Sisterly Love Ch. 03

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Regina’s Place – 8PM

Truth be told, I was nothing if not a horn-dog. Less than three hours earlier I had boinked a mother and daughter I’d gone home and showered their love juices off me, had dinner with my mother, talked for twenty minutes about the mother- daughter romp with Stephie on the phone and dressed for a date with Reggie—casually since her parents were out—and Stephie told me what Reggie was expecting from me.

Yeah, I was a horn-dog all right.

Reggie was more likely to be called ‘cute’ than ‘hot’, but that was certainly no insult. She had an energetic smile and a delightful laugh. Her big green eyes lit up her face, and her brown hair was usually tied in pigtails. She was of average height and just a tad overweight, but a lot of that came from the shapely pair of D-cups ornamenting her chest. Her ass was also a little plump: once again-certainly no insult. She was the kind of girl a guy could date, or just be friends with, but the trick was to get the best of both worlds.

We met at a fast-food place for a quick bite, and then drove back to Reggie’s place. We made conversation about everything but what was foremost in our minds—sex.

We sat there talking and drinking beer, for another hour. Neither of us drank much, but we were getting looser, flirtier, and touchier with each other. Only a small table lamp was on, so the room was dark, adding something of a romantic ambiance to the room.

Finally, the topic turned in a wild new direction with Regina suddenly confessing, “This is fun,” she said, laughing and patting my knee. “Usually I hate meeting new guys.”

“Why?” I asked.

“Because of these,” she said, pointing at her breasts and laughing. “I mean, they’re the only reason most guys want to talk to me, and I hate that. I hate it because it’s all they want–well, they want more, of course, but my boobs are up front, you know, and that’s all they think about.”

“I don’t understand–you have a boyfriend, right? I mean, so what about him?”

“No,” she said with a wave of her hand. “That’s why I have a make believe boyfriend.”


“I know. It’s shows how completely insecure I am. But I don’t like building relationships on first impressions. So I told the girls in school that I going out with this older guy–he’s like twenty-two and in college, so I can’t show him off. We, umm, meet on weekends and not every weekend, so I keep the kids in school guessing, you know?”

“Why?” I asked, it sounded crazy to me; hadn’t she asked me over? Why me?

“So what do you think I like you for?” I asked with a smile.

“You’re always pleasant. You talk to me–I mean to me and not at my boobs. Oh, I know you check them out, but everyone does that. Even most of the girls check them out, especially after PE, you know?”

“You mean in the showers?”

“Oh, yeah! By the way, with all this talk about them, would you like to see them?”

I put my arm around her shoulders, “Of course I would, but there’s no hurry is there?”

“Howie, did I hear you right?”

“Umm, I said there’s no rush is there, I mean we could kiss a little and cuddle first, you know?”

“Oh, I knew there was something different about you!”


“You seemed different this week. I mean, you’ve always been nice, but if I’m gonna be honest, you were kind of a dweeb, you know? I can’t put my finger on it, but you’ve changed, or have you always been so … so …”

“Look, Reggie, I’ll tell you a secret since you’ve been open with me.”

“Oh … I love secrets!” she gushed and pressed her breast into my arm.

“Two weeks ago I was a virgin.” Okay so it was less than a week, but two weeks let me put some distance on it.

Reggie’s hand closed down on my thigh. “Really?”

“Yeah … but it happened, I mean I met this woman and she showed me the ropes, you know?”

“She taught you everything?”

“I’m not quite sure about everything, but yeah, she taught me a lot, that’s for sure.”

“Can you … show me?”

I groaned and shoved my fingers into her hair. My other hand swept down her back to curve over her rear. I pressed her to me, rubbing her firmly against my erection.

Reggie closed her eyes at the sensation, pulling her mouth from mine to explore the line of my jaw with her lips. She kissed my throat and nuzzled my chin while I discovered a sensitive spot behind her ear that made her shudder.

“More.” She breathed the single word against my cheek and dragged her lips back to meet mine. I sent my tongue into her willing mouth, caressing and exploring her teeth, gums and of course her tongue.

I felt her hands sweeping over the muscles of my back, revealing her desire to touch every part of me.

We shifted position and casino oyna discovered we could now see ourselves reflected in a large mirror across the room. Reggie blinked at the image staring back at her. Her cheeks were flushed and her lips swollen and pink. Her eyes had a wild look about them. I had wrapped an arm around her waist and caused her D-sized breasts to jut upward.

“I … I’ve never known I look like this,” she said, breathing hard.

“I … I look at you and see a beautiful woman, Reggie.”

She sighed and leaned her head against my shoulder. “When you look at me like that, I feel beautiful.”

I decided it was time to kiss her and did. Reggie melted into my arms, the kiss went on and on, with me nibbling at her lower lip then opening my mouth and covering hers as we tried to devour one another. My hand went under her blouse and around her back to fiddle with the clasp on her bra. I couldn’t undo it, it was too much for me under the circumstances and Reggie came to the rescue, opening it and pulling the wispy material from her D-sized boobs.

The filtered evening light in her living room slanted across her torso, seeming to pronounce and deepen the natural shadows. Her breasts were fuller, heavier than I’d imagined; the nipples even more prominent. I just looked at them for a full minute in utter admiration. She took the opportunity to rid herself of the blouse and sat there half nude next to me, with a look of expectancy on her face.

Was I supposed to complement them? Is the Pope a Catholic?

“They are fucking gorgeous, Reggie,” I managed to get out, and was rewarded by her lifting one up and bringing it to my mouth.

“Suck it for me, Howie, Please suck it for me.”

I did just that, and I can still recall the initial feeling of those tiny pebbled goosebumps on her areola as my tongue swirled over them—and the rubbery texture of the turgid nipple itself as I nibbled and even bit down on it as Reggie moaned delightedly.


I recall massaging the other breast with one hand and trying to open her jeans with the other, only to fail in that task as I had with the clasp of her bra.

I made a mental note to have my sister teach me the basic rudiments of opening a woman’s bra that weekend, and then, as before, Reggie came to my assistance and opened the fly to her jeans, raising her hips and allowing me to work them down several inches and exposing the top of her panties to my eyes.

“The other one … PLEASE!”

Dutifully I switched nipples, and suckled like a babe in its mother’s arms, pleasing Reggie no end. Some minutes later, she gently worked the teat from my mouth and whispered, “Do you wanna do it now?”

I looked down at the almost invisible hairs on her belly now highlighted in the diffused lighting. Reggie raised her hips and wriggled her jeans down to her knees. It was as far as she could maneuver them without getting up from the couch we were using at the time.

My mind was about as far from thinking about my dick as it would ever be, for at this point I could discern the soft, curly down of her pubic hair. Her belly curved smoothly in a soft arc to the shadowy darkened region between her thighs. In my mind’s eye, I could see that her rich chestnut pubic hair, while not extensive, was thick, full and curly. I was delighted and tormented and excited, all at once.

Then, looking at the crotch of her panties, I saw a wet spot. She was getting wet, and I was responsible!

I slipped my hand inside my pants to adjust my dick, noisily sucking air between my teeth. It was all hard and caught, bent awkwardly in my Jockey’s. She stopped to watch me. I misunderstood and kept my hand and my manhood inside my Jockey’s.


I didn’t answer for I didn’t know what to say, even though I didn’t know what her question was going to be.

“Howie?” she said more forcefully, requiring an answer.

“Yes, Reggie?”

She giggled. “I’ll show you mine, if you show me yours.”

Doctor? She wanted to play Doctor? Well why not it seemed like a move in the right direction and I apparently had stalled for the moment.

Later, Reggie would to tell me that she knew exactly what she was doing and what I was doing. She was very aware, very excited and more, thrilled and scared at the same time. She wanted to escalate matters, but it just had to be in a way she could square with her hypertrophied sense of morality … it just isn’t so if you don’t admit it.

“Umm, okay,” I said after a long moment. The next fifteen seconds were filled with hasty movements and breathtaking glances by both of us.

My dick sprang from its confinement and slapped my belly, drawing an excited gasp from Reggie.

With her eyes riveted canlı casino on my erection, Reggie fumbled the removal of her panties–not that it mattered to me; I was completely mesmerized by the entire unveiling of her pussy.

“Yesssss,” I heard myself hiss.

“Ohhhhh,” I heard Reggie marvel on seeing my appendage fully extended. “It’s much bigger than I thought it would be. Are you sure it will fit?”

In response I began running my hands over her flat belly in slow, hypnotising circles. “Yes, it will. Are you a virgin, Reggie?”

“Noooo, I did it with my cousin when I turned fifteen. It didn’t hurt. Will this hurt?”

“No it won’t. I promise you it won’t.”

I continued rubbing her belly with Reggie looking on as if she were dreaming. I watched her nipples harden as if desperate for attention. I left her stomach to cup them, her mouth parted and a soft moan slipped free.

I played with them for a time, lifting and squeezing, massaging and pushing them together, and thumbing the nipples before biting and sucking one while pinching the other.

“JESUS CHRIST!” Reggie gasped and suddenly began humping the air while I plied her lovely breasts. Her hand went straight to her pussy and began masturbating. I covered the hand with my own, signalling her that I would take over it she was willing to let me.

She switched to her breasts, scrunching them together, and while it appeared to be a painful thing, apparently it sent joyous sensations directly to her clit, or so she said later.

I gently massaged her pussy, slipping a finger through her wet lips and sliding it up and down the length of her, spreading her moisture in agonizingly slow strokes. She knew without touching herself how wet she’d become, how wet I’d made her.

“OHHHHH!” she moaned, unconsciously pressing her pussy up to meet my finger. Thinking her wet enough, I added a second finger.

Reggie closed her eyes and let her head drop forward. Her brown hair swept over her shoulders, draping around her in a silky curtain.

“Oh, Howie … that’s …” She couldn’t put her feelings into words, not that I cared at that point.

“Look at me, Reggie,” I said; knowing my voice was thick with desire. She raised her arms and clasped her fingers behind my neck. The change in position caused her breasts to bulge out even more than normal. I moved to her clit, teasing and taunting the swollen bud. She jerked softly and sighed out my name.

Reggie’s breaths grew heavy. She was on the verge of begging me to put it inside her. I continued rubbing her juices over and around her clit, fingers sliding through her wetness.

“Howie … I’m …”

“It’s okay,” I whispered against her ear. “You can cum if you want.”

That was all it took in the end, the sound of my voice coaxing her toward orgasm. Her hips bucked against my fingers. I held her upright as our eyes met in the mirror. She strained against my hold and let out a long, low groan through clenched teeth. It ripped through her, so powerful her legs would have buckled if I hadn’t been supporting her.

Something told me to keep at her and I did until she gripped my forearm and whimpered for me to stop. Reggie shuddered and turned in my arms. “That was amazing.”

She swept her hair back and fought to catch her breath as her eyes flickered over my face. “WOW!” she said panting for breath. “You’re something else. I mean, if one of the girls had told me …”

“You’re pretty hot yourself, Reggie. I almost lost it when you came.”

My finger skimmed over one of her nipples. “Ohhhhh, that’s really nice, Howie.”

I shut her up with a kiss; allowing my mouth to roam languidly over hers, reheating the fire inside her all over again.

Given the opportunity to talk again, she quickly said, “I never thought it could be like this, you know? I mean, I thought we’d have some awkwardness somehow. But this … this was like being in a movie only it was real.

Her palms began to glide over my stomach. “Mmmmm, you’re really very muscular,” she added as she flicked my left nipple.

“Not a muscle,” I managed to gulp. Reggie laughed, it was lust-filled and lewd, and then she leaned in and bit it. It didn’t hurt, but I yelped anyway. She laughed again, making this one sound even dirtier than the first.

Her mouth dropped open and she undulated her hips. I felt her hand envelope my dick. I let out a loud groan of appreciation. She ran her fingertips along its length and tentatively stroked my balls. Moisture dotted the head of my cock. She used her thumb to spread the slick droplets. “Am I…am I doing this right?”

“You’re doing everything right,” I answered in a weak, squeaky voice. “You’re perfect.”

I kissed her again, my tongue flickering kaçak casino over her lips then retreated, only to dart inside her mouth when it opened to protest.

Unable to wait any longer, I parted her thighs and rubbed my dick against her pussy, causing her to move her hips as I slid inside her just about an inch.

“You okay, Reggie?” I asked nervously.

“I’m fine, keep going … you feel enormous but I know you won’t hurt me.”

Bit by bit I pushed further inside her and she stretched to accommodate my girth. I had one hand on her ass, the other squeezing a breast giving her several sensations to thrill too as we proceeded. (I did this instinctively, I had no prearranged plan, or diagram to follow.) I wanted one thing–well more than one actually, but consciously I wanted it to be good for her, and of course, me as well.

She wrapped her legs around my waist and hooked her ankles at my lower back. I reared back and drove hard and deep.

Reggie bit her lip and clenched her eyes shut. Her cunt expanded around my cock and it felt like I’d filled her top to bottom. I brought everything to a halt and waited.

She was crying and I reached out for her hand, found it and squeezed her fingers. She squeezed back. The moment her eyes opened I began fucking her again, this time using a slow rocking motion.


“Does it feel good inside you?”

“Mmmmm … yes, Howie, ohhhh yes!”

She looked into my eyes while my hips pumped against hers. “Does it feel good for you?”

I responded with a hard thrust caused her mouth to drop open. “You have no idea, Reggie,” I gasped.

She didn’t realize it, but I had cum almost as soon as I’d entered her. But at my age, one can call upon unbelievable recuperative powers, and I had. My boner remained hard; I didn’t run out of gas. I just kept going, enjoying the extra length of our coupling. Regina did too; she just didn’t know we were in round two at the time.

Her mouth searched for mine, found it and nibbled at my lower lip. “Howie?” she asked huskily.

“Yes, Reggie?”

“Isn’t fucking grand?”

“It certainly is, Reggie.”

“Now I realize why everyone talks about it all the time. You wouldn’t believe how many girls at school say it isn’t all people say it is.”

“I wouldn’t say anything to them, Reggie, but I think they’re not doing it right.”

Reggie let out a loud guffaw and farted–involuntarily, I’m sure.

“Excuse me–but you’re too funny, Howie. “OHHH … Ohhh … I think …”

She arched her back and pushed hard against me. Her hips lifted and she let out a long, guttural moan as her body convulsed. “Oh God, don’t stop! OH GOD I’m cumming so fucking HARD! OH GOD! Don’t stop! Oh my, God–DON’T STOP– don’t stop, please don’t stop!”

“Oh, yeah!” I yelled exultantly, and went into what Candy termed ‘high gear,’ slamming stroke after stroke as deeply as possible before backing up and slamming into her again.

Reggie wrapped her legs around me and gripped my forearms. I ejaculated about then, the breath shaking from my nose as I concentrated on keeping the two of us from falling off the couch.

This time she felt the pulsing of my sperm as it splattered within her vagina. I recall growling long and deep as I emptied into her.

My limbs suddenly turned to water and I collapsed on top of her. Reggie leaned her head back and stared up at the ceiling. She swept her hair from her forehead and stroked my back while her pulse settled.

“So … how was it?” I asked with a smile while caressing her face.

Before Reggie could respond, a light flipped on illuminating a room in the house next to Reggie’s.

“Fuck!” the supposedly well satisfied female next to me swore.

“What’s wrong?” I asked while wiping my dick off with my Jockey’s.

“It’s that bitch of a slut, Sydnie-Ann Jablonski!” Reggie glanced down and took in my semi-flaccid state. “Oh, Howie, please don’t let that whore, Sydnie-Ann see it!”

“I don’t understand,” I said, and truly didn’t.

“The bitch next door and was obviously spying on us and waited until we got going; now she’ll tease me no end that fuckin’ whorish cow!”

“Reggie, we don’t know if she saw any of what we did; and even if she did, so what? What we had was–no, still is–ours and ours alone. Fuck Sydnie-Ann Jablonski whoever she is!”

“No—No! She’ll do something to take you away from me. She’s done it before, she’ll do it again. She’s very hateful.” Reggie was crying crocodile tears and they kept running down her cheeks.

I got up, ostensibly to investigate, and also to see what this Sydnie-Ann Jablonski looked like if possible. ‘Know your enemies,’ some Chinese war lord wrote ten thousand years ago.

I had no intention of abandoning those magnificent tits or that chestnut covered cunt for that matter, but how was I going to convey that fact to this suddenly overwrought girl?

But that was before I saw Sydnie-Ann Jablonski.

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