Summer Fun with Sis Ch. 04

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“Oh fuck, oh Dan, mmmmm!” Mel moaned, her own hands mauling her large boobs.

“Oh shit bro, mmmmmm, fuck, yessss!” Kim moaned, her naked body writhing in pleasure.

The two girls watched on as the object of their desire fucked his fiancée in the den, the dildo that connected their two pussies’ slick with their juice.

“Ooohhhh mmmmmm,” Mel moaned as their pussies met, their clits rubbing together, “Damnit I want his cock back for real babes!”

“Mmmmmmm, me too hun – I’m working on it, for now just be glad of my camera!” She told her flatmate.

“Why did you set that up babes?” She asked, grinding their pussies together.

“Mmmmmm, so I could re-watch my conquests, but perving on others is good too…”

“Hell yeah!” Mel agreed, as they watched Dan pull his cock out and coat Lucy’s tits in cum, both moaning in pleasure as they wished it was their breasts his hot cum was landing on. “So any surprises?”

“Let’s just say my mother isn’t as prim & proper as she makes out…”

“Interesting, you’ll have to show me some time. But now you’re making me cum babes…”

“Ooooh, me too hun, fuuucckkk…”

The girls fucked each other through their orgasms as they watched Lucy clean Dan’s cock, before standing up.

“Oh, wow she’s fit; I’d like some of her too.” Mel panted.

“Way ahead of you hun!” Kim grinned as she slid the dildo from their pussies, swapped the ends and fed it to Mel, before hungrily devouring the end which had Mel’s juices on.



It was the Easter weekend and Lucy and I were back at my parents for the first time since Christmas, we had decided there was no point in waiting, so had set a date to get married in Summer, so now we were back to see the church and plan the whole thing. I was downstairs chatting to my parents whilst Lucy had a shower, whilst my sister was still in bed.

Kim woke up, put her dressing gown over her naked body and padded towards the bathroom; sleepily she opened the door and headed in, shutting it behind her. Now she was in there, it was obvious someone was in the shower, knowing her parents would use their en-suite she smiled and removed her robe, before starting to brush her teeth, butt naked.

A few minutes later Lucy poked her head around the shower curtain, looking for shampoo, and was startled to see her future sister-in-law standing at the sink, naked!

“Kim, what the fuck are you doing in here?”

“Sorry hun, just needed to brush my teeth, you don’t mind do you?”

“I suppose not.” Lucy replied, bending over to pick up the shampoo, Kim’s eyes glued to her hairless pussy as she felt her own dampen.

“Have you decided on bridesmaids yet?” Kim asked, watching Lucy intently as she washed her hair.

“Not yet babes, no. Was that a thinly veiled request?”

“It might have been!” Kim smiled.

“Don’t worry; I’ll keep you in mind.” Lucy replied, and seeing Kim had finished brushing her teeth said, “Was that all you wanted?”

“Unless you need someone to wash your back?” She smiled sweetly.

“No thanks babe, I’m far too sober for that!”

Kim smiled, noting the lack of a flat no, “Shame, these bad boys lather up rather well…” She replied, fondling her bare boobs.

“I bet they do! But I’ll see you later, maybe more clothed?”

“Maybe…” She grinned as she left the bathroom, “Catch you later hun.”

Kim closed the bathroom door behind her, her fingers already sliding down to her damp pussy as she entered her room. Shutting the door behind her, she lay back on her bed, her right hand plunging fingers into her sodden pussy as her left hand caressed her boobs whilst she thought of caressing the tight body of her future sister-in-law Lucy.


That evening I was lying in bed in just my boxers, Lucy walked into the room from the bathroom, wearing her figure hugging silk robe and shut the door behind her.

“I had a chat with your sister today…” She told me as she climbed onto the bed.

“That’s nice, interesting?” I asked, as she straddled my legs.

“Very interesting, she walked into the bathroom whilst I was showering.” Lucy said, positioning herself so her pussy was ontop of my boxer clad cock.

“I’m sure she didn’t mean to…”

“Oh no, she definitely meant to!”

“Why do you say that?” I asked.

“Because she was completely naked.”

“Oh right…” Was all I could say, as I battled with the image of my naked sister, “So what did she want?”

“She asked if I’d decided on bridesmaids yet, obviously fishing for an invite!”

“And what did you say?” I asked.

“I said I’d keep her in mind. What do you think, should we make you sister a bridesmaid?” Lucy asked.

“Uh, well it’s your choice, but she’s still my sister so it would be strange not too.” I told her.

“True, but maybe I should make her wear a really short slutty dress. One that barely covers those big tits and shows her pantyless pussy to anyone who wants to see, just canlı bahis so everyone’s clear on what a whore she is, what do you reckon?”

“I think she’d probably like that.” I replied, again struggling to keep the image out of my head.

“Would you like that as well?” Lucy asked directly, as she gently rubbed her pussy against my boxer clad cock.

“It’s your day; you should get all the attention.” I replied, tactfully.

“Good answer mister!” Lucy grinned, “Maybe my wedding dress should look like that instead?”

“Now that I like the thought of!” I smiled back, my cock hardening beneath my boxers and pressing into her bare pussy.

Lucy rocked her pussy gently over my cock as she continued, “She asked me something else as well…”

“Oh yeah?” I replied, not really paying attention to anything other than the pussy lips splayed across my boxers.

“Yeah, she asked me if I’d like her to wash my back!”

“You what?”

“You sound surprised babe, remember this is the same sister who fondled my pussy at Christmas.”

“But she was naked? What did you say?” I asked.

“That I was far too sober for that sort of carry-on. Then she grabbed those big boobs of hers, and fondled them as she said it was a shame, because her boobs lathered up really well.”

“Oooohhh god…” I groaned, finally unable to keep my sister from my head, as my mind sped back to all the times we had fucked in the shower.

Lucy grinned as she felt my cock pressing urgently against her damp hole, her recollection having the desired effect. “So do you think your wife-to-be should let your sister have her wicked way with me?”

I composed myself as much as possible, as Lucy continued to rub her pussy against my clothed cock, “Do you want to?”

“Maybe,” She grinned, “I do enjoy seeing her naked.”

“OK, if I get to watch…”

“Is watching all you want to do to her?” Lucy asked.

“I promised you we wouldn’t fuck again, and I meant it.”

“You didn’t answer my question babes – picture the scene, the three of us naked in a room. Your wife and your sister in a 69, her ontop, big boobs dangling tantalisingly as our tongues taste each other. Her bare pussy soaked, wide open and pointing right at you, she begs you to fill that gaping hole. What do you do babes?”

I groaned loudly as I pictured the scene very vividly, desperately trying to unleash my cock from its confines and straight into the soothing wetness of my fiancée.

Lucy slapped my hand, “Uh uh, not until you answer my question…”

I knew I had to be honest, “I’d stuff her so full of cock she’d scream.”

In one move Lucy expertly pulled my cock from its confines and sank all the way down on it, “Oooooh!” We both groaned in pleasure.

“You’re not mad?” I asked, as she slowly slid up and down my hardness, relieving our urgent need.

“You were honest, that’s what I wanted. But that babes, is why you will not get to watch first hand if it happened, you’d have to wait for me to recount every sordid detail to you whilst you rampantly fucked me.”

Slightly disappointed I consoled myself with the tight pussy that was sliding up and down my cock, my hands sliding over Lucy’s hot body as she rode me slowly but deliberately until I shot my load inside her as she moaned in her own orgasm.



Later in the week was one of those unseasonably hot days you always get at Easter, so Lucy and I were sunbathing by the pool. Lucy was topless and I’d already had fun rubbing lotion all over her pert tits. A few hours later Kim walked out wearing her bikini.

“Do you mind if I join you guys?” She asked.

“Not at all babes.” Lucy replied, as Kim set her stuff out on the sun lounger next to hers.

“Could someone do my back for me?” She asked, as she sat down on the sun lounger.

“Of course.” Lucy replied.

“Thanks hun.” Kim replied, as Lucy sat next to her and grabbed her lotion.

I watched on as Lucy squirted the suncream onto her hands, then slowly and sensually massaged it first into her shoulders before starting to work her way down her back.

“Mmmmmmmmm,” Kim moaned, “Wow, you’re good at that!”

“Thanks babe.” Lucy grinned as her hands slid down to Kim’s bikini strap.

“Uh, Lucy?” Kim enquired as she felt the strap being unsnapped.

“Surely you’ll be respecting our dress code babes?” Lucy replied.

“Dress code?” She questioned, holding her bikini to her chest as Lucy finished applying suncream to her back.

Lucy leant forward, pressing her bare breasts into Kim’s back and whispered into her ear “Topless!” before reaching round and gently pulling her hands away from her bikini, the material dropping away from her large breasts. “Need me to do your front too babes?” Lucy said breathily into Kim’s ear.

“Yessss.” She hissed, her thighs clenched together, a sure sign she was horny as hell!

Lucy stood up and grabbed the suncream, allowing Kim to lie down on her back on the sunlounger. I watched bahis siteleri as Lucy straddled her, positioning herself so that her bikini clad pussy would rub against my sister’s as Lucy moved. Seeing Lucy and now Kim topless I was already struggling to control myself, but now I knew I had no chance, as I watched intently what was about to happen.

Lucy started leaning right over and creaming the front of her shoulders, then her hands slowly travelled down the sides of Kim’s body, skimming the sides of her boobs as I heard her breathing get heavier. She then rubbed cream all over her stomach, dipping her fingers slightly below the waist band of her bikini before slowly moving her hands up so they were brushing the bottom of her boobs.

Lucy paused and looked across to me on the next sunbed, her gaze dropping to the large tent in my swimming shorts she grinned before turning her gaze back to Kim. I could see the look in my sister’s eye from where I was sat, it was one I had seen many times before, she was horny as hell and desperate for this to continue and her pussy would be soaked under her bikini bottoms.

After a lengthy pause Lucy picked up the bottle of suncream and drizzled it lightly over Kim’s bare breasts, before very slowly and deliberately closing the lid, placing it down next to her and turning back to look at Kim.

“Ready?” Lucy asked.

“Yesss!” She moaned in response.

Lucy grinned, then brought her hands down at the top of my sister’s chest, then slowly slid her hands down as Kim visibly held her breath, until finally Lucy’s delicate hands slid over her breasts, smearing the suncream over them. “Mmmmmmmm!” She moaned, as Lucy’s fingers brushed over her erect nipples.

I watched on, my cock rock hard as Lucy rubbed the suncream all over my sister’s soft bare breasts, Lucy’s fingers occasionally pinching at Kim’s erect nipples, eliciting a moan of pleasure each time. Lucy was moving her hips now as well, rubbing their pussies together through their bikini bottoms.

Kim was really humping her back now, urgently trying to rub her pussy against Lucy’s. Lucy looked over to me, her eyes dropping to the massive tent in my swimming shorts, “You seem to have a bit of a problem there hun, do you need some help?” she asked.

I nodded and Lucy gave Kim’s nipples one last pinch before dismounting her. I saw Lucy grin widely as my sister humped the air and groaned “Noooooo!” as she departed. My shorts were quickly around my ankles as Lucy crouched down between my legs, “Ooooooohhhh!” I moaned in relief as my hardness disappeared into her mouth.

Looking up I saw my sister still lying on her back, her right hand now embedded in her bikini bottoms as her fingers sawed in and out of her sodden pussy whilst her left hand worked over her sensitive breasts.

I turned my attention back to my fiancée, her head bobbing up and down quickly in my lap and I could just see her own hand buried in her bikini bottoms as she pleasured herself at the same time. Our eyes briefly met and she smiled a loving smile at me, I smiled one back and she dove back down on my cock, her fingers working over her clit as she brought me closer to cumming.

“Oooohhhhh, mmmmmmmmmm!” Lucy moaned into my cock as she came, her pussy thrusting urgently against her hand. Her orgasm over she set straight back to work on my cock, her head bobbing faster as she coaxed me towards cumming.

“Ooooooh shiiitt!” I heard my sister moan next to me, I looked over just in time to see her cumming, “Fuck, fuuuuuck, yesssss!” she screamed as waves of pleasure swept across her convulsing body.

I could take no more now, “Cumming!” I grunted, as the first rope of cum shot straight to the back of Lucy’s throat with a splash, she quickly swallowed before taking the rest of my cum in her mouth, when I had finished opening her mouth to show me it pooled on her tongue.

Lucy stood up and walked over to Kim’s sunbed, she was still lying there panting, her hand still in her bikini bottoms. Lucy slipped her right hand into her bikini bottoms, sliding her finger into her wet pussy and pulling it out, glistening with her juices. She gently touched it to Kim’s lips so she opened her mouth, sucking Lucy’s finger in and licking it clean of her juices. Lucy looked over at me and grinned, sticking her tongue out to show me my cum still pooled on it. She withdrew her finger from Kim’s mouth, then leaned down to meet her on the sunbed, with their faces almost touching Kim opened her mouth, Lucy slipped her tongue in, feeding her my cum – I watched as my sister and fiancée kissed passionately, their tongues intertwined as Kim made sure she had got all the cum available.

Eventually Lucy withdrew, grinning widely, not yet done she slipped her hand into Kim’s bikini bottoms, her finger slipping into the wet hole being greeted by a look of pleasant surprise on Kim’s face. She removed it and showed us both her glistening finger before sucking it into her mouth and tasting my sister’s juices.

Happy with her morning’s work she walked back over to me, took my bahis şirketleri hand and said “Let’s go babe.” Before leading me off back towards the house.

“What was all that about babe?” I asked when we got back to the house.

“Did you not enjoy it?”

“Of course I did, but you’ve just changed the rules of the game a lot!”

“What do you mean?”

“Kim knew she couldn’t have sex with either of us, but now you’ve fondled her, kissed her and fed her my cum…”

“But she started it, in the bathroom…”

“I know babe, but she was just pushing her luck, now you’ve encouraged her she’ll want more!”

“Well I’ll give her more of me then!”

“She’ll want both of us.”

“She can’t have you.”

“That’s not what she’ll think now you’ve fed her my cum.”

“You can’t have her either.”

“I know babe, I’m just warning you what she might try now.” I sighed, before turning to conversation to something else.


That evening Kim was lying naked in bed, thinking about the day’s events and decided to call her best friend.

“Hey Mel, how’s it going hun?”

After they had talked for a while Kim got to the point of her call, “You remember I told you about my naked proposition to Lucy in the bathroom? Well today I went out to sunbathe by the pool and she and Dan were already there, she was topless…

…yeah, even more pert up close!…

…as I was saying, she was topless already and I asked if someone could put suncream on my back, hoping Dan would do it, but she offered, and wow did she feel good rubbing my back…

…yeah, hang on babe, I’m getting to it…

…when she was done, she told me I had to be topless too! Then she offered to do my front and straddled me so our pussies were rubbing together through our bottoms, I was already sopping wet, but then she started rubbing my tits and humping her pussy, it was sooooo hot!…

…and then? Then the bitch left me hanging and went to suck Dan’s cock, so I had to frigg myself to an orgasm whilst I watched…

…yeah, I screamed like a banshee hun!…

…Anyway, after she had finished him off she walked over to me, dipped her fingers in her tight slit and fed me her juices…

…oh, almost as tasty as yours hun…

…but then she leant down, and kissed me, with tongues, and Dan’s cum!…

…Yeah, I had missed the taste soooo much!….

…But that’s not all, then she slid her fingers into me and tasted my juices!…

…I know, didn’t realise she was such a dirty slut either!…

…Yeah, onto phase 2 of our plan now then, this is going to be easier than I thought, I may even try to skip straight to phase 3 and come back to phase 2!…

…Wow, that was a loud orgasm hun!…

…I know, thinking about his cock and tasting her pussy again is making me horny again too. Speak to you tomorrow. Love you hun!”

Kim hung up the phone and let her hand drift down to her pussy as she replayed the morning’s fun in her head.



A few days later I woke up and rolled over to cuddle Lucy as she remained asleep, we had barely seen my sister since sunbathing as we’d both been busy with wedding planning, so had put what happened to the back of my mind.

About 20 minutes later my phone beeped with a text, it was from my sister, ‘Could we chat please? Just you and me…’

‘Really not sure we should.’ I text back.

‘What about in the den, rather than my room?’ She quickly responded.

‘OK, no more than five minutes though…’ I replied against my better judgement.

‘See you down there in five x’ Came the reply.

I waited until I heard her make her way downstairs, then waited another couple of minutes before getting up, putting my pyjamas on and heading downstairs, leaving Lucy asleep in bed.

I walked into the den, closing the door behind me, Kim was sat on the sofa wearing her dressing gown, her legs were crossed which meant she had a fair amount of thigh on show, I bet myself that she was naked under that, before cursing myself for putting the thought in my head as I felt my cock stir.

“Thanks for coming bro.” She said as I sat down on the sofa next to her. She scooted her legs up onto the sofa, turning to face me.

“So what do you want?” I asked.

“Hey, less of the attitude, I just wanted a chat.”

“Without Lucy around…”

“Yes, without juicy around, is that a crime, to want to speak to my brother without his sexy guard?”

“I wish you wouldn’t call her juicy.”

“Oh, but she is bro, I’ve tasted her remember!”

“Yes, I remember very well…”

“Mmmm, so do I!” She said, running her hands over her curvy body, and that’s what I wanted to talk to you about.”


“Well, I’m getting very mixed messages from the two of you…”

“Yeah, I know…” I started.

“You would rather have me dressed like a Nun so I can’t tempt you.” Kim interrupted.


“Whereas I get the distinct feeling that your sexy fiancée would rather have me not dressed at all!” She grinned.

“You’d have to ask her about that.”

“I intend to bro, I intend to.” She said as she stood up.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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