Superseding Laura

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The sign over the main doorway read “Happy Holidays and Farewell Laura.” It was the night of the annual Christmas party combined with a farewell for Dad’s private secretary, Laura Case. Laura had come to work for dad a few years before I finished college and after ten years was leaving to get married. I came to work for dad five years ago and after starting in accounting, worked my way up to marketing manager. With Laura’s departure, there was a lot of office buzz about who would replace her. The private secretary position was a full vice presidency with Dad’s construction company and came with a salary twice that of mine.

“It’s probably not a good position for you, Angela,” Dad was saying during the job interview. “Certainly, you are qualified, but you would have to be on the road with me all around the country and I just do not want to put you through that. How about I give you a raise and have you manage the home office?”

“No Dad. Thanks for that offer but I want that vice presidency and that job.”

“Well, Angie, you are still on the list, but don’t be too disappointed if you don’t get it. You are my daughter and I love you, but I still have to run the business.”

I left the interview knowing that it was unlikely I would be chosen.

Entering the building, I found the party in full swing. Dad was greeting each employee as they entered and giving them their annual bonus checks. It had been a good year and everyone was pleased with the bonus. He hugged me and I could tell he was in a good mood as well as being a little tipsy. He had a hint of bourbon on his breath and I expected him to be a little mushy later as he had a few more drinks. Something I personally enjoyed.

Scanning the room, I saw Laura and headed in her direction. “Congratulations again Laura and I am sure going to miss you,” I smiled.

“Oh Angie, thank you. I am so excited about getting married, but I am really going to miss working so closely with your dad.”

“You know, I replied, I really wish Dad would let me take your position when you leave, but he seems so against it.”

“Angie, I have no doubts that you could do it, but there are certain aspects he probably wants to protect you from.” You know how protective he is of you.”

“Hmm, I don’t really think that is the reason,” I mused aloud. “Maybe he thinks I would spoil his fun. Perhaps he chases a lot of women on the road.”

“No he doesn’t,” laughed Laura. “I have never seen him bring a strange woman back to his room while on the road. Of course, it is my job to keep secrets, but I will at least tell you that much. I am sure he has his reasons, but I cannot discuss what they might be. I hope you understand.”

I liked Laura. We always got along well and often shopped together. We had the same tastes and wore the same sizes. She was like the older sister that I never had and I was going to miss her.

“Hey, want to try some Paco Rabanne I got as a Christmas gift from your dad?” whispered Laura as she leaned in toward me. “I think you will like it.”

“Umm, you know me and French perfume,” I laughed back at her. “I would love it.”

Like two conspiring teenagers, we headed to the ladies room. Once inside, Laura suggested that I use it in intimate places in case I got lucky. Giggling, I did, while telling her that no man would likely come illegal bahis near me with the old man around.

Laura’s fiancé was at the table when we returned and after a few minutes, I excused myself to mingle with the other employees. I eventually rode the elevator to the executive offices to pick up what files I would need for the weekend before I forgot them. Leaving my office, I found myself directly in front of Laura’s office. I was staring at the door and had the sudden impulse to sit at her desk. I opened the door to the dark office, worked my way to her desk, and sat in the chair behind it.

“My ass fits this chair and I fit this job,” I thought to myself as I leaned back. I fought the tears welling in my eyes as I tried to understand Dad’s reluctance to give me the opportunity. It was not fair to be rejected for the job just because I was his daughter when I was more qualified that anyone else there.

I heard the footsteps pause outside the door and I froze. As the door opened and closed, I got a glimpse of my father entering and I heard the soft click of the lock behind him. In the darkness, he approached and I knew that I was going to be caught sitting at Laura’s desk. I stood and opened my mouth to try to explain but Dad began talking first.

“Damn Laura, I almost missed you until I noticed your perfume, he started. I really am pleased that you wanted to meet with me one last time before you leave.”

“My God, I screamed in my mind, He thinks I am Laura.”

In the darkness, he found my hand and guided me through the inner office door to his office. Still speechless, I felt his arms encircle me and his mouth found mine. As I opened my mouth to protest, his tongue entered and I could only gasp as his hands gripped my ass and pulled me tight to him. I sucked in my breath as his lips left mine and he buried his face into my bosom. Jolts of involuntary excitement shot through me as one of his hands found my breast and I felt my knees grow weak.

“He’s been fucking her; He has been fucking Laura,” exploded in my mind as his hand left my breast and settled on my stomach. My breathing became labored as I felt his hot breath on my neck and shoulder while my hand automatically went behind his neck. I could feel the involuntary wetness between my legs as I fought to remain standing.

Shaking with fear and excitement, I felt him guide me to his couch. Raining kisses on my neck and shoulder, he began unzipping my dress. I wanted to stop him yet I was unable to form the words. With tears streaming and only whimpers and sobs coming from my mouth, I heard Dad’s whispers in my ear. “Don’t cry baby. I know this is good-bye, but we will always have our memories of tonight.”

My mind screamed, “Yes, Daddy. You will remember tonight, but not the way you think.”

I felt my dress slide from my shoulders and his hands reach behind me to release my bra. His lips found mine again and without realizing it, I found myself grinding my wet crotch against his erection. Passion was taking over my mind as I fought for control and a solution to this situation. I could not concentrate as he removed my bra and he kissed his way down to my nipples. I found myself gently holding his head to my breast as he mouthed one nipple and rolled the other one between his fingertips.

The lust built in my mind as I questioned illegal bahis siteleri myself. “Could I fuck my father, He doesn’t know it’s me?” I rationed. “No, you have to tell him, stop him before it’s too late.” The mixed messages flashed across my mind as I suddenly found my hand gripping his raging cock through his trousers. I stroked his cock up and down as he sucked at my other breast. Releasing his cock from my hand, I rubbed my now soaked panty crotch against his rock hardness. Capturing his leg and cock between my legs, I pressed tighter against him; using his shaft to try to quell the fire that had been ignited between my legs. He washed his tongue over my nipples making them extend while the heat build; only to open his mouth and suck the cool air-conditioned air across them. The effect was like being touched with fire and ice.

Gently laying me on the couch, he began kissing his way down my stomach. I reached for his buckle and zipper as his mouth settled in the crotch of my panties. Sparks burst in my mind as all thoughts of stopping disappeared. Ravaged by raw passion I succumbed to the idea of fucking my daddy.

He eased my panties over my hips as I raised my ass and he left them just below my knees. My stiletto heels settled on the couch and I opened my knees slightly. I released his cock from his underwear as his trousers hit the carpet and stroked it firmly feeling the veins and ridges. It felt so powerful; jerking each time my thumb caressed the head. His balls felt heavy in the palm of my hand as I reached inside his shorts. They seemed to be begging for release. With both of my hands wrapped around the shaft again, I felt the head bobbing against my cheek. Opening my mouth wide, I slowly enveloped his cock. Savoring the feel of him on my tongue, I began slowly washing it across the underside of his cock head. Swirling my tongue down on the ridges of the shaft and back up to the sensitive head made him jerk in my mouth with each pass. He eased his cock from my lips after I had given it several strokes, then he quickly shed the last of his clothing. I sucked in my breath as he began kissing his way down my stomach. I spread my legs while he worked his face back towards my now steaming pussy. My panties slowly slid down my calves and settled at my ankles. I ran my fingers through his hair as his tongue spread my lips sending shock after shock up my spine.

My nostrils flared as the aroma of the French perfume mixed with the scent of my arousal further heightened my need. The mixture added to the intoxication of my already sexually excited state of mind. Knowing that it was the forbidden fruit of my father further added to my confused state as I felt his tongue enter me. Slowly and deliciously, he worked his tongue between my lips as I found my hips matching his movements. Focusing his lips and tongue on my clit, he started me on the path of no return. With my hands back on his head, I matched his movements and soon I was grunting as my stomach muscles jerked along with the contractions of the orgasm he produced in me. I knew at this point, there was no stopping me from fucking Daddy.

I worked one heeled foot out of the panties at my ankles and urged Dad’s head towards mine. His lips locked to mine and the aroma became twice as intoxicating as I fought for breath through my nostrils. Dad’s hips canlı bahis siteleri settled between my legs and his rigid cock pressed flat against my belly. He began kissing and kneading my breasts as my hands slid between us. I urged his hips up and surrounded his cock with both hands. Raising my legs, I positioned his fat cock at my entrance. Rubbing the head through my slit, I could tell that I was fully lubricated. I could not help but rub it against my clit. Lowering his cock head to between my swollen lips, he was poised for entrance. He teased me by not quite entering while I kept rubbing it over my lips and sensitive clit. Finally, I could wait no longer. I reached for his ass cheeks with both my hands and pulled.

Daddy’s cock slid in easily until I had taken about half of it. I marveled at the lewdness and wickedness of it. Panting into his ear, the whispered words slipped from my lips. “Oh, Daddy.”

There was total silence as he froze with his cock half buried inside me. I held my breath waiting for his response. “Angie… Angela?”

“You started this Daddy, now fuck me.”

Without another word, he drove into me and buried his cock to the hilt. He ground his mouth to mine and I again tasted his bourbon and pussy tainted tongue. He ploughed into my stretched pussy with a new frenzy as I wrapped my heels behind his legs urging him on. Tears of joy streamed from my eyes as I fought to match his intense fucking. The only sounds were our loud breathing and the smack of flesh on flesh as his groin met mine again and again. I felt his hands grip my ass cheeks as he tried to drive his cock up through my stomach. Wrapping my legs around his waist, I locked my ankles together and fucked back at him with all of my strength.

In my minds eye, I could see his heavily veined cock sliding in and out of me. The vibrations I felt at the center of my sex told me that my pussy lips were spreading and contracting as the ridged cock passed between them. I wanted that cock more than any I had ever wanted before. I exploded into an orgasm as he rammed my body. Blinding white flashes blocked everything in my mind except what my father was doing to my body. I clung to him tightly as I withered on his cock. When I finished the first orgasm, another began. Slowly but surely I came time and again. After three or four body weakening orgasms, I began to bask in the closeness of him. “Thank you Daddy,” I whispered as I planted kisses on his ear.

Reaching for his ass cheeks, I tried to pull him further inside me. Keeping my legs locked around his waist, my panties, still hanging from one ankle, caressed his ass cheeks and balls as he stroked in and out of me. “Come on, Daddy. Cum in me,” I told him in a low voice; coaxing him toward orgasm. He stiffened and then growled as he released his seed deep inside my pussy. I milked him with the muscles of my pussy while he groaned and grunted with each spurt and he emptied his balls into me.

Breathless, we clung to each other still joined for several minutes. There was total silence except for our labored breathing. After a few minutes, I slowly unlocked my ankles and lowered my heels to the couch cushion. Hugging his neck, through choked tears, I again whispered, “I love you Daddy.”

“I love you too, Little Girl,” he whispered in my ear, “and Baby, you have the job.”

I moved my hips when I felt some of Dad’s cum leak between the cheeks of my ass. Taking this as a sign, he began long slow strokes between my puffed pussy lips. Gathering my strength, I closed my eyes as the Christmas lights lit up in my mind.

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