the moment.

After some time passes you think about other ways of pleasuring her, your need not completely satisfied. You rise to your feet and help her up, not wanting to spend any length of time without her body up against yours. You turn the falling water off and grab a towel, gently drying off her shivering form before attending to your and pulling her up against you again. Your hands rubbing up and down her back, memorizing her hills and valleys. You gently place your fingertips on her chin and lift her eyes up to yours. You lean down slowly and kiss her, your mouth promising her more pleasure. Your fingers reach up for her hand resting on your chest and you take it within yours. Heading for the doorway and the bedroom beyond, you pull her along with you. Your hands reaches out for the silver handle and the door is opened.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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