Should I Lock My Door?

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I had not long finished chatting with him on the net. It was as wonderful as ever, but inside I still felt the gaping hunger of lust. Although I don’t like to admit it I was still as horny as hell.

Going up to the shower, I slipped out of my clothes and stepped in, the warm water ran over me slowly. I grabbed the sponged and began to wash myself, but my head kept on going back to my chats with him.

The sponge dropped to the floor of the shower and my hands replaced it soaping my body. Moving up to my breasts I ran my hands over them, lifting them to wash beneath, twirling my fingers around my hardening nipples, pinching them as I discovered the beautiful sensations running through me. Leaning against the cool wall of the shower, I raised one foot onto the side and worked one soapy hand down to my sex. It felt so smooth and fresh beneath my soapy hand; a finger caught my hardening bud and slowly began to rub with just the tip of my finger. I just stood there for a while flicking to and fro upon the sensitive knob of flesh. My head arched against the wall as the familiar sensations ran through me. I never ceased to wonder how that tiny piece of me could make my legs and bodies shake so. The splashing water on my face brought me back to where I was, and turning off the shower, I stepped off and wrapped myself in a towel.

Walking across the landing to my bedroom, I opened the window and lay on the bed allowing the towel to fall from me. The cool night breeze played across my body, my nipples reacted immediately, hardening and pointing harshly, and I gasped at the pain like throb of them.

I had really hoped that the cool breeze would have cooled down my hunger, but instead my body was screaming to me for release. Reaching over to the drawer of my bedside cabinet, ataşehir escort bayan I removed my “friend” taking him from his hygienic cover. I smiled at dildo; I never knew why I chose this, a pink, glittery replica of a phallus seven inches in length. As I switch it in and ran the vibrating head across my nipples I remembered why I had chosen him. The vibrations ached against my ever so stiff hard nipples and I writhed in delight beneath my own administrations. Running the dildo down my stomach and play gently against my smooth mound I allowed it to lay there and vibrate through my whole pelvic area. My hips began to move, swaying arching up. They had a mind of their own as did my whole body when I was this hungry for sex, I could feel my pussy getting so wet, the labia puffing up as the blood rushed to them. My clit began to throb and grow erect.

My fingers reached down and dipped into my soaking hole, juices covering them in abundance. I couldn’t resist but to taste the dewy covering from them, licking them and sucking them as if they were my lovers cock fresh from my cunt. A small moan escaped my lips as I moved the dildo down to the aching hungry area, running it slightly over my too sensitive clit.

I couldn’t wait; I wasn’t in the mood for my own foreplay, I opened my legs wide and planted each foot firmly on the bed and thrust the dildo in. A low guttural moan slipped from my lips as I began to rhythmically fuck myself with the fake penis. Hard as I could, my cunt so hungry for a real cock to fill me and fuck me just like this. Just then I sat up in shock as I heard a voice from downstairs.

“Kate? Kate? The door was open…” The footsteps were already too close to my room and I lay there with the bright pink dildo poised mid thrust escort kadıöy into me as he walked straight into my room.

Of course I recognised him from the photo’s he had sent me through e-mail, but the shock and embarrassment I felt had frozen me to the spot. What a sight I must have been, totally naked, one set of fingers coated in my juice and my other fingers fucking myself with my pink toy.

My eyes met his, I was sure that even in the darkened room he could see the redness of my cheeks. I should have moved, should have covered up, but no I couldn’t. I was so close to coming even from him seeing me like this.

“Don’t stop Kate, let me watch”, removing his clothes from his muscular body he laid beside me, his hand held mine and he began to help me pump the dildo back into me. His eyes never leaving mine, my whole body tensed as an orgasm built up in me and I exploded with a scream against our hands, my come soaking us both. With a smile he just moved a hand up to my mouth and made me lick his fingers clean. I lay there a shaking mess unable to refuse his gentle orders. Even as he slide down to my soaking pussy I couldn’t stop him if I tried, and oh why would I want to? His tongue began to invade me even as he had removed his hand from my mouth and to my breast. As his tongue dipped into my cunt, his fingers pinched and rolled my nipple, so rough as to hurt, but pure bliss.

He moved back up to me, his face covered in my dew and we kissed, my scent on his face drove me wild. I was shaking and thrusting up against his body as I felt his hard cock tease me between my legs. His chest was hard upon my tits, I was crushed and pinned down and yet still my body was able to lift him and thrust him up. My eyes must have said it all as he looked at me. He maltepe escort smiled softly but with a glint in his eyes.

“Tell me Kate, tell me what you want, tell me” it wasn’t a question it was an order. I didn’t care; all I knew was that I needed what I could feel throbbing upon my inner thigh.

“Fuck me, fuck me, oh fuck me please, I so need to be fucked.” A grin spread across his handsome face as he lifted his hips and expertly aimed his hard rod at my cunt and thrust into me with such power and force that I screamed, at first in pain then in total fulfilment. Like an animal I growled, purred and clawed as his member fucked me to a point of faintness. Looking down I could see his cock glistening with my dew, as he rutted me so slow, and then fast. His body teasing mine to a stage where I was screaming at him to go harder, faster, more, yes, yes, yes. I lay there with my legs pinned to my chest, my lover biting the soft skin of my neck. His mind oblivious to the clawings of my nails raking at his flesh.

His groans began to resonated through our bodies, as his thrusting became more erratic. Without warning he grabbed me and pulled my body to the end of the bed, where he parted my thighs as they dangled over the end. He knelt on the floor and pushed hard back into me, he lifted my legs by the ankles and held them high like that as he fucked me, my arms flew over my head and dug into the pillows above me.

Not being able to take it anymore, my body gave up and tossed me into the turmoil of a powerful orgasm, convulsions ripped through me, I screamed like I had never screamed before. He tensed and then his body shuddered as he spurted his hot seed into me, it gushed and gushed till I could feel it leak out of me as his body lost it’s control. With a groan he flopped forward. His panting mouth close to my breasts.

After a moment or two he crawled up beside me, his dark eyes held mine as he smiled.

“Would you believe me Kate if I said I was just passing?” I held onto him tight and just laughed, as we lay there together.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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