Still the Daughter-in-Law Ch. 02

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Credit to Indian_fun story line “Still the daughter-in-Law”

The series needed a new life because of the fan’s likings and since Indian_fun has decided to stop writing Erotica and I have obtained the necessary permission to take over the story and give new dimension to it.

Please read the first 2 segments at Indian_fun submissions to know the characters and background.


It was the eve of the Shivratri Puja (Hindu festival celebrated annually in honour of Lord Shiva) and as is the norm in our village, most of the people will observe fast throughout the day and will spend the late evening in the temple and the puja(rituals) will carry on through the night into the early morning.

I am not very much into rituals and Shivratri is one occasion where I try to avoid my relatives and stay aloof, acting as if I am very busy with my work.

Its been one week since that eventful evening with the daughter-mother duo and we didn’t get any further chance to be together again.

My grandma had an important pre-engagement shopping stuff in the nearby town and she forcefully took my mother with her for the whole week and left me with no outlet to my pent-up sexual energy.

Rukmini, my mother was loath to go away, but she also knows that we must listen to Grandma as she is the owner of all our significant property and we both were but paupers without her good will. We didn’t even have time to say good bye properly and I was angry to see them go away.

I kept the whole week to myself and acted grumpy with all the distant relatives who had come up to our house for the engagement. Sadhana’s relatives had also started to trickle in at her house and I didn’t get a moment’s freedom. I had to make do with no sex for the time being and I was so frustrated and bitter.

On the day of the Shivratri celebrations, as the whole house was busy and chaotic, I took all my important work-related documents, mobile charger and phone to the terrace and shut it from the outside, so that none of the servants can come up and irritate me with silly stuff.

The cold February afternoon gave away to a chilly evening, & I realised that I wasn’t wearing any winter wear and had no blankets as well.

I went down to the house as I had realised all the people would have left for the temple by then, with only the servants at my call. I had some plain food served, as I was famished and after a hearty meal, went to the road outside for a stroll.

As I stepped out, I could see Sadhana and 2 other female relatives of hers walking hurriedly ahead of me. I gave a call to her and her relatives saw me and started giggling and whispering with each other. I was embarrassed, but Sadhana playfully rebuked them and came up to me with a slightly worried look.

She was a wearing a pink and gold kanjeevaram silk saree with a matching blouse and looked positively divine.

“My new android phone is not switching on and no mobile store wants to look at it since it’s a very costly phone and they are not acquainted with the system. I am at my wit’s end and mother is shouting at me for being careless”

“Can you direct me to a good mobile store?”

I was interested in gadgets and even I owned the same model, so I saw my chance to impress her more.

“If you desire I can have a look at it … I am not bad with phones, and it might be a small error in the software… nothing that won’t be fixed with an upgrade of version or something.”

She was so happy on my proposal and jumped with glee. “Can you make it right now?? I can’t thank you enough in my own special way…” She winked.

My impish conscience alerted me to a possibility and I played along.

“You know, if you want the phone tonight, you might have to skip the Puja for some time and come up to my terrace, where I will be, working hard on your phone.”

I will message you on your relative’s number, when I canlı bahis am done, and then you can come up yourself to take it.”

She took my hint for some private time and laughed at my persistence.

“Raja, you are very clever but … do you know I am fasting on Shivratri and I can’t take any juice, be it your hot goo in my mouth until tomorrow morning? “

“That’s fine Sadhana aunty, I don’t have any plans to dump any liquid in your mouth …will use protection so that nothing spills out into you.”

“You make me so horny when you call me Aunty, I am dying to be in your strong arms … ok let’s do it tonight…but I have a condition “


“You have to be bathed and shaved and look handsome today for me and visit the temple, even for a few minutes. We can’t have the most important person in this village not to attend the celebrations with the common people.”

Even though I wasn’t remotely religious, she looked so pretty that I couldn’t say No.

“OK OK … now go back and tell your mom, I miss her as well”

Sadhana was taken aback with my comment. “You are such a fucking sleaze ball … but you are MY pervert and I love you” saying this she squeezed my hand and ran back to her still giggling relatives.

I felt a renewed purpose to my existence and when I returned to my house, the servants were amazed at my changed attitude.

I was a tall and burly man with sharp features and given an opportunity I can knock people cold with my Greek god looks. Just that I was too lazy for all that.

Humming my favourite tune, I bounced into the large ground floor bathroom, and ordered the servants to arrange hot water for bath.

After an hour or so, I finally looked presentable. I had worn a blue embroidered sherwani and golden dhoti to go with it along with a navy-blue turban with a white stone brooch on it. You could say I looked royal and dressed to kill.

In the temple, I was the centre of all attraction, as no one had imagined I would grace the festival.

I was the sole heir of the richest family in the district and only safe to assume that villagers looked up to me as a source of inspiration during such occasions.

I turned eyes, as I chatted casually with Sadhana and Soumini, her magnificent looking mother was giving my all kinds of lewd hints from a safe distance.

People were coming up to us and remarked what a stunning couple we make, and that God bless us with more happiness.

Little did they knew how much joy she and other ladies in my family provide me on a regular basis!

After keeping up the pretences, I rushed back home, as I had a lot to do. Whilst coming back, I bought a packet of the largest sized extra ribbed extra thin premium condoms for a fabulous time later.

I finished up my work soon and started dabbing with the broken phone.

All that the mobile lacked was a security scan and a root upgrade of version, and in 2 hours the phone was back ON.

It was almost 10 in the night when I called up Sadhana’s relative and informed that the phone is repaired, and she needs to come and take it.

I took another hot bath, put on some perfume and changed into a comfortable nightdress.

As the night was cold and windy, I took few warm blankets and a jar of water with me for the night ahead.

It was getting awful late and after patiently waiting for what seemed like an hour, I started to doze off.

I felt someone roaming hands on my groin area and chuckles & I woke up with a start.

What I saw made my heart stop!

I looked at Soumini’s big tits swelling out of her rose coloured bra. Sadhana’s pink saree was undone; I could see her naked breasts pressed against Soumini’s massive tits. Sadhana’s hands went to Soumini’s tits, squeezing them through the rose lacy bra. Soumini pushed her own green silk saree below her hips, and I watched her ass wiggle out and noticed her bahis siteleri matching thong. They kissed each other, and I followed their hands with my eyes as they ran their hands up and down each other’s backs.

I pulled my t-shirt over my head and unbuckled my denim short.

I reached down and grabbed my steel hard cock , working it up and down. I wrapped two hands around it and held it up, showing the ladies how big and hard I was.

“Fuck,” was all she said.

Soumini turned on her knees to look at me. Her eyes were wild. She licked her lips and then wiped her mouth with her fingers. She licked them once, and then rubbed her wet hand on her thigh. One cup of her bra had slid down and her big swollen tit was sticking out at me.

“Raja beta… Bring that big fucking cock over here.”

She didn’t get off her knees; instead she just pulled my cock with one hand and put it into her mouth. She sucked it like she was starving for it, pumping it hard into her mouth, slurping and humming up and down on it, her eyes closed tight.

I looked over at Sadhana. She had turned onto her side and was watching us. “God, that looks so delicious mother. It looks so fucking big in your mouth.” Her hands went to her breasts and she pulled on her nipples. “Suck that big cock mommy. Show him what a good cock sucker you are.”

Soumini moaned her approval up and down the length of my cock. Her hand cupped my low hanging balls and rubbed them, and then she pulled my cock up and licked them both. She took one of my heavy balls into her mouth and sucked on it, licking her tongue around it in my mouth. I looked down at her pumping my cock in one hand. It looked obscene in her small hand. She licked down under my balls.

“Lay down,” Sadhana instructed as she moved over on the bed. I sat on the bed. “Get naked with us mommy.”

Soumini stood up and reached behind her to unhook the clasp. Her back arched as she did it, sticking those big fucking boobs out at us. She undid her bra and let it fall to the ground. Sadhana and I moved toward her, each taking a big breast into our mouth. I could hear Sadhana sucking. “Oh fuck yeah.” Soumini put her hands on the back of both of our heads. “Fuck I love having my melons sucked.” Both of us moaned with mouths full of warm flesh.

Soumini took her hand from the back of my head and pushed on my shoulder. I lay back on the bed. I looked over at Sadhana making room on the bed beside me. Soumini was stepping out of her thong and kneeling on the bed. She took my cock back into her mouth. Sadhana got behind her and leaned in to lick her mother’s cunt from behind.

I shifted my hips a little and pumped my cock into Soumini’s mouth. I could feel her big tits, wet from Sadhana and I sucking on them, rubbing my thighs. I closed my eyes and listened the licking, moaning, slurping and sucking. I wanted it to last forever, and my cock was so swollen, I thought I might.

Soumini pulled away from my cock. “How do you feel Raja?”

“UUUUUUUUHHHHHHHHH … So fucking good,” I moaned loudly as she stroked my cock.

“Do you want more Beta?”

“Yes,” I groaned, “God yes.”

“Do you want some pussy, Raja?” Soumini ran her hands up my chest and whispered in my ear.


Soumini licked at my earlobe. “Who’s cunt do you want?”

I felt a hand on my cock that I knew wasn’t Soumini’s.

“Do you want my tight little pussy or my mother’s gaping hole, Raja?” I felt a wet finger rim my asshole.

“Or you want to show mommy how good you fuck me, Raja?” Sadhana was grinning at me from behind Soumini.

Soumini turned to look at her daughter. “You got this dick officially for ever. For now it’s my turn.”

Sadhana looked at me. “Fuck her Raja.”

Soumini lay on her back and spread her legs for me. I knelt between her legs and grabbed my pulsating deep violet rod by the base. Sadhana knelt behind me, looking bahis şirketleri over my shoulder. I could feel her breasts on my back, her mound on my ass.

“I want to watch you fuck her Raja.” Sadhana was whispering in my ear.

“Do it Raja, fuck me with that mammoth.”

I pushed the head into her. She was perfectly tight… at least for my wide huge cock she was…

“Oh fuck it’s so fat.”

Sadhana slid one arm around me, her fingers on my nipple. “Do it Raja, shove the rest in, you know she wants it hard.”

I slammed the rest of my cock into Soumini’s burning & sopping wet cunt.

“Oh god that’s it you mother fucker.” Soumini’s hands went to her tits. They looked so big as she cupped them.

“Look at those milky boobs Raja. All for you and your big cock. Fuck her hard Raja. Make those big tits shake.” Sadhana was rubbing her body against mine, leaning on my back as I worked my cock into Soumini.

Soumini was moaning with every vile thrust.

Sadhana slid off my back so that she was lying on her side next to Soumini. She spoke into her ear. “Do you like that mommy?”


Sadhana’s hand went across Soumini’s stomach and slid down to her clit. “Do you like fucking your son-in-law’s hard dick?” She started rubbing Soumini’s clit as I pumped my cock into her.

Hearing Sadhana talk dirty was so unexpected I thought I might cum despite myself.

“It’s so good Beti.” Soumini’s head shook back and forth as she writhed underneath me. “He’s so fucking good.” Soumini bit her lip as Sadhana gave her clit a hard push.

“Has your pussy been aching for your son’s cock?”


“Is that why you got here with your daughter when I had called her alone?”

“Yes.” I could feel my balls swell and tighten. I was going to cum, watching Soumini react to my question and her clit getting rubbed. Her pussy seemed to suck at me with every stroke.

“Are you a whore for it? A whore for that big cock? Just like you said?”

“Fuck yes. I want it. I want every fucking inch. God. Fuck. I need it.”

“Fuck her Raja. Fuck your big titted whore.”

I grunted and started cumming into my whore mother-in-law.

“Oh yeah Raja, oh god yeah. Fuck it you fucking bastard.” Soumini thrashed beneath me as Sadhana rubbed her clit faster and she started to cum. She moaned and grunted and came all around me.

I collapsed on top of Soumini. I felt Sadhana kiss the back of my neck. She ran her hand down my sweaty back.

“Mmmmm. You two looked so good.” Sadhana kissed her mother softly and licked at her lips.

I rolled off Soumini to her other side. Soumini wiped sweat from her face. “Fuck,” she laughed.

Sadhana rubbed her mother’s stomach.

I walked around the bed to get behind Sadhana. I reached down to finger her cunt. It was sopping wet. I got right behind her and slid my cock into her with one smooth stroke.

“Mmmm I like that,” she moaned in front of me. I grabbed her hips and started leaning into her, pulling her back onto me. Sadhana laid her head on Soumini’s stomach and started buckling wildly with every thrust into her.

“God I just want to fuck both of you all the time.”

We went at it for hours and time was a blur through all the hip gyrating, body to body incestuous lust show on the terrace bed. We did it all kinds of steamy position and it seemed our flesh was joined with all the heat and sweat.

We were one three headed huffing and puffing mass of wild ravaging flesh and slaked with forbidding lust, we couldn’t let go of each other.

We dozed off into each other’s arms and were woken up by crows on the parapet.

I realised it’s soon going to be dawn and people would be trickling back to their homes, after the rituals are over in the temple.

We picked up their silk clothes and homemade chappals(slippers) carefully and came gingerly down the stairs, giggling like excited kids in a fair.

I didn’t realise Rukmini, my mother was waiting at the hall and when she saw all three of us half naked, it made her jaw drop in shock.


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