Strangers on the Subway

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Rush hour traffic on the subway; people walking past each other and bodies rubbing together with no erotic connotation whatsoever. Or that is what I used to think, until I met him, on a train to work. As the train hit the breaks, his body slammed into mine and for a concise moment I felt his erection brush against my leg. His eyes met mine, the bashful look in them brought a smile to my face and he pulled away abruptly, obviously embarrassed and leaving me wonder whether I was to blame for that arousal in a man I’d never seen before.

My eyes wandered over his face: a strong jaw, amazing brown eyes and sleek dark brown hair, covering his left eye. Very much like Hugh Grant’s hairstyle before he had it cut short for that one movie, I can’t remember the name of it though. His body clad in a three-piece suit, I was pretty sure it was tailor-made. When he suddenly smiled at me I realized I must have given him the appraising look of a woman sizing up a man she intends to take home with her. It was my turn to look bashful and embarrassed, and I blushed fiercely.

As the train pulled into the next station he took a step toward me, as if he was losing his balance again and his face hovered next to my ear. “You’re cute when you blush,” he said, and walked off the train when the doors slid open. I stood there blushing even more profoundly as the other people in the train glanced me over. Somehow I felt lonely after he left, even though the train was still packed with people and the train continued its journey underneath the city. Suddenly the train’s motions reminded me of sexual intercourse and my mind was occupied with nothing else than the guy who’d bumped into me previously.

The train stopped at the next station; my stop and I hastily walked out and ran up the stairs. By the time I reached work my cheeks were flushed and my heart was racing, and not just because of the quick walk to work. For the first three hours at work everything I touched fell down, butterfingers and all, and eventually I got back into the knack of things. By the time six o’clock rolled around I’d almost forgotten about the brief encounter on the subway and it was time to get back on the train to go home.

The subway was crammed with passengers again, just like it was every day around this time, yet my eyes searched the train in an attempt to find him. I wasn’t really sure where to start looking but somehow my eyes were drawn to the doors every time they slid open. For a minute I thought my heart would stop beating when I saw him hop onto the train and walk toward me. He abruptly stopped beside me and put down his briefcase at my feet, his hair fell in front of his left eye as he grinned up at me. His hip pressed against my bottom when he reached for the bar overhead and held onto it with one hand. The other hand brushed my hip and suddenly his hot breath was on my ear when he breathed the words, “Good to see you again,” into it and then I felt his erection against my buttocks.

As the train moved along the tracks his body kept pushing into mine, and I felt the arousal in me flare up. A virtual stranger was riding up against me and it was turning me on immensely; I didn’t want it to stop and I was sorry to see my stop approaching. Just when I was about to step away, his hand grabbed my hip, pulling me closer to him, and he whispered the words, “Same time, same place tomorrow?”

All I could do was nod my head, before I struggled my way through the other passengers on the train. The way home was a blur, I couldn’t think straight and walked home in a daze; extremely stirred up by this man I’d never seen before today. Wanting to feel his hands on my naked ataşehir escort bayan body, I closed my eyes and leaned back against the door the minute I walked into my apartment. I dropped my bag on the ground and kicked my shoes off as I caressed my breasts through the thin fabric of my blouse and thought about him and his hard cock pressing against my behind.

How long I stood there with my back pressed against the door I don’t know, I do remember reaching the best and hardest orgasm ever by fantasizing about this man. And to be honest I couldn’t wait until I met him again on the train in the morning.

The following morning I woke up long before my alarm told me it was time to get up and go to work. This day I took extreme care in choosing my clothes; a sexy white blouse with a plunging neckline, which accentuated the full curve of my breasts, a short blue skirt drawing attention to my legs, and matching jacket. Basically this was the suit I wore whenever I went on job interviews and I knew I looked damn good in this outfit.

As I walked through the turnpikes of the subway station I suddenly felt nervous; what if he didn’t show up? What if he thought I dolled myself up for him alone? Of course I did, but now I wasn’t convinced that was such a good idea. Just when I was about to walk home and call in sick for the day, the train rolled into the station and when the doors slid open I noticed his face in the crowd. I was drawn to him like a moth to a flame; a basic animal instinct took over as I manoeuvred myself close to him, my bag nonchalantly draped over my shoulder as I approached him.

He placed his hand on my hip, underneath my bag and pressed his fingers into my flesh, pulling me close to him, against his body. I could feel his cock harden as my pelvis pushed against him and as my breasts touched his chest, my nipples became erect. Fighting the urge to thrust my body into his, I felt his lips on my ear, his breathing shallow and short when he uttered the words, “Can you feel what you’re doing to me?”

I glanced up to meet his eyes and licked my lips, I so wanted to feel his lips on mine, sense his hardness inside me. It was eating me alive, the desire flared up inside me and there was nothing I could do about it; not here, with dozens of people crammed into the compartment with us. Yet, I wanted him so much, then, the train stopped in one of the dark tunnels underneath the city. The lights went off and his hands explored my body freely, hiking up my skirt and placing his left hand between my thighs while his right hand cupped my breast as I moaned softly and closed my eyes. His mouth hovered over my ear and down my neck, I just couldn’t think at all anymore and wrapped my arms around his neck and pulled one leg up around his leg to accommodate his hand.

A disembodied voice told us a blackout had hit the city and they were unsure when the service would be resumed. The lights of the train flickered on and off, and the scent of my arousal filled the compartment. I could hear the distraught murmurs of the other passengers and an occasional ‘oh my God’ muttered close by. The blackout provided us with the chance to explore each other’s bodies without being seen, and also with the opportunity to have sex in public. The mere thought of this excited me even more, if at all possible.

When his finger slid into my wet pussy I gasped for air and buried my face in his shoulder. A faint flicker of the lights alerted us the power cut might be over soon, and I tried to straighten my clothes as fast as I could. His hand was back on my hip underneath my bag when the lights went on again and the train started moving escort kadıköy again. The only thing that was different was my flushed face and the evil grin on his face; when the train pulled into the next station, he leaned forward and whispered, “Dinner tonight?”

Breathlessly I nodded, although dinner was the last thing on my mind, frankly I just wanted to fuck him senseless. He reached into his inside pocket and handed me a card. “Call me around lunch time,” he said. All I could do was nod again, and when the train doors slid open he disappeared into the crowd, leaving me wanting and yearning for his touch. Absentmindedly I put his card in my pocket and impatiently waited for the train to reach my stop. I was at least an hour late for work thanks to the blackout and as soon as I entered the building the receptionist gave me one of her looks, conveying you’re late.

“Sorry Tina,” I said, “I got stuck on the subway because of the power cut. Any messages for me?”

Tina nodded and handed me a stack of pink notes; I went through them as I hurried up the stairs to my office. The last one caught my eye; a new customer interested in an advertisement campaign and as soon as I sank into my chair I picked up the phone and dialled the number. A woman’s voice answered after two rings, and in my most professional voice I gave the lady my name and asked for a Mr. Jenkins who had rang earlier. The woman asked me to hold the line and within a few seconds a man’s voice barked “Jenkins” into the telephone receiver. I started my regular telephone spiel, “Good morning Mr. Jenkins, this is Gayle Addison, creative director with Thalassa Promotions; I just received your message regarding a promotional campaign for your company.”

As Mr. Jenkins started explaining his needs and requirements for the campaign I found the card the man on the train had given me earlier. When I placed the card on top of the pile of pink notes on my desk I noticed the name on the card, Jeremy Jenkins and a telephone number similar to the one I just dialled, probably a direct number and the company name was the same. Black spots started darting in front of my eyes and I was suddenly feeling very faint and excited at the same time. The man on the other end of the line had no idea who he was speaking to while my thoughts were clouded with visions of the subway and his hands all over my body.

Feeling bold when he fell quiet, I said, “Mr. Jenkins, I’m confident we can fulfil every need your firm requires. How about discussing the details over lunch; I could bring a few samples of my work with me.”

He sounded hesitant when he replied, “Sure, but can we make it an early luncheon? I am expecting an important telephone call around that time.”

A chuckle emerged from my throat; the request on the subway had become an important phone call. By the time I put down the telephone we’d settled on meeting at his office around 11.30 a.m. and it was 10.30 already. I still had the pile of messages to answer and had to find the portfolio most suited for this campaign.

At exactly 11.30, I was at Jeremy Jenkins’ office and introduced myself to his secretary; she buzzed him through the intercom and announced, “Gayle Addison of Thalassa Promotions is here to see you, Mr. Jenkins.” Two seconds later the door to his office opened and there he was, the man from the subway train, and my luncheon appointment. His eyes glanced me over and an evil smile surrounded his lips when he shook my hand and said, “Jeremy Jenkins; nice to meet you Ms. Addison. Would you mind having lunch in my office? As I told you earlier I am expecting a rather important telephone call.”

Grinning bostancı escort up at him, I answered, “Not at all Mr. Jenkins.” As I stepped into his office, his hand brushed past my breast and I blushed fiercely; he told his secretary to call the deli down the street for him. Then he closed the door behind him and glanced me over, that cat-caught-the-canary smile still surrounded his lips.

“So,” he said, “creative director,” and stepped up behind me, his hands ran over my body as his lips brushed my sensitive neck. Closing my eyes, I relished the moment, my body eagerly responding to his touch and his body pushed against my back. Then the intercom buzzed and the secretary’s voice entered the room, “The deli is on the phone, Mr. Jenkins.”

Obviously annoyed by the intrusion, he walked over to the phone and picked up the receiver. While ordering a complete buffet of scrumptious foods, he sat down on the edge of his desk and beckoned me to come closer, which I hesitantly did. I dropped my bag on one of the chairs opposite his desk and leaned against him as his free hand unbuttoned my blouse, revealing the sexiest lace bra I owned. He ran his hand over the bare flesh of my breasts, which made me groan with anticipation.

When he put down the phone, he grabbed my ass and pulled me against him, just like he had done on the train during rush hour. “You’ve been on my mind ever since I first laid eyes on you,” he said in a soft voice. “But not in my wildest dreams I would have considered this an option,” he continued while he hiked up my skirt and pushed my panties down to the ground. Dropping to his knees, he ran his hands over my legs and spread my thighs ever so slightly, after which he kissed the inside of my thighs and worked his way up to my pussy. There I stood in his office, in my high heels, my skirt around my waist and my blouse completely unbuttoned while his tongue flickered around my clit and his hands caressed my buttocks.

Again we were interrupted by the buzzing sound of his intercom, and the secretary’s voice announced lunch had arrived. Reluctantly he rose to his feet and walked away, to return only seconds later with the lunch he just ordered. “Now where were we?” he asked huskily.

Smiling wickedly at him, I replied, “I believe you were… checking my credentials?” and winked at him as I sat down on the edge of his desk, flashing my extremely wet sex at him. He set the lunch down on the floor and walked over to me, slowly unzipping his pants and revealing his cock to me. I could hardly believe my eyes; it was so beautiful and hard, thinking about our encounter on the train, I wanted to feel it inside me.

Leaning back on the desk, I sent him a seductive smile and he drew even closer to me – his hot breath caressing my breasts and his erection against my leg. Pushing my legs apart he entered me with one swift motion, his hands traveled to my hips as he thrust himself inside me, rocking back and forth until I moaned with pleasure. His lips on my cleavage and his tongue caressing the skin under his hot mouth with care; wrapping my legs around his waist; I arch my back and grind my pelvic bone against him.

My lips were slightly parted as I groaned under his touch, my hands tightly woven into his hair and our bodies entwined like they belonged together, as one. My hips bucked up from the desk when I arched my back even further until my head almost touched the desk underneath me. Jeremy’s tongue traced a path on my cleavage, up toward my neck and ear and grunted, “God, you are divine,” into my ear. Then he pushed my down on his desk and rested on top of me, still thrusting his cock in me until we climaxed and lay motionless, breathing heavily, on the desk, our bodies still entangled with another.

He took my face into his hands and kissed it gently, brushing the strands of hair from my face and whispered, “It’s going to be a pleasure working with you Ms. Addison.”

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