Star Fish and the Bass Player

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They called her Pink Star Fish. Why? That was the stage name she used as a singer for the punk band she used to front. It had stuck. Her real name was Angela but most people called her Star Fish for short.

She was tall and thin with the most amazingly full breasts jutting out from her chest. She had short, spiked, pink hair, of course! She had full pouty lips and wore thick, almost nerdy, square glasses.

Star Fish had just sat down to enjoy a homemade cup of espresso and some pumpkin pie she picked up from Safeway. It was one of those warm, breezy October nights and she was sitting there in the nude, enjoying the afterglow of a steamy hot bath.

“Braaannng, Bip!” Came a sudden overbearing noise from the neighbors.

“Fuck!” Star Fish said out loud. It was that goddamned fool on the other side of the duplex playing is bass again. She understood the hours of practice and the need for volume. Star Fish was a punk rock legend for god’s sake! But this was unacceptable.

He couldn’t play a tune to save his life. It was 9 o’clock at night and she had asked him to keep it down before. His bitchy girlfriend Janie had the nerve to tell her to shut up and quit bothering them because he was destined to be the next great rock star!

His name was Phil and he was a tall, blonde goofball. Phil was nothing but skin and bones ataşehir escort and was Janie’s pet. Star Fish hated her with a passion.

Well Star Fish was finally at her breaking point. She couldn’t take it any more. Perhaps the bottle of wine she had downed before her bath was having an effect also. She was angry with Phil but wanted to teach that bitchy little slut Janie a lesson too.

Star Fish wrapped a bathrobe around her naked self and marched over to Phil and Janie’s house. She didn’t even bother to knock on the door she just marched right on in.

Phil was standing in the middle of the living room wearing only his boxer shorts and Janie was sitting on the couch drinking a beer. “What the fuck do you want?” Janie sneered at Star Fish.

Star Fish ignored Janie and marched right over to Phil. She plopped to her knees in front of him and snaked her hand into the flap of his boxers. Phil groaned as Star Fish grabbed tightly onto his hardening cock and pulled it out into the open.

Star Fish looked over at Janie and she had dropped her beer bottle on the floor and was mouthing the words no over and over. The sound was not forthcoming though.

Star Fish went back to the task at hand and engulfed Phil’s hard cock into her mouth. Phil moaned as Star Fish worked her lips up and down the length of his cock. kadıköy escort Star Fish was an expert cocksucker and Phil was defiantly in for a treat.

Janie started screaming and yelling obscenities at Star Fish. “You fucking slut! That’s my boyfriend. I’ll fucking kill you! You whore!”

Star Fish ignored her and kept sucking on Phil’s rod. She was taking it into her throat now. She had learned to deep throat her boyfriends at an early age and was never wanting or lacking for male attention. She even gave one lucky fan a messy blowjob on stage at one of her shows. She spent a few nights in jail for that one!

Phil now had his hands in Star Fish’s hair and was bucking his hips into her mouth. Star Fish loved to be face fucked and was drooling around Phil’s cock. Strands of saliva wear leaking over her full lips and chin.

Phil moaned that he was cuming and Star Fish pulled her mouth away and started to pump his cock with her hands. His first stream shot right into her mouth and she swallowed every drop. His second shot roped across her face and coverd her glasses. She aimed the third and fourth shot onto her boobs. After that he was done and stumbled back onto his recliner with a moan of satisfaction.

Star Fish scooped up the semen strands from her boobs with her index finger and sucked it into her mouth. bostancı escort bayan She stood up and walked over to Janie who was just sitting there in a daze. Her boyfriend had just cum in the mouth of the woman Janie couldn’t stand the most and she had to watch the whole disgusting event!

Star Fish walked over and sat down right next to Janie on the couch. She reached around Janie’s head and pulled her head close. She pressed her lips to Janie’s and was surprised when Janie responded by opening her lips to her. Star Fish pushed Phil’s cum into Janie’s mouth with her tongue and the two girls savored the taste of Phil’s semen as their tongues danced with each other.

Phil was instantly hard again by watching Janie and Star Fish. He couldn’t believe it.

Star Fish stood up abruptly slapping Janie across the face and said. “Janie that’s the last taste you’ll ever get of me. Phil, I don’t want to here any noise down here again. Are we clear?”

Phil just nodded his head in agreement. Star Fish picked up Phil’s bass guitar from the floor and left the house slamming the door behind her. She ran over to her side of the duplex and locked the door behind her laughing hysterically. “What the fuck came over you Angela? Fuck that was fun. ” She said to no one!

Star Fish could hear janie’s high pitched bitching through the wall a few moments later and then the door slam and Janie’s Jeep peel out and speed away. She never saw Janie again and never heard a sound from next door. That was too bad. She quite enjoyed Phil’s cum but there were plenty of other men out there for that.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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