Squirters Anonymous

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The moment Abbey woke up that morning, she knew she’d never have another drink of alcohol ever again.

She squirmed in her dorm room bed and struggled to open her eyes. Everything felt like a daze. Slowly things were becoming clear.

As she kicked her blanket away, with her eyelids only halfway open, she felt the horrible sensation of a wet bed. She was in her usual sleep attire, which consisted of panties and a small tshirt. The only difference was, she had been sleeping in a wet puddle of her own creation.

“Jesus,” she complained to herself.

Abbey hadn’t wet her bed since… she couldn’t remember the last time. Finally, she opened her eyes further.

When she looked up, she saw the vision of a messy looking fireball. When she wiped her eyes and her vision cleared, she realized it was her roommate Shoshana, with morning hair that looked untamable.

“Not a word of this to anyone,” Abbey said with a hoarse voice. “And please don’t bring this up again.”

Shoshana nodded and sat next to the puddle. “I swear I won’t tell. Our secret.”

“Thanks, Shosh.”

“How much did you have to drink yesterday?”

“One beer,” Abbey replied, before sitting up on the bed so they could face each other. “I’m a newbie at drinking.”

“All that over one beer? You’re certainly no Rust Cohle.”


“The guy from True Detective,” Shoshana answered. “Anyway, I’ll make you some coffee. And I’ll help you change your sheets.”

Abbey breathed a sigh of relief. “Thanks so much. You’re the best. Wait… Hold on. How long have you been standing here?”

“A while.”

“May I ask why? I mean, that’s weird. Were you watching me sleep?”

“I was waiting for you to wake up,” Shoshana said.

“Why? Was I saying crazy things in my sleep? Or are you secretly a serial killer?”

“I’m more interested in, what you were doing before you went to sleep.”

Abbey tried to think. “I was at a party in the other dorm. I had one beer. Then I came back here to sleep.”


“Was there something else? Shosh, if I did anything embarrassing, now is the time to let me know. We have to sort things out immediately.”

Shoshana smiled, “On the contrary, it’s something you should be extremely proud of. You don’t remember anything else?”

“Just say it,” Abbey moaned. “I can’t think straight.”

Shoshana gestured to the wet pool. “I saw you… do all that…”

“Oh god,” Abbey sighed, rubbing her hands through her hair. “You watched me piss myself? Then you let me sleep in it? Thanks so much. How nice of you. Can you tell I’m being sarcastic right now?”

“It’s not piss,” Shoshana said with a borderline evil grin.

“Then what is it? Did you pour that on me as a prank? It’s not funny.”

“Abigail, you squirted.”

“Huh? What are you talking about?”

Shoshana cleared her throat. “Last night, I came back at around 11. Now, obviously we both masturbate in here, but we each do it secretly and discreetly. It’s like an unspoken agreement between roommates, whether it be male roomies or female roomies.”

“Holy shit. You watched me masturbate? I don’t remember doing that.”

“Of course not, you were drunk from that one beer.”

“But you watched?” Abbey asked again.

“Well, I didn’t want to, but I had to.”

“That’s such a violation.”

“Your blanket was on the floor,” Shoshana explained. “The lights were on. You were naked from the waist down. When it was done, I helped clean you a little, then I put your panties on and tucked you under your blanket.”

“You put my panties back on? I’d thank you, if you weren’t such a pervert for watching me.”

“Says the masturbation girl. Anyway, you squirted. You fucking squirted!”

Abbey blushed so hard her face nearly became a ruby. “There’s no such thing as squirting. It’s piss. It happens sometimes.”

“Who told you it was piss?”

“My previous doctor.”

“Your previous doctor is a piece of fucking shit,” Shoshana calmly asserted. “The ability to squirt is a gift from God, no matter what religion. And yes, it’s squirt. Not piss. Ignore the naysayers and haters. God doesn’t make these sorts of weird mistake.”

“Why are you telling me this?”

“Because I think it’s amazing. Because I think you have a gift you should be proud of. Instead, you’re acting paranoid and defensive.”

Abbey huffed. “I need a shower and some coffee.”

“Abigail, why are you brushing this aside?” Shoshana asked. “We have to talk about this.”

“What else am I supposed to do?”

“I want you to acknowledge your gift!”

Having heard enough of this nonsense, Abbey stood up to go use the bathroom. Ironically enough, her wet crotch was now in her roommates face, who was still sitting on the bed.

“There is no gift,” Abbey said, now standing with a position of authority, as her roommate fixated on her wet panties. “It’s probably piss that’s all over me, which is why I’m so horrified and disgusted.”

Shoshana was unmoved. “No, it’s squirt.”

“How would you know?”

This time, Shoshana stood illegal bahis up to fight back. “Because last night, I kneeled beside the bed during your drunken masturbation session. It was squirt. I saw it gushing from your pussy while you cried. It was clear fluids. Squirt. And… please don’t be mad at me… but I tasted it. It’s 100% squirt.”

Abbey was horrified by the revelation and her jaw dropped.

“We are never going to speak of this again,” she said. “You’re so lucky I won’t call your mother and report your voyeurism habits. As for the tasting thing, I will forget it, for the sake of our friendship.”

With a final huff, she stormed towards the bathroom.


In between college classes, Abbey was a teacher’s assistant for a Biology professor. They sat in an empty classroom together, while he was reviewing notes for an upcoming lecture, and she was recording grades from a recent quiz.

As her phone rested on the table, the screen lit up. She checked her phone and saw that she received an email from her roommate. Immediately she was suspicious. Shoshana rarely ever emailed her, and on the heels of their disastrous morning? It all seemed so curious.

She opened the email.

Hey Abigail,

I know you’re still mad at me. Hear me out; you remember Meera, right? She’s the cute Indian assistant for Professor Maines. Anyway, she hosts something called “S.A.” on campus tonight, in an empty classroom (she has the keys, so no one is breaking in).

It’s secret, so don’t tell anyone. I’m taking you tonight. I’ll get you prepped in our dorm at about 8 pm. Afterwards we’ll head over to the meeting. We can meet some really cool people!

love ya,


Immediately, Abbey figured this was Student’s Association business, given the fact that it was taking place in a classroom and that Meera was involved.

It piqued her interest and she texted her friend.

Abbey: Fine, I forgive you. I’ll be there.

She went back to recording the grades when she got a text back.

Shoshana: Great, see you at the dorm!

Putting her phone away, she concentrated on getting her task done. She was in a good mood, despite the humiliating morning. The fact was, she had squirted last night, and squirting always made her feel good the next day. It was her heavenly release, even though she was still partly convinced it was piss and that it was gross.

When she finally finished, the meeting that night was all she could think of. She looked at the Biology professor and figured, why not?

“Do you happen to know Meera, by any chance?” Abbey asked. “She’s the assistant for Professor Maines.”

Michael nodded. “I do know her. She’s a nice person.”

“Apparently she runs something on campus called ‘S.A.’ Have you ever heard of that?”

Suddenly, Michael’s body turned stiff, making him sit upright at a perfect 90 degree angle. His eyes became wide and he was almost choked.

“I… ummm… have heard of that,” Michael replied, with a nearly high pitch voice.

Now this had gotten Abbey’s attention. She had long known this professor to be a stern, even-tempered man. For him to act so awkwardly just seemed strange. But of course, Abbey couldn’t pepper her boss with questions. That just didn’t seem proper.

“Well, I’m invited to an ‘S.A.’ meeting later today. Do you think that’s something I should look into?”

Michael gulped. “Was that supposed to be a secret?”

“Yeah, I was told it was a secret thing. Why? Was I not supposed to mention it?”

“Did someone invite you?” he asked cautiously.

“My roommate did,” she replied. “Who knows, I’m considering grad school and this might look good on my resume. What do you think?”

“I think… you sound like you’ve never heard of this before.”

“Student’s Association?”

Michael pursed his lips. “I think it’s best if you ask your roommate for clarity on the matter. I shouldn’t be, shall we say, privy to this sort of information.”

“Oh, okay. Is there supposed to be a barrier between the Association and faculty? Actually, nevermind. I wouldn’t want to get you in trouble. Thanks for the help.”

She smiled politely at the professor, who looked absolutely embarrassed on her behalf.

“I’ll say this,” Michael added. “I’ve always found you to be a remarkable young woman… and after your meeting, please don’t feel ashamed that we had this conversation. I’ll pretend this chat never happened, I can assure you.”

Abbey lifted an eyebrow. “Oh, okay.”


Back at the dorm, there was almost a staring competition between the roommates. A complete battle of wills. Shoshana wouldn’t budge on her refusal to give information, and Abbey was fed up.

“It’s time,” Shoshana said, the moment it turned 8 pm. “I’ll have to prepare you.”

“For what?”

“Come with me to the bathroom.”

“Not until you explain yourself,” Abbey said. “Then, I’ll think about it.”

“For the millionth time, you’ll find out when we get to the classroom later. It’s a small group. Everything is top secret. You’ll thank me when it’s over.”

“Give illegal bahis siteleri me a hint, at least. Is it related to academics?”

Shoshana pondered a moment. “Well, I’m positive it’ll help you get better grades as a result. It’ll… umm… improve your focus.”

“Is it the Student’s Association?”

“You’ll find out when we get there.”

“Why do you want me in the bathroom now?” Abbey asked.

“You’ll need to be presentable.”

“With what? Makeup? These women are probably dorks, and it’s late at night, so I’ll fit right in no matter what.”

“I’m talking about from the neck down. Rather, the waist down.”

Abbey gasped out loud. “I knew it. I should have fucking known. Does this have anything to do with our conversation this morning?”

“Abigail, get up, right now. Follow me to the bathroom. Then I’ll dress you for the event.”

“Now you’re dressing me?”

Shoshana switched tactics, opting for a softer approach. “We’ve been friends since high school. Come on, it’s a surprise.”

“Is this for the Student’s Association, or not?”

“Yes,” Shoshana relented. “It is. Happy? It’s the Student’s Association.”

Abbey slowly smiled. “That’s all you had to say. Why all the secrecy?”

“You’ll find out later.”

They went to their shared bathroom and Abbey was curious when Shoshana picked up a razor and shaving cream.

“What’s that for?” Abbey asked.

Shoshana held up the razor and can of cream. “I’ll need to shave your pussy.”

“Excuse me?”

“Pants down. Now.”

“The Association isn’t an excuse to access my pussy,” Abbey said. “You could at least buy me dinner first.”

“Stop being such a wimp. I’ve already seen you upclose, and I mean, really uplose. I’ve also seen…”

“Okay, okay, stop. Anything, just stop.”

Digging her thumbs into her sweatpants and panties, Abbey pulled her clothes down to reveal her vagina to her dear roommate. They had casually been exposed to each other in passing, but never this deliberate, and never so blatantly.

Abbey felt tense as her roommate knelt down to get a closer inspection.

“This should be an easy shave,” Shoshana said. “Have you ever let anyone shave you before?”

“No way. Have you ever done this to anyone?”

“No, but it’s a fantasy.”

Abbey’s eyes nearly rolled to the back of her head. A fantasy?

“What kind of fantasy is that?” Abbey asked. “To shave someone, or to play with hairy pussies?”

Shoshana looked up at her. “You’ll see. Now hold still.”

With great trepidation, Abbey stood as frozen as possible while her best friend worked that magic.


At this point, Abbey had resigned herself to whatever her fate was this evening. It had already been a long and stressful day.

When they approached the classroom, Abbey’s misgivings reared up again. Only half the lights were on, which seemed strange for a planned event. What exactly was this? She peered through the little window on the door.

“Are people even in there?” Abbey asked. “It looks dark.”

“Don’t worry about it,” Shoshana answered as she practically shoved her friend inside after opening the door.

Abbey didn’t know what to expect, but it certainly wasn’t the scene that now lay before her. A sheet on a padded mat of some kind in the center of the floor, a few dim lamps casting a gentle glow, and eight bodies swiveling around from their seated position in a half circle around the mat to identify the newcomers. Smiles broke out amongst the group.

Shockingly, on the board were the words: Squirters Anonymous

A private group for squirters!? Abbey was stunned and thoroughly humiliated. Not only had she accidentally told her boss about this, but she was now facing other students who knew about her physical ability.

Based on how everyone was dressed, and the energy in the room, she had an idea of what was about to happen.

“You told me this was for the Student’s Association,” Abbey whispered to her friend.

Shoshana blushed. “Yeah, well, this is an association of students. Technically it’s true.”

“Yes, but it’s not the Student’s Association.”

A petite Indian woman in her late 20’s formally greeted them.

“Hi, I’m Meera,” the leader chirped. “We’ve been waiting for both of you, and now we may begin tonight’s session. Please, get comfortable. We have extra mats ready for you both.”

Meera went back to her mat, directly facing the girls and awkward new arrivals. Everyone was dressed in loose fitting clothes. Everyone waited for the new girls to sit down.

Shoshana’s hands were on Abbey’s shoulders. “I thought it would help to see that you’re not alone; that it’s something to be proud of.”

The rest of the seated women gave gentle ‘hellos,’ but Abbey wasn’t listening.

She tried to whisper back to Shoshana, “This isn’t… you can’t possibly mean this has something to do with…”

Shoshana’s hands gave one more encouraging squeeze and off she went to join the others on the far right side. She sat with a flounce and patted canlı bahis siteleri the space next to her.

Abbey hesitated for a breath but moved loyally to the side of her friend, still nervous, but even she couldn’t deny her own curiosity. The night’s circle was now complete and the young women in the room seemed eager to begin… for whatever was about to happen…

Meera clasped her hands and spoke to the group. “Right then, we’ve got some new faces, so how about introductions? As you all know, I’m Meera, and I’m so glad you’re all here at Squirters Anonymous. A place where similarly-skilled women can be seen and appreciated.”

Abbey stifled a surprised choke and shot a glare at her treacherous roommate.

The girl at the far left twirled the end of her blonde ponytail, seemingly unaware of Abbey’s plight, and announced, “I’m Madison. This is my third year as a student here. I’m a History major and I’d like to be a teacher someday. I’m also a squirter, and it’s totally okay because it’s fun and normal and I love myself. At first it was hard because of the messes I’d make, but I think it’s worth the extra effort.”

The group applauded the brave admission.

Introduction finished, Madison released her ponytail and sat up a little straighter, looking satisfied with her statement. Introductions continued around the room. until they reached Shoshana.

“I’m Shoshana. I’m a Business major. Second year at this college. Sadly, I’m not a squirter. I’m more of a moaner and spritzer. Mainly I’m here because of my dear friend Abbey. She’s ashamed of what she can do and I think that’s wrong. In all honesty, I’ve seen my fair share of… you know… adult scenes online. Abbey can compete with those girls any day of the week, and then some.”

The group applauded once again.

When Shoshana finished and passed the baton for introductions, Abbey was absolutely mortified. She had just been compared to a porn star!

Nonetheless, they had already come this far. Other women in the group had already unmasked the same confessions. It would be such a slap in the face for Abbey to get up and leave. And frankly, maybe it would be a good thing to get this off her chest. She had never talked about this with anyone before. Ever.

“I- I’m Abbey.” Looking down towards her hands, she wondered if she was being too curt, and added, “Hey,” with a shy smile.

Meera shook her head. “Now, Abbey, I understand this is difficult. Public speaking is not for everyone. But part of this gathering is to open oneself to like-minded individuals. Please, join our family. This is a safe space.”

The gesture was so sweet that Abbey felt disarmed. She looked around the room and saw all the curious eyes. This group of young women genuinely wanted to know about her! That warmed her heart.

“Well, I’m a second year student,” Abbey said, loosening up. “I’m a Liberal Arts major. I’m originally from Montana, which I like to joke is a No-Masturbation state.”

The group laughed, which only boosted her confidence.

She continued, “The first time I actually squirted was last year, in the shower. My roommate doesn’t know this – and I’m sorry, Shosh – but I pressed the movable shower head against my private parts. And I mean, I pressed it directly against my labia and clitoris. I rubbed myself while using the showerhead against my skin. When I finally came, obviously I made a mess all over the showerhead. I was scared because I had never cum that hard before. I felt something flowing out of me. I turned off the shower and moved the messy showerhead away, and to my surprise, I was still gushing. That’s when I knew I was a squirter. Thanks to the showerhead in our dorm room.”

When she looked at Shoshana, the tables had accidentally turned, and now it was Shoshanna who was shocked, with a jaw that was dropped.

It seemed as though Shoshana had mouthed the words, ‘Dirty bitch,’ but Abbey couldn’t be sure.

In return, Abbey mouthed the word ‘Sorry,’ hoping to be forgiven for using their showerhead in the most deviant of ways.

The group applauded. It seemed to be the loudest and longest applaud, given the candor of Abbey’s story.

Meera took the lead once more. “Thank you all for the beautiful words. Today I want us to focus on the enjoyment of being sexual, and not dwell on any feelings of unease. Intimacy is an essential part of being human, and there’s nothing shameful about being yourself.”

The S.A. leader brushed a strand of unruly dark hair back from her face, and Abbey noticed how even in that simple action, she exuded a purposeful confidence.

The leader continued, “Does anyone want to share a time where they’ve struggled with embarrassment?”

A girl who’d introduced herself as Lauren spoke, “My last ex was weird about the whole thing. He thought I was doing it on purpose. He couldn’t understand why I would ‘want’ to make a mess. God, it’s like he didn’t even try to understand. He was such a dick!”

There was a pause, and then she broke into laughter at her accidental joke.

A girl named Catalina spoke up when things calmed down, “Hey, it’s not just dicks that are a problem. I feel your pain, and I have a girlfriend! She thinks I’m doing it on purpose, and sometimes, she makes me clean everything up myself, even after all the O’s that I give her.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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