Stranded Ch. 02

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© JetBlack 2008. Stranded, Chapter 2. All publication rights reserved. Use without permission prohibited.

Chapter 2

I wiped the sweat from my brow, taking a moment to stretch as I looked over my work. The sun had been on my bare back for the past four or five hours, and now it was finally setting. The shelter wasn’t pretty, but it would keep us warm. It was a lean-to shelter, with a distinctive half “A” shape, which I had placed between two young trees. I’d spent nearly the entire day building it; painstakingly sawing away at branches, cutting saplings, weaving the elastic wood into a framework that would stand up to both wind and rain.

I smiled softly, recalling how Britt had been so eager to help. I don’t really know why I had been smiling at the memory; she was rather persistent in her need to help me build a shelter. Perhaps a better word would be annoying. I had been out scouting for suitable materials with her when she had noticed some, how had she put it?

“Oh! Look at these pretty flowers, Jet!” She exclaimed as she ran directly into a narrow passage in the brush, her eyes set on a group of small, white-pedaled flowers.

“Britt, wait!” I yelled, dropping my crude walking stick and grabbing her by the shoulder firmly. I spun her around, looking her in the eyes and noting she seemed a little frightened. Good. She should be, I thought.

“Look, you can’t go running off into the underbrush every time you fucking see something pretty! Jesus, Britt! There could be a bear, or a wolf, or something poisonous…” I trailed off, losing steam when I noticed the tears coming to her eyes. A pang of regret hit me.

“I-I’m sorry Jet… I didn’t think…” She began, stuttering slightly as she made an obvious attempt to prevent the tears from falling.

I shook my head and pulled her close, leaning my forehead against hers and looking into her eyes. My voice dropped low as I sighed, “Britt, it’s just you and me out here. You have to be careful. Please don’t go running off. It’s not safe out here. There are a million things that can go wrong out here and we’re a long way from a hospital.” Inserted paragraph break

She seemed so small, so close to me. I licked my lips involuntarily, an uncontrollable little habit I had whenever I felt the urge to kiss someone. My voice dropped another decibel, “I can’t do this without you. I don’t know what I would do if something happened to you and I don’t want to find out. Please. Stay close to me.”

She nodded, her eyes locked on mine as her lips parted ever so slightly. “I won’t leave you Jet.” Her soft, small hand pressed gently against my chest.

I let out a shuddering sigh, releasing some of the pent up frustration that was building. What the hell was going on between us? Her cheeks were flushed, her lips parted, the full length of her body pressed against mine. We had never been this close before in all of our years together. In fact, I always found it kind of awkward to simply share a couch with her or let her lean up against me. I knew I had some intimacy issues, in the beginning of a relationship anyways. My life had been a hard one. I guess I just naturally put up emotional walls. The one former love of my life had worked hard at overcoming them. Most women lacked that strength.

I blinked. What the hell was I thinking? This was Brittany, not a potential lover. Off-limits. No.

“Jet…” She whispered as if she knew exactly what I was thinking. Her hand slowly caressed me, trailing up and down my chest. All traces of tears were gone from her now dark gray eyes. I didn’t think I’d ever seen them so dark.

As my lips inched closer to hers, I wondered just why she was “off-limits.” I did have feelings for her. I couldn’t lie to myself about that. Our lips touched, slowly. There was no denying she had feelings for me either. We had grown up together. She was my sister; technicalities be damned. Did it matter that much? We knew everything about each other. The closeness and intimacy we shared could never be matched. She had simply spent too much time with me. I trusted her, she trusted me. She knew nearly my every flaw, my every quirk.

Her head tilted ever so slightly to the side, her soft hand moving up my chest, sliding slowly behind my neck as she urged canlı bahis me closer to her. This didn’t feel wrong. I gently caressed her soft cheek. It didn’t feel like I was breaking some terrible rule of nature. Her warmth was something real. Her lips were soft. Her tongue amazing.

It couldn’t possibly be wrong. She wanted this as much as I did. Yet we were letting some stupid law a million miles away prevent us from being with each other. What about mom and dad? Especially dad. The thought crept out of nowhere. A low growl escaped my throat.

I slammed her back up against a nearby tree. All the frustration, all the stress and all the hell I had been putting myself through channeled into a single kiss. My lips met hers hungrily, my tongue penetrating her, tasting. She moaned in an entirely feminine, entirely animalistic way and it was enough to make me instantly hard, despite my usual control.

I didn’t care. I didn’t want to hide the fact she was turning me on so very badly. I gently eased the kiss back, drawing her inevitably back into my mouth, teasing her with small flicks with the tip of my tongue. She made a soft sound of need, not exactly a moan, but something close. I knew what she wanted, but I continually drew back until the tip of her small tongue gently traced its way along my teeth.

She gasped as I lifted her, my hands gently grasping her butt through the little red skirt she wore. I smiled, suddenly appreciating her lack of preparedness. I touched my tongue to hers, looking deeply into her eyes. I wanted her to know exactly what I wanted, exactly what she was doing to me and exactly what I was going to do to her.

She was wearing silky black stockings underneath, although a skirt and pantyhose were hardly the proper attire to be scouting out a forest in. I parted her legs slightly, my body pressing against her tightly, her hard little nipples pressing against my chest. I caught her tongue with mine, sucking on it hungrily. I slowly pressed my throbbing hard bulge against her. She gasped in surprise, followed by a moan as she felt me slide against her. I could feel the length of my cock pressing against her soft mound. I could feel the heat coming from her, colliding with my own. I let out a small groan of pleasure as I rubbed against her slowly, feeling my length slide against her covered lips and was rewarded with another, louder moan from her.

My hands moved to her neck, her breasts. Her weight supported by my hips alone I slowly trailed my hands over the soft mounds of flesh, feeling her erect nipples press into my palms. She was moaning softly into my mouth as I continued my assault on her tongue. I sucked on her, licked her and swirled my tongue around her. My hands squeezed her breasts slowly, my palms rubbing against her hard nubs, eliciting ever louder moans and groans from her body.

She was grabbing and tugging at me, desperately trying to pull me closer. Her hips moved against me, thrusting herself onto my cock harder and faster as if she expected to burn my clothes off through friction alone. Her moans turn to gasps when I slid a hand up her tight-fitting white t-shirt, sliding under her bra and over soft, supple flesh. I broke the kiss without regret, trailing soft kisses down her neck as I thrust against her, moaning softly myself. I rolled her sensitive little buds between my fingers. She seemed to be losing control of herself, bucking against me and moaning uncontrollably. My eyes widened slightly as I slowly sucked and licked my way back up her neck.

She can’t be that close already, could she? I wondered.

I quickly withdrew my hands from her shirt, deftly removing her bra along the way. I tossed it to the side and slipped my arm around her before she could protest, pressing the left side of my body against her, leaving enough of a gap between us for my other hand.

I gently nipped at her earlobe, slowing my movements to a teasing crawl, my palm pressed against her flat stomach; inching downwards. I loved teasing her.

“Britt,” I whispered huskily into her ear, giving it a soft little lick, “Do you want me?”

Her blush was adorable, given the circumstances and she didn’t answer.

My hand unfastened her skirt nimbly, letting it fall to the forest floor.

I bit her ear bahis siteleri gently, tugging her closer to me, “Brittany do you want me to touch you?” I whispered again. A shudder ran through her body, yet she stayed silent, her eyes closed, her arm moving around my waist slowly, bracing herself.

I pressed my palm against the heat between her legs, my middle finger instinctively tracing her slit slowly. The tip of my finger was slowly gliding against her pussy lips through the velvety material of her nylons. Her pussy was on fire and I could detect the slightest traces of wetness, even through two layers of clothing.

Soft moans erupted from her, her eyes opened and she looked down between her legs, watching my hand stroke her. I let her watch, trailing soft kisses down her neck as I slowly slid my hand up to gently grasp her breast. She whimpered and moaned trying to press against my hands harder. She desperately needed to cum now and she wasn’t getting nearly enough. I smiled.

Biting my lip slightly, my bulge pressing into her hip, I whispered, “Britty, tell me what you want.” My hand slipped under her stockings, pulling them down. Her thin white panties were completely soaked against her, outlining the delicious crease of her slit quite nicely. I slid a single finger down between her swollen pussy lips.

“Unngh,” she groaned, unable to speak at first. My hand slowed and then stopped. When she said nothing, I slowly began to move my hand away. Her eyes widened and she grabbed my wrist, “Please…” she whispered, her eyes finally meeting mine. She had never been so shy and quiet before and it was just making me harder.

I slipped the tip of my finger under the side of her panties. I couldn’t help but let out a small gasp when the tip of my finger grazed against her wet little cunt. Her entire body jerked, as if a lightning bolt shot through her. Her eyes had closed tightly but I wanted to see her.

I kissed her lips softly, her head moving towards me. Her eyes opened. She watched me lick my lips slowly and I slowly penetrated her tight little hole, the tip of my middle finger sliding slowly inside of her throbbing wetness. As if in slow motion, her mouth opened in perfectly harmony with my finger, her back arched and a guttural, throaty moan escaped her. Her eyes didn’t leave mine.

Her entire body was quivering. My finger was wiggling inside her tightness as I felt my palm press against her. I slowly withdrew the length of my finger just to slide it back inside her a little quicker. I could hear my digit slide wetly inside of her and the soft slurping sound it made when I pulled it back out. The moans coming from her didn’t stop, she was slowly thrusting against my finger, the rest of my hand still outside of her panties. She needed just a little more. It must have been maddening.

I couldn’t really wait any longer, I needed to make her cum. I needed to feel her tighten around my finger, feel her body convulse against mine and hear her scream in ecstasy. I bit my lip, my breath quickening as I pulled my slick finger out of her. I tugged down her panties, letting them fall to her ankles. Her breath caught.

“Tell me,” I whispered into her ear, my voice a lusty rasp, “Tell me you want to cum.”

My fingers slid down her slippery crease, my middle finger sliding over her hard little clit. Her body tensed, “I…” She started, her dark gray eyes locked on mine.

“Tell me,” I demanded, two fingers pressed against her throbbing entrance.

Her breathing was ragged, her eyelids were half closed with lust, “Make me cum Jetty,” she whispered, never looking away from me.

I instantly slammed my fingers inside of her. Her back arched, her head kicked back, her hot little pussy bucked against my hand. She screamed in pleasure, her arms clawing at my back. She settled against me, her hips pumping against my hand. Her moans and whimpers muffled against my shoulder. My thumb flicked wetly across her throbbing little clit. My fingers stayed buried inside of her, wiggling, curling upwards.

I held her close, my lips next to her ear. I thrust my fingers inside her hard, my thumb a blur over her clit. My fingers curled up a bit more inside her, rubbing slowly. I was careful to control myself until I knew I found it. bahis şirketleri I leaned against her, a strong arm supporting her. My voice dropped so low I’m surprised she heard me.

“Cum for me, little sis,” I whispered, my fingers stroking her hypersensitive little spot from the inside, my thumb buzzing over her just-as-sensitive clit on the outside. Her entire body tensed, every muscle in her body must have clenched including her cunt which tightened like a vice around my fingers. I didn’t stop stroking her clit, I just went faster.

She screamed my name as some would shout for God. Her whole body shook, quivered, convulsed. Her head whipped back, her body a live wire. Her cum soaked my hand, literally dripping down her thighs. She moaned over and over and I didn’t stop. I could sense her reaching the peak of her first orgasm, her tight little pussy unclenching ever so slightly

I didn’t hesitate. I quickly set her down against the tree, crouching between her legs. My lips closed around her pulsing, hard, little clit. I sucked on the little nub, my tongue flicking back and forth across it. I shoved my fingers deeper inside of her, rubbing that wonderful little area, and I felt her immediately tighten again.

I looked up, watching her convulse again and again. Tears streamed down her face as she moaned, her expression one of complete and utter carnal bliss. Cum gushed out of her now, trickling over my hand and down my arm. She was a woman possessed, unable to stop her body and more than likely unwilling to stop. When her moans and screams turned to whimpering sobs, I finally released her, giving her abused clit a final kiss.

I slowly withdrew my soaked, sticky fingers; replacing them with my tongue as I lapped at her quivering hole, slipping my tongue inside slightly, lapping up her juices. She tasted amazing; sweet, delicate. Exactly as I thought she would. I savored her flavor as a connoisseur would savor perfectly aged wine.

My licking turned soothing, then finally into soft, erotic kisses. I looked up at her and she was watching me with–love in her eyes. I smiled and moved up to kiss her. She was amazing. Her body so responsive, her flavor magnificent as I was sure she could taste from my lips. I couldn’t remember how many times she had climaxed, but I had a feeling she had never experienced that before

“N-no…” she panted in-between soft kisses.

I immediately began to worry. No what? No more? No, stop? What we did was wrong and I’m having horrible regrets? I would never want my brother to touch me?

“Nobody…” she continued.

My worry vanished.

“Nobody ever…” She is finding it awfully difficult to catch her breath, I thought bemusedly.

I put a finger to her lips, followed by a soft kiss. “Nobody could ever love you like I can, Britty.”

She nodded, a tear running down her cheek as she clung to me tightly. Her panties and stockings were still around her ankles. And I was still raging hard. I smiled and hugged her, my own gratification forgotten. Causing her to have several earth-shattering orgasms had been gratification enough.

She pouted her lip slightly, eyeing my crotch. I just laughed. “We’ll deal with that later Sis.” I put special emphasis on the last word, causing her to blush madly. Kinky little girl, she came when I called her little sis, I thought.

It turned out the white flowers she had so eagerly pursued were wild strawberries and lots of them. We were sure to grab several bundles on the way back. We also had some trouble finding her bra. The rest of the day went rather well. I busied myself with building the shelter, which managed to keep my thoughts occupied. I did have a weak moment when I was half finished. Britt had brought me some water and some strawberries. Watching her pink little tongue lap at the fruit made my mouth water for reasons other then hunger.

What was worse was that she was doing it on purpose. Probably paying me back for teasing her. My eyes narrowed. It was going to be a hell of a lot of fun breaking in the little shelter that night. A small twinge of doubt appeared in the back of my mind, but I quickly pushed it away.

My thoughts drifted back to reality, the lean-to returning to view. I grinned in mild embarrassment. I knew exactly why I had smiled at the memory now. I was smiling because the shelter was done. Britt was on her way back with the last of the firewood and it was almost time for dinner.

And I had worked up quite an appetite.

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