Sofia and I Meet

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Authors note: this is a personal story to me. It is fiction, but I put myself in the story. Why? Probably because it is written from one of my fantasies. Thank you for reading it. I hope you enjoy it.


Let’s see how should I start this tale? How about unoriginally? At the beginning of course.

Ok so I was having dinner at a nice restaurant. A little more upscale place than I would normally go to. So I had to ditch my normal jeans and t-shirt for a dress. I even put on makeup. So I am looking my best. I thought it would be a nice way to celebrate an accomplishment.

So you wonder what I look like. Well I am five foot seven inches tall. I am a size 10. Yes a curvy figure. My girls happen to be kind of between sizes. A large D cup or a smaller DD cup. I usually go with a D cup bra. I am constantly told I am beautiful, occasionally I am told that I am gorgeous. I am not conceited believe it or not.

My hair is two colors. I have shaved the sides and back, which I dyed blonde. The top is burgundy. The top is long enough for me to put in a three inch ponytail. So that is my hair. My eyes are a puppy dog brown. I have a nice tan thanks to nude sunbathing. And everyone seems to love my smile.

All and all, I think of myself as average. I am attracted to women, but I tend to be shy at first. So meeting a special someone is a bit harder for me.

So here I am eating a salad minding my own business. The restaurant is packed. The waitress comes up bringing my steak, when I hear, “Hello sweetheart. I know you didn’t think I would make it, but I am here.” I see a pair of black dress pants. My eyes trail upwards. She is wearing a turquoise silk blouse. My breath catches as I look in her dark brown eyes.

“Yes, I thought I would be dining alone. Have a seat” I say motioning to the other chair. I stand and pull out the chair for her to sit down. I smile and push the seat closer to the table. As I sit. She is ordering a glass of wine and asking for a menu. I sit back down. I carefully look at her while the waitress is putting down her silverware.

My new dinner guest has long black hair. An olive colored complexion. Beautiful thick lips. Her smooth skin makes me want to stroke her face. I notice the cleft in her chin before looking back at my food. Once the server has left, I decide to introduce myself. “Hello, I am Desiree.” She smiles “I am Sofia. Thank you for let me sit with you. My sugar was starting to drop, and I didn’t feel like waiting an hour to be seated.”

I noticed a slight accent as she talked. Maybe French? I begin eating my salad. I notice she is eyeballing my steak. I slice it into bite size pieces. I offer her a bite. She smiles and takes the steak in her mouth. I try not to let my mouth drop open as I watch the fork slide out from her lips.

I push my plate with my main course towards her. “Eat some. I don’t want you passing out on me.” I say with a lump in my throat. I don’t watch her eat. I feel my panties beginning to get soaked, and my nipples push against my bra. Sofia is killing me without even knowing it.

The waitress comes back with a menu and Sofia orders the same steak dinner I am having. She pushes my plate back to me. “Thank you. I was starving. They should have my food out to me soon I hope.” I smile and nod. I try to keep my eyes on the plate. I don’t want to stare at her. At this point I am doing good not to be drooling.

I finish my salad and put the plate at the end of the table. I pull the other plate to me. “You don’t talk much do you?” Sofia asks. “I am quiet at first. I like to wait and see who I am dealing with.” I said with only a quick glance at her.

Sofia studies me while I eat. I offer her bites without looking at her. When her food arrives she thanks the waitress. antalya escort I look at her after the server leaves. I see the pearl necklace, and earrings she is wearing. The turquoise blouse showing off a small cleft of her breasts. I figure her for a B cup. She is maybe a size eight. The scent of peaches and vanilla comes from her every movement.

I am trying not to be mesmerized by her. It isn’t working. I hear her say my name. “Desiree are you here?” she says with a smirk. “Yes” was what I managed. I take a deep breath, and try to focus. We begin to slowly have a conversation.

My nervousness is leaving me, but the attraction I am feeling only seems to get stronger. I keep having a strong urge to see how deep the chemistry is between us. So I go in for a soft sensual kiss. She pulls me closer and deepens the kiss. I feel the liquid fire running through my veins and concentrate on pussy. The wet throbbing heat in my panties has turned my brain completely off. As we pull back from the kiss I notice that her breathing is ragged as mine.

I quickly leave a tip. We pay the bill. As we leave I grab her wrist and kiss her once more. I try to make it soft and sensual again. But it takes a turn in to urgent hunger. So as we pull away from each other gasping for breath she drags me to her car. I open your door for Sofia and then climb in the passenger seat. We make it to her house. I open her door again. And we race to the front door. After the scramble to get inside we lock the door. I kiss her and press her back against the door. I kiss her jawline and began unbuttoning her shirt. I begin nipping and kissing her neck and pull her shirt off. I feel that mine has disappeared as well. I look Sofia in the eyes and say “bathroom.”

As we make our way to the bathroom we discard our clothing. We take off our make-up. And I heat up the shower. We step in together. I kiss Sofia’s mouth as I wash her neck, arms, and breasts. I rinse these areas. Then began kissing my way from her lips to her breasts as I wash her stomach and pussy. I start licking the out flesh at the top of her beautiful breasts. Slowly making a circling of the left breast teasing the right with my hand.

I put the rag down for a minute and cup water in that hand. I wash the soap from her shaved pussy. And continue my assault on her breasts. I take the nipple in my mouth and suck on it until it is hard. Then I give her right breast the same treatment, while my hand switches to the left one. One I have payed them both ample attention I rinse her stomach off, and I make sure that the soap is rinsed thoroughly from her pussy. I kiss down her stomach to her bellybutton. I flick my tongue in it before proceeding to her pussy. I begin with the rag washing her legs.

I kneel in front of Sofia. I rinse both legs. Then put the left leg over my shoulder as I kiss her outer labia. I stop and run my nose from her slit to your clit enjoying the smell of her arousal. I lick from Sofia’s vaginal opening to her clit with my tongue as flat and wide as I can make it. I do this three times. The kiss the spread inner labia. I flick my tongue across her clit’s hood. I continue running my tongue there until she quivers and moans. Then I wet two fingers and enter her. I curl them inside to hit her spongy g spot. I pull her clitoral hood back and fasten my mouth around her clit. I lick and finger her to orgasm.

All the while running my free hand over Sofia’s thighs and breasts. I continue until she has a couple more orgasms. Then I wash her feet and kiss her thighs. After I rinsed her feet I kiss them as well. I turn her around and wash her back. I start with the neck and as I rinse I begin to kiss. As I was her ass and legs I rinse them and kiss my way down. After washing and kissing her heels. I kepez escort turn myself over to her to wash me as she likes.

Sofia pushes me under the water as I finish standing. I sputter as she then pulls me back out from the shower head. She turns me so my back is to her. “Get into a position like I am going to frisk you Desiree”she whispers in my ear. I shiver in anticipation.

I assume the position. I feel Sofia’s breast rub against my back as she soaps up my arms. She pulls my hair to move me so she can access my neck. Sofia nips my neck roughly. I quiver with desire. I try to steady my breathing. She washes my back. I let out a loud moan as I feel her finger circle my anus.

Sofia laughs as she feels me melting to her body. “Mmmm. I can feel how wet you are for me Des.” She rasps. I tremble as she rubs my pussy. “Be gentle baby. I am so close. I almost came when I had you orgasming for me.” She shoves two fingers in my sopping wet hole. It is too much. My finger scratch at the tiles on the wall as I feel the orgasm taking over.

I feel Sofia’s mouth on my shoulder as I come out of the first orgasm. She rubs my clit while continuing to work her fingers in me. She curls tem to catch my g spot. I feel another orgasm looming. She bites my back and shoves a finger in my ass. I scream as the orgasm hits me. I am bucking and moaning as I feel myself squirt.

The water is turning cold, but my body’s quaking is for Sofia alone. “Rinse off” she says. I hear her mumble “You took too long on me. Now the water is cold. I smile. “I wanted to take longer on you. I would gladly take a cold shower to hear you moan my name.” Sofia rolls her eyes and steps out of the shower.

We towel off before heading to the bedroom. I bring a few towels with me. I put a pillow beside us and lay the towels down underneath where her bottom will lay before she gets settled on her back. Then I crawl up her body. I kiss her deeply. Then place light kisses over her face. I capture her lips for a quick kiss.

Then trace Sofia’s jaw with my lips and tongue. I place one of my thighs between her legs. I draw the knee up until I can feel her heat. I move up the right side of her jaw her ear. I lick the outer ridge then nip and pull lightly on her earlobe. Then I whisper “Do you feel my knee next to your pussy my sweet?” She nods. “If it gets too much grind on my knee and get a little relief. But don’t cum. I would hate to be jealous of my own knee.” I drawl in my southern accent.

I begin kissing, nipping, and licking my way from Sofia’s ear down the right side of her neck. I trace her collarbone with my tongue. Then make my way kissing from her shoulder to her wrist. I kiss the back of her hand. Then I suck her fingers one by one. Stopping between the fingers to lick and suck the skin between them. I kiss her palm. And kiss my way back up her arm. I make my way to the left side of her neck. I nip and suck on the skin up to the left ear.

I trace the outer edge with my tongue. I pull back to look into Sofia’s eyes and tell her that she is “beautiful”. I follow down her neck again and kiss my way down her left arm. I smile and wink before I suck on her fingers. I look in her eyes as I suck each digit.

After kiss my way back up Sofia’s arm I kiss across her decolletage until I reach the outer edge of her right breast. Lick from the outside around the underside. I make my way around to her areola then flick my tongue across her nipple before sucking it in my mouth. I fondle her left breast with my right hand. I continue until she begins moaning loudly. I look up and smile.

I kiss my way to Sofia’s left breast and repeat. She begins to grind like mad upon my thigh. I pull it away with a “sorry darlin'” in my southern drawl. Then manavgat escort kiss my way across and down her stomach. I laved my tongue in her belly button as I pass it. I look up at her again as I nip her hip bone. I kiss my way down the top of her right thigh. I run my hands on the underside of it. I kiss to the top of her foot. I kiss each toe from the pinky to the big toe. I kiss her arch then her heel and up to the ankle. I kiss up the inside of her leg from the ankle to the junction.

I look in Sofia’s eyes as rub my nose up her outer labia. I breathe in her arousal. I stop and part the inner and outer labia. I drop on drop of saliva upon her engorged clit. I blow lightly upon it. Before kissing her pubic mound. Then begin my journey down the left leg as I had the right. Once I finish at the junction between her thighs again. I rub my hand from the bottom to the top of her pussy feeling how wet she is for me. I blow on the wetness and she whimpers.

I look up at Sofia as I flatten my tongue and run it up her wet, throbbing pussy. “When you cum for me I want to hear my name coming from your lips. You understand?” Then I nip her mound as she nods her head. I lick her outer labia then her inner labia. I then run my flattened tongue back over her pussy from the bottom to top. I do this twice more before I begin to flick my tongue across her clit. She moans and wiggles. I tell her to lift her sexy ass. I put the pillow underneath it. I run one hand up to her breasts and play with them as I begin to stick two fingers inside her. She moans and bucks wildly as I find her g spot. I pull the other hand away from her breasts so I can spread her labia and pull the hood back to expose her clit to my mouth. I latch my mouth onto her clit and flick my tongue across in as I suck on it.

Sofia screams “I am coming.” And then she moans my name loudly as I feel her juices coat my fingers. I stop sucking her clit to kiss her inner thighs and her pussy. I run my tongue down her pussy to her anus. Savoring all of her flavor.

I start rubbing Sofia’s pussy again and kiss my way back to her mouth. I let her taste herself on my lips and tongue. I smile and say “I am not done yet.” I continue to finger her with three in her tight box and my thumb rubbing her clit. I move down to suckle her breasts. She cums for me again. I switch hands. And put my fingers in her mouth to clean as I suck her nipples more. Switching between the two breasts. As she finishes cleaning my fingers I kiss her taste out of her mouth then kiss back down to her pussy.

I start eating Sofia again until she cums and squirts for me. I make her cum and squirt a few more times before she get too sensitive. I kiss her inner thighs and then kiss my way back to her mouth. Once she catches her breath I tell her that she now gets to have her way with me. After she makes me cum quite a few times I start back on her. Once we are both completely sated I take the soaking wet towels into the bathroom. I come back and climb behind her. I kiss the back of her neck and wrap my arms around her. I tell her “goodnight sweetheart” and hear her reply the same before we drift off to sleep together.

The next morning I wake up fix breakfast and clean up the mess. I go over to a neighbor’s house and bribe them out of a few roses. I put our breakfast and a couple cups of coffee and juice on a tray. I put it on the night table beside Sofia. I take one of the roses and lightly run it over your face and down your body. She wiggles a little and pops one eye open. I hand her the coffee. I wait until she drinks the first cup. She gets up and goes to pee. I wait until I hear her flush. I get a rag and wash her pussy. I put her on the sink counter. I eat her until she cums for me. She washes her hands. I playfully smack her behind and tell her to get back in bed.

We eat a cold breakfast. Sofia notices the flowers, a dozen in all, and asks about them. “A beautiful lady deserves flowers.” I say with a smile. I kiss her and go wash the remaining breakfast dishes. We play the rest of the day.

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