Sit On My Dick Mom

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My son and I were hanging out at home and my husband had gone out for the night.

We had been fooling around for close to a year now, ever since he graduated high school, But had never gone all the way.

We were making out on his bed and he was fondling with my breasts. After a while we were getting more involved and we both started pressing our lower areas together, harder and harder. He was on top and I was lifting up off the bed just to push harder.

I unbuttoned his shirt and saw his pale chest, He unbuttoned mine and proceeded to remove my bra. With his other hand he started rubbing my pussy, slow and hard at first, but he gradually got harder and faster, it felt so good, so alive.

It was clear now that he was enjoying this, you could easily tell through his pants. I looked at the size of “it” and then realized that I wanted to get myself some of that.

So I grabbed it, on top of the clothes at first, it was a lot bigger than what I thought it would be, despite the fact in the past he told me it was small – trust me it wasn’t small.

I played with it as best as I could from outside the clothes, but after a while I wanted more so I slid my hand inside his pants and rubbed it. It was so warm and so hard, I could tell from his breathing he was enjoying it.

In the mean time he had put his hand inside my panties and was rubbing, I was getting really wet, and he knew too, and just when I wasn’t expecting it, he slid his pointer and middle finger inside.

It went in more easily than I had thought. He started moving them in and out. I was almost ready to burst with pleasure. With his other hand, and my other hand we gradually worked each other’s bottom halves of clothes off as it got more intense.

We were both sweating (his room was really hot) but neither of us cared. He then put a condom on, I watched him, he was very nervous, we didn’t rip her up porno start straight away, we slowed down with passionate kisses, and then he kissed me slowly and steadily down my chest, around both my breasts and then finally reached “it”. He started playing around with his mouth and licking, it felt soooo nice.

I was so alive and felt sort of tingily. After a little while of that he stopped and we hugged (lying down of course) feeling our bare skin together sent shivers down my spine – this is the moment I’ve been waiting for, this it IT!.

I was finally going to have sex with my son.

He slid it into me, and he went gentle and slow, but as he got harder and faster all I could feel was absolute pleasure. As we did it, we kissed occasionally and we pulled each other even closer with our arms. He had so much energy he just kept on thrusting. He was fucking me harder than his father ever had.

He slowed down eventually, I assumed he had came, it was the most pleasurable feeling I had ever experienced…we lied there together naked and I fell asleep on his chest, feeling his heart beat and the soft rise and swell of his chest.

When I woke up, he was still asleep, I smiled and rose up, I kissed him softly on the lips, and as I did you-know-what got a bit harder. I’d thought about sucking him off before but that’s not something I’m into, but I thought, I love my son so much, why not…

So I went down there, and played with it to try and get it erect. I touched it and peeled back his foreskin.

I kissed the tender bit it revealed and as I did, it got a LOT harder, I think he was awake and in fact the more I think about it, I’m almost sure he was awake, but I knew he wouldn’t say, cause he didn’t want me to stop.

As it got really hard, I slipped it in my mouth, it didn’t taste too gross like I remembered from other experiences, rus porno and it felt kind of nice having it in my mouth. I couldn’t get close to fitting it all in so when I had finished pleasuring him by sucking it, I licked up and down the sides, which he enjoyed.

He “woke up” a little while later, and we lied together talking about what we had liked and what we hadn’t. And then he surprised me further by asking me,” If , I wanted to take a shower with him”.

I said,” of course I do, you silly boy”.

And we raced into the bathroom. We ran the water and made it a temperature we agreed on. And we got in. He washed me with his tongue. I know that sounds stupid but he did. He started at my feet moving slowly up, as he got to “it” he started licking harder, but I told him to keep moving up.

He paid particular attention around my nipples which I liked, and then we kissed, slow and passionate. I told him I didn’t want to lick him too, he looked disappointed until I told him the reason was because I wanted to have sex with him again.

He ran and grabbed another condom, but I told him that I would put it on. I put the first bit on with my hand, but I rolled the rest on with my mouth. He liked that a lot. After it was on, he slid his dick into my pussy, it felt different in the shower (standing up) but I liked it.

He moved in and out, and it felt so nice, after about 5 minutes, I wanted to try a new position so I turned the shower off. We got out, still wet (well I was for more than one reason) and I got him to sit down on the bathroom floor. I sat on his dick facing the same way as him, his dick sort of came up from under me, he used his arms to lift me up and down, I really liked it but I could tell he was getting tired. I then got off, grabbed him by the hand and we went out into the lounge room, I sat him down on a chair and held his dick on a 45 degree angle. sert porno I slid down onto it, and moved up and down on it, making it so he didn’t have to do any work, this turned him on heaps so he got me and lied me down on the carpet.

So he was sort of sitting up and I was lying down, he thrust his dick in so hard I felt sooo good. And when he lied down on top of me and started going even harder, I’m sure we both had an orgasm simultaneously. We screamed with delight (I don’t know what the neighbors thought).

It felt soooo good.

He asked me if I wanted to try anal sex. I’d never really thought about it much so I thought I’d give it a go.

He got me to bend over in the bathroom again with my hands on the side of the bath and he was standing up. He got me to spread my legs apart, but when he tried to put it in he had a bit of trouble. I told him we’d probably need a lubricant, so he found some shampoo in the bathroom cupboard, he spread it all over my arse. And I spread it all over his dick, which he really liked. He tried again, and it hurt a bit, but he got it in and started quite slow, moving in and out.

I didn’t like it as much as I though I would, but I think he liked it. We only did this for about 10 minutes, and then we decided we’d try something else.

I asked my son if he’d like to make love with me again. He said “yes, of course” and pounced on me, which shocked me at first but with his vitality it turned me on real good.

He went slower this time, probably because of exhaustion, but it still felt nice. We didn’t do it for long, but instead we decided to have a 69er. So I turned around and started sucking his penis while he pleasure my clitoris with his tongue, it felt sooo nice, and he was very aroused.

We decided then his father would be home soon, it was about 6:00am and that we should get clean.

So we got in the shower together. It felt nice rubbing up against my son’s bare skin, but we agreed before hand no more sex cause we were now unprotected.

We got washed up and already started looking forward to the next time my husband would leave us home alone.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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